Rerooting with braided tinsel.

“100 Yards Multicolor Metallic Thread” turned out to be 7 twisted tinsel metal strands.Used a cut size 5 needle, most plugs rooted around the outside and parting, with thinner rooting inside. 1 bundle of ‘cord’ was just enough for 1 reroot with very little leeway. I wrapped the fibre around a quickly made cardboard spool about 12cm long. It’s stiff, the kinks need to be reset (heated at 140°C), it unravels incredibly easily and obviously is unbrushable *but* it does look like microbraids and is made of shiny rainbows ?. Not sure I’d recommend metallic for a natural microbraid look and definitely not on harder vinyl heads as the needle will cut through the tinsel at high tension but for your robotic, cyber and cleopatra gold wig looks, it might be a good bet. The listing says 2mm wide but it’s 1mm diametre. For more natural looks: I’d go with braided cord, cotton yarn or floss for the thin braid look.