The Darkness Of One by Clarissa (Mika)

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CLAMP owns Cardcaptor Sakura and all the characters not me. I just write fanfics with some of my characters thrown in!

Chapter 1: A new adventure (top)

“Hi Sakura!” smiled a dark haired girl, getting out her indoor shoes.
“Oh hi Madison!” Sakura smiled back. Next month Sakura would be 11 and she would have been a keeper of the cards for a year.
“You decided what you're doing for your birthday?” Madison asked as the girls entered the classroom.
“Not yet. I haven't even decided what I want for my birthday.” Replied Sakura sitting next to Li.
“Hi Li!”
“Oh Hi Sakura.” Blushing at the same time he said her name.
“Hi Li!”
“Hi Madison.”

“Good Morning class.”
“Good morning Ms Kinsaki.” Ms Kinsaki was their teacher. She had dark hair often in a sleek plait with green eyes, with stylish glasses.
“First we will be working on our class project, this season we'll be doing Natural Disasters. We will do some work in class but by the end of the 2 months I want to see a personal project from each of you.” Ms Kinsaki carried on but Sakura wasn't paying any attention. She was looking out the window, thinking. She felt something, was she sensing a new magic or was it just her imagination. It looked like Li had felt it too.

“Hi Tory! I'm home.”
“It's about time squirt. How long does your cheerleading take anyway?”
“About half an hour to forty five minutes.”
“Look I've got lots of homework to do, see you at dinner.” With that Sakura grabbed her bag and ran into her room.
“Hi Kero.” What looked like a small yellow teddy bear with wings sat up.
“Hi Sakura.”
“Yes Sakura?”
“Did you sense something today, like a new magic? It seemed very familiar to the cards.”
“Hmm. Interesting, your magic has developed so you're coming more sensitive to other magic, I did feel a strange force but the source of it, I can't put my finger on it.”
“Thanks for your help Kero.” Then she sensed it again. “Kero.”
“Yes, I felt that too but much stronger than it was earlier. Let's go.”
A tall girl with long blonde hair tossed her golden hair back and laughed as another tree burst into flames. She twirled her staff between her fingers and looked at 3 cards, the moon card, the star card and the sun. But one was missing, the planetary card. This body had been hard to take control of but within it, great power could be generated, laughed Jolie. She had been ordered to get the cards back by all means possible, this way just happened to be very entertaining.

Sakura looked up to see he girl hovering high. Was this the energy she had been sensing? This should be fun thought Jolie smiling.

She held out her staff and the sign of clow appeared below her.
“Power of Ancients upon my staff.
Share your power on my behalf
The staff grew longer and a grin spread across her face.
“FIREY!” Shouted Sakura, before the other girl could attack. “Yue?” Yue had pushed the girl aside so the fiery card missed her.
“Don't hurt her.” He said. Cerberus nodded in reposition. “Trust in your powers, there are ways of attacking without harming the opponent.
The girl laughed. “Energy cards!” Two cards were released, the moon and the sun cards, binding Yue and Cerberus.
“Now for you my little card captor.” She grinned. Spikes flew from her hand and Sakura raised her arms to defend herself but was surprised to find herself floating, the spikes below her.
“Energy Card, STAR!” Sakura started to become weary as her energy was drew into the card. Soon she began to feel faint, she was high up, but felt herself falling. Before being emerged in total darkness.

Sakura was falling quickly towards the spikes. A dark shadow was pushed from the girl who made the spikes body. “NO I WON'T LET YOU DO THIS!” the shadow looked at her and smiled before fading away. Mika rushed down using her energy to slow down Sakura and make the spikes disappear. The spell lay Sakura down gently, against a tree, draining Mika of her energy, thus she collapsed.

Chapter 2: A new Ally (top)

