Displacement by Butterflygirljen

Translation names: Tomoyo ~ Madison // Syaoran ~ Li // Eriol ~ Eli // Touya ~ Tori

* Sakura is 19 she can drive, explore new things, but can she do it all without li? Sakura seems to have finished collecting cards? Or is it the start? *

Chapter1: *Displacement*

Sakura went down stairs only to find empty house, why is it that everything I see reminds me of li? Sakura put her fav cd on even though it was old, who would care?
Li had been away on a trip, he was coming back in a few months and he had been there for ages, really years!
This so reminds me of all the happy things I have… without Li … hummm…

Sakura danced around, Thinking, …Her whole life can’t be around li? She stoped … is it? She stared breakfast, served, then ate, she put on another song… then, suddenly she herd the door bell ring! She ran over to the door, as her long brown hair waved around her, it was Madison! They hugged, and sat.
 “So whats up for today?” Sakura asked.
“No idea? You?”
“ Hummm…”
SHOPPING! They both yelled as the music ended

“Ohh” Sakura picked u a very cute teddy,
“Look,” said Madison “wow, what is that?”
They both looked at the big shooting star in the sky?
“This makes no sense!” Sakura whispered 
“Let’s go!” said Madison as they where running in the light was heading. They ran faster as Sakura’s heart pounded, could this be a card?

“Hey Sakura!” said Madison running.
“Yeah!” Sakura yelled
“Let’s split up!” Madison said, skidding across the ground.
“K” said Sakura as both girls split and ran different directions.

Sakura was getting closer, she could feel it, and … she stoped
… She almost fell over when she saw the small creature lying on the ground.

*Sakura aged 19*

Chapter 2 * my star *

“Kero!” Sakura yelled
There on the ground, was tiny, little kero! Sakura ran over and cradled the little creature.
“Kero? Are you ok?”
Kero lifted his little wings and said
“ Thank goodness!” she said crushing the little fluff ball. “Hey, HEY!”
Kero flew out of Sakura’s hands and into the sky.
“Now, Sakura I have come back for a reason, we need your help”
* Huh? * Sakura thought.
“ Power of light, give me the key!, I call apon the power, release To me!, find the heart that lies within, release this power, release to me!” kero chanted

Out came a small bubble, soon there was a staff, this didn’t surprise Sakura much.
The staff was small-ish, it was a crescent moon, from the top dangled down a small sun, on top was a star, wings on the base of the staff and 2 charms (also around the base) dangled down there was a moon and a sun.

Sakura held the staff
* What do I do? * She thought.
“In time you will learn more, right now this is all I can give.” Said kero
The little kero fell into her arms she smiled
* I don’t know why your back, but now your here, I don’t have to lead a normal life anymore * 

Chapter 3 * figure in black*

It’s 9:00 at Sakura’s house, kero lay asleep in his own draw, while Sakura lay asleep on her bed. No one was home, it was a hot night, but the breeze had come through,

* Ding-dong * the sound of the doorbell woke Sakura up.
She put on some jeans but stayed in her baby pink strap T, she ran down the stairs, fixed her hair a bit as she opened the door…

* Huh? *…. “Wahhh”!!! “ Wh- what are?”
Sakura fainted but a hand grabbed her

*Hummm, I know you… but why did u? Ohh my head! What? *
“Are you ok Sakura?” said kero.
Sakura was in her room, how did she get up here? *Huh?* Sakura jumped out of bed *wow* thought kero.
She ran down stairs * the person at her door! * The figure turned around *brown scruffy hair, amber eyes, tall –ish.*
 “Yeah?” said the surprised Li (making breakfast.)
 Sakura ran over and hugged Li so hard he almost fainted too.
“Nice to see you too!”
“ I can’t believe it!” Sakura said still hugging li, tears ran down her eyes.
She stoped to clear her eyes,
“All this time, you… I mean why did you come back?”

