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Want to get your doll customized or rerooted?

I do reroots for soft and medium-hard-headed dolls, from playline to collector!
I've done over 150 full reroots and hundreds of partial reroots so I have a lot of experience!
Hair is solidly sealed inside the head with high heat resistant, super strong, water proof glue.
I use the tool method with thin needles to avoid any extra damage to the scalp.
Contact me via email at saffykins[@]suppi[.]net to reserve a slot or discuss options or use the contact form below


A reroot costs: 1. Price of hair + 2. Work fee + 3. Tracked postage

1 - Full Reroot Work fee per Doll type:
2 - Hair costs:
For a very long length Bratz/Bratzillaz/MH reroot: a large hank from retrodolls.uk at £9.50
For a shoulder length Myscene reroot or mid back Barbie reroot: 2 standard hanks at £5.50
Then add £3 postage to that amount.
Since the pound and dollar are currently in flux please use google converter to figure out the current price!
You can also purchase hair from Restore Doll or Dolly Hair directly (in dollars) and then send it with your doll head.
The hair used is silky stylable Saran. I don't like to work with Nylon or Kanekalon anymore.

3 - Tracked postage cost for a doll head:
$6.25 within europe or $7 Worldwide

I do not do:
What happens when you purchase a reroot?
  • The client sends me the head & hair via post or just the head & money to purchase the saran hair from Retrodolls or My Little Customs, the client also pays the work fee in advance and postage back to them.
    They give me a detailed explanation of what they would like for their doll: hair length, where the parting needs to be, any highlights/lowlights or hair patterns.
  • The doll head arrives, I begin preparing the head for a reroot: removing remaining hair, filling in holes with glue etc...
  • I do the reroot over several evenings and send the client photos of the finished doll (or work in progress if further input is needed)
  • I ship out the doll and send the client a photo of the parcel along with a tracking link.

  • Please see this reroot for a detailed walkthrough of the reroot process.

    My e-mail address:

    Contact me for a commission price quote

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