“Is she alright?” Ceroberus asked Yue.
“It is too early to tell, how about Sakura? How is she?” Kero looked at the figure lying on the second bed, here eyes slowly opening.
“She is getting better.”
“Kero!” said Sakura, her eyes now fully open she looked around the room. Opposite her was the girl who had attacked her lying unconscious. “Why is she here? Didn't she try to kill me?”
“She is also the one who saved your life Sakura, the one who tried to kill you was another. An evil spirit.” Replied Kero.
“Who is she?”
“You mean Mika, she is clow reeds 2nd daughter, she has been in a frozen sleep until recently.”
“Clow Reed had a daughter!”
“2 Finala, who is Li's many greats grandmother and Mika.”
“How can you tell she's been asleep?”
“Well there are no signs of aging.”
“She could be like Yue and be a guardian.”
“No, Mika in this form ages like a mortal.”
“Oh. Is she okay?”
“Yes, we think so, Yue is taking care of her at this moment but she has had a lot taken out of her.”
“What's that?” Sakura pointed to a leather bag tied around the girl's hand.
“I don't know.” Sakura started to untie it from around the girl's hand and opened it, inside was 2 necklaces, one that looked like the staff Mika had used the other looked like the clow key before it was transformed but it was black. Also were 3 cards. The moon, which picture looked like Yue, the Sun, which looked like Ceroberus, and the star, Sakura dropped it as if it burnt her hand. The girl on the star card looked like her. Kero examined the cards asking her what was the matter. She pointed to the fallen star card.
“Strange.” Whispered Kero. “Very strange.”
“Mmmm.” Kero and Sakura jumped out of their skins. Mika was starting to awake. “Where am I?” she asked holding her hand to her head.
“You're at Sakura's house. She is the new keeper of the cards.” Said Yue.
“Oh.” She looked at her wrist and her eyes grew wide, she looked as if she was going to scream. “Where is it, where is my bag.” Sakura handed the girl the brown bag, which looked in it and let out a very freaked out scream. “Where are the cards, the key? What if Joli has the key, the ore cards!” While Mika was in mid-panic Sakura collected what she found in the bag together and tapped Mika on the shoulder. Mika swung round almost hitting Sakura, and looked at what Sakura had in her hand. She took the key with the sun etc and placed it round her neck and put everything else in the bag and gave Sakura a big hug >U< and smiled. “Thank you!” Sakura smiled too and soon the girls were chatting like old friends.
“What is the key?” asked Sakura half way through the conversation.
“You mean.” she jerked her head towards the dark key lying on the bed.
“Yes, what is it.”
“It is the key to the book of Ore.”
“The book of ore?”
“Yes. In this book are some cards, alike them in many ways but these ones poses and greater strength. Some of these cards can deceive you and make you believe your friends are against you, some of these cards can kill you.”
“OHMYGOD! Where are the cards now?”
“They have been released into the world. With no one to tell them what to do, there is no knowing what chaos they could cause.”
“Have you come to Reddington to look for them?”
“Yes, and to aid you in your task to seal them.”
“Yes, you are the cardcaptor, it is not in my power to seal the cards apart from the energy cards. Another reason why I am here, I came to find the lost one but have lost another in the process. Sakura when you capture the Ore Cards you must put them in this book.” Mika swung the key back and forth and a purple book landed on the bed. On the cover was the picture of a woman with dark features. “She is the guardian, but has been taken over by the power of Joli, as you know the Ore cards are evil, thus the guardian is evil also.” Sakura picked up the book. It felt cold and sent a shiver down her back. “Once all the Ore cards are captured they will be in your power, but shall not be known as Star cards. They shall remain forever cards or Ore.”
“Ore? Is that who created them?”
“Yes, he was an evil magician, a rival of Clow Reeds, once he found out of the construction of the clow cards he too made some cards, but these cards possessed a power so dark and powerful, they destroyed him in the end.”
“That is horrible!”
“I know. That it why we must capture them, before they get in the wrong hands.” Sakura nodded. By this time Yue and Ceroberus had transformed into their borrowed forms.
“Mika?” Sakura asked. “Where are you going to stay until the cards are sealed?” Mika gave a puzzled look.
“You can stay with me Mika.” Julian said. “That way you can tell me if you sense anything, from your previous experience with the cards.
“Okay.” Mika nodded. Sakura blushed and couldn't help feeling jealous. “Sakura, are you alright? You're face has gone bright red.” Mika said. Sakura blushed even more, Mika shrugged. “Well I've gotta go, see you guys later!” Mika and Julian left and Sakura calmed down.
“The Ore Cards.” Kero thought out loud. “Ore, I remember him now.” Kero grabbed some paper and pen and drew a doodle of a guy with a beard who looked a bit like a Viking. Kero got some crayons and coloured the mans beard black and his robes a green. “There we go.” Sakura squinted her eyes at the picture. “HEY ITS NOT THAT BAD!” shouted Kero. Sakura smiled and pinned the picture up on her wall.
“It's great Kero.” His chest puffed up with pride as Sakura started to get ready for bed.
***At Julian's house***
Mika sat on the windowsill in a flowing nightgown, looking up at the stars as she fiddled with the chain around her neck. When was Joli going to strike again? She didn't know that. But she knew she had to be here to protect Sakura from the fierce road that lay ahead.

Chapter 3: The capture of the Ice (top)

