Rooted lashes

Want to ask about Bratz head from “Karma update” post. The colored fake lashes – are they just rooted with doll hair or it is some king of special fiber? Or glued human lashes?

Hi! I rooted in lashes using the tool method. It’s leftover hair from the same project just cut down to about a finger length. rooted it in in a slight zigzag pattern so the plugs are close but don’t risk opening into a crack. The lashes are held in an elastic for 24h (and during shipping) then cut with tiny scissors: I press against the face and cut following the eyebrow. Usually I cut them shorter but Funk out Cloe has little eye detail so she can afford the extra drama. For a Cat-eye look (see Barbie TNT here, press against the face and cut with a slight slant upwards towards the outer eye. I keep short scraps of black and brown for eyelashes and usually like to add one or two plugs of the hair colour at the outer edge but in this case it was what was on hand =p.