Destiny Will Find Each Other

by AnimeLuvin

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Sakura is the princess of the Kinomoto kingdom. While Syaoran is the prince of the Li kingdom. When their parents decided to get them to marry each other, they both refuse. Since they never met, the both runaway and stumble across each other. Along with Tomoyo and Eriol. What will happen? Will they learn each others secret and what will happen to Tomoyo and Eriol? Will their friendship become more and be relationship? SS and ET

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Sakura is the princess of the Kinomoto kingdom. While Syaoran is the prince of the Li kingdom.
When their parents decided to get them to marry each other, they both refuse.
Since they never met, the both runaway and stumble across each other. Along with Tomoyo and Eriol.
What will happen? Will they learn each others secret and what will happen to Tomoyo and Eriol.
Will their friendship become more and be relationship? And what about the new evil???? Who is he or she? Is he evil or is he helping them be together?

SS and ET Facts You Should Know:
Sakura is still the card mistress.
Sakura’s father know about the cards.
Touyo is with Yukito
Eriol is Syaoran’s best friend
Syaoran has magic
Eriol has magic
Syaoran knows Eriol has magic
New Presence
I am not using Japanese words

Chapter One (top)

In the Kinomoto Kingdom, you could hear a surprisingly loud voice from such a high rank.
"Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" yelled Sakura. Her beautiful emerald eyes weren't shining with happiness or sparkling as it use to. It was, instead fill with anger. She was indeed a beautiful princess with her long brown hair behind her shoulder coming down silky and gracefully. Her voice was heard all over the palace, for it was that loud.
He can't make me marry someone without my decision. He couldn't. He can't. He wouldn't. How could he? He could he do so and call himself a father of mine? He just couldn't. I shall not allow it.
Fujitaka sigh. He knew this was going to happen it was like knowing that your child was either going to be a boy or girl.
"You are to marry the prince of the Li Kingdom. You mother and I had been allies and friends with them for years to come. After the tragic death of your mother, our kingdoms lost contact and just recently we decided that you and her son, would be old enough to marry each other. For the sake of yours and the kingdom. With the marriage, our two kingdoms would be one. United."
Sakura couldn't believe what she was hearing. She just couldn't. How could these words be coming from her father? How could it? She couldn't take it anymore. She burst into tears that fallen ungracefully onto the floor with tiny silence of splat. She couldn't stand there and face her father. She couldn't face his decision. With that she ran from the room using one of her hands to hold up her long pink dress that would have made her trip.
He can't do this to her. He can't. She doesn't want to marry someone that she didn't love or even know. She wanted to live happily for the rest of her life. She wanted to be with someone that loved her back as she would love him. Well, he can't make her. He can't make her do anything. He can't make her marry. Just watch. Just watch. See where it would lead.

Sakura cried herself to sleep in her bedroom. Outside the entrance to her door stood Tomoyo. Tomoyo, who wanted to help her and comfort Sakura. Not just because she was her master, but because of true friendship that lead them to becoming best friends.
Down the halls and around corners after corner were Fujitaka and Touyo. Touyo, Sakura's protective brother was with their father who was questioning his own decision.
"Did I do the right thing Touyo?" Fujitaka sounded old and tired.
"Yes, father. Don't feel bad it must be done sooner or later and Yelan said that they were meant for each other and if destiny say they need to be together they will."
In the Li Kingdom, the highest of them all was also being questioned.
"Are you sure about this mother?" asked Fuutie, Syaoran's sister. "You know how he can get and what about Meilin? You know that she's obsessed over him."
"Yes, I am sure about this. Using my magic, I saw that the princess of the Kinomoto Kingdom will and must be Syaoran's soul mate. He will learn to love her and soon she will mean the world to him. They are fit together but will have to go through many obstacles to achieve that happiness." said Yelan.
"Your highness, Prince Syaoran has arrived and is waiting outside to be called." Said Eriol, Syaoran's best friend or what he claiming himself to be.
"I think you should leave." She said to her four daughters who were all married with perfect husbands.
"Yes, mother" as they left from the side door.
"Tell him to come in."
"Yes your highness."
"Why you call me mother?" asked Syaoran with his brown cold eyes and chestnut hair.
"We are to discuss you engagement."
"Not again mother. How many times do I have to tell you that? A million?"
"This time you are not going to cancel the engagement. You are to marry the princess of the Kinomoto Kingdom."
Syaoran look up and look into his mother's eyes. He could see that there was no way to get out of this. He didn't dare disobey this time. All he can say was "Fine, mother. Fine" He turn and left. Even though he acted like he didn't care, inside his anger of fire was raising higher and higher as time past.
"You will understand soon enough my son." Yelan whispered.
"So Syaoran how did it go?" Eriol asked him casually.
"Mother wants me to marry the princess of the Kinomoto Kingdom."
"Lucky you. I heard that she was the most beautiful person ever to step foot on earth. Just think she and you. I think you two make a good couple." Eriol laughed teasingly.
"Shut up." Syaoran yelled back. His so-called best friend can be such a pain in the neck sometimes.
This just caused him to laugh more.
Tomoyo was in Sakura's room trying to comfort her after Sakura woke up from only an hour of sleep.
"Come on Sakura. Please don't cry. You know I hate it when you cry."
Just then a stuff animal flew into the room. He was Kero, the guardian beast of the clow book.
Like always, with him was a plate of cake. He was flying happily until he saw his mistress in distress. He flew over and asked Tomoyo what was wrong. Tomoyo told him.
"You know Sakura, your father is right you are sixteen and still not married and . . . " he couldn't finish his sentence because Sakura threw a pillow at him and out the door for he had such a small body and surprisingly small weight after all that food!
"Sakura don't listen to Kero. He doesn't know better. He has cotton for a brain."
" I can't Tomoyo -sniff sniff- I don't want to marry the prince of -sniff sniff - what? The Li Kingdom or whatever. I -sniff sniff- want to marry someone that I would love and can spend the rest, the entire, all of my life with." cried Sakura.
"But you can't do anything. What are you going to run away? You can't do that."
"That's a great idea. I can run away." Sakura jumped off of her bed and with determination in her eyes.
"What!!!!!" Shouted Tomoyo. "You can't runaway. I was just crazy talking."
"Oh yes. I can." Sakura replied. "And it was good crazy talk!"
She went over to her closet and got clothes and money. She threw it to Tomoyo.
The next thin you know she got a knife and cut her beautiful long hair.
Tomoyo gasped. "Sakura!!!!!!! What did you do that for?"
Sakura just shrugged and said. "I always wanted my hair like this. What is there something wrong?"
Tomoyo just sigh.
"Key of the star with powers burning bright reveal your staff and shine your light! Release. Float!" Sakura said with power and persistence in her voice.
She summoned her star wand and called upon the Float card. "Well? Are you coming?"
"It doesn't look like I have a choice. But, what about Kero, Yue, you brother and your father?"
"Hmmmm. Good point. Will I could leave a note or use mirror card or I can just leave. What do you think?" asked Sakura giving Tomoyo the options.

"Well, I go with not running away. But, if you have to, I say leaving a note so that they wouldn't worry. Mirror wouldn't work since your brother, Yue, and Kero could just see right thought it all." Answered Tomoyo.
"Alright." Sakura went to the table, wrote a note and handed it to Tomoyo.
"Dear Father, Touyo, Yue, and Kero,
By the time you read this I would be long gone. I decided to go and not be controlled by you father. I don't want to be engaged to someone that I won't love. Kero and Yue please don't be mad at me. You are wonderful guardians and have nothing to do with this, but I feel that I need time alone. Tomoyo is with me. Please don't worry. I would surely be all right. Don't worry. I would be back and be with you. But, after I sort my mind and my heart. I just can't stand the fact that I have to marry someone that I don't love or ever will. I love you guys and will be thinking about you.
Your loving Daughter, Sister, and Mistress,
Sakura Kinomoto"
Read Tomoyo. "Are you sure about this?"

"Yes. I am definitely sure of this. Come on." said Sakura as she jump on float, with Tomoyo right behind her.
Tomoyo sigh.
She hopes that Sakura know what she was doing or else everything would go be so wrong.
Eriol couldn't help but smirk while his best friend pace around the room.
"So, there is something that can stomp you eh my cute little descendent?" Eriol just loved calling him that. Just to see his reactions.
"Shut up." growled Syaoran, knowing Eriol's intention, but couldn't stop himself from giving what Eriol wanted as an answer.
Eriol smirked even more.

"Will you cut that out?"
"What?" Eriol acted confused and innocent.
"You know what I mean stop that smirking and stop calling me your cute little descendent." Yelled Syaoran, a bit too loud, unlike how he always was. Cool, calm, and unmoved by anything in his way.
The look on Eriol's cute little descendant's face was priceless. "So, what are you planning to do?"
"Can't you see that I am think?" Syaoran shot back.

