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Dolls available

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Contact me at saffykins[@]suppi[.]net if interested in a purchase or to offher a trade.
Any full dolls are available as heads for easy postage for international buyers
Please mouseover thumbnails for more information.

    Custom dolls

    See Ebay.com and Ebay France.

    Monster High Customs

  • Kitty Cheshire: double colour poly hair $18
  • Create a Monster: Ice girl triple colour poly hair
  • Create a Monster: Mummy teal dense nylon $26
  • Dracubecca gitd $25
  • Henley tricolor $20
  • Jane aqua mint $26
  • Lagoona teal $14
  • G2 Frankie candy - not yet listed

  • Monster High yarn reroots: $8 each


  • Trendy and Bendy 50% reroot $14
  • Purple Chandra $23
  • Teal Princess Tiana $25
  • Rosella $17
  • Elina mauve streaks $6
  • Teresa blue $8
  • Peach Skipper $5
  • Straight Leg Skipper Scar full reroot in gothic purple with repaint (can remove repaint) $17
  • Straight Leg Skipper Shadow full reroot in ruby and black with repaint (can remove repaint) $17
  • Straight Leg Skipper Wonkeye full reroot in mint green, seafoam blend $17
  • Straight Leg Skipper halfbrows full reroot in frozen and mauve $17
  • Klurhn Diamonds

  • OOAK Licca-chan full reroots

  • K29 old neck: Licca seaweed, Licca seaweed2, Licca Pink Kiwi shimmering pink and starlight normal skin & repaint - $20 each
  • Licca l07-y: Black/Ruby, Strawberry dream, Ruby -$20 each
  • K29 modern: Poly purple and teal $15, Licca Mermaid $20
  • K29 modern and complex: Fairy kei turquoise/mauve long saran, Fire saran, Pink Gradient saran $25

  • 1/6th dolls (I can send them with a neck graft so they can fit barbie bodies)

  • Kari Michell rerooted in kiwi $10
  • Belle rose (to be listed) $15
  • W.I.T.C.H Wil $20
  • Moana on body in aqua kiwi (not yet listed) $28
  • Olympic Barbie $5
  • Bratz Boyz Green $12
  • Bratz Funk out Sasha custom $15

  • Personal Kon Mari destash (sold at cost bought)

  • Pinkie Cooper clones bad nylon removed (see tumblr for full comparison pictures) $6 each
  • Kurhn Blonde head $5 ($9 w anlily body)
  • failfix custom lovesglam $8 (didn't click)
  • $3 DCSHG Ivy, $5 Wild Hearts Jacy: repaint and restyled (never managed to find correct tone curvy body)
  • Uncommon Barbie: fashion photo kayla head lip repaint $5
  • azul rainbow suprise yarn rr imperfect in back $15
  • Legit Yeloli head GZ50 with new eyes $10 head only

  • Rainbow High heads: Kia Hart green and teal replaced with purple $14, Gabriella Icely lower lashes removed small chip $6, Demaya $9 (rainbow replaced with white, heavy eyeliner), Daria dyed and partially rerooted $9, Sheryl $9 Lauryl partial reroot $9,

  • random heads: $6 each (They have no glue head seepage as they are pre-glue period or factory heads)
  • Pullip head Etoile undomiel $22.00 - head back doesn't quite align unless screwed in, no mech, mengfan body with jutting hips $10
  • Hair $3 each 12-14g packs: golden blonde, mink brown x1 available. Kiwi packs $3 each
  • Stretch fur wigs in myscene, licca and barbie size $1 each
  • *Myscene: 2red/black, 2 orange/black, 1black-blue-white, 1 orange-red-black, 1 pink/black, 1 pink-black, 1 mostly black w pink, 1 pinkblackwhite
    *Licca:2 orange, 2 blue, 2 pink/blue,1 pink, 1 hotpinkblue, 1 pinkblackwhite
    *Barbie:1 green, pink, blue, orange, hotpink, 3 pink/blue

    Project Destash: Rerooted dolls who have need repaint work:

    Licca freckle in monofibre lilac is $8, nylon pink long haired licca is $15
  • Olivia pink and green face rub $5, Full RR Metallic kiwi w rubbed eyes Olivia $8, Wonder woman with face 'scars' to left cheek $8 hair is very fine synthetic mohair in dusty rose, Asha with facerubs full rr in very nylon $8, Barbie tango $2

  • Project Destash: $3 each for baldies with no bodies - $5 each for dolls with hair and or bodies - These dolls need hair or repaint work

    With bodies

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