Make and Animate a Blinkie

A Blinkie is made of blocks, icons and letters (props)
You can use MSpaint to create your own props or use an online blinkiemaker.
For this tutorial I'm going to use an online blinkiemaker.

Here's where we start to edit our blinkie for different animation effects...
I'm going to make a blinkie where the letters change color when the heart bounces on them:
5 letters in my name = 1 original frame + 5 changes = 6 frames named 'a' to 'f'
  1. Edit the original frame in mspaint and save the changes as the different frames. Click for screencap
  2. Convert the a-f.bmp files to a-f.gif files using Giffy
  3. Load the a-f.gif files in Unfreeze, check that they are in the right order, set a frame delay (15). Click for screencap
  4. Save the new animation as 'heart.gif' --

Here are some other animation effects you can create:
Dropping blocks: -- . Click for screencap
Color swap: --
Letters: -- or .

To add your blinkie to your website or blog, upload it to or and use the code that starts with <img src="...