"Why not runaway?" Eriol suggested innocently, for he already knows Sakura ran away. They will surely meet each other if they both runaway. Destiny was set for them and will guide them no matter how much they try to keep apart.
"I don't run away from my problems. I can face it."
Eriol snorted and said, "Oh, you can? Then what have you been doing for the last couple of hours?"
Eriol didn't let and answered the question himself.
"You were pacing around the room think about how to get away from you problems."
"Shut up."
Looks like Eriol win again. Syaoran went back to his pacing. Just by looking at him started making Eriol dizzy.
"Will you stop with the pacing? It's making me dizzy."
"No one is asking you to stay Eriol."
Eriol got up and left the room. Not because he obeyed him but to see how he solves his problems. He went his my room and checked on Sakura. With her was a pretty girl. The moment Eriol laid eyes on her he felt a tingle in his heart like nothing he had ever felt before, making him wonder what it could have been to trigger such.
Sakura and Tomoyo had been traveling for a day now, and suddenly Sakura felt as though someone was watching them from near up, but was far away in a sense. Sakura shivered at such and turned to Tomoyo and asked, “Did you just feel something as though someone was watching us or is it just be?”
Well, if Tomoyo said no, it would be comforting just to make it feel as though it’s just her and that she’s just imagining it, but if it were really her, it wouldn’t be so great to feel that she was a loontic.
"While I felt I as though . . ." Sakura didn't get a chance to finish her sentence as her face turn white and pale. She must have looked scared for Tomoyo asked “What Sakura? Are you all right? You look pale all over as if you just saw a ghost out of thin air.”
Sakura turned to her best friend with her eyes wide open in shocking matters. After a few minutes, she finally turn to Tomoyo face front and apparently found her voice, whispering . . .

“I . . .

Chapter Two (top)

“I . . .”
“I . . . felt a presence. I was so strong that I wasn’t able to tell if it was evil or not. “Sakura whispered. Her voice was unsteady and was shivering with fear, making her hate the person that she was suppose to be married to.

“Touyo, please tell Sakura to join us for dinner.” Fujitaka asked his son, Touyo.
Touyo got up from his seat at the dinner table and slowly made his way to Sakura’s room with a bad feeling contained inside of him.
“Hey monster, father said to join us for dinner.” Touyo yelled with a teasingly voice.
No answer. Touyo was beginning to feel uneasy. He opened the door and saw that no one was there.
This can’t be good. He spotted the window opened and the letter pinned to the wall next to the window. Quickly he read the letter.
“Sakura. I hope you’re alright.” Touyo said with gentleness and care in his voice.
Syaoran was laying on his bed thinking. What is he going to do? He didn’t want to marry some stupid snobby princess. Just then he noticed that someone was standing by his bed. He looked up and saw that his so called “best friend”.
“What do you want?” Syaoran asked coldly.
“Oh nothing. Just to inform you that you better hurry up on what to do. I overheard your mother saying that tomorrow we are going to be leaving for the Kinomoto Kingdom to pick up their princess.” Eriol said slyly.
“What the hell? That fast? How come I wasn’t informed of this and you of all people now?
Eriol shrugged. “I guess she didn’t want you to do anything you would regret?” Syaoran could hear the testing note in his voice.
“And why are you telling me?” Syaoran asked suspiciously.
Eriol ignored his question. “So, what are you planning to do?” He said casually like he had all the time in the world.
The truth of the matter was that Syaoran didn’t have any single good idea. He was getting more desperate by the second. Just then something Eriol said earlier popped up into his subconscious mind. RUNAWAY! So simple, yet so hard.
Eriol smiled for he had already realize that Syaoran decided to runaway. Eriol couldn’t want to meet that girl Sakura who was to be the mistress of the clow cards, created by Clow Reed.
“Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s get going.” Eriol said.
“Still out of my mind.” grunted Syaoran who always get annoyed when Eriol tries or succeed in reading his mind.
Syaoran and Eriol had been walking for a night now, just in case that Syaoran’s mother realize they were gone and send out people to look for them, destroying their perfectly sane plot. Syaoran turned to Eriol. Eriol seemed to be happier than usually, which he always was. It was too much even for this poor little guy.
“Why are you so happy?” After all this walking, Syaoran was getting annoyed and uncomfortable.
“You will understand soon enough. Nah . . . you won’t.” He answered.
“Grr . . . you always talk in riddles. When will you ever give a straight answer for once? Something that even a baby can comprehend?” He growled.
All Eriol did was smirk. They were probably long gone and when they do realize that they were, it would be just too late.
“Mother!” yelled Fanren, Syaoran’s sister. “Syaoran is gone. I think this time we went too far!”
“Don’t worry my dear. Syaoran can’t escape destiny for it will always be there no matter where someone is.” Said Yelan calmly. “No one can run away from destiny. Destiny will find him, if he hasn’t already.”
Sakura looked up into the sky and wondered what was the new presence. Could it be a threat? Because of the fact that she was afraid the new presence could locate them because of her aura, she held her aura hoping it wouldn’t spill the beans.

“Looks like it is going to rain soon Sakura. Let’s go find shelter before it rains.” They ran for it with all their might in their commoner cloths. Unnoticed by someone watching them, from far away, waiting patiently.
All of a sudden the sky turned gray and soon rain was pouring down heavily upon the soil, which now turned muddily brown.
“Come one. Let’s run from it,” said Eriol. His glasses were fogging up and he had to use his magic to be able to see.
As we ran, Syaoran spotted an inn nearby. They ran towards it and at the same time, Syaoran noticed two girls running toward it as well.
The one that really caught Syaoran attention was the one in pale pink outfit with gleaming emerald eyes that could bright up a whole room.
Syaoran caught sight of the emerald-eyed girl and her friend, looking at them. Syaoran kept on staring at her. He didn’t know why, but I kept having this strange feeling in his heart that could last for eternity and more.

Sakura, Tomoyo, Syaoran, and Eriol, asked the inn’s keeper for a room to stay in.
You’re just in luck. There is only one room left so, you four can have it.” Said the inn’s keeper.

“But, us two and them two are separate.” Sakura informed.
“Well, unless you’re willing to share, two of you would just have to go.”
The four of them stared at each other and finally said they would take the room. The inn’s keeper led them to their room.
When the four went into the room, it was filled with silence. Eriol was the first to speck up.
“Hi. My name is Eriol Hiiragizawa. This is my friend Syaoran . . .” Before could finish, Syaoran said “Syaoran. Syaoran . . . Lee.”
Syaoran glared at Eriol realizing that he almost gave away his true last time that could be easily traced back to their root. Eriol extend his hand to Sakura and her friend. They both shook it but Syaoran stayed where his were. Eriol glared at him and finally he extended his hand and rolled his eyes at me.
Eriol went back to stare at the girl next to Sakura.
Sakura wondered what was the deal with the guy with brown eyes and chestnut hair. She decided that they could be friends as long as they were sharing a room together. They seemed nice enough She started to introduce herself.
“My name is Sakura. Sakura Kino and this is my best friend Tomoyo Diadouji.” She looked at Tomoyo and received a nod from her.
Syaoran looked at Eriol and follow his eyes. He was staring at Diadouji. So, apparently he likes her huh . . . he was going to have fun with this. Syaoran looked back at Kino as she and her friend went to their side of their room that they divided in half.
Syaoran pulled Eriol away. “So you like Diadouji eh?” Syaoran nudged.
“What? No of course not.” Eriol said blushing.
“Sure, of course not.” I said snickering.
Tomoyo couldn’t help thinking that Sakura and Lee would make such a cute couple together. She started giggling insanely.
“Hoe? What are you giggling about?” Sakura asked densely.
“Oh, just you and together that would making the cutest looking scenery every!”
Tomoyo sweatdropped. Sakura could be so dense at times.
“Where do you think we should go? At first we just wanted to get as far as possible.” Sakura asked me.
“How about Ying City? I heard it is beautiful there and Chiharu lives there. We met even get a chance to see her boyfriend. I wonder who that lucky guy is.” Tomoyo suggested.
Sakura nodded.
“So it’s settled. We’re off to Ying City.” Declared Tomoyo.
Overhearing that Sakura and Tomoyo were going to Ying City, Eriol suggested to Syaoran to go there. He wanted to make sure that they were going to the same place. Eriol also mentioned that Takashi Yamazaki lives there and that he finally got settled down with a girl.

