Programs used All these programs are freeware unless marked.

Scripts used
  • The Quiz script comes from
  • The Love Wishes is an edit of 'Widgy guestbook'.
  • The Poll script was written by Frederic Tyndiuk.
  • The Galleries script is the awesome 'galerie.php' script by Daniel Wacker.

Information Section
  • Most of the information of SLG comes from watching the show. As simple as that! Summaries and reviews are entirely original. Thankyou to all the wonderful visitors, for pointing out any errors I make along the way!
  • When Kira's Site, Sakura Premium, closed down and she kindly offered all of her information pages: you can find them all in the information section (look for all pages marked 'by Kira'.) Thankyou so much!
  • When making the CC vs CC section, I read up the subject at CCS vs CC by Heidi and I would like to thank her for the incredible amount of work she has done on that. Do check out her music videos too, they are beautiful!
  • The english CCS episode list comes in part from "The anime episodes list page" (now offline)
  • The Sakura card scans were donated by Official CCS Club at yahoo.
Many people forget him but the credit for much CCSakura information on people's websites can be traced back to one person: Hitoshi Doi, a dedicated fan who created THE information database on Cardcaptor Sakura (characters, bloodtypes, seiyuu, merchandise, lyrics...).

  • The "prep" doll base, a few props and heads edited for the dollmaker and Clow faeries came from Dollzmania. The rest is original.

Final Notes
Many ideas have been sparked by visitor suggestions and website reviews.
Please check the fansection for detailed credits. Thankyou for contributing such beautiful artwork & stories!
I have tried to give credit to everyone I can remember and not take images unless it is explicitly allowed (example: anime galleries or file sharing). Please let me know if you know the artist or scanner of a particular image so I can credit them.
Thankyou and hugs to all the lovely webmasters who added my site to their links! =)