“Sakura! Hi! I though I'd come over to measure you for some more battle costumes!”
“Sure Madison, come in.” Madison pulled out a dress. It was blue and white checked with red shoes to match and a white apron. “I was inspired for the book we were to read for homework, The Wizard Of OZ.”
“Oh yeah! It's cute.”
“Go on then! Try it on.”
**5 minutes later**
“I love this outfit! It looks great on you Sakura!”
“Yes, and makes you look like you mean business, you need all the respect you can get from the ore cards. Ore wasn't particularly generous about respect.”
“Ore Cards?” Madison intrigued.
“Yes. Mika, the girl who attacked Sakura is here to find them. She needs Sakura's help.”
“Then why did she attack her?”
“Possessed.” Nodded Sakura.
“Oh, is she okay?”
“Yes. She's staying with Julian in case she senses something.” Replied Kero. Sakura could feel her face going bright red.
**Ding dong**
“Oh that's the door! I'll get it!” Sakura said thankful to get out the room.
“Hi Sakura.”
“Yeah! I though I'd come over, OHMYGOD!” Sakura started to blush. “I LOVE THAT OUTFIT!” Sakura looked puzzled but relieved at the same time. Imagine looking like a complete freak in front of someone you had only known for not even 24 hours.
“Thanks!” Madison grinned. “I make it for Sakura's battles.”
“Ooo! Could you make me one! This one is just so cool!”
“Yeah, sure.” Smiled Madison. “I'll have to take some measurements first.”
“Madison, I'm going to get changed and make some tea okay.”
“Sure!” Madison got out her tape measure and started measuring Mika.
*********2 days later*********
It was 7 and it was already getting dark. On Mika's bed was a large soft brown parcel.
“YEY! This must be my outfit from Madison!” She ripped it open and tried it on. It was a dark pink dress puffed out. It had long sleeves that were wide at the ends. It has a light pink bow at the back and a long cloak. With it were knee high socks and light pink shoes. She gave a twirl in the mirror then fell into her bed and started to read some magazines.
“Is this where you sensed it Sakura?” asked Ceroberus. They stood in a dimly lit street and Sakura nodded. Suddenly a dark porthole opened in the sky and large spiked icicled started to surround them. Madison was almost knocked over by one. Li stood still watching as the icicles formed a circle round them, finally trapping them in a dome. “Use The Fiery Sakura!” shouted Madison.
“FIERY CARD!” shouted Sakura. The fiery card appeared and attempted to melt the ice, but it was no use. The ice wouldn't melt and it was getting colder every minute that passed.
**Beep Beep*
Mika clambered through the mess looking for the phone.
**Beep Beep**
“Hello?” a pause. “WHAT!” More pause. “I'll be right there.” She hung up and took the necklace off and held it in front of her. The symbol of clow appeared below her.
“Power of Ancients upon my staff.
Share your power on my behalf
The staff grew longer and she twirled it in her hand, and opened the window. Julian walked in before she could jump.
“What are you doing?” he asked.
“Julian?” She pulled back from the window and smiled, before grabbing his hand. “You can come too.” With that she dragged him out the window, “FLY!” she shouted, the shape of a card appeared at the end of her staff and she grew wings. She gracefully landed on the ground and her wings disappeared. She started to run, Julian closely following.
“Have you not transformed yet?” she asked. Julian nodded and transformed to Yue.
“What is this about anyway?”
“It's Sakura. She's in trouble.” When she said that they came across the large ice dome. Mika dragged her hand across it, and fell through a porthole.
“MIKA!” shouted Yue quickly following.
A doorway opened to the dome and Sakura almost jumped for joy to see Yue, and Mika there. Unfortunately, the door was only one way.
“There has to be a way out.” Mika said looking around. Madison and Li were huddled under Cerberus's wings while Sakura stood in her Wizard of Oz battle costume shivering. Mika took of her pink cloak and handed it to Sakura. “You okay?” she said gently. Sakura nodded.
“The Fiery card won't work.” Sakura said.
“That's because this is an Ore card. It needs more than just an element card to melt it.”
“Maybe if I use the sun energy card, you said it acts like a booster.”
“Yes, but your energy is ruled by the star, it may not work.”
“I could use the sun and the star together with the fiery.”
“It might work, but.”
“But what.”
“It will take a lot of energy out of you.”
“Well we can't just stand here and wait to die.” Mika nodded and handed Sakura the Sun and star card, she felt more energy seep away from her.
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I'll be fine Sakura.”
Sakura held the 3 cards at arms left and concentrated on melting the dome. She looked round, Mika had collapsed from the cold. Her lips were going blue, Yue tried to shield her from the cold with his wings but it didn't seem to make much of a difference.
Sakura shouted, the two energy cards started to glow and the fiery spirit appeared but it looked like Sakura! The Fiery Card combined with the power of the sun swept round the dome, and it started to melt. Soon the dome was no more and the fiery card returned to Sakura, before she fainted. Li caught her, and blushed slightly. Ceroberus, Madison and Yue carrying Mika came over to see Sakura.
“Is she okay?” asked Madison.
“I hope she is.” Replied Li. In Sakura's hand was another card. It had the figurine of a woman all in white. The back of it was a dark purple, with the guardians' image on it except the guardian was smiling gently.
“It's an Ore card, the Ice.” Yue said.
*****Watching them*********
Cassia cracked her fingers. “Let me finish them off, they have a card!”
“Yes.” Smiled Jolie.
“Didn't you here me, they have one of my masters cards.”
“Your master Ore was a fool.”
“NEVER INSULT MY MASTER!” she screamed.
“Now, now. They might here you.”
“We must get the card.”
“We'll let them seal them for us, then we shall dispose of them.” Jolie laughed as she and Cassia disappeared leaving the captors alone, for that time.

Chapter 4: Sweet Cassia (top)

