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Card Captor Sakura Galleries

Screencaptures - also available as zip files here
Season I - High Quality! 960x720px
I'm screencapping this bit by bit over the next month.

Ep 01. Sakura and the Mysterious Magic Book

Ep 02. Sakura's Wonderful Friend

Ep 03. Sakura's Heart-throbbing First Date

Ep 04. Sakura's Exhausting Sunday
Movie I

Movie I
Season II + III* - High Quality! 960x720px

Ep 36. Sakura and a Snowy New School Year

Ep 37. Tomoyo loses her voice

Ep 38. Strawberries

Ep 39. Sakura's feverish day

Ep 40. Sakura and the Sakura in the Dream

Ep 41. Sakura and Shaoran practice for the play

Ep 42. Litterary festival in darkness

Ep 43. Meilin's story

Ep 44. Sakura, Kero, and the Mysterious Teacher

Ep 45. The Last Clow Card

Ep 46. The Final Judgment

Ep 47. "A Mysterious New Schoolmate"

Ep 48. "The Key Of Star"

Ep 49. "The Dangerous Piano"

Ep 50. "The Invisible Threads"

Ep 51. "Teddy Frenzy"

Ep 52. "Sakura's Sheep Warning"

Ep 53. "Sakura And The Panicking Bicycle"

Ep 54. "Sakura And A Calendar Of Memories"

Ep 55. "Sakura And Sakura In Wonderland"

Ep 56. "Sakura, Kero, And A Candy Date"

Ep 57. "Sakura, Shaoran, And The Elevator"

Ep 58. "Sakura And The Two Emergencies"

Ep 59. "Sakura, Tomoyo, And The Ball Trap"

Ep 60. "Sakura And Her Precious Friend"

Ep 61. "Sakura, Card, And Present"

Ep 62. "Sakura And The Mysterious Fortune"

Ep 63. "Sakura, The Pool, And The Big Wave"

Ep 64. "Ski School"

Ep 65. "Disappearing Strength"

Ep 66. "The Most Important Person"

Ep 67. "Tsukimine Shrine"

Ep 68. "Sakura, The Past, And Clow Reed"

Ep 69. "Clow Reed Is Back"

Ep 70. "Sakura And Her True Feelings"
Movie II and Video Diaries

Movie II: The Sealed Card (700*300px)

Movie II Kero-chan ni Omakase (640*350px)

OAVs: Tomoyo's Video diaries (702*478px)
* my episode names may be faulty, I watched CCSakura in french!

Anime: Sakura, Friends, Group images, Movie I and Movie II costumes and images.
Manga: Artbook I, II and III, Clow and Sakura cards, more manga art
Extra art, Sketches and storyboards
Colouring images
Animated gifs
Animated gifs, Mini gifs and Snowglobes by me

You can read Manga Scanlations including the new 2016 Clear Card Arc online at Mangafox, Mangareader or Mangafreak

Fan Art
Fan Art by Moonknives
Fan Art by specific artists¤¤
¤¤Fan Art Credits Warning! Some of the websites linked here may contain disturbing adult art.
Moonknives, Goldsickle, Rommel Ghost, MetalGuppy, Koge Donbo, Moetan, Rachel Young, Paco, Youkai Yume, Flipper, Neurose, D-Ten, Studio Radius

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Galleries

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Images: Manga, Anime, OVA, Fan Art and Fan Vector Art
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Screencaptures: also available as zip files
    * Season I, Season II, Opening and Ending
    * Movie: "The Princess Of The Birdcage Country"
    * OVA - Tokyo Revelations

Clamp in Wonderland Galleries

Clamp In Wonderland Screencaptures

Clamp In Wonderland Images