Madison's Best Friends!

Saffy and kira
Ashleigh and Tiffany
Casdi and Alice
Snow-chan and Mog
Ally and Samantha
Sa-chan and Maddy-chan
Neko and Alex
Night Shade and Genet
Syndi and Trisha
Andrea and Irina
Raksha, Rojeena, Branisha and Alina
Lívia and Regina
Annie and Caty

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Best Friends!
A Madison Fan Club.
Saffy & I decided to make Best Friends a Madison Fanclub as a way of celebrating friendship! We think friendships are a wonderful thing and the best part of friendship are your friends! Madison is a great friend to Sakura, she is always there for her whenever Sakura feels unsure of herself as a Cardcaptor. She makes her fabulous clothes to wear while capturing cards, not to mention videotaping it! She'll take care of Kero without hesitation. She knew that Li liked Sakura before Li or Sakura knew! She even managed to get Meilin to not only see that Li liked Sakura but to help her get the two together! So let's take a minute to be like Madison and celebrate the wonders of friendship. Clique now closed