“ARGH” a large spike flew into the wall.
“Temper, temper.”
“I can't believe you've let them get a card.”
“Cassia, oh you of little faith. I have it all planned out.”
“Yes, you really planned it for them to melt the dome and capture the ice, now some of my power is gone.”
“I must admit, that was not on my to-do list but everything doesn't work the way we want it too.” Smiled Jolie. Cassia tossed back her black hair and narrowed her eyes. “Calm down Cassia. Everything will fall into place.”
Sakura sat at her desk writing a letter to Eroil. She read it over and over again, explaining about the Ore cards and Mika. Maybe he could explain it better that Kero. She sealed the envelope and placed it in her bag for her to post on her way to school.
“What you doing Sakura?”
“I'm writing a letter to Eroil.”
“Cool. Um Sakura, would you mind making me a new bed?”
“What! What happened to the last one?”
“Well I was bouncing on it and it sort of broke.”
“It sort of?”
“Okay it got smashed. Will you make me another one?” Sakura sweat dropped and sighed.
“Okay Kero, but you have to help.”
“Sure.” Sakura started to sew some new covers when she sensed a strange force. “Sakura are you alright?”
“I'm going to call Li and Madison, something is definitely up.”
“You think it might be an Ore Card Sakura?”
“I don't know. Will you call Mika for me.”
Mika and Yue appeared at the square where Sakura asked them to meet. Mika glared at Li, who was standing next to Madison. She didn't like him much. Sakura was in another great costume, this time it was sugar pink one shoulder dress with a sequined hem. She was wearing the red shoes from her last outfit and she had a pink ribbon in her hair. Mika was wearing a pair of jeans and a light blue top. In her right hand was her staff, and around her waist was the energy cards. Something appeared before them. A girl with dark hair and eyes smiled. She wore a black dress, with long sleeves; it was long but had to large slits up the sides so she could move easily. She wore black lipstick and looked mean. Sakura recognised her from somewhere. It was the guardian or the ore cards! She had dark black wings and smiled wickedly. Cassia held her hands in a ball shape and a dark sphere appeared. It grew larger and larger until it was the size of a large basketball. “CATCH THIS CARDCAPTOR!” she screamed as she let the ball of energy head straight for Sakura.
“NOOOO!” Mika screamed. There was a white light and there was Mika, in a long flowing dress going up at the front, a mini skirt underneath with thigh high boots. She had large wings now and pushed Sakura out the way. The dark energy hit her, and she fell to the ground.
“MIKA!” screamed Sakura. Yue and Ceroberus rushed to Sakura's side. She would need their protection against this powerful guardian.
“Foolish Girl.” Smiled Cassia. “Should have known I'd not give up so easily.” Again a ball formed in her hands and was released this time Sakura would be ready.
“JUMP CARD!” she shouted. Her red shoes sprouted wings and she dodged the dark energy. Sakura kept jumping the energy, but Cassia didn't seem to want to give up.
“WOOD CARD” Wood appeared and wrapped its branches around the ball. Another ball was formed.
“MIRROR!” Sakura shouted, and she reflected the dark energy too Cassia. She let out a scream and disappeared, reappearing in front of Sakura. She held Sakura's chin up so she was looking straight at her.
“I am a powerful enemy to have Captor, so watch it.” Yue's diamond attack flew towards Cassia but she had disappeared.
Sakura nibbled her lip. Mika had been out for several hours now and hadn't transformed to her other form so she was loosing energy much quicker. Everyone looked anxiously over her. Hoping, that somehow she would be okay.
“Stupid cardcaptor!” screamed Cassia, holding her arm, which had a large scald down it.
“She is far from stupid if she managed to divert your attack.” Jolie said.
“Hmm. Well today wasn't a total waste, I knocked out that girl.”
“Mika. Partly.”
“What do you mean partly?” Jolie held up the planetary card. It looked like Mika with wings.
“I used the card to draw energy from her, I still am, that is why she is still unconscious.”
“But I thought..”
“You thought you defeated Mika on your own, hardly! That's like saying you could take on all the Sakura Cards at once.”
“I thought they were Clow cards.”
“They were and still are, but they have passed on their power to a new keeper. Sakura Avalon.”
“Well who says I can't take them on?”
“You couldn't even keep control of the cards you were guarding, you'd have no chance against the Clow cards. That's why we need the star card, then we can draw energy from Sakura, making her an easier target.”
“Yes, but what about the 5th card.”
“Aaah, the 5th card. The last energy that reveals everyone's true feelings, the love card shall have to wait. Another Ore card is near, and we must be on out guard.”

Chapter 5: Stormy Weather (top)

"It looks terrible outside." Sighed Madison drinking her tea. Mika sat doodling in a corner while Kero helped himself to another cookie. Li was staring at the ground, hoping Sakura wouldn't notice he was blushing.
"What are you drawing Mika?" asked Sakura attempting to take a peek at the picture.
"Oh, nothing!" she said holding the notepad to her chest.
"Let's see." Said Sakura snatching the notepad off her. "Hey, this is really good!" Mika blushed. Madison nodded.
"Yeah, it's great! It looks just like Kero." Kero looked up when he heard his name mentioned and looked at the picture. There was an illustration of him sitting on the table eating a cookie.
"It's very life like!" Sakura smiled. **Mika blushing even more from all this attention** "Do you want to see it Li?"
"No, I don't want to see anything drawn by her. It's properly just stupid anyway." Mika was very hurt by this but stopped herself from crying.
"Well if that's the way you feel maybe I shouldn't draw at all." She glared at Li angrily and stormed out the room.
"What did you say that for?" Kero said, almost shouting at Li.
"Well anyone who likes to draw stuffed animals, well they are stupid." Snapped Li. Kero glared at him. "You little BRAT!" with that the lights cut off and they were left in darkness.
"Mika?" Sakura shouted.
"Yes." Mika in her guardian form stood forward, using her staff as a source of light.
"Why are you transformed?"
"It's the storm card."
"The storm?"
"Yes, the powers of windy, rainy, thunder, lightning and cloud together, which makes I very powerful and hard to defeat."
"What card should I use?" Mika shrugged.
"I honestly don't know Sakura."
"Finally something you don't know." Sneered Li. Once more Mika gave Li the evil eye and Sakura had to hold her back, for she would have slapped Li. Kero was cheering Mika on.
"STOP FIGHTING! We won't be able to seal the card at this rate." Sakura explained. Mika calmed down, but stuck her tongue out at Li. Kero changed into his true form as they looked outside. It was very wet.
"Sakura, try this on!" shouted Madison. Sakura went and got changed; it was a blue hooded dress with Capri pants under then. She had shoes with bells at the tips and she jingled when she walked. Madison unfolded her umbrella as they walked outside, Mika hiding under Cerberus's wings.
"It's very cold." Li spoke up.
"Well done! Now what colour is the table cloth." Mika said sarcastically.
Li drew her a dagger O>>>>>>> and Mika smirked. "Chill, do you not understand a little joke." Li folded his arms; he obviously didn't think she was very funny at all. "The card shouldn't be this strong." Mika said holding her arm up to fight off the wind. "There has to be another card hidden. But which one, we'll have to capture the storm first. You think the ice will work Sakura?"
"Yeah, if you want snow!" Li remarked.
"There is a snow card, well I'm sure there is one, and anyway the rain wouldn't turn to snow it would turn to large pointy icicl… Oh I see your point."
"There has to be some card we can use against it."
"I suggest you make a decision quickly!" Mika said cautiously.
"Why?" Sakura asked. Mika only pointed. There above the dark clouds was the figure of a woman, very tall; the clouds were like a dress. She looked elegant with her black blue hair flowing over her shoulders. She had dark stormy eyes and in her hand was a thunderbolt. Behind her was another girl, smaller with a dress that twisted down, the bottom half looked a bit like…
"The tornado card!"
"The WHAT?" Li shouted over the howling of the tornado.
"Tornado, Ores version of windy, except well more destructive!"
"The sweet what's that going to do?" Mika asked as the sweet was released.
"Leave Sakura ALONE!" shouted Li going red in the face.
"Sorry it's just not the first card that pops into your head." She replied. Soon all the rain and thunder and lightning disappeared and it started to rain sweets Kero then got very excited changing into his borrowed form starting to grab as many sweet as his little arms could carry. Tornado and Storm came stood before Sakura, each giving a small bow. They were now a normal height and you could see them better. Storms face was pale white with a gold lightning bolt down the right hand side. The bottom of her dress looked like a misty cloud. Tornado had grey hair swirled up. She looked about 6 years old. Sakura nodded. "Release your power confide, ORE CARDS!" she shouted. The two cards fell into card form and went to Sakura's hand, she placed them in the book and locked it Meanwhile Kero is stuffing himself with sweets that he saved and it has stopped raining candy. The sky is blue once more and the sun came out!

