Image Sources

From 2005 onwards, the primary source has been imageboards:
  • Futaba (nijiura), 4chan, Wakachan, Dan/Sagubooru, Moeboard...

    During 2003-2004, these places are where I collected images:
  • Usenet Image archives: (now closed) before the "Clamp cleanup" or Sunset Grill
  • Usenet Newsgroups: Cardcaptor Sakura | Anime

    During 2002-2003 I got images from fileswapping with other fans:
  • Clubs (like Yahoo/MSN clubs - not many CCS clubs are alive now)
  • IRC (Internet Relay Chat) filesharing.

Special credit: I'm guessing that many, if not most, of the CCS anime pictures around on the net nowadays all come from Rath's original collection. Rath Park had the most amazing and huge gallery site which was way ahead in design even 3 years ago and had high quality scans.

WARNING:Some of the links above are not safe for children, some are ADULT ONLY so please browse carefully. When using google search for anime images, remember to use the safe search filter to avoid getting hentai