Please support CCSakura and Tsubasa by purchasing the merchandise !

Card Captor Sakura is available as a 12 volume manga comic, 3 manga artbooks, a two/four season anime cartoon and two movies, multiple soundtracks on CD or on itunes and merchandise such as mini Kero plushies and Sakura Key necklaces!
There's an unlicenced DVD set with all 70 episodes and both movies in japanese with english subtitles for about $16 (small video quality) if you're in a country that hasn't licenced the anime.
You can find merchandise on your local amazon, ebay or anime shops.

You can now watch anime online legally !
  • Crunchyroll (won't work for some countries)
  • Anime streams
  • Itunes ($13 to $15 per season)
  • Amazon ($10 to $12 per season)
  • Google Play (won't work for some countries)
  • A quick google search for "watch card captor sakura online" in your language should get you more local options.