Authors note
Stupid isn't it! Well the sweet cards cute and I needed a way to stop the rain plus when exactly is she going to use the sweet like ever again. Its just so KAWAII! I can sooooo imagine Kero stuffing his face with sweets! As you might have guessed Syoran and Mika do not get alone, like at all! But they do end up being friends, I think! Oh just in case you wanted to know this is set before the void card is captured (CSS 2nd Movie) for all of you lovely people don't know and Syoran has not declared his never dying love for Sakura yet! But this isn't a romance, my second fic with Mika will properly have a bit more bout S + S in it but just now well you'll have to put up with this. Yes I already have planned part of m 2nd fic out the next series shall be called When Darkness Returns! Yeah, I make up the most cheerful titles! But it will be good!
Whats coming up
More cards captured
Li blushing LOTS more around Sakura
And in depth about Mika and Yue's relationship. (Hehehe exciting stuff is it not, lol)

Chapter 6: A walk in the park (top)

Haha! I am on chapter 6! It is getting good no?
No, burst into tears Oh well! I will FORCE you to like it! Hehe! So this one is capturing a very useless card, (Clow made the flower and the sweet so some of these cards can make no sense at all can't they!) So this one is a more peaceful Ore card! It takes during the cherry blossom festival (yes there really is one) and it is very cool!
Not as much action but very sweet!
Now on with the story!

"Yes! A day off school!" smiled Sakura. It was the cherry blossom festival and Tory, Julian and Mika were taking Madison, Li and herself to the park. Only god knew why Tory and Mika agreed to let Li come along. She both knew that the two were not exactly best friends with him.
The park was very busy; lots of people from school were out with their families enjoying their picnics. The park was beautiful, all those pink and white cherry blossoms looked so pretty. They all seemed so dumbstruck by beauty they were lost for words.
"The blossoms look more beautiful than they did the year before." Tory sighed to himself.
Li couldn't help but stare at Sakura; she looked prettier than ever today. She turned round and started to stare at him, raising an eyebrow. "Li are you okay?" she asked snapping him out of his trance. He went a deep red and looked at the ground.
"Yeah, I'm fine Sakura." He mumbled, praying she wouldn't notice him blush.
Meanwhile Madison was trying to get the whole day on camera. "This will make an excellent video!" She was getting every little thing on camera, while Kero rummaged in her basket for any ~spare~ treats.
"This place will be perfect for our picnic!" Smiled Mika as Julian laid out a large picnic mat for them all. It was perfect. It was on a small hill where they could see the whole park, the ground was flat at the top and they were under the shade of a large cherry tree. They all agreed, this was a very pretty spot. "I'm going to go see what the Choral group are doing this year. Anyone want to come?" Mika asked.
"I thought you were in Choral?" Madison asked.
"Well I thought about it." *blushing *
"You should have, you're a great singer!"
"Nothing compared to you Madison." All agreed to come along except Sakura and Li.
"I just want to look at the cherry blossoms." Sakura smiled. Li said that he would go to, to keep Sakura Company of course and Kero thought best, he whispered to Madison; that he stays and guard the food.
"See you guys later!" they shouted leaving Sakura and Li on their own to look at the blossoms. They started to walk, the pink blossoms falling to the ground. Li found himself blushing. Just being around Sakura made him go red. Why couldn't he tell her how he felt about her? He decided that today he would tell her. It was perfect. They stopped in the middle of a clearing, the cherry blossoms whirling around in the wind.
"S..Sakura?" Li said nervously.
"Yes Li." She said turning round. Her beauty overwhelmed him and he started to blush. He shuffled his feet and looked down.
"Sakura. I need to tell you something."
"Are you okay Li?"
"Yes, I just need to get it out."
"What is it?"
"It's about how I feel about you, I…I."
"What was that?" Sakura shouted.
"It must be an Ore card." Li said, with a bit of relief and disappointment in his voice.
"Let's go then!" Sakura said grabbing his hand. His face goes red once more as they ran. In the middle of the stage where the Choral were performing was a girl dressed all in white with sugar pink hair up in what was like a plait with a ponytail coming through it, her hair had pink roses in it. Her dress was tight and flat at the top then puffed out at the sleeves and skirting. Under it you could see the helms of 5 other petticoats. She had pale skin and rose coloured lips and pink eyes.
"Sakura use sleep." Whispered Mika who was now aside Sakura and Li. Sakura transformed her key and used the sleep card, Sakura, Madison, Li and Mika remained standing. Kero had showed up after stuffing his face and Julian and changed to Yue. The girl still danced around the sleeping bodies, and then they noticed that she was singing a soft song.
"Wow, that song is so beautiful." Sakura sighed.
"Be careful, this might be part of the cards magic."
"What card is it?"
"The Joy card."
"The joy?"
"It has the power to bring even the most depresses person in the world happy."
"Is that all?" Sakura said. Mika nodded. Sakura raised her staff. "Joy Card, Return your power confide, JOY CARD!" The card was returned and Sakura looked at the girl before placing her in the book with the storm, tornado and the ice.
"How many cards are there Mika?"
"I don't know. I think there is about 20 something. There are no known records about how many cards he created, I only know about 6 of the cards, Ice, Storm, Tornado, Joy, Dance, Leap and future."
"Are they dangerous?"
"Yes like all cards but it looks like the sleep is wearing off." And she was right; people were starting to wipe their eyes. Sakura's key shrank once more and she placed it over her neck. The others started to go back to the picnic to see what Kero had left, Li and Sakura left behind.
"Li, what were you tying to tell me earlier?"
"Oh, nothing Sakura, it isn't really important.

