An Evil Is Released

By Kawaiisayurichan

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Key= "talking" 'thinking' (f.y.i. or a.n.)
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kawaiisayurichan: hello minna-san!!!! This is my very first fanfic so don't kill me if it sucks!!!! (PLEASE!)
kero-chan: of course it'll suck, I mean YOU wrote it.
kawaiisayurichan: _how_ _did _ _you_ get in here?
kero-chan: the back door.
kawaiisayurichan: oh, well, if you're gonna be here then you havta help
me with this story.
kero-chan: what!?
kawaiisayurichan: you heard me, I said you have to help me with my fanfic
kero-chan: what is it about? (eying kawaiisayurichan warily)
kawaiisayurichan: well . . . . . it's about sakura and syaoran and how they
get rid of some bad guys and maybe get the guts to tell each other how they
_really_ feel
kero-chan: and what is _that_ supposed to mean?
kawaiisayurichan: Ohohohohohoho! nothing, nothing at all
kero-chan: WHAT IS IT???!!!!!!!!!
kawaiisayurichan: ahhhh. . . . . . (sweatdrop) let's get started
kero-chan: noooooooo! tell me what you mean!!!
kawaiisayurichan: and on with the story
(fades out with kero-chan yelling and screaming at kawaiisayurichan)

A young girl sat on her bed on a starry night in Tomoeda. . . . . . .
'It's been a while now,' thought Kinomoto Sakura. 'All the cards are
captured and we're in 12th grade. *sigh* Now the most exciting thing is
the math test tomorrow.' She frowned at the thought. 'I hate math. Oh
Syaoran, those times were the best, when I could be near you, when you would
protect me from all the bad stuff. I love you. . . . . . . . . '^_^
Kero was asleep in his little "room" thing. (if that's what you call it.
kero: what do you mean? my "little room thing"?)
She sat on her bed looking frustrated.
"I wish I had the courage to tell you, Syaoran-kun-" she whispered softly,
"That I . . . love . . . you . . . ."
Suddenly, Touya walked in.
"What's up kaijuu?" he asked, not noticing what special moment he had
walked into. "And whom do you love?"
"Argh!!! GO AWAY TOUYA!!!!!" yelled Sakura. "AND I AM NOT A
She stomped on his foot very, _very_ hard. He cried out in pain. Hopping
up and down.
"Fine, fine, fine, I'll go away, Kaijuu," Touya left the room looking
irritated but triumphant at the same time. He was still hopping on one leg
and holding his injured foot. He looked _very_ silly.
"Stupid Touya," Sakura muttered.
She flopped back onto her bed, staring at the ceiling. Then she sighed
contentedly, swinging her feet on the side of the bed, deep in thought.
"Syaoran. . . . . . . ."
Meanwhile . . .
Syaoran was taking a walk, alone, in the park. He needed to clear his
head, he had been thinking of Sakura, of how he felt for her. Was it love?,
he wondered. His thoughts were interrupted by a shout.
"Syaoran!!!" called a girl's voice.
"Hmmm?" Syaoran turned around to see Sakura running towards him. "Oh, hey
Sakura, what's up?"
"I. . . I have to tell you something, something that I've been meaning to
say for a long time," Sakura began.
"Yeah, and?" Syaoran asked, puzzled.
"Syaoran I. . . . I . . . . . . . ."
"Yes, Sakura?" asked Syaoran.
"Syaoran I . . . . .I l- I love you Syaoran!" she exclaimed hurridly.
Staring at him, wide-eyed and expectant. Hands clasped tightly together.
"I-I, Sakura, I . . . . ." Syaoran was in utter shock.
"Say somethin- AAAAAHHHHhhhhhh!" she exclaimed as a bolt of lightning
narrowly missed them both.
"What was that?" Syaoran asked.
The sky turned a dark ugly purple. Black storm clouds filled the sky.
Bolts of lightning and deafening claps of thunder filled the air.
Syaoran saw a brilliant flash of light, headed straight for Sakura. She
dodged it just in time. Syaoran looked toward the sky, a dark figure
laughing malevolently with four cards floating in front of it was floating
in the sky.
As Syaoran looked on in wonder, Sakura was dodging lightning. But he
realized her danger too late. A bolt of lightning was headed straight for
Amid a brilliant flash of light Sakura fell to the ground, motionless.
"Sa-Saku-ra," Syaoran held her in his arms. "Sakura, say something, open
your eyes!" He was frantic now. "Sakura!! I have an answer now!! Wake up
and I'll tell you!!! Sakura!! I love you too!!! Don't leave me!! Sakura!
"AAAGH!" Syaoran bolted upright.
'It was just a dream,' he thought. 'It's okay, Sakura is okay, it was just a dream. Thank God it was just a dream. Sakura will be okay. It was just a dream.'
He was in a cold sweat.
"Sakura. . . . . . . . .please be okay, don't ever leave me, please. . . .
. I-I love you," he whispered softly. "I love you. . . . . . . ."
At the Kinomoto residence, Sakura smiled in her sleep. She had been
dreaming about _him_.
She sighed happily.
"I love you Syaoran. . . . . ."

kawaiisayurichan: well minna-san, what did you think of the very first part of my very first fanfic?
kero-chan: well I thought it sucked.
kawaiisayurichan: you're still here?!!
kero-chan: yah, and your story sucks
kawaiisayurichan: shut up kero
kero-chan: who's gonna make me? oh, and did I tell you your story sucks?
kawaiisayurichan: well I didn't ask _you_.
kero-chan: well too bad, I'm answering
kawaiisayurichan: well if anyone _else_ has any comments please send them to
kero-chan: why would they have any comments except it sucks?
kawaiisayurichan: oh shut up!
(kicks kero out and brings. . . . . .Tomoyo in.)
-well thankies to neone who e-mails me!-
Tomoyo: hey! what is this?
kawaiisayurichan: now i havta explain my Sakura/Syaoran story to Tomoyo. . .
Tomoyo: did you say Sakura and Syaoran?! we have to get them together!!!
(fades out on kawaiisayurichan explaining to tomoyo who is looking very excited and happy.)

Chapter 1: An Evil Is Released (top)

kawaiisayurichan: hey! you're still reading!!! ^_^ now I have just finished
telling tomoyo about my story and writing chapter one. right tomoyo?
tomoyo: . . . . and after we get them