Syaoran was now at an unknown place. He looked around, wondering where he was. In front of him were flowers and a Cherry Blossom tree, nothing more. I started walking for a scan of the place. Then, suddenly in front of him, appeared the girl from the inn. She was wearing a stunning pink-laced dress with cherry blossom following all around her. She looked as pretty as the flowers themselves. She was like the goddesses of these flowers, herself.
The next minute, she was sleeping next to Syaoran with her back against the cherry tree.
Syaoran jointed up and looked around. He was back at the inn. Why was he dreaming of her? She meant nothing to him. He walked outside into the moonlight to find Kino.
In front of Sakura was a man in a cloak laughing his dark deep laugh.
In front of me was a man in a clock laughing his dark deep laugh.
“Who are you?” Sakura sked
Sakura received no answer, but more laughter from him, deep, evil, and familiar.
Then, everything started to move away from her. The rooms, the doors, the chairs, everything. She ran and ran calling out, but never would hear her voice.
Sakura woke up sweaty and realized that she was back in the room at the inn. It was such a strange dream. It felt as though it was real. Sakura went outside to get some fresh air and the rain had stopped long before. She looked up into the moon and thought of my father, brother, Kero, and Yue. Oh, how she missed them.
felt as though it was real. She went outside to get some fresh air. The rain have stopped. I shivered and felt a light coat on top of me. I looped up to see Lee.

Chapter 3 (top)

Syaoran peeked a glance at Sakura. She was shivering and at an attempt to warm up, she was hugging her knees. Syaoran removed his coat and placed it gently on Sakura’s shoulders. Sakura glanced up and their eyes met.

Blushingly, Syaoran broke the contact and stared downwards towards his feet. Damn it Syaoran, why did you have to blush like that? Kino must be thinking that you’re the weirdest person she ever met.
Luckily, Sakura didn’t take notice of his reaction.

“Thank you.” She whispered.
“Er . . . n-n-o problem.” Syaoran replied still blushing like crazy.
Syaoran looked up again and couldn’t help but feel for her. She was breathtaking and . . . What was he thinking? He can’t possibly be . . .
Syaoran shook his head trying to get it out of his head.
They started to talk about where they came from, how their families were. Syaoran learned that she had an older brother who tease her and would call her monster just for the fun of it. An attempt to keep the conversation going, Syaoran told her about his four older sister and drove him insane at times.
As they talked, Syaoran noticed her aura. It was bright. How had he not noticed it before? It was so powerful and overtaking. Could it be that she also possesses magic? What if she is a threat and just doing this to get close?
No, he told himself. She can’t be a treat. If anyone as pretty as her can be a threat, . . .
Sakura’s voice broke his thought. “Let’s go back inside. I don’t want Tomoyo to wake up and think that I left.”
“Okay.” But truth be told, he didn’t really wanted to go back. He wanted to stay out and look at her and be with her.
As they walked inside, Syaoran gathered his courage, and asked “May I call you by your first name?”
“Of course! And may I call you Syaoran?” Sakura asked with a bright smile.
“Yeah!” Syaoran just couldn’t ignore the happy feeling he was having inside, now his heart tingled and jumped.
They exchanged their good nights and went back to their bed.
Sakura lay awake on her bed as dawn approached. She didn’t know why but she was all happy inside. Maybe one of the happiest days that she had in a long time. How she hated the prince of the Li Kingdom even more, as the days went on.
Later, when Sakura told Tomoyo what had happened, boy did Tomoyo explode!
“WHAT!” Tomoyo yelled, waking up Eriol and Syaoran.
“What? Quiet down, you’re waking everyone!” Eriol and Syaoran went back to sleep as though nothing happened.
“I don’t believe it! I can’t believe it! WHAT! How can I believe it? I missed such a kawaii moment and all because I was asleep!” Tomoyo cried.
Sakura was dumbfounded.
“Tell me everything! Every single detail to the last drops.”
“Tomoyo, I don’t think that is necessary.” Sakura stated in an attempt to escape such questioning.
“Of course it is!” Tomoyo half shouted. She reached for her sketchpad, hoping that she would still be able to get a bit of what happened yesterday.
Sakura told her everything. Towards the end, she added. “Tomoyo, he had an aura. It was green and pretty strong. He must have magic.”
“Do you think that she would be a threat or what-so-ever?” Syaoran asked Eriol, hoping for a no.
Eriol smirked, but tried to hide it. So, they realize that each other had magic already. Good. Good. They’re getting along fast. This should be interesting.
“I believe she have strong magic and is not a threat. The threat I think you should take caution of is the threat I felt last night.”
“What threat?” Syaoran asked cautiously.
“Last night after you returned, I felt a new sense of presence right within this room. I believe that Sakura felt it already, the presence was strong and had a wave of green and pink in it, but soon turned gray. I wasn’t able to tell if it was evil or not, but it left the room as soon as it came. I have reasons to believe that this presence was just born.”
“So you don’t think that Sakura is a threat, but do you think that she would be able to help us with this new presence?” Syaoran asked.
“I believe that Sakura already felt your aura and would soon show us her powers soon enough.”
“You know something that I don’t.” Syaoran stated.
“Maybe . . .” Eriol said innocently.
“Eriol, it’s not time to be playing your guessing games!”
“I’m not. You need to figure it out yourself.” Eriol smirked.
Syaoran groaned. Life would be so much easier if he would just talk right!

Power of the darkness
The hatred within
With this power I hold
Reveal before me,
Gray and Shorty!
Ganze chanted in a low voice. Within a second after he finished, Gray and Shorty, two magicians appeared before him in black robes.
“Master!” They bowed before him looking down.
“You two are to bring the two creators back to me. If you have to, kill them, but make sure that before they die, they must hate!”
“Killing them would be a snitch! Why bring them back and go through all that work?”
Shorty nodded.
“Touyo, I don’t care what Yelan says, but I want my daughter back. If she doesn’t want to marry, then so be it. If they were destined together as Yelan said, then, no matter what we do would stop them, so let my daughter come back to us.” said Fujitaka with a worried tone. “I can’t just stand for her to be out there, with Tomoyo alone. Who knows what can happen?”
“Mother, we’re sorry, but we decided to go look for Syaoran. We know that he can take care of himself, but we feel as though something big would happen and we may be some assistance.”
To the four sisters surprise, Yelan didn’t argue or even show any disapproval.
“That would be fine. Apparently the way the course of their path had changed and who knows the outcome.”
“If they’re going, I’m going too.” Said a familiar voice. They turned to see Meilin, Syaoran’s cousin, standing there with a determined face.
Yelan sigh, but didn’t argue.
“Where are you headed to?” Sakura asked.
“Ying City!” Syaoran replied, but where he really wanted to go off to, was where Sakura was going. Wherever that is.
“Us too! Why not travel together?” suggested Tomoyo.
“What a great idea!” Eriol smiled, making Tomoyo blush.
“Hoe?” Sakura asked, clueless.

Everyone sweatdropped.
Along their way, Syaoran kept on thinking about Sakura making him turn pink. He hoped that she wouldn’t notice.
However, she did. She walked over and placed her hand over his forehead. “Do you have a fever? You look a bit pinkish.”
This caused Syaoran to turn ten more shades of pink.
“I’m fine.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah. Yeah.” Syaoran replied, hurrying forward.
Tomoyo giggled and said to Eriol, “Come on. Let’s leave those to alone for a while. Let’s go near that river.”
Eriol nodded.
”Hey, we are going for little walk. Stay here. We’ll we right back.” called Tomoyo as she and Eriol went near the bank of the river.
“Tomoyo!” Sakura whined, but she was too far to hear.
“Come on.” Syaoran said as he pulled Sakura near a tree. All of a sudden they felt as though the earth was opening up. Down they fell, with the wind pushing against them.
Sakura yelled with her eyes closed. Syaoran grabbed her waist and twisted into a soft landing, still holding Sakura.
“Where are we?” Sakura asked, frightened.
“I’m not exactly sure, but it’s some sort of pit hole. Make that a HUGE one.” Syaoran replied, looking at his surrounding.
“Who would be such a big pit hole out here?” Sakura asked.
Just then, there was a presence that she felt before. The same as that day, but stronger. Sakura was about to say it out loud, but . . .
Syaoran knew what she was going to this. From this, he was sure that she held magic. He didn’t care if she was a threat. Right now, all he was worried about was to make sure that she was safe.
All of a sudden, arrows from every direction started to form and were ready to shoot at them. Before any of them could say a word, they took off.
Sakura did the only thing she could do, and that is to summon her magic. She didn’t care if Syaoran found it. All that there is now, is to get out of here.
“Key of the star, with powers burning bright. Reveal your staff And shine your light! Release. Shield” shouted Sakura with force.

Using the shield card, Sakura was able to protect herself and Syaoran, but the arrows kept on coming. There seem to be no end to it. If they kept it up like this, they would never get out of this place.
Sakura quickly summoned the void card to destroy the arrows, when she turned, she show Syaoran using the element fire to destroy the arrows. Somehow Sakura was able to keep together and use the float card to get out of there.
When our foot stepped foot on the ground, neither of us spoke a word. Sakura knew that he had magic, but . . .
Syaoran looked into Sakura’s eyes. He searched for words to say, but nothing came out.
“You . . .” Syaoran and Sakura said at the same time.

