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Card Captor Sakura is copyrighted and owned by Clamp, Kodansha Comics, NHK, NEP21, Magic Studio and Bandai Entertainment. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle is copyrighted and owned by Clamp, NHK and Bee Train Studio. All characters, musics, images, and everything that is related to CCS/Tsubasa in this site are owned by their respective owners and companies. All rights reserved.

Manga images in the galleries are displayed against the Clamp-net.com request but in the sole purpose of spreading the beauty of CCS the manga that most westerners would never find out about, if it wasn't for the web. I became a fan and a CCS consumer through seeing those images and I'm not the only one. Until Clamp create an official website fully accessible to english speaking people with good previews of their work, the artbook scans will remain online. As said before, western fans of the anime often have no idea the manga exist or what they look like unless they see them on the web. Even the official cardcaptors site makes no mention of manga, artbooks or soundtracks.
Anime fans aren't just leechers, many of us go on to purchase the merchandise (in this case: artbooks, manga and posters). The reason for the manga galleries being online is for people to see what they are missing out on!

Visitors are encouraged to support the anime industry by purchasing the media and merchandise, thus encouraging their favorite artists and making it known that there is a market for anime over here in the west which will encourage tv channels and stores to consider anime. You can find CCSakura merchandise at your local Amazon or Ebay website (amazon.co.uk for the UK or .fr for France etc...)

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