Cardcaptors Blooper Reel by Liam

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Blooper 1: -
*Leon begins conversation with Madison*
"Sakura." He begins.
*Madison begins to laugh*
"My name is Madison."
*Leon now realizes his mistake*
*He is now bright red.*

Blooper 2: -
*Li is trying to pick lock a door.*
Li: - Come on you stupid lock!!
*Paper clip snaps.*
Li: - Oh bother.
*Leon turns round to see what's wrong, and Li shows him both pieces of the clip.
Madison, Leon and Sakura begin to laugh.*

Blooper 3: - (OFF-SET)
*Madison bolts down the toilet door. After she has finished, she tries to open it again, but it wouldn't open.*
Madison: - Help, I can't open the door!!
*Ruby walks by*
Ruby: - Try unlocking it first.
*Madison unbolts the door and comes out all red with embarrassment.*

Blooper 4 - Hell Card Capture - On-set
(In the woods for the capture.)
*Sakura and Leon are about to complete the capture. There is a loud belching.*
Leon: - Who did that?
*The smell drifts though the air, the smell begins to get worse, Leon tries to fan it away.*
Leon: - *sniff, sniff* Smells like Cheese and Onion salad....*begins to gag, and tries to fan it away again.*
              Hey, that was what you had for lunch, wasn't it Sakura?
*Sakura was now bright red with embarrassment. Leon pulls out a packet of breath mints.*
Leon: - Mint?
*Sakura is now offended. Leon could hear Li and the rest of the crew laugh and clap. Leon takes a bow. Sakura storms off.*

Blooper 5
*Leon knocks on Sakura's door. He is standing too close to it.*
Li: - The door opens outwards.
*Leon couldn't hear him.*
Leon:  -What?
*The door opens and hits him the face.*
Leon: - Ouch!!
Madison: - You OK?
*She comes over and comforts him.*

Blooper 6
*Leon turns to Li.*
Leon: - Li..............
*He stops, putting his face in his hands.*
Li *laughing*: - You have forgotten the line, haven't you?
Leon: - Yeah. Could someone pass me a script?

Blooper 7
*Madison runs at Leon, but can't slow down. She begins to slide.*
Leon: - Ahhhhhh.......oomph!!
*Leon is knocked to the floor, Madison lands on top of him.*
Madison: - ooops, You OK?

Blooper 8 - (Take 2 of Leon and Madison romance scene.)
*They both sit down on the same park bench as before.*
Leon: - I.........
*He gets disturbed again, someone sits next to him this time on the other side, she had brought some friends, who have a camera.
Unknown Person: - Can I have a photo?
Leon: - err.........*he looks at the crew, the cameraman encourages him* sure.
*The person puts their arms round him and the photo is taken, they both run off, screaming "We love you." They turn round and wave at him, he waves nervously back.*
Leon: - God I thought that never was going to end.

Blooper 9 - Filming On-set.
*Li is lost, Sakura is leading the search party.*
Sakura: - Li, Where are you
*Li pops out of nowhere, wearing nothing but a dress.*
What are you wearing?
*Leon is getting redder and redder, He just can't hold in the laughter anymore.*
Leon: - HA, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!
*Leon begins to roll around on the floor, with laughter*
Sakura: - Where did you find that?
*Li looked very stupid, and he was getting more and more embarrassed.*
Li: - Well.......*He was thinking up a story that will not make him look more stupid than he already did.* My clothes got stolen and this was all I could find.
*Sakura went into a loud giggle like laugh. Madison comes on with her camcorder; she has it pointed at Li. She also had a wide grin on her face too.*
Madison: - This will be great to show future generations.
Leon: - *stops laughing* Congratulations, you have just been Madi-camed.
*Li now was extremely embarrassed.*
Li: - Oh ****

Blooper 10 - (Madison and Leon romantic scene.)
(We set this in a park.)
*Leon and Madison sit on a bench. They get caught in each other's gaze.*
Leon:  - I...............
*Scene was interrupted by calls of "We love you, Leon" and "Get in there, son."
Madison: - Looks like you have a fan club.
*She begins to laugh.*

Blooper 11 - Soccer field
*Li and Sakura are talking*
Li: - OUCH!!
*Li is hit on the head by a soccer ball. You can hear some calls of "Sorry" and "My bad" in the background.*

Blooper 12: - Leon's Introduction
*Leon begins to introduce himself to the class.*
Leon: - Hi, my name is Leon, and I am from Tomeoda........
*One of the class stops him.*
Boy sitting in the front: - But the script say that you are from California...
Leon: - Can someone pass me a script?
*The producer passes him a script, he goes though the lines.*
Leon: - Oh yeah
*There were a few giggles coming from the back of the class.*

Blooper 13: - Sakura's sitting room.
*Li, Leon, Madison are sitting in Sakura's sitting room. This is being secretly filmed. Li asks Sakura for some water. Madison and Leon had planned a gag for this when he asks.*
Madison/Leon: - Water he says!!!
*Li is unaware of what was going to happen next or why they both shouted what they did until..........SPLASH!! Li was now soaking from head to toe.*

Blooper 14 - Wedding Day.
*Leon and Li were waiting for their brides at the altar.
Madison and Sakura are coming down the aisle, with the flower girls in tow. One of the flower girls stands on the tail of Madison's dress. There was a loud RIP.*
Leon: - What was that?
Li: - Sounded like cloth ripping.
*Madison was red with embarrassment, the tear went right up her back. The people in the pews were laughing, Leon just didn't understand why.*

Blooper 15 - Leon's bedroom
Leon is putting on a pair of trousers, there is a tap at his door, he opens it up and there standing at the door is Madison.*
Madison: - Those trousers look a bit on the short side. *She turned and walked away laughing.*
Leon: - You think?

Blooper 16 - Leon's Introduction Part 2
This is from Hellraiser one of my own fan fictions.
*Leon walks in though the classroom door.*
Leon: - oomph!!!
*Leon had just tripped over a piece of carpet that was sticking up. The whole class started to giggle, and the teacher was in hysterics. Leon was embarrassed.*

Blooper 17 - Sakura's House
*It was lunchtime, and Sakura, Kero and Madison had sat down to eat. Sakura could smell something, and it was rotten.*
Sakura: - What is that stench?
*Kero looks up.*
Kero: - oh sorry that was me.
Sakura : - Right, no more pickled eggs for you!!
*Madison burst out with laughter.*
Sakura: - What is so funny? *She begins to laugh too.*
Madison:  - You did realise that we was filming didn't you?
*Sakura turned to see that the camera was on, and that Li was the cameraman.*
Sakura: - Oh *******.

Blooper 18 - Leon's first driving lesson.
*Leon sits in his instructors' car, trying to take on board what he is trying to say. Madison has come out to see him off. He starts the car and begins to move, but then stalls it.*
Leon:  -Hope you didn't catch that on tape!! He calls to the cameraman.

Blooper 19 - Tea time for Madison
*Leon invites Madison round for tea, and takes her to her seat. What Leon failed to notice is that the screws for the chair had been removed, and as Madison sat down, the chair breaks.