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Dolls available

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Contact me at saffykins[@]suppi[.]net if interested in a purchase or to offer a trade.
Any full dolls are available as heads for easy postage for international buyers
Please mouseover thumbnails for more information.

    Custom dolls

    See Ebay.com and Ebay France. Currently not posting to USA/Canada. Happy to put dolls aside to mail once the post office service resumes normally.

    Monster High Customs

  • Signature Rochelle partial reroot in lavender €8
  • Kitty Cheshire: double colour poly hair
  • Create a Monster: Ice girl triple colour poly hair
  • Create a Monster: Mummy teal dense nylon
  • Dracubecca gitd

  • Barbie

  • Glow in the dark blue Trichelle $20
  • Blue and purple nylon pale Teresa $20
  • Curvy Karl mint chocolate $10
  • Myscene Madison turquoise $30
  • Olivia 4 kiwi colours $20
  • Red Yarn Skipper $8
  • Pink Diamond Klurhn $8
  • Lelia fully rerooted in ruby, gothic purple and cobalt $10
  • Snow White- Rose Red fully rerooted in siberia and candy applenylon
  • OOAK Licca-chan full reroots

  • K29 old neck: Licca seaweed, Licca seaweed2, Licca Pink Kiwi shimmering pink and starlight normal skin & repaint ($20 each)
  • Licca l07-y: Black/Ruby, Strawberry dream, Ruby ($20 each)
  • K29 modern: Poly purple and teal $15, Licca Mermaid $20, complex: Fairy kei turquoise/mauve long saran, Fire saran, Pink Gradient saran $25

  • Bratz nude in pristine condition + custom bratz + KonMari dolls above 3cm
    Ruby Sleepover Sasha, Pretty N punk Meygan, Salon Fianna ultra rare blood red, Rock Angels Yasmin, Glenda-Express it Meygan goth yarn reroot
  • Rainbow High Alma (custom cheer Jade on fakie fashionista pale) $14
  • Pinkie Cooper Pepper $20
  • Blank Novi Stars Tulatone $5

  • Other 1/6th size

  • Cinderella fully rerooted in Cobalt blue (Simba style large neck- I can send her with a neck graft so she can fit barbie bodies) $10
  • Wild Hearts Jacy: repaint and restyle
  • Bald Rainbow High Kia
  • Baboliy Anime polyethylene rainbow $20 (not yet listed)
  • W.I.T.C.H Wil $20 (not yet listed)
  • Currently available via this website only:

    Vintage Straight Leg skipper project (make offers):

  • Skipper Scar full reroot in gothic purple with repaint
  • Skipper Shadow full reroot in ruby and black with repaint
  • Skipper Wonkeye full reroot in mint green, seafoam blend
  • Skipper halfbrows full reroot in frozen and mauve

  • Not listed yet:
    (They have NO gluehead as they are pre-glue period or factory heads)

    ----------------ON HOLD-----------------

  • Licca rainbow with paint damage
  • Teresa blue

  • Sparkle Fairy partial reroot in electric purple and Elina mauve streaks

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