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Lucy-Hello to all the people reading this (l feel so special that someone is reading this) Today l have a guest star who has helped me find all these wonderful bloopers that the cast has made TORI AVALON.
Tori-No autographs please
Lucy-Well Tori, thankyou for taking the time to help me find these bloopers
Tori-No problem, anything for a pretty lady
Lucy- *starts drooling*
Tori-Nah, just kidding
Lucy*face falls* Well, that was mean. *gets up and sits on Tori's lap* Well, l guess we should best get on with the show, l hope you enjoy.
Tori-Wanna get off my lap now
Lucy-Not a chance

( ) an action at the start of the blooper
" " someone speaking
* *action during the blooper

Firey: Blooper1
(Li and Sakura inside shield)
Sakura-*Sniff sniff* "Damn it Li did you have to...."*waving hand in front of her face gagging*
Li: "Hey, it's a normal body function" *blushing bright red*
Blooper 2
Kero- "Hey Madison, check this out" *lifts his butt up aiming it at the burning reef and farts making the flames bigger*
Madison- *laughing her butt off* "That was hell funny, to bad we are on air"
Kero- "oops."

Sand: Blooper 1
(Sakura bends down to kiss Li)
Sakura- *sniff sniff* "Li, l thought l told you to stop eating those onions, they stink"
Li-"That's it, l can't work under these conditions. I will be in my trailer" *storms off set*

Sword: Blooper 1
Mr Terada- "Miss Avalon"
*yells at Sakura who was pretending to be sleeping on the desk and was supposed to wake up but didn't*
"Miss Avalon"
*Still doesn't wake up. Mr Terada looks at Sakura walks over and pokes her then bursts out laughing* "She's really asleep."

Blooper 2
(Li is standing on fence glaring at Tori)
Li- "you wanted to see me"
Tori- "I do"
Li-*fence starts starts wobbling* "what the....?" *Falls off*

Blooper 3
(Kero flies out the door to help Sakura)
Kero- "SAKURA!!!! oomph" *smacks into the camera from not pulling up fast enough*

Time: Blooper 1
Sakura- "In the name of the moon l punish you......oops wrong words"

Blooper 2
Li- "HIY-OOMPH" *smacks into the window that was supposed to smash but didn't.

Wood and Rain: Blooper 1
(Madison tries to untangle branches but can't, looks to camera)
Madison- "I can't untangle them."

Fight: Blooper 1
(Li helps Meilin stand up and puts her arm around Li shoulder for support)
Li-*sniff sniff* "Sheesh Meilin, don't you wear deoderant"

Blooper 2
(Meilin goes for a run up to show off some of her advanced skills in gymnastics and trips on the edge of the mat)
Meilin- You better not put that in

Final Judgment:
Blooper 1
Yue- Close your eyes
Sakura- Why
Yue- Just trust me
*Sakura closes eyes*
*Yue grins evilly at camera, pulls Sakura's pants down and runs off set laughing*

Blooper 2
(Li is standing behind kero whose tail keeps on brushes his nose and making him sneeze)
Li-Stupid stuffed animal *Flicks kero's tail*
*Faster than lighting Kero spins around and has Li's finger in between his teeth*

Lock :
Blooper 1
(Sticking head in the fridge)
Kero- "Strawberries and cream, strawberry short cake, strawberry......*Fridge door closes and traps kero inside)

Off set:
Blooper 1
Madison-"l reckon we're going to do a movie one day"
Ruby Moon- "Yeah right, and pigs fly"
Spinel Sun- "You fly don't you?"
Ruby Moon- "Why you little......." *starts chasing Spinel around the set knocking over lights and cameras *