Chapter 4: * back again*

Sakura had calmed down, her, Li and kero where around Sakura’s dinning table.
“ I decided to come back because, well I missed you all”
“Hummm that’s… nice… of you!”
Li smiled
“ Ohh hey! Do u have somewhere to stay?” Sakura asked li
“Well… not yet,” ::sigh::
“Oh well u can stay here!” ?
“Are u sure?”
“Yeah my dad and bro wont be back for ages, as in weeks. They called yesterday saying that the had to go somewhere, so its all good”
“Ohh… thanks” Li said blushing.
 “No problem”

Weeks passed as Li stayed at Sakura house for more than excspected
 (Kero didn’t like it one bit ^_^)
It was 12:00 Li and Sakura just had lunch.
“ Hey, you wanna go to the city today?” Li asked
“Sure!” Sakura said
“But isn’t it a bit strange, u wanna go shopping?” Sakura asked.
“Oh! I gotta …urmm… pick-up… some things!” ::sweat drops::
“Oh k then…?”

“Ohh hey Sakura! I gotta go get something in that shop k? You stay here”
“Ohh, sure!”
Li ran into a Jewellery shop *I wonder what he wants in a Jewellery shop? *

Chapter 5: *expect the unexpected*

“ I wanna show you something”
“Oh ok”
The two walked down something like a small ally way, there was a shop down the bottom and to the right was an archway. The two walked down the way and turned right.
Sakura saw something; it took her breath away,
It was a garden. Three cherry trees on each side, a path way down the middle, then there was a bridge, down the back was a fairly large gazob.
“It’s… beautiful” Sakura’s eyes glittered as she saw the vision infront of her.
    She walked down the path and onto the bridge as Li followed.
She looked over to see the life that was in the lake *Hummm… so peaceful can’t believe this place isn’t destroyed, thank god, it doesn’t seem real*
 “Hey sakura” Li asked
“Yeah” she answered Li
“ You know we’ve been friends for a very long time, I’m glad I came back but… I came back for another reason besides Madison, kero and the rest, I came back… for you!”
*Huh? * Sakura face was surprised
“There’s also a reason I went”
*Whats up with him whats he going to do? *
“Sakura?” Li got out a small box and opened it.
“ Will you marry me?”
*Oh my gosh* tears where pouring down, she was speech less.
“Ohh, yes!” “I do!” she hugged Li and cried he put the ring on her finger. It was crystal white.
They held hands and kissed (Lucky for Sakura she dressed in her perfect outfit, a white Chinese top with black jeans underneath and white shoes ^_^!) 

*Sakura &Li (Chibi form)*

Chapter 6: *A new beginning*

“What?” yelled Sakura
It was the day after Li had preposed to Sakura, Eli and madison where the first to hear the news (ohh! and kero ^.^) (there in the living room)

“So lets see it,” asked Madison
Sakura ignored kero for a second and listened
“It?… Oh!” Sakura placed her hand in Madisons.
“Wow! It’s gorgeous!” exclaimed Madison
While they talked, Li was on the other couch, looking at Sakura (well duh!) ?

“Oh my gosh!” Sakura exclaimed
“What?” said everyone.
*Sigh* “I gotta call Tori and dad -_-…”

Sakura: hi dad! ^_^
Dad: hi hunni hows it going?
Sakura: urmmm is Tori there?
Dad: Uh hu…. Why?
Sakura: oh! Put him on the other line k!
Tori: Hi squirt
Sakura: *still calls me that argh!!! ~.~ *
Sakura: Ok… dad good news, Tori bad news.
Dad & tori: ???
Sakura: see urmm you remember Li right? ::sweat drops::
Dad: hummm yes! Tori: yeah what about him?
Sakura: well… he came back! :: sweat drops::
Dad: ?                          Tori…you serious?
Sakura: yeah theirs more, he… well he… Urmm … ::sigh:: he proposed to me
Dad & tori: ??? Dad: well congratulations hunni I hope- tori: WHAT!!! Were getting the next boat home…
Sakura: ::sweat drops::
Dad: well be home soon hunni I’m so proud of you. *Tori’s voice in the background yelling*
Sakura: yeah… I wish Tori was…
Dad: he is… hes just looking out for you
Sakura: k, I’ll see you soon then love you dad.
Dad: you to dear and congratulations.
Sakura: byes! Xxoo

Sakura hung up the phone and fell on the floor @_@ “better then expected” Sakura said.

