Make Glitter

As requested by Stephanie

With Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop or the Gimp:
1- Select the area you wish to glitterize (magic wand or selector tool)
2- If the area is empty, floodfill it with a background (gradients look good)
3- Go to Add/Remove Noise and add random monochrome noise
4- Export the image as glitter1.gif
5- Undo the noise step and add noise again but with a different percentage or setting (gaussian for example)
6- Export this new file as glitter2.gif
7- Do this again for a third image (3 frames is more realistic than 2 for a glitter animation)
Your three images should look a bit like this:
8- Animate glitter1, glitter2 and glitter3 in an animation program or in unfreeze (see tutorials) with a setting of 10ms per frame
Here's what you can get in two minutes:

With MSPaint, Giffy and Unfreeze:
Note: Please see the other tutorials on how to download and use these small programs.
1- First create the glitter background by copy-pasting pixel motifs at random onto a blank image.
2- Choose colors for your glitter background.
Here is a small file with the various motifs:
Here is what it looked like when zoomed in:Click
Here is an example lilac glitter background (feel free to resuse these files for your own glitter creations) Click.
3- Use the text tool to make a word (choose a simple color like black or red)

4- Open up the glitter background, choose the select tool, set it to transparent background and set color of your text as the background color.
5- Copy your word and paste it onto the glitter background. The word should be transparent with glitter showing through
6- Cut out the glitterized word and save it as glitter1.bmp
7- Repeat steps 5 + 6 moving the word around on the background so it doesn't have identical glitter and/or changing the glitter colors
until you have three glitter pictures: glitter1.bmp to glitter3.bmp
8- Convert the .bmp files to transparent .gifs with Giffy
9- Animate them with Unfreeze with a setting of 10ms per frame.
Here's what you can get in five minutes (including glitter background creation)

Here are three smaller glitter backgrounds that you can use for MSPaint glitter text creation (you can change the colors by using the replace a color trick shown in the MSpaint tutorial):