Chapter 4 (top)

**Normal POV************************************
"Hey you guys."called Tomoyo. But the look on Sakura’s and Syaoran’s face told her
that something was wrong.
"What’s wrong Sakura?"
Sakura pulled Tomoyo near the river bank.
"Well?"Tomoyo asked impatiently.
Sakura explained everything that happen. Tomoyo’s look was from wow to cute to
awesome to you two make a great couple.
"Tomoyo, don’t give me that look."
"But you two make such a cute couple!!!!!" Tomoyo went in on writing Sakura’s script of
Sakura sweatdropped.
**Li and Eriol*************************************
As they left, Eriol said
"So, you two figure out each other’s powers huh"
"You knew!!!"
Eriol just laugh.
"What are you doing to do Syaoran. When we came, I just saw you two stare at each
other. You guys were lost in words." said Eriol.
"I don’t know."
Just then Sakura and Tomoyo return.
"Sakura can we talk?" said Syaoran as he walk to the river’s bank.
Sakura nodded and followed.
"Oh don’t they make a great couple" Tomoyo asked.
"Not as good of a couple as we do." Eriol said while blushing like crazy. He lean in and
kissed her on the cheek. (he is so flattering.)
Tomoyo blushed furiously.
**Syaoran’s POV**********************************
"Soooo, you are the card mistress huh?"
Sakura didn’t say anything but nodded. Her head was down.
"You may wonder how I know magic. I am a descendent of Clow Reed. Eriol is the
reincarnation of Clow Reed but only half of him."
Sakura finally looked up and said "Eriol’s the reincarnation of Clow Reed?"
"Then that would make him my half father."
"Huh?" I was confused. How can Eriol be her half father?
"Well, my father is the other half of Clow Reed, even though he doesn’t have magic."
As we talk, I couldn’t help thinking back to the conversation we had under the moonlight.
(AN Iknow, this is really a bad conversation. But I couldn’t think of anything. Don’t blame
me. I was never good at making a conversation or at least come up with a topic for a
conversation. Be proud of me that I at least put in this conversation.)
"What are you thinking?" I asked Sakura.
"I miss my family." she said with a sigh.
"I even miss my brother who call me monster all the time. Even though he is annoying,
but I know he still loves me. I love him back."
Her words made me think of my sisters and my mother.
"You’ll see them again. And why did you come out?"
"Err... Well I am planning to visit a friend of mine. How about you?"
"Same here." I lied.
"I have four sisters. They are all older than me. They drives my crazy sometimes."
~*End of Flashback*~
(AN Hooray!!! My first flashback.)
**Normal Pov*************************************
They walked and soon stopped at a inn to stay for the night.
"Well, we only have two rooms left so you would have to share."
"Alright. Me and Eriol will share a room while you and Syaoran share a room." Tomoyo
said to the blushing Eriol, Sakura, and Syaoran as she pulled Eriol to their room.
"Tomoyo!" whined Sakura.
"Come on." said Syaoran as he took Sakura’s hand and lead her to their room.
**At midnight in Sakura’s and Syaoran’s room****************************************
Sakura was sleeping in the bed while Syaoran was sleeping on the floor.
"They escape. You morons. But don’t worry. I would like to toy with them." laughed
Ganze in his familiar deep dark laugh.
"Go and get them" he told Gary and Shorty.
Sakura woke up sweat and sat up. These days she kept dreaming of Ganze the new
Syaoran saw her sat up.
"Are you alright?" he asked Sakura with concern in his eyes, which you don’t see often
before he met her.
Sakura looked at him and said
"Did you by any chance felt a presence a few days ago?"
"You mean you felt it too?"
"So you did."
Syaoran go up and sat on Sakura’s bed and hugged her.
"Tell me what’s wrong."
"I just dreamt about the new presence."
"Do you know if he is evil or not?" Syaoran asked.
"He is definitely evil. His name is Ganze and a few days ago, I dreamt that he created
two magicians. One was called Gary and the other was called Shorty. The two
magicians were the one that made the pit hole and tried to kill us."
All of a sudden Syaoran felt all his anger raising. ‘Don’t he dare hurt Sakura or else.’ he
Soon Sakura fell asleep in Syaoran arms. They stayed like that for a while but later
Syaoran gently place her on her bed and pulled up the sheet.
Syaoran couldn’t sleep. He was thinking about the presence. He could help thinking if
they hurt Sakura. If they do, he would kill them. ‘Last time, they expected Sakura not to
use her magic because they thought since I was there, she wouldn’t risk revealing her
magic. They were wrong.
But what about next time? They wouldn’t just give up.’ He went back on the floor. But he
wasn’t able to sleep. All he could think about was Sakura.
**The next morning********************************
"You guys ready?" Sakura asked Tomoyo and Eriol.
"So, what happen last night?" teased Tomoyo.
"Nothing. I slept on the bed while he slept on the floor."
Tomoyo fell over anime style.
"What do you mean by that? Did he tell you anything?"
"No. What would he want to tell us?" Sakura asked clueless.
Tomoyo sweatdropped.
Sakura walked away and Tomoyo said to Li
"Why didn’t you tell her?"
"Tell her what?"asked Syaoran innocently while blushing.
"Oh you know that you like her."
"What?" said Syaoran as he walk to catch up to Sakura.
Tomoyo just sigh. While Eriol laugh.
"Well they are playing hard to get." said Eriol.
Tomoyo just blushed.
**Granze POV************************************
I watch them though my magic. I called upon Gary and Shorty.
"Go and get them." I boomed though the room.
"Don’t fail me again. Or there will be punishment waiting for you."
They shivered.
**Gary and Shorty*********************************
"They’re pay for this. What information do we got?" asked Gary.
"We know that they are heading to Ying City. They know each others’ magic. The boy is
starting to like the girl. But the girl is completely clueless. We can make them suffer by
poisoning the girl and then kill the boy." answered Shorty.
"We’ll attack separately. I go for the boy while you go for the girl. Most likely the boy
would want to protect the girl. So while the boy is busy battling me, poison her. You got
"Yeah, yeah."
**Sakura and the others*****************************
As Sakura and the others walk, they came upon the magician.
"Gray." whispered Sakura. But Syaoran heard and all he thought was to protect Sakura.
Syaoran stepped up and called upon his swords.
The magician got out his wand and water shout out.
Quickly Syaoran called upon the element fire.
"Magical fire come forth.!"
Using fire, he boiled up the water.
The magician was toying with him. He summon arrow. Syaoran kept using the element
fire. But,it wasn’t enough. The arrows were about a yard away. There was no way to get
out of it.
"Shield." cried Sakura.
The Shield card blocked out the arrows coming towards Syaoran.
**Syaoran’s POV**********************************
"What do you think you’re doing? I can fight my own fight. I don’t need your help." I said
But the truth was that I didn’t want her to get hurt. I never felt this way before. When I
turned back to Gary, he was gone. I turn just in time to see Sakura run away crying. I felt
my heart rip apart. I ran after her. ‘Sakura I didn’t mean what I said. I just didn’t want you
to get hurt. I don’t know what I would do without you.’
**Sakura’s POV***********************************
"What do you think you’re doing? I can fight my own fight. I don’t need your help." said
Syaoran coldly.
I couldn’t stand it. I burst into tears and ran towards the trees. ‘I’m just getting into his
I stopped. In front of me was Shorty. I held my wand in front of me. He attacked me with
needles. I summon the Mirror card. A huge mirror came in front of me and shot the
needles back.
Shorty just burned them and sent more.
"Sakura!" the voice belonged to Syaoran (AN before I was think about that this voice
belonged to Kero. But later I changed my mind. Sorry Kero’s fan)
I didn’t see a needle coming from my right and it stuck me. My mirror and Shorty
disappeared. The last thing I could remember was that I was falling and fell into Syaoran
**Syaoran POV************************************
"Sakura!" I called again. But it was too late. She didn’t hear me. Her eyelids were closed
and she was in my arms. I found the needle on her arm. I pulled it out and carried her
back to Eriol and Tomoyo.
**Eriol’s POV************************************
I saw Syaoran carrying Sakura back. I saw that Sakura’s eyelids were closed. Tomoyo
ran towards them. Syaoran fell to ground.
"What’s wrong?" I asked.
Syaoran just handed me the needle. Since he wasn’t giving me any answers, I searched
his mind.
"Come on. Let’s bring Sakura to a inn or something." said Tomoyo.

