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Dolls available

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Contact me at saffykins[@]suppi[.]net if interested in a purchase or to offer a trade.
Any full dolls are available as heads for easy postage for international buyers
Please mouseover thumbnails for more information.

    Custom dolls

  • OOAK Licca lilac yarn white skin $10
  • OOAK Licca full reroot in Kiwi shimmering pink and starlight normal skin with purple lashes $20
  • Cinderella fully rerooted in Cobalt blue (Simba style large neck- I can send her with a neck graft so she can fit barbie bodies) $10

  • Custom Bratz
  • Funk out Cloe: Pink and purple $8
  • Salon Fianna ultra rare, blood red to replace pink and choppy original hair $11
  • Colette, Winter wonderland Dana with purple and lilac streaks and holographic lips $8
  • Golf Cloe with teal streaks $8
  • Rare Princess Fianna partial reroot in teal saran $20

  • Custom Monster High

  • OOAK 5 colour gradient reroot Catrine de Mew with stock and stand.
    Saran hair colours: nymph, mermaid (blend), teal, danube and cobalt. $40

  • Signature Rochelle partial reroot in heliotrope $10
  • Save Frankie Clawdeen reroot in platinum blonde and golden blonde $13
  • Music Festival abbey partial reroot: all white $6
  • Roller Maze Lagoona Super Green: blue removed, lots of green and blonde added! $6
  • Art Class Draculaura partial reroot: all black, ears decorated $4
  • Yarn reroots

  • Wydowna Fakie: Arachne $12
  • Clawdeen golden locs, high eyes $10
  • Fairy Kei candy Lagoona and Twyla $10 each
  • Lagoona Llorona river monster $10
  • Lagoona Purple marsh creature $8
  • Fairy kei Clawdeen: Eglantine $8
  • Woodland fairy Gigi: Lynette $10

  • Glitter Flocked goth meowlody $10

  • Custom Spectra twins Lily and Vivian, tricolour yarn reroots. 1 curly, 1 brushed. ($10 each, $17 together)

  • Barbies

  • Sparkle Eyes full reroot in gradient white to pink toyokalon (original body) $30
  • Mbili full reroot aqua hair $28
  • Mbili full reroot 7 colour gradient blue hair $35
  • Vintage 1969 Julia full reroot in ink blue, new lips and lashes. $35 (see photos for details - needs a vintage body)

  • More OOAK doll heads - $5 each

  • Glenda, Express it Meygan goth girl, yarn reroot and blush
  • Soccer Meygan Italy mermaid streaks and eyebrow piercing
  • Gracie, Sleeping Style Meygan with pink streaks
  • Millie Thermal lilac to pale blue with freckles and green eyes
  • Mallow: Magic Jewel Barbie with Gothic purple, electric purple and muted mauve gradient hair
  • Millie: brown eyes and pink yarn reroot with purple streaks

  • Stock dolls

    Non customs from my personal collection
  • Barbie the look red carpet goddess model muse $10
  • Bratz Catz Cloe on normal body w stock $5
  • Bratz Fianna Totally Polished with taller body w stock $5
  • Monster High, Create a Monster Wolf (slight blushing to cheeks, hard cap, will come with choice of wig) $8
  • Monster High, Create a Monster Ice (lips removed, purple eyes, hard cap, will come with choice of wig) $8
  • Maxie with blush rub $3 and her rarer friend Ashley $7
  • Liv Alexis (body match for tan pullips) $10

    From my sister's personal collection
  • Rare Midnight Dance Yasmin / Fianna $25
  • Rare Princess Roxxi $20
  • Ultra rare like new condition: Sweet Dreamz Pyjama Party Siernna $30
  • Tokyo a go go Yasmin (braids undone) / Dynamite Cloe $8

  • Monster High and Barbie heads - $4 each
    (They have NO gluehead as they are pre-glue period or factory heads)


    $2: Kelly orange (has stable white hard glue head)

    Monster High full dolls, treated with talc for glue head - $6 each

    Stock and ooak dolls that need repaint work above my skillset - $3 each

  • Ghoul Spirit Venus, perfect hair, no glue eye damage and no lips
  • Sig Ghoulia with damaged lip
  • Rare Midnight Dance Meygan who needs eyebrows
  • Rare Smiley MyScene Chelsea, perfect hair no lips
  • Ghoul Spirit Frankie pink and pale pink
  • Art Class Drac with super glue on her eyes
  • Delia gradient yarn reroot
  • Chelsea as Hermione
  • Asha red yarn reroot

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