How to Make Avatars, AIM Icons and FanListing Buttons

Templates to download
(Right click and save - They are in bitmap MS.Paint format)

How to make an icon:
1 - Open the template, right click and choose copy
2 - Open your other image (one you wish to make an icon out of)
3 - Right click on this other image and choose paste
remember to select the cut out tool and "transparent" first - see image:
4 - Drag the template around until its in the right place then
5 - Click on the cut out tool again to merge both images
6 - Select round the template, cut it out and paste it on the template image (that you kept open earlier)
7 - Save as your new image: you can either choose to save it as bitmap and then make it into a gif with giffy (transparent the pink areas)

This is what mine looks like after a bit of editing (see the paint tutorial for more)

Transparented gif versions of the loveheart templates

Make a Button

Here are some templates for making buttons: (BMP format)

Please proceed as indicated in the above tutorial
Elements to be transparented are in red on the templates for easy use with Giffy
Many of the buttons use two different shades of grey in the inner borders: that is to make it look 3D: to maintain that effect remember to choose two different shades of the new colour you have chosen to replace the grey.

Examples of made and animated buttons: