Reroot glue

I’m thinking of doing some doll rerooting, and was wondering what would be the best kind of glue to use inside the head to keep the hair in place (but doesn’t end up being the greasy beastie that Mattel used for awhile)? Thank you for testing your dolls with totally awesomely by the way, I was inspired by you and have been slowly going through my Mattel dolls and have been loving the results.

Hi and thankyou for your lovely message! I’ve been using UHU all purpose (black and yellow) It dries hard after 48hours which is ideal for slippery fibers and easily cracked heads but if you boil the head it’ll turn white and rubbery and still hold the hair tight even though the scalp can be squished. Lots of people use fabri-tac or other non water soluble glues because you want to be able to wash a doll without it falling apart. Same with glue gun glue: a hair iron or boil wash can turn the glue liquid!

Just make sure to get glue all around the inside of the head and dry upside down and you should be fine ^_^

Note: not the UHU green because UHU green has no solvents and takes too long to dry or can seep through as it’s a lot more liquid.