Chapter 9: *Let’s dance*

To celebrate tonight Li took Sakura out to a nice dance club. Sakura dressed in a purple top, straps, with a flower, she put 3-quarter jeans on, and her hair was in a ponytail with a flower in it as well.

This dance club has themes on everynight. Tonight was Christian Aguilera night! The album stripped was on.

The night stared with some songs that had been released.
Then came a song that Li and Sakura danced to called infatuation. It remind Sakura of Li again ^_^ as the danced

The twirled and did some funky moves, then they ended in a dip Sakura closed her eyes as the kissed yet again in the middle of the dancefloor.

*Hummmm…. * Sakura opened her eyes to see Li infront of her eyes the where right side up Sakura breathed hard she wanted to keep kissing she knew she shouldn’t but it was so tempting to lean back and kiss. Li twirled her again as the moved off the dance floor.

Chapter 10: *All dressed in white*

“Madison, does this look ok?”
“Turn around”
 Sakura and Madison where in Sakura’s room, Madison (the fabulous dress designer ^.~) was making Sakuras wedding dress.
*::sigh:: only a few mouths* Sakura thought
*I hope that he… ohh…*
“Owchies!!!” Sakura yelled
“Sorry ^_^” ::sweat drops::
“… Do I look…ok?” Sakura said turning forward to show Madison.
“Lovely!… just gotta bring this up and there… and … Done! Just gotta sew it all together!”
“Oh! You’re making the brides maids dresses?”
“ Yep! There all done take a look.”
Sakura got out of her wedding dress and ran over to the clothing bag on her bed. She undid it, and pulled out the two dresses.
“Wow they're so beautiful!”

*Bridesmaid dress*

Sakura had her clothes underneath when she tried the wedding dress on. She ran down stairs when Li was sitting, he was organising stuff as well
“Ok all done” Sakura said to li
“Your turn!”
 “Hu?… oh right” ^_^ :: sweat drops::
Li went upstairs and into Sakura’s room.
Sakura sat down and looked at the papers around the table, *ummm…. Yep everything’s here but… What now? *
Sakura turned around and saw the CD player… : D a song yay!
*Oh! I better do the song list for the wedding*
She grabbed her CD’s and made a list.
After a while Li came back down.
“Hurts don’t it? ^_^” Sakura said
“Yeah… a lot”
“Lol ^_^” “hey remember the song we danced to yesterday?”
“Hu? oh yeah” ::blushes::
 “Want that song at the wedding?” she said to Li
Li sat down at the table, “sure!”
“K den”
Sakura looked down her key was glowing! She pulled it out and held it.
“KERO!” Sakura yelled standing up
Kero came flying down with pins and a measuring tape in his hands as he landed in Sakuras hands
“Yeah kiddo?”
“It’s glowing!” She said whispered
“Huh? “Oh I donno why?” … “Wouldn’t worry bout it kid!”
Kero flew back upstairs to help Madison.
Really he knew why but he didn’t wanna make her look like a loser. It was glowing because Li and Sakura when thinking about each other. 