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Chapter 7: Win some you loose some (top)

So you're wondering if Jolie has died unfortunately not, she has been scheming *scheme * scheme * lol! Well she's back and so is Cassia and well this is not a very good story! But I don't care! It's my story so what you gonna do!

Sakura sat looking in the mirror. What was wrong with her? What had Li tried to tell her at the festival?
"S.Sakura?" Li said nervously.
"Yes Li." She said turning round. Sakura noticed him starting to blush. He shuffled his feet and looked down.
"Sakura. I need to tell you something."
"Are you okay Li?"
"Yes, I just need to get it out."
"What is it?"
"It's about how I feel about you, I…I."
End of Flashback
What was he trying to tell her? She took out the Ore book and looked at the joy card. Some how she didn't think the joy card could help put her at ease. No one or nothing would. She'd have to figure it out for herself.
He felt so stupid. Why didn't he just tell her? He banged his head against the wall, Mika materialising beside him putting her hand in front of his head.
"You know that's bad for you." She said calmly.
"How did you do that?" he asked angrily.
"Maybe by magic." She replied slowly. She sat down on a wooden chair and faced Li. "So what's the matter?"
"Why would anything be wrong?"
"Well if banging your head off the wall is something you do everyday then…."
"Okay. There is something wrong but why should I tell you?"
"It will make you feel a lot better."
"Okay, but Mika once I tell you, you must swear never breath a word about this to anyone, especially Sakura."
"Oooooh Sakura!" she smiled. He started to go pink in the cheeks.
"You see, I really."
"I LOVE SAKURA!" he shouted. He had gone mad. "I THINK ABOUT HER EVERYDAY! I'M CRAZY ABOUT HER, I CAN'T STAND TO BE AROUND HER AS WHAT IF SHE DOESN'T FEEL THE SAME WAY!" Then Li calmed down resting his hand on the wall. "I don't know why I just can't tell her I mean, you wouldn't understand."
"More than you think Li, more than you think."
"That is Sakura Avalon's room right there." Pointed Jolie from the treetops. "You think you can handle this Cassia?" Cassia grinned nodding to Jolie's commands.
It was a hot day and Sakura had opened the window to let in some fresh air while Kero played on the games console. Sakura had gone downstairs for lunch, and suddenly Kero started to feel drowsy before totally clonking out. Cassias smiled pushing the window open a bit more. The key to the book of Ore was lying helplessly on the desk. She picked it up and slipped it round her neck, laughing silently at the pathetic guardian. She slipped once more out the window as she heard Sakura making her way up the stairs. Kero woke up at the smell of chocolate cake. Sakura had managed to smuggle some upstairs for Kero.
"Tanks `Akurwa." He said with his mouth full.
"Kero?" she asked looking around her room. "Have you seen the Ore key, I'm sure I left it on my desk." Kero shrugged. "Well help me find it!" They tipped the room upside down but still couldn't find it. Then Sakura looked at the Ore book. All the cards were inside but on the cover, something had changed. Cassia was now shown with a key round her neck that hadn't been there before and her smile, sent shivers down Sakura's spine.

More Notes
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Chapter 8: Dark Powers (top)

