How to remove sticker gunk when you don’t have Goo Gone


1/ use a rag to rub vaseline into the glue residue, really smear it in and let it sit for a minute. this breaks down part of the compounds.

2/ use another rag with alcohol (or white vinegar, cheap aftershave, window cleaner) to remove the remains of the glue

3/ you might have to redo 1 and 2 for particularly stubborn glue streaks

Don’t use cotton disks like I did as you’ll get lots of cotton stuck to your glue.

Always close the cap on your alcohol bottle (yes the photo above is annoying me) as it’ll evaporate.

I used a soap dispenser for the example but this also works for dolls that have sticky tape residue on them. I was prompted to make this tutorial because I made the mistake of using acetone on a Gigi Grant and lost definition to her stomach design.