Chapter 11: *cherry blossoms *

Sakura looked at herself in the mirror.
She was in the shop (remember down the ally way that was her dressing room)
She breathed hard *Do I really wanna do this? *
As you might have guessed today was the wedding day.
Sakura ran out of the shop and peeked into the garden their where chairs on the grass, lots of flowers! And *oh* Li
::blushes::  *huh?* *TORI AND DAD!!!*… *Oh*
She knew they where coming but couldn’t she have argued first!
Li was looking at her! Sakura smiled and went back to the shop.
Suddenly Madison showed up in her dress so did her mum but she went to sit
Sakura was dressed in the wedding dress Madison had made
“Oh hey madison” ::sigh::…. “Sorry, just a little nervous”
“Its ok I understand” ?
“So did you bring it?”
Madison handing Sakura a box (for all of you’s that watch cardcaptors you should know whats inside! ^_^)
Sakura took out the bouquet
“Still the same” she sprinkled a little bit of glitter on the cherry blossoms
“You ready?”
“Yep!  Is everyone here?”
“Yeah where ready when you are”
“Yeah, lets do it!” 

*Sakura in wedding dress*

Chapter 12: “I do”

Meilin showed up with her bf, he was nice.
“We talk later!” yelled Meilin
She calmed down, winked and said good luck to Sakura
She smiled and went down the pathway as the music started.
“Don’t stuff up,” said Madison linking arms with Eli as they walked down 
Sakuras dad was near the arch, as he turned he said
“You look just like your mother!”
Sakura smiled as she linked arms with her dad, breathed hard.
And walked on down the pathway with her eyes closed
“As they turned to face the crowd she opened to see li
 He was blushing so was Sakura.
They both walked down as she saw all the people sitting she knew most of them except one face that wasn’t in the crowed… kero
As she walked closer to Li her dad broke of and stood next to Tori she looked at Madison suddley a small head popped up… I was KERO!
“Wouldn’t miss it for the world!” whispered kero
She smiled and mouthed “thankyou”
She stood next to Li as they faced each other
The preset said what he said but Sakura was thinking something different so was Li
Sakura: *humm hes so cute! I guess this is what I want*
Li: * I hope she dose say yes, I’ve always loved her*
Madison: they’re so cute together, I hope I find someone*
Kero: when do we eat!?*
“Do you Sakura take Li *blah, blah, blah*
“I do” Sakura said smiling
Li smiled Li as he said, “ I do”
They kissed again as everyone through flowers
Small tears came out of her eyes same with madison.
As they walked down the pathway again and into a small limo.

Chapter 13: “Your heart”

Li placed his hand on Sakura cheek as they kissed again.
They were at the hotel aka the hunni moon place.
It was a gorgeous hotel, huge with 3 pools and a beach near by they waked into the room it was lovely a queen sized bed ^.~ a balcony, a kitchen, lounge room, it was fantastic! ^_^
“I’m just gonna get changed k!” said Sakura   
“Yeah sure” Li said, “I’ll brb k”
Sakura changed clothes and came out; Li was on the balcony with two glasses of wine.
He handed a glass to her.
“Wow… is lovely hu?” asked Sakura
“Yeah but…”
“See, we kinda live here now”
“Well when I went on the trip my mother gave my quite a lot of money, in so well, bought this room!”
“Oh my gosh!” “That’s wonderful” Sakura said hugging Li
Sakura smiled “to a new life that leads us!”
“To us” Li said as the drank
Sakura smiled and went back inside.
Li smiled and walked in to
Sakura went to her suite case and garbed a book,
She sat down on the couch; Li sat as she opened it.
Inside were photos of them in the cardcaptor days.
Madison took the photos as you could tell. They flipped through the pages when they came to a page. There was a photo of Sakura and Li together smiling, on the last page was a photo of them all, Kero, Suppi, Madison, Eli, Sakura and Li.

Chapter 13: “think again”

Sakura felt the heat of another person next to her, and the tingle of her lips. Her head spinning she felt alive a new person that had taken over. She was… new.

* I’ve never felt this way *
* I never knew that this… oh man*

Sakura got up and walked over to the balcony she was drunk on love. Confusing yet so rewarding.
She looked at the sky; it was dark with millions of stars.

*I miss everyone*

Li decided they should go back Sakura agreed, yet felt nervous at the thought of Tori.
Sakura felt dizzy yet felt sick. She ran to the bathroom. After a few hours she came out the fell on the floor
*Oh my gosh! Am I …*