Chapter 5 (top)

They hurried to bring Sakura to the nearest home they could find. The owner happened to have extra rooms just for travelers, and when they learned of Sakura’s situation, they were more than willing to help.
The owner lead them to the nearest available room and Eriol started examining the needle. After what seemed like hours, Eriol finally spoke up.
“This needle is poisoned. This poison is called Deep Dream. It’s actually what it sounds like. It makes its victims go into this dream in a world that is not here. They don’t remember anything, but if they fight enough, they will remember. However, it doesn’t just stop there. As soon as the ‘world’, which has a mind of its own, realizes this, they make you feel as though you were wanted. If the victim is able to break through that, then, they would be able to walk up.” Said Eriol in one big breath.
“What is the cure?” asked Syaoran immediately.
The owner of the home happens to know some information. “The only cure is that the victim must want to get out of the sleep. In the sleep, the person is really peacefully, so peaceful that they don’t want to get out at all. They world the victim is in makes them forget about the real world, so they don’t really have much power over it. The only thing that can actually get to them is the people themselves or a spirit of some kind goes into her dreams and helps her through a certain path. For the victim to get out of the sleep, the victim must be able to tell the difference and remember the present. Then the victim has to fight against it. Not many people were known to survive it. I’m sorry to say that it’s not a huge percentage of the victim getting out.” The owner said sadly.
“Does that mean that if Sakura doesn’t figure out the difference, she’ll continue sleeping forever and ever?” Tomoyo asked.
“No.” answered the owner. “With each passing day, the victim goes weaker and their strengths get sucked deeper. In time . . . they would die.” He said sadly, while shaking his head.
Needing to think everything over by himself, Syaoran ran out of the room and into the pouring rain. He couldn’t help but feel that it was his entire fault. If he hadn’t said those things, maybe, just maybe, that she wouldn’t have stumbled upon Shorty. If he hadn’t say anything, she would never have ran! Oh, how he regret it now! He questioned himself. What was it that made him say those things? He knew he was trying to protect her, but why did he have to put it that way? Even if she does figure out that all was a dream, she would never want to get out. She’ll think that he hated her! Oh, Sakura, he truly is sorry for those words. Please, just get out of that dream! He’ll make it up to you! Just get out of it! That’s all he asks for.
“What a beautiful surrounding!” whispered Sakura.
It seem like a forest- Yes, probably is. It was full of cherry blossoms and peach blossoms. Pedals of these blossoms were flying everywhere. Circling around and around the place, slowly. Sakura reached her hand out to touch one.
She sat down against a tree. Soon birds and all sorts of animals were coming out. Birds where flying down, just for her! Rabbits were coming out of their holes. Butterflies examining the flowers. Sakura was in a long green dress with a white waistband. The dress brought out her bright green eyes, but even though she felt so happy, something didn’t feel right.
Birds landed next to her, and she picked one up and stroked it thinking how she could stay here forever. The birds were chirping happily. Oh, wouldn’t this be a place to stay for good!
A day had passed since Sakura went into the deep sleep. Syaoran went in to see her. Tomoyo was sitting there the whole time, crying. Eriol was by her, trying to comfort her. It was no use. Seeing Syaoran come in, Eriol gripped Tomoyo shoulder and helped her out. Eriol returned to see if he could help him.
“Is there any way that magic can help?” Syaoran bursted out.
“No, not even magic can get her out of such dream. But, I think that I may be able to gather enough power to get into her dream, at least just for a while. She won’t be able to hear or see us though.
“Would you?”
Eriol nodded. He summoned his staff and wind from nowhere surrounded them. And they were in!
There he saw her, Sakura dancing, with the cherry blossom pedals floating all around her. A beautiful green dress came up to her ankle and waved like the wind. She was smiling and singing. Her voice, so lovely. Birds, chirped happily along with her as they flew circles around. Syaoran couldn’t help himself but to run towards her, but got no distance covered.
“Sakura!” He shouted, with all his might. But, no answer. She couldn’t hear her. Syaoran didn’t have much time either, for Eriol’s aura was getting weaker the second.
“Sakura!” Syaoran shouted for the last time before he was once again the room. Tomoyo was now crying in Eriol’s arm as I walked out, not believe myself.
Sakura wouldn’t want to get out. She was so happy there, nothing weighing on her shoulders. So free. She must be feeling so fit in. She wouldn’t want to get out. Why would she? So that she could face a person that yelled at her? She was so innocent and pure! Why? Why did he have to do it? Syaoran blamed himself for everything
All weight on her was gone. Everything. Nothing to hold her down. Even though she wasn’t exactly sure what weight it was, but it was so nice to have it gone. No mess, no anything. She felt like a bird, able to fly anywhere without any interruptions. She felt that someone had shouted to her, but it was just a sound. Anyone could have made it. Right?
It been days after Sakura fell into the deep dream. Tomoyo sat by her everyday, watched her grew weaker and weaker, and not be able to do anything to help. Her face was pale and white. Everyday she prayed for her to wake up. After the visit within her dream, Syaoran hadn’t visited her. Tomoyo didn’t blame him. He thinks that it was his entire fault. But she didn’t felt that it was his fault. She just wish that he would visit Sakura.
Even though everything was so peaceful, Sakura felt she was missing something. Something part of her. And without it, she didn’t felt whole. She loved this place, but something told her that she belonged somewhere else. Somewhere, but where? For the past day now, Sakura been doing nothing but wondering where that place would be and what was missing from her. She searched her mind for anything that could tell her, but nothing was received within her mind. Just then, she heard a noise coming from the bushes.
Out came a baby gray wolf. It seemed harmless. Sakura stroke it while thinking. While stroking the cute little thing, she seemed to have a wolf in her mind. A wolf, yes. A wolf. It was changing before her eyes. Changing. It was growing taller. Growing? Yes. Its shape was starting to change. And then it hit her. She remembered now. She was the mistress of the clow cards. People in her life were Tomoyo, her father, her brother, Kero, Yue, Eriol, and . . . Syaoran. The thought of Syaoran sadden her.
He wouldn’t want her back. He would be happy to get rid of her. The only place that I would be welcomed now, is here! This is the only place that can accept me for who I am. He hates me. He thinks I am getting in his ways. He would be better off without me. He wouldn’t miss me. Not at all.
She would probably be better off staying here. Tears leaked down her face as she hugged herself.
Syaoran finally decided to visit Sakura. Tomoyo, like always, was sitting next to her, holding her hands. When she saw Syaoran, she got up and left, feeling that he needed some time along with her, after all they been through.
Syaoran gave her a grateful look. He turned back to Sakura. She was paler, weaker, from what he seen of her last time. Her aura, so light.
“Sakura, please forgive me. I didn’t mean anything of what I said. I don’t’ hate you. I – love you. I only wanted to protect you. Nothing else! I didn’t mean to hurt you. I love you Sakura! You mean the world to me. I may never be able to tell you this, if you don’t wake up. I need you. You are by forth the most important person I had in my life. I can’t live without you. Please, Sakura, wake up. I’m so sorry. I love you more than life itself! Please, wake up! But don’t worry, if you are to – to die, I’ll come with you without a second thought.” Syaoran whispered.
Syaoran felt tears foaming up. Soon he wasn’t able to hold it back. He leaned down and kissed her on the lips. Her lips, so white, so cold, and lifeless.
“Sakura! Don’t leave. I love you!” Syaoran shouted.
“Sakura!” She heard him yelled. But how? How? Her mind was a mess. Where did it come from? Did that mean that he really cared? Does he really? No, just because he said my name, it doesn’t mean anything.
“Does he?” Said a voice. It seemed so familiar, yet she couldn’t put her hands on it. “Go back dear. Everyone is waiting for you.”
“No!!” Sakura shouted back. “Syaoran hates me. I’m just getting in his ways. He doesn’t need me. He would be glad that I left. No one to get in his ways! And I don’t care!”
“Are you sure? Then what is it that is leaking down your face?”
“Do you really believe that?” The women asked kindly.
“Do you? Syaoran cares about you. He didn’t want you to get hurt. That’s all. He cares so much! He’ll protect you even if it cost him his life. He would do anything. Go to where you really belong. Even though you act that you feel that you’re right home here, you were miserable. Don’t do this to yourself. You should be with the others. That’s your rightful place. Believe Sakura Believe! You can get through this. I know you can. I believe in you. You have to get back. This isn’t where you belong. Go back. Face him. He cares about you. Trust me. You would be thankful one day that you did. You don’t know what would be waiting for you out there. Give it a try. This isn’t a place for you.”
“Sakura!” came Syaoran’s voice again.
After hearing his voice, Sakura was sure that she wanted to go back. She smiled as she walked through a white opening.
“Thank you!” She shouted behind her.
“Be careful, my daughter.” Said the voice of Nadeshiko Kinomoto after Sakura was gone.
Syaoran was so busy crying that he didn’t notice that Sakura came to.
“Syaoran. Why are you crying?” asked Sakura so innocently.
Her eyes were opened. Her aura returned to full power. Her paleness disappeared. She was back, where she was meant to be.
He hugged her tight as though if she let her go, she would disappear forever.
“Sakura, I’m so sorry that I yelled at you. I didn’t mean it. I just wanted you to be safe and sound. I thought that I lost you for good back there. I’m so happy that you’re back. Promise me that you’ll never leave me. Promise?” Syaoran asked smiling.
“Syaoran” Sakura said with a smile on her voice. “I forgive you.”
“Thank you. Thank you so very much!”
Just then, Tomoyo entered the room. She shrieked with happiness.
“Oh Sakura! You’re back! Finally! I thought I lost you forever. I’m so glad that you’re here again.”
Syaoran left the room, letting them talk. He already said part of what he wanted to say.
Syaoran went outside, and saw Eriol smiling. “How it went?

Chapter 6 (top)

“Are you sure? Positive?” Syaoran asked.
“Of course!” Sakura answered excitedly.
“But you just got better!” Syaoran reasoned.
Sakura gave him her puppy eyes and with a hint of tearful eyes. That got to him.
Syaoran sighed. Sakura had been begging him to go back on the road, but Syaoran kept insisting that she was too weak. In this mind, it was also because the faster they got to Ying City, the sooner they have to depart from each other. They wouldn’t get to see each other again. But those puppy eyes that she gave him, was just too much! He couldn’t say no to her.
“Oh, alright! Just be careful. Deal?”
“Yeah!” Sakura yelled and jumped up and down hugging him so tightly that squeezed the life out of him.
The owner, seeing what they been through, gave them two horses on the journey.
“Be careful.” The owner had said.
“We will! Thank you again for all that you have done for us!” They replied with a bow.
Sakura and Syaoran were riding a white horse, while Tomoyo and Eriol were riding a brown horse. Within a day, they were to be able to reach Ying City.
Syaoran didn’t want to reach Ying City that fast. After what they been through, how could he depart with Sakura and know that they night never see each other? Separate lives. Separate ways. The feeling of it was like a knife stabbing your heart again and again, within a certain beat. The more the though, the more he wasn’t able to bear the fact.
“Tell me again, how is it that you are sure this is the way to find Sakura.” Asked the unconvinced Touyo.
“Just follow her aura.” Yue said emotionlessly.
“But did you say that she was containing her aura?”
“We felt it. Even if it was for a second, we were able to make out that she was going to Ying City. When we get there, be sure not let her see you there. This is her destiny and no one can interfere. We will just get in the way of it. We’ll just make sure that she’s safe.” Yue said patiently.
“My feet is killing me!” complained Fanren.
“Oh, stop complaining. All of our feet is hurting.” Replied Fuutie.
Meilin rolled her eyes and started to lead.
“Please master! Please!” Gary pleaded on his knees.
“Let us prove ourselves!” said Shorty with a shaky voice.
Gary and Shorty shivered at the boom of the roar.
“You are to follow my instructions.” Said Ganze in a calmer voice. “You will possess Meilin and use her to get closet to them. You hear? I want no further failures. Kill her or else. Make sure that, they don’t know the truth about each other. Only that would secure my place and power.”

“Um…I guess this is goodbye then?” said Syaoran.
His heart felt like it was ripping apart and shattering into million of pieces. He never felt like this before. Just to think that he will never see her again, ever, hurt more than anything. To not be able to see her smile, laugh. He wouldn’t be able to see her beautiful emerald eyes again.
He looked up at her saw her eyes fighting back tears.
“Yeah, I guess so.” Her voiced was unsteady cracked as she spoke.
He cupped her face into his hands and used his thumb to wipe away the tears. He hugged her tight. Not waiting to let go. To wish that time had stopped. Leaving them like this forever and more. Just like this. Nothing else.
Her tears spilled out and onto his shoulders. He didn’t care if it wetted his shirt. As long as he was with her. Never leaving her side. When he left home to run away from the marriage, he never suspected to find true love.
“Oh, just look at them! They look so sad! I feel so guilty for not telling them” said Tomoyo who had a sketch pad and quickly moved her hands around to produce the scene in front of her every eyes.
Eriol was stand beside her sweatdropping.
“Don’t I get a good-bye kiss or hug?” asked an innocent Eriol with a sly grin.
“It’s not like that we’ll never see each other. What’s to kiss about?” Tomoyo said.
“We are for now. Now where is my kiss.” Asked Eriol.
She gave him a quick but passionate kiss. “Happy?”
“Very. You just made me the happiest person on the face of earth.”
Sakura and Syaoran came over.
“Are you ready?” asked Syaoran.
They departed, each going their separate ways.
Sakura knock on the door of Chiharu’s home. Her eyes were filled with sadness, yet she didn’t know exactly why.
Why was it that she was feeling like this? She knew that it was always hard to say goodbye to a dear friend, but somehow it was different. She never felt this way when she had to say goodbye to Eriol. But, this feeling was only towards Syaoran. What was it? Why wouldn’t it just go away?
The door opened and a shocked Chiharu hugged them tight.
“So...who is the lucky guy?” asked Tomoyo, after they got settled down.
Chiharu blushed and muttered something.
“What we can’t hear you!” yelled Tomoyo with her hand cupped over her ears.
Sakura giggled. Even though she felt sorry for Chiharu, it was definitely a good show. But, the minute the thought of Syaoran, the giggled died.
“Yamazaki.” said Chiharu, this time louder.
Sakura gasped with both of her hands covering her mouth.
Tomoyo jumped up and down.
“I knew it. I just knew you two had something for each other. You were the only one that can make Yamazaki shut up about his lies.”
“You did?” asked an extremely dense Sakura.
Chiharu and Tomoyo sweatdropped.
“Oh Yea…I almost forgot to tell guys. Yamazaki and I are planning to move in together. We brought a house just down the street. We’re moving in tomorrow. Our parents are paying for it. You can stay there with us as long as you like. We have tons of extra rooms.” said Chiharu.

Chapter 7 (top)

Eriol knocked on the door while Syaoran was standing beside him.
“Hey Eriol. Hey Syaoran. Nice to see you pal. But, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at your kingdom or something?” asked a confused Yamazaki.
They settled in the living room and got their drinks. Eriol explained everything about how they came to be here. He couldn’t help but add about Sakura, which earned him a death glare from Syaoran.
“Come on, now. Tell us who’s the thoughy that can stop you from lying.” Teased Eriol
“The one and only Chiharu.” answered a proud Yamazaki.
Eriol choked on his drink.
“What? Chiharu is…” Eriol managed between coughs.
“Speak properly man.” Said Yamazaki with a grin on his face.
“Did you know that choking was considered a …” Yamazaki started to lie.
Eriol and Syaoran sweatdropped.
“Don’t even start. You could have fooled us when we just met, but after all these years, you need to get something new!” growled Syaoran.
“Hey, can’t a guy get some fun around here?”
“You still haven’t learned a thing.” Eriol said, shaking his head in dismay.
“I don’t know how your girlfriend put up with you. Damn, I feel sorry for her.” Said Syaoran.
“Wait! There’s more!” said Yamazaki. “We’re planning on living together in a house that our parents brought. We’re moving in tomorrow. Come join us!”
“We’re here! Yamazaki is coming during the afternoon. He said that he was going to be bringing two guests. Is that okay with you guys?” asked Chiharu.
“Sure. No problem.” Said Sakura and Tomoyo.
Tomoyo’s eyes had an evil glare to it and it was enough to tell anyone to run for their life. Normally Sakura would have questioned about it, but this time she didn’t notice.
Chiharu led them down the hall and to their rooms.
“Yamazaki’s guest would be staying across the hall from you. Yamazaki and I are staying at the room down the hall.” said Chiharu.
“Separate rooms.” added Chiharu who noticed the expression on Tomoyo’s face.
“Aw… What fun would that be?” complained Tomoyo.
Chiharu and Sakura sweatdropped.
“Hey guys, Yamazaki and his friends are here.” Informed Chiharu.
Tomoyo bared her a sly look on her face. Sakura and Tomoyo went into the living room to greet Yamazaki and his guest. Sakura trailed behind. Suddenly, Tomoyo was jumping up and down in a person’s arm.
When Sakura looked up, she gasped at whom she saw. She stared into the deep pool of the amber eyes.
Syaoran was here!
Tomoyo and Eriol pulled a confused Yamazaki and Chiharu out of the room, both whom bared a blank look. They left Sakura and Syaoran together.
Sakura and Syaoran were only a few feet apart. They stood, froze. Silence filed within the room along with shock, surprise, and happiness.
“Sakura.” Those words escaped Syaoran’s mouth.
Sakura just give a small nod before she ran in his arms.
“Just think what they would do to us, if they found out that we planned this all along.” Said Eriol who was laughing nervously.
They were all at the door watching them.
“You planned this?” asked Chiharu. “Why?”
“Yup!” said Tomoyo who was once again with her sketchpad. “It’s for their own good. We were hoping that they would realize their feelings for each other so that they could confess already!”
“Well, at least this time they will know how they feel about each other.” stated Eriol in a matter of fact tone. “They have to! Look at how sad they were without each other.”
Tomoyo just stared at him.
“Sakura doesn’t know?” said Eriol. He was trying to keep is voice low.
“Well ... She did feel something but...”
“But...?” repeated Eriol, urging her to go on.
“I don’t think that, she knows that this feeling is …er…love.”
Everyone sweatdrops and their eyes goes to a dot. 
“Mistress is definitely here. I can feel her aura.” Said Yue.
“Shouldn’t she be holding her aura or something like that?” Growled Touyo.
“We’ll get a place to stay. But, we can’t be too near or she may sense us.”
“Humph. Fine.” Grumbled Touyo
“Hey, now that we found mistress, can we get something to eat?” asked Kero, holding his tummy. 
“Hey! There’s Ying City. We came to the right place.” Said one of the four sisters.
“But, where are they?” asked an impatient Meilin.
“Do you actually think that we’ll tell you? You would just go there and try to take Syaoran away. He needs to find his destiny. And you’re not interfering missy!”
“I don’t care who his soul mate or whatever! Syaoran is mine and only mine. No one can take him away. No one. Got that? He is mine and only mine!” yelled Meilin.
Sakura and Tomoyo were sharing a room, even though there were enough rooms. Sakura was so happy that she couldn’t sleep, but when she did sleep, she wished that it never had happened.
This place was oddly unfamiliar, yet it felt that she would be there. Syaoran was there, but with another girl. She had long black hair. Sakura moved closer hoping to catch pieces of what would be said.
The girl was crying, tears spilling uncontrollable. Her head was down so Sakura wasn’t able to catch her looks.
“Meiling. You got it all wrong. I do love you…!”
Sakura was shocked at the words. It was only then that she realized that she loved him. But, he wouldn’t be hers. He would be with someone else. He doesn’t love her back. He…
Sakura ran, unwilling to hear the rest of his words.
Sakura woke up, panting for breath. She hugged her legs and tears threatened to spill. She couldn’t believe it. Even though it was a dream, it was going to happen. All her dreams did. But why? Why did she have to know?
“Sakura?” a soft and quiet voice said.
“What’s wrong?” Tomoyo asked.
Sakura couldn’t contain all that in herself, as she spilled over thing out to Tomoyo.
“It hurts, Tomoyo. It hurts to see Syaoran and Meilin together and him telling her that he loved her!”
“Do you love him?”
Sakura was about to say no, but her heart didn’t feel that way. She knew that she did, but how was it possible. Sakura gave a shaky nod.
“Then tell him.”
“I don’t know. He doesn’t feel the same way.” Replied Sakura.
“Honey, tell him. See how he replies. There’s nothing wrong with saying your true feeling.”
"Hey, good morning everyone." said Tomoyo.

“Good morning Sakura." Syaoran said looking at Sakura.
"Good morning." She replied without looking at his eyes.
What was wrong? What made her act this way? Was it something he did? Maybe it’s nothing. Maybe he’s just imagining things. But it would be better to ask. Before he could do so, there was a knock on the door.
“I'll get it.” Said Chiharu.
Minutes later Chiharu finally returned.
“Um ... Lee, there's someone outside claiming she knows you. Do you want to see her?”
Who could it be? Who would know that he was here? Before he could think anymore, the person entered.
“Hey Syaoran.  Miss me?” asked Meilin.
"What are you doing here?” Shouted Syaoran.

Chapter 8- The Encounter With Meiling (top)

“What are you doing here?” shouted Syaoran.
“Syaoran!” shouted Meilin, she ran towards him with open arms.
“Meilin, what are you doing here?” Syaoran repeated.
Everyone was standing there confused at what was happening. Who was this girl? And why does she know Syaoran?
“Hey! I'm Meilin. Syaoran fiancée." Said Meilin.
Syaoran looked to see Sakura’s expression, and was partly disappointed to see that she showed no emotions. Does that mean she doesn’t care at all?
“Was my fiancée! The engagement was called off." Syaoran said bitterly.
“So? What’s your point? I still am. I love you and you love me.” Said Meilin as though it was something that a three-year-old could understand.
“You’re my cousin for goodness sakes!”
“Can’t be talk somewhere else?” asked Syaoran in a desperate tone.
Syaoran pulled her out by the arm. Meilin turned behind her and gave everyone a wink before going.
“Eriol, care to explain?” Tomoyo said in a dangerous tone.
Eriol backed off fast. Hearing the tone in Tomoyo’s voice sent shivers down his spine.
“You see, when they were little, they were engaged to each other.  Nothing seriously really. Just for fun, ya know. But when Meilin starts taking it for real, the engagement was called off. Meilin’s really Syaoran cousin, so marriage is way out of the room!” stumbled Eriol
“Well, you see…Meilin loves him even though their cousins, but Syaoran doesn’t love her. He just thinks of her as a sister.”
A thump came. Everyone looked up to see Meilin and Syaoran come in. Meilin was holding onto Syaoran’s arm as though she’ll never let go. Syaoran bared a sore expression while Meilin acted as though a baby that just found its playmate. She smiled happily to everyone.
“Can she stay?” asked Syaoran.
“Yeah. Sure.” Answered Chiharu.
“Master’s plan is working great! Let’s start with plan B, killing the card mistress and separating them forever.” Said Gray.
“But, we must make sure that they don’t suspect a thing!” said Shorty.
“So what if they do? That filthy girl will get all the blame for it. As long as the card mistress is dead, our task is done.”
“Sakura, are you going to be alright?” asked Tomoyo.
“Sure. Of course. Why wouldn’t I be?” asked Sakura with a fake smile of reassurance.
“Just to let you know, tomorrow, we will be exploring the forest. Chiharu and Yamazaki won't be joining us though.”
"Alright. Let's go to sleep. We need all the strength we can get for tomorrow's expedition."
Sakura didn’t get much sleep. All night she been tossing and turning.
“Bye Chiharu. Bye Yamazaki.” They called out before heading off.
The forest they went had a narrow trail and everyone was quiet during the whole time. It was that silence and calm between them that made Sakura notices something coming from Meilin. Meilin, who was holding onto Syaoran’s arm, just like yesterday, didn’t notice Sakura’s stare.
Boy, was Sakura confused. Did she have magic? She was Syaoran’s cousin, after all. She was so focused on her thoughts that she didn’t realize that everyone was ahead of her. They were completely out of site, when she got out of her thoughts. She looked right and left.
“Guys?” She called out, scared. She ran forward, but tripped. But that wasn’t possible. Though the trail was narrow, it was roots-clear. When she got up, she saw that the trees were of different positions.
At first she thought that, she was imagining things, but they started moving. The tree branches went for her arms and ankle.
“What the-?”
Reacting quickly, she called upon her staff. “Key of the star, with powers burning bright reveal your staff and shine your light! Release. Fly.”
Her staff turned into a sword within seconds as she cut through the branches rushing towards her. It was not use though. They kept on coming. It was a forest after all. Branches were everywhere. She was outnumbered. There was no way that she could cut through all the branches one at a time. She needed a plan fast.
Sakura dodged the next few branches coming towards her as well as cutting them at the same time.
"Can we stop for a while? I'm tired.” Said Tomoyo who was already sitting on a rock.
"We will never get to the lake if we stop.” Said Syaoran.
“Are you tired, Sakura?” Tomoyo turn and saw that Sakura wasn't anywhere near them.
Immediately she got up.
“Sakura? Where are you?” shouted Tomoyo. She was getting a weird feeling about this all. That got everyone’s attention, especially Syaoran.
When Syaoran turned, Sakura was indeed not there.
“Sakura!” shouted Syaoran. He pulled Meilin’s arm from his and started running as fast as he could.
Sakura was getting tired by the second. They just kept on coming. There was no way to stop them.
Her eyes widen. YES! That’s it! She got it.
“Sand! Water!” She commanded.
Sand and water started to mix together to form what seemed like quick sand. The trees were pulled down. Well, those that were under the spell were.
When it seem that it was near ground level, Sakura called upon Freeze.
The ground turned into a skating ring. Sakura signed with relief. She landed next to it and made sure not to step on the ice.
That was Syaoran's voice.
When she turned, she saw Syaoran in a run, towards her.
As Syaoran ran towards Sakura, he noticed the water that was once frozen started to melt.
“Sakura look out!”
But it was too late. She fell into the pool of freezing water, before she was able to react.

