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Dolls available

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Contact me at saffykins[@]suppi[.]net if interested in a purchase or to offer a trade.
Any full dolls are available as heads for easy postage for international buyers
Please mouseover thumbnails for more information.

    Custom dolls

    See Ebay.com and Ebay France. Currently not posting outside of france. Happy to put dolls aside to mail once the post office service resumes normally.

    OOAK Licca-chan full reroots

  • Licca full reroot in Kiwi Fibre shimmering pink and starlight normal skin with big lashes $15
  • Freckle: Licca lilac monofibre long $15

  • Licca DuoTone: monofibre purple and teal $17
  • Licca seaweed, Licca mermaid ($20 each)
  • Licca l07-y: Black/Ruby, Ruby, Strawberry dream ($20 each)

  • Licca long or multicolour $25
  • Licca pink strawberry nylon long
  • Licca fairy kei duo turquoise, mauve long, parting all the way round (needs more photos)
  • Licca fire (needs more photos)
  • Licca Pink Gradient

  • Monster High Customs

  • Signature Rochelle partial reroot in lavender €8
  • Roller Maze Lagoona Super Green: blue removed, lots of green and blonde added! €7
  • Monster High, Create a Monster Wolf (slight blushing to cheeks, hard cap, wig) €8

  • Custom Spectra twins Lily and Vivian, tricolour brushed yarn reroot €7 each
  • Barbie etc

  • Cinderella fully rerooted in Cobalt blue (Simba style large neck- I can send her with a neck graft so she can fit barbie bodies) $10
  • Lelia fully rerooted in ruby, gothic purple and cobalt $10
  • Blue vintage TNT Barbie (make offer)
  • Summers: Erin and Lime full reroots in human kanekalon (needs eyebrow fix, $10)
  • Heart mom full reroot in circus and looking glass blue $20
  • Asha green full reroot in Nitro lime $18 (tiny neck chip)
  • Desirée fire $20
  • Glow in the dark blue Trichelle $20
  • Scintilla Elina nylon and poly multicolour including thermal and glow in the dark $12 (needs updated photos)

  • Straight Leg skipper project:

  • Skipper Scar full reroot in gothic purple with repaint (make offer)
  • Skipper Shadow full reroot in ruby and black with repaint (make offer)
  • Skipper Wonkeye full reroot in mint green, seafoam blend (make offer)
  • Skipper halfbrows full reroot in frozen and mauve (make offer)

  • Custom Bratz
  • Funk out Cloe: Pink and purple $8
  • Salon Fianna ultra rare, blood red to replace pink and choppy original hair $11
  • PNP Cloe OOAK (partial orange reroot and green eyes) $10
  • Colette, Winter wonderland Dana with purple and lilac streaks and holographic lips $7
  • Soccer Meygan Italy mermaid streaks and eyebrow piercing $7
  • Golf Cloe with teal streaks $8
  • Rare Princess Fianna partial reroot in teal saran $20

  • More OOAK doll heads - $5 each

  • Glenda, Express it Meygan goth girl, yarn reroot and blush
  • Gracie, Sleeping Style Meygan with pink streaks
  • Mallow: Magic Jewel Barbie with Gothic purple, electric purple and muted mauve gradient hair
  • Millie: brown eyes and pink yarn reroot with purple streaks
  • Amee: 2005 partial reroot in gothic purple, hobbit body dmg to feet
  • Cali Girl Lea with dgkk, partial reroot in orange
  • Ghoul Spirit Frankie pink and pale pink

  • Stock dolls (can be used as bases for custom work)

    Monster High:
  • Music Festival abbey partial reroot: all white wonk
  • Art Class Draculaura partial reroot: all black, ears decorated $4
  • Rochelles 4€ each

  • Non customs from my personal collection
  • Bratz Catz Cloe on normal body w stock $5

  • Bratz nude in pristine condition - I will match lowest current offers on ebay. Some are extremely rare. $40 for all
    Campfire Cloe, Magic Make up Katia, Magic Hair Color Leah, Lela, Sweet Hearts Phoebe, Phoebe, Charli, Class Sasha, Ruby Sleepover Sasha, Iris Bday Sasha, Wanted Meygan, Back to school Yasmin (aka Arianne), Pretty N punk Meygan

    From my sister's personal collection
  • Rare Midnight Dance Fianna $25
  • Tokyo a go go Yasmin (braids undone) / Dynamite Cloe $8

  • Monster High and Barbie heads - $4 each
    (They have NO gluehead as they are pre-glue period or factory heads)


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