Phenoxyethanol : cif cream treatment

    1. First warm the head to remove from the neck and squish a little to take a look at the glue: how degraded is it? what’s the texture?
      If the glue’s all gloopy with no chunks the chemicals are going to be able to cover it and be absorbed easily. if the glue’s still in big chunks you’ll need to squish and scrape the head a little to break it up.
    2. We now tie back the hair as tight as possible to avoid glue chunks getting trapped in there
    3. Now place the head in warm water upside down and put a big tablespoonful of cif cream into the neckhole, put the container somewhere warm like a radiator (unnecessary if you have a heated house) and check back in 48 hours
    4. First check: fill a bowl with warm water and squeeze the head empty of the cif and see what else comes out with some squishing and tapping, scrape with a chopstick to get more glue dislodged and squidge that head to make sure the glue is broken up. It could look like this: use a flashlight: if there are still visible big chunks or yellow inside we redo a cif in the head soak,
    5. If not, we do a diluted cif soak: cif cream in water , stir it well, undo the dolls hair and put the head in the solution for 48h to neutralise the glue stuck to the hair fibres and scalp
    6. We’ll then wash the head in water and soap
    7. Then condition the hair and work very carefully from the tips upwards with a large comb then a flea comb to remove any glue from the hair.
    8. Wash out the conditioner, leave to dry, your doll is now ready to back on their body!