Make Images look like Vectors

As requested by Bonni Parker

We are going to use this photo of Marilyn Monroe and make it into a fake vector for a wallpaper. This was done very quickly and so it is not of great quality, you will need to take the time to make your vector lookalike, use many more colors and pay more attention to details than I did.

1 - Open up the image of your choice in your image editor (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro or Gimp...)
2 - Smooth it using edge preserving smooth or texture preserving smooth
3 - Select and Cut out the background
4 - Tidy up any left over pixels with the eraser brush stating big then using smaller brush sizes until you have a clean background
5 - Use the selector tool and choose tool option "by color or by brightness depending on your image) and select areas of the same color.
6 - Select a color with your dropper and fill the selected areas with it
7 - Repeat the last steps again and again until all the same color areas in your image have been filled
8 - (Optional) Duplicate the layer, make it brightness -255, blur it and slide it under the current layer to make an outline
9 - Smooth your image again but with a low setting
10 - You can now use your "vector" in your image creations!

Click the thumbnails to see big versions
Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
Steps 5 to 7
Step 9 Step 10 Final Result

After editing, Marilyn Wallpaper: