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Website - Image Use:
  • Use SLG wallpapers or images: Yes. As many as you wish (direct linking is disabled)
  • Use SLG screencaptures: Yes. Feel free to re-use them in graphics & galleries! A small credit would be welcome if possible.
  • Use SLG written text: No. Be original and special, write in your own style.
  • Use Webbie goodies: Yes. As many as you wish (please link me in your credits)
  • Use Blinkiemakers: Yes. As many blinkies as you wish (please link me in your credits)
  • Use a goodie, award or image I sent you: linking back is not necessary.
  • Use my HTML code or stylesheets: Yes. Go ahead! Please don't take my personal layout graphics though.

  • Please make me a ... : Sorry! I'm too busy - please see suppi.net/webbie
  • Please explain this: please request a tutorial at suppi.net/webbie
  • Please link me: No problems! Send in your link!
  • Please be my penpal: I'm sorry, I have so many already, I just havn't got time for new!

    SLG and You:
  • Affiliation and Hosting: please see affiliates page for current status
  • Links: just email Saffy to add or change your link!

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