"Betrayal" by Kira

"The Trial has ended. I, the judge Yueh, recognize Sakura as the new Master."
Master those words should have been for real! Not a mere formality to the end of something you had already determined! How can you declare me Judge! I, Yueh, who should have had some control over the outcome of this, a mere puppet playing a role that had no meaning...no real meaning at all. You wanted her to win...to be the next master and she was. You even found a way to help her should she need it! And needed it she did! She's a mere girl-child who barely has enough power to control the cards, let alone control them as well as two Guardians! A girl-child!
And she wants to be my friend! My friend? I thought she was supposed to be my Master! This whole thing is most confusing?! What were you thinking? As I sit here thinking this over, I can see why you wanted a girl-child... I now remember how uncomfortable you were when I told you that I loved you! And also how you told me that I was to love my new Master and that my new Master would love me back...but I somehow see the hand of Kaho in this!
Eventhough she had passed on long before you entertained the thought of doing the same, and informing us of your decision...I know how she hated it that I loved you too! I heard her speak of this to you many times Master! Do you not remember the fuss she made when I was to be human and I wished to a girl the same as she...? How she said no, I should be male as that was how you created me. So I became Yukito to please you both...And this is how I am to be rewarded. My new master a girl-child and my choice in determining this outcome was denied me! Keroberous may enjoy being small and "cute" and loved by her, but I am not so sure this is one of your better ideas, Master!
Yuki, yes Yuki! ... may be fond of her and he certainly has found a place at her brother's side, but could you have not seen him as a better choice? He has more power than she does! I believe Yuki is drawn to him because he is somehow getting engery from him. Quite possibly Keroberous is getting the same. My memories of being Yuki are somewhat fuzzy, yes fuzzy!.. when I am him, so it is hard to tell at this time. Had she more power I know I would have no trouble remembering anything as Yuki, but I find I must sleep inside Yuki to save my power therefor I remember little of what has happened while I slept! You must be aware I never had that problem with you Master!
Oh Master, I hope this choice of yours turns out to be the correct one or I fear I shall know what it is like to pass on... for I can see no good coming of it at this time!