Lily Câline is my puppy mill breeder rescue Löwchen, Ginger Biscuit is Joanna's apricot Havanese bichon mix.
Both fluffies love hugs and use their eyes to communicate a lot.
Tommy was my beige & white rescue dog: part bichon, part poodle, part spaniel. RIP 2015.

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Before: Ex pets - Tommy mini pictures

Labrador: Venise (aka mushy or mudge)


Kero (sandy) & Suppi (black)

Guinea pigs:

Nuage dansant aka Nunu (grey/white), Tiggy (brown/white/black)
Babies: Daniel/Dan (fluffy black+white), Jack (mainly brown) & Samantha/Sam (mainly white) with their mother Flora.

Tommy when he first arrived