Mika sat rocking back in forth on her bed thinking. Should she tell Sakura, should she not? Li had confined in her about his innermost feelings for Sakura and she could not betray a trust. But this was tearing him apart, as he had no idea how Sakura felt about him. What was she going to do? She fell back onto a pillow and looked at her alarm clock. 1:25am. She hadn't slept all night. She got out a book and tried to read, but she was just too tired and stressed out. She tossed and turned for hours before finally fell into a light sleep.
Sakura was sanding on the streets of Reedington, it was dark and cloudy. In her hand was the Sakura key, and in her had were two sets of cards, the Ore Cards, the ones she had caught and ones she had never seen before, and the Sakura cards. Sakura looked up and saw a tall woman. She was dressed in dark green, a flat dress that brought out the woman who stood before hers figure. The woman and green eyes and brown hair cut just above her chin. She was smiling. Sakura was wearing a blue and white dress, folding over. It puffed out and had many petticoats underneath. She was wearing knee high boots with frills at the top. Beside Sakura were Li, Ceroberus, Yue, Mika, Madison filming and another girl.
Could it be…?
"SAKURA WAKE UP!" shouted Kero, snapping her out of her dream.
"What is it Kero, it's Saturday, I'm entitled to a long lie in."
"Yeah, but I'm hungry, and your brothers cooking pancakes."
"Okay Kero, I'll bring you some."
"With syrup, and." he sniffed the air. "Bring me up some bacon, egg and sausage too!" Sakura shook her head smiling.
"Okay Kero." She got washed and dressed and went downstairs just as Tory was setting breakfast on the table.
"Where's dad Tory?"
"He was called into work this morning, he's got a big presentation to start on so he'll be away all day."
"Sakura, I swear you must have an alarm clock in your room which tells you when there's some food about as you ALWAYS turn up."
"You could say that." Sakura laughed picturing Kero as an alarm clock. Tory sat down and started to eat.
"Tory, would you mind if I took this up to my room to eat?"
"Knock yourself out squirt." Sakura took a few more sausages, pancakes and everything else and took them up to her room.
"Thanks Sakura! You're the greatest! Why aren't you eating yours?"
"Kero, it's just the Ore key. It's, gone."
"Yes, but it can't be that bad, you can still seal the cards with the Sakura key."
"Yes, but what if I need to use them."
"Using them is a very bad idea Sakura. The Ore cards destroyed Ore, what if they destroy you?"
"Yes but, I had another dream." She told him everything that happened in it.
"Sakura, pay attention to your dreams, they are a sign, look maybe you should write them down. You never know when it will come in handy." Kero was right. She took out a bit of paper and started to write it down.
"Yes, Sakura."
"I think I should tell Mika about this, I mean after all she was the one who gave me the Ore key."
"Good idea."
Sakura dialled up Julian's number on the phone. Julian answered.
Sakura blushed. "Uh, Hi Julian, can I speak to Mika please?"
"Yeah sure, I'll just get her." This was followed by a long pause.
"Hi Sakura." Mika sounded rather dim.
"Mika, are you feeling okay."
"Yeah, I'm fine, just a little problem on my mind."
"Mika, I've got a problem too."
"The Ore Key has gone missing." Sakura drew a long breath and waited for Mika to go mad at her down the phone.
"Sakura, this is really bad, you should call everyone and we'll come over as soon as we can."
"But my brothers here."
"Not for long, I know he's got some exams to sit today at around 11." Sakura looked at her watch. 10:45. Tory was getting his jacket on and changing his shoes.
"Gotta go squirt, I'll be back in a few hours, be good." The door closed.
"He's gone." Sakura replied shocked.
"I know."
"He's in like 5 of my classes."
"Oh. I'll phone the others."
Then she heard the tone, and started to dial another number.
"Hi Sakura." Mika said, Yue behind her. "Can we come in?"
"Sure." Madison was here already for it was time for Sakura to get her costumes fitted again. A few minutes later Li was there too and they were all thinking of what to do.
"Who would want the key?" Li asked out loud. They all thought for a minute.
"Cassia." Yue said.
"Why would she want the key?" Sakura asked.
"So you couldn't seal the cards Sakura." Mika replied.
"But I can, with the Sakura key."
"But she didn't know that. The bad thing now is that she can seal the cards too."
"Can guardians do that?"
"I don't think so but now she has the key she can call upon more dangerous powers."
"We have to get the key back!"
"Yes, but how?"
Li looked outside; there was a small from with wings. "Sakura."
"What Li?" he pointed to the frog.
"It's the leap card!" Mika exclaimed.
Mika and Kero went to their true forms as they looked at the frog hopping about.
"How do we catch it?"
"Well, it's like the jump so by jumping is how I will get it. JUMP CARD!" Sakura followed the frog quickly up among the trees. There on the rooftops was Cassia, the frog sitting in her hand.
"Leave the leap alone!" shouted Sakura. "I will not allow you to use its powers for evil!"
"I am their guardian! I will do what I like!" she was holding the ore key, now in its larger form and drew a large circle in the air with it. "DARKNESS WHEEL!" she shouted, the wheel span towards Sakura, knocking her off balance. She screamed.
"SAKURA!" shouted Li trying to climb the tree. Ceroberus and Yue found they could fly no higher than the first few branches.
"It's no use." Spoke Mika. "There is a very powerful force field separating us from Sakura. It is all up to her now."
Sakura winced in pain. Her ankle was twisted and she couldn't move it.
"So this is the great cardcaptor." Cassia smiled. "You think this is bad, you ain't seen nothing yet!" She held her hands together and a strange glow came from them. She opened her hands slightly, showing many small glowing spheres. She opened it wider and they were released. "SHIELD CARD" Sakura shouted. The shield stopped some but one hit her, hard. She clutched on to her chest as she felt beads of water well up in her eyes.
Li was still hitting the force field. "OPEN UP! OPEN UP!" he screamed, he was in tears of rage, and the fact that Sakura was in pain was making him burn up. "ELEMENT FIRE COME TO MY AID!" he shouted leaving a hole small enough for one person to fit through. Li quickly scrambled through it before it closed. It wasn't the spell that had weakened the spell; it was Li's love for Sakura.
"ELEMENT FIRE COME TO MY AID!" Cassia heard this before being hit by a spiral of fire. She clutched her face where the fire hit her. Sakura was lying sprawled up against a branch. She was bleeding. Li saw this and went mad. "ELEMENT WATER COME TO MY AID!" he shouted. Cassia found herself being thrown back by a great force of water.
"This is my time to leave." She said to herself disappearing in a whirl of dark ribbons. The force field disappeared and Li held onto a branch to balance himself. He jumped down to Sakura. He noticed that beside her lay a card with a small green frog. She must have captured the card before she was attacked, he thought. He kneeled down beside her and tried to wake her up. After many failed attempts he lifted her over his shoulder and slowly carried her down.
The others finally saw Li emerge from the trees carrying Sakura. He laid her down on the grass before sitting down. Madison immediately rushed to Sakura's side to see if she would wake up.
"Are you okay Li?" Mika asked.
"Yeah I'm fine." He said in an exhausted voice. He obviously wasn't as he had a large scratch down the left hand side of his face.
"Thanks Li. For helping Sakura." Mika said. Li returned this with a smile.