Chapter 9 - Falling (top)

Syaoran watched her fall into the deep, freezing water, unable to help. He was too numb to react. When it finally got to him, the surface of the water had turned into a thin, but strong sheet of ice, trapping her within. He ran towards her, but slipped. He didn’t care.  He didn’t bother. He couldn’t even feel anything. The only thing on his mind was to get Sakura out of there, fast! He banged his hands on the ice, while calling her name. It was no use. He wasn’t able to crack the ice, let alone break it. He stepped back from the ice.
“Magical fire. Come forth.” He commanded.
The fire rushed onto the ice, spreading the fire into a flat form. It was working, well sort of. Most of it got reflected into the air. But it was melting, just not fast enough. If he wasn’t able to get Sakura out immediately- he doesn’t even want to think about the results! He kept telling himself that won’t happen and that he’ll be able to get her out. 
She was falling into the icy water. The surface of the water was turning into ice. She tried to swim up and banged her fist onto the ice, trying to get out. With the lack of oxygen, Sakura soon drifted down, sinking slowly and steady. Her muscles ached from the pressure. She couldn’t move. Her energy was taken away from her. Soon, she stopped fighting against it and went with the flow. The icy water seems to be warming up now. It wasn’t cold. She gasped. Breath and air was back within her. She inhaled greedily. She forced her eyes to open. There it was. The sun, bright and shining. But how did she come to be here? Wasn’t she, in the water? Where was she now?
The wind was pushing against her, upwards. That means…Sakura looked right and left. She was falling. But, where was she falling? She didn’t have any energy left to save herself. She was panicking, all right, but she didn’t show it. She needed to keep her calm. She closed her eyes, unwilling to see anymore. But, then there was such force against her all of a sudden, that forced her to see again. Sakura had just slammed against a rock. Now what was going on? She was rolling.
Sakura used her last ounce of energy that she could find to cover her face as see roll down, what seemed like a mountain. Pain seized her, but she was too numb from all of this to actually react. It was then that she felt a familiar scent, and aura. Who’s? Who was it? She stopped rolling. Did she reach the bottom of it? No. She could fell someone’s arms. Holding her, protecting her from any further damage. She blinked. She couldn’t make out whom it was. But, she seem that hair and eyes before. She blinked again. It was getting a bit clearer now. She shook her head and blinked for the last time. It was her brother, Touyo. He was here? How? Before she could think anymore, she drifted off and everything turned black. Silence filled her ears and for once, she was at rest.
After Syaoran ran to find Sakura, it didn’t take long for Eriol and Tomoyo to get worried. They ran after him, while Meilin trailed behind. When Tomoyo and Eriol spotted Syaoran, all they could make out was fire and nothing more. When they out closer, they saw that he was trying to melt the ice, but Sakura was no where to be seen.
Eriol summoned his staff and helped Syaoran melt the ice. They didn’t know what he was doing, but it has to have something to do with Sakura, or else Syaoran wouldn’t be wasting so much energy and time on it.
Finally, they gave up. The ice was too strong. A hole was already there. It should be enough to get her out. But the luckily hood of him and Sakura getting out from that size was going to be hard to find. He jumped in, without a second thought. Meilin was there, watching the whole thing and bit her lips bitterly.
If you look closely, in Meilin’s eyes, the real Meilin was seeing everything with an ached heart, as she saw Syaoran diving in to get Sakura. Her eyes changed back as soon as it came to the cold eyes.
Syaoran, who was in the cold water, was looking right and left for her. Every now and down he had to go up for air. After what seemed like decades, Syaoran hadn’t come back for air. They were now worried that something had happened to him. Eriol was about to go down there himself, when Syaoran popped him, gasping for air. His lungs feel like it was going to burst.
He was going to dive back now there, when Eriol stopped him. Eriol tugged on Syaoran’s arm to make sure that he doesn’t go.
“Syaoran, wait.” Shouted Eriol.
Syaoran looked at him impatiently and irrigated.
“She's not in there.” Eriol said.
“What? If she’s not in here, where can she be? She has to be in there. I have to go and get her. I have to!”
“Syaoran, gather your senses. She’s not there. She not.”
“If she’s not there, where is she? How can you be so sure about it? How?” Syaoran asked desperately.
“Before I was still able to sense her presence in the water since she was too weak to shield it. But now, I can even feel her. Syaoran come to your senses and concentrate. You'll see for yourself.” Eriol reasoned. “Now is not the time to go back into the water. She's not there. We have to look elsewhere. We better hurry before the sun is down.”
Silently Syaoran agreed. He knew it was the truth when he didn't sense Sakura in the water anymore. How could he blind himself like this?  Syaoran pulled himself out of the water and was breathing heavily.
A week had passed since that incident. No trances of her had been found. Syaoran walked down the road deep in thoughts, with his head down. How could he have been so careless? Why hadn't he noticed she was gone earlier? He could of save her. If it wasn't for him… Sakura. Where could she be? He can't accept the fact that was given to her. No. She can't be- dead. No she can't. She isn’t ready to see him again. She’s not ready to come out yet. Yea, that’s it. That’s why. He can't stop lying to himself. He needed to face the fact. The fact that Sakura was . . . no. He just won't He won't accept that because . . . Because- she's not dead. She's safe. She just can't reach them. But is she hurt? He can't bare the fact that she was hurt. No she's not. She just doesn't know  . . . Lies. Lies. All lies. How can he stop? Sakura. Where in the world can she be? Is she all right? Is she safe? How is she? The last time they were together tension was definitely in the air. Where Sakura . . . Where can she be?
Slowly her eyelid opened. The unfamiliar place petrified her, but then again, everything was unfamiliar. Where was she? And better question yet, who was she? Why was she here?
Sakura groaned and lifted her hands to rub her head. What she felt was bandage around her head and her upper body. Why was it there? Was she hurt? She can’t feel anything right now. Maybe I’ll kick in, later.
“Hey, you’re awake! Finally!” Kero shouted.
Sakura gasp and her mouth started to open to scream, but no sound came out. She just started at him in shock. A talking toy!! Oh man, where was she and what's going on here. Is someone playing a trick on her? Well, it's not funny. Sakura started to calm down and slowly her voice returned.
"Who are you? Who am I?" Sakura croaked out.

Chapter 10 - Learning Who I Am (top)

The breeze picked up her hair and into the wind. Sakura was sitting on the pouch in the backyard of the inn. Everything was wrong. How could this happen to her? Not knowing who she was terrified and who can she trust? Her life was . . . what was her life like? For one, it wasn't as you would call normal after seeing a flying toy. Who was she? She felt as if she was letting everyone down, including those that helped her. But why did she feel this way? She felt so helpless and fragile. As if she would break at the slightest touch. How was she going to live her life again if she wasn't even able to remember it. The doctor said that her memories would be recovered soon, little by little, but there was also a chance that it wouldn't. What if it never comes back? How is she going to live like this? She can't. Sakura shivered at the thought and puller her legs closer until she was hugging her legs as if she was rolling into a ball.
Sakura sigh. What now? What can she do now? She couldn't do much. Who were these people? They say that they were her family, but how can they be? One was a flying toy; the other was like an angel that can turn into a human, and the other  . . . the other that calls her a monster. What made him call her a monster? Was she really mean before? Was that why? Did he hate her or something? No. The look in his eyes told her that they didn't hate each other. The only thing that filled his eye was concern for her. He said he was her brother, but could she trust them? Of course she can. They saved her. Without them, she might as well be dead. But this was all so confusing. What did she have to do with the flying toy and angel that told her to call Yue? Why does Yue call her mistress? How did she know these kinds of people before? So many question and she can't remember any. Would she be like this for the rest of her life? Not knowing who she is. Not knowing what happened in her past life.
"Hey kiddo, whatcha doing?" Kero said softly.
Sakura jumped and turned.
"Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you or anything. Something wrong?" Kero asked.
Sakura shook her head and turned in the position she was in. She sighs. How can she tell him all this? It's not possible. Kero let it drop and let the silence surround them. The wind echoed the silence that filled them.
"Who was I?" Sakura finally spoke up.
Kero turned and met her eyes.
“Sakura, you are still you, it’s just that you don’t remember it, but I’m sure it will come back. Don’t worry about it. We still love you even if you do lose the memory of your life. Now, you can start a new one for now. You are the greatest person I can ever have for a mistress and you still are. Losing you memory doesn’t make it all change. You’re still our one and only Sakura. Never forget that.” Kero said seriously.
Sakura sigh. If he might what he said, it would be a great thing, but . . . that’s not how she felt. She still felt as though a part of her is missing and it would continue being missing. And even if she does find it, how would she recognize it? These people were great to her, but . . . . she felt as though that they are doing it before of the Sakura before her. They may be the same person, but she felt that they were complete strangers to each other.
Kero watched Sakura’s expressions and sigh. She still is not getting what he is saying. She feels that we are doing it for the life before her. When will she realize that’s not true? She’s still the Sakura we loved and always will.
“Sakura . . .” Syaoran whispered. He was on the roof, wanting some time alone from everyone, especially Meilin. There was a feeling that she is near, but yet, he can’t find her or know where she is. Her aura, weak yet visible, however, he just wasn’t able to trace it anywhere. He kept ending up where he started the place he was staying at. He had no way of knowing if she was okay or not, but now that her aura was slightly traceable, he knows for sure that she was alright, yet why didn’t she come to him or ask for his help, wherever she was. Right now, all he hoped is that she was all right. Now, it’s up to him to find her and return her to her rightful place, in his heart and with him. He had to find her, no matter what.
“I just hope that I’m not too late.” Syaoran whispered.
The disappearance of Sakura didn’t only affected Syaoran but everyone as well, except Meilin. Tomoyo was crying and Eriol’s shoulder and nothing else.
“Tomoyo, get a grip. Sakura’s still alive, all we have to do is just find her.” Eriol tried to reassure.
“I know, but . . .” Tomoyo said through her tears. “It’s just that I can’t bear that I don’t know if Sakura’s alright or not. The worst part is that she didn’t come back to use.”
Yet they all sensed that she was near, but never was able to find her. The truth of the matter was Sakura was just under their eyes. Right next door.