Love it hate it. Its okay, one of my finer works but hey does that mean all of my other work is rubbish. Yes. Oh well!
Ja Ne

Chapter 9: Dance of the dance card. (top)

Mika read this, "So Sakura's class are doing a play this year. I wonder what one their doing?"
"Okay Class, we will start with reading a bit of the script and then continue from there."
"Yes Ms Kinsaki." The class replied in chorus. The auditorium doors opened letting some sunlight into the room.
"Mika?" Madison said aloud. "What are you doing here?"
"I thought I'd come see you guys audition, just for good luck!" she smiled.
"Sorry, Miss, but I'm afraid only members of staff or assisting students are aloud in here."
"Oh well! I guess I'll have to go! Ja Ne!"
"Wait! Maybe you could help, just organise the pupils while the others are auditioning." Mika turned round with a smug smile on her face.
"How did you do that?" Sakura asked Mika coming out the auditorium.
"Dunno." She replied shrugging her shoulders. "You guys were great! Are you doing the costumes this year Madison?"
"Yeah, I'm also doing the lighting and music."
"Cool. Li, you haven't said much, are you okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine."
"I'll see you guys later!" Sakura smiled putting on her skates and heading down the path to the right.
"I'll come with you Sakura, my body guards are picking me up along your street." Madison quickly followed behind her.
When the two had disappeared Mika spoke up. "Li, why didn't you say anything? Is it because of Sakura?" a wide grin spread across her face as Li went red.
"You're blushing!" she pointed out. He blushed even harder.
"NO I'M NOT!" he shouted covering his face.
"Li Loves Sakura. Li loves Sakura." She whispered getting louder each time.
"Shout it out why don't you!"
"Okay! LI LOVES SAKURA!" she shouted.
"Okay." She smiled heading off in another direction. "I wonder if Sakura heard?"
Mika hung up her coat and looked around the house. Julian wasn't home yet. "He must be at Tory's." she said to herself heading for the kitchen. "What to make, what to make." She chanted dragging her finger across various cookbooks. Finally she found a recipe and started to cook.
"Hi Sakura!"
"Hi Madison!"
"They're revealing the cast today. You're definitely going to get in."
"No, I'm not."
"I wouldn't be so sure about that Miss Avalon."
"Ms Kinsaki!" the girls quickly squealed with surprise.
"You will find out in a few moments girls, I have the cast right here." She pointed to a small blue book she was holding in her left hand. The bell rang and everyone rushed to his or her seats eager to hear who had made the play.
"This play is about two young lovers who are separated, but end up together in the end, the scene where they realise they are together is the ballroom scene, so this is not just based on your acting skills but your dancing skills. The part of Davis the lead male, goes to Li…" before she could say his last name the whole class cheered, making Li going a deep rouge. "The part of LiAnna, the lead female goes to, Sakura Avalon." The classroom cheered once more, Li went an even darker pink at this. Ms Kinsaki continued through the parts, the class cheering each time.
The bell rung to end class time and the class went outside. "Congratulations Li!" Sakura smiled.
"Thanks, well done on getting the part of LiAnna."
"Thanks!" Li could feel himself going red again and ran off leaving Sakura, and Madison very puzzled.
The day of the play soon arrived and everyone was excited. Mika had managed to get some great seats, which Tory appreciated. He had promised to get lots of pictures for Sakura's dad. The play was great; nothing could go wrong, until the ballroom scene. It was set at a masked ball, Sakura was wearing a large pink and white puffed out dress, raised a few inches above her ankles and white slippers. Her mask was pink with the shape of wings at the side. Li had a tuxedo like outfit with a mask as well. All the boys pretty much wore the same. Sakura and Li were dancing when suddenly they noticed that the stage was going funny, they realised that the audience was going fuzzier and the room was changing. They weren't the only ones who noticed it.
Mika got up from her seat, Julian following her. Tory looked puzzled as he looked at the stage. Mika and Yue transformed, folding their wings. She quickly changed from boots to shoes and each grabbed a mask. "The audience can't know it's a card." Mika said. "So we have to find a way to tell Sakura without being recognised." Mika and Yue danced onto the stage but as soon as they were about to tell Sakura, the stage disappeared and they found themselves in a large ballroom. "SAKURA!" shouted Mika from across the room. Somehow she knew that the audience couldn't see them now. They had been transformed to a different world.
"Mika?" she puzzled tilting her head. "We can't stop dancing!"
"It's the dance card!" The girls noticed a girl dressed in a light blue dress like Sakura's one, she had a long bow coming out the back and was dancing and humming along to the music. She had her hair in a blue ribbon and was smiling.
"How can I use the key?"
"Dance, as long as your dancing she won't notice!" Sakura nodded and thought carefully about which card to use.
"Song card! Distract Dance while I try to capture it!" Song came out and started to sing, Dance smiled and started to dance with it, humming along to songs beautiful voice.
"DANCE CARD!" The card looked at Sakura, someone who wasn't dancing. "RETURN YOUR POWER CONFIDE! DANCE CARD!" she shouted. The card tried to pull away but felt itself being pulled into the card. The ballroom scene started to disappear and Mika and Yue ran for behind the curtain. They watched as Li and Sakura finished off this scene before the curtain went down for a break. Sakura and Li came over to speak to them shoving the two cards into Mika's hand. "Hold onto them till the end of the play." Sakura smiled. Mika nodded. "Okay."
"What does this card do?" Li asked.
"It dances."
"Yup! It has the power to make anyone else dance too, that's properly why you didn't stand on Sakura's feet." Li blushed but was also a bit angry.
"Leave off him Mika." Sakura said. Li blushed even harder.
"I've got to get changed for the next scene." He rushed off behind the curtains.
"What's wrong with him?" Sakura asked. Mika only smiled.
"He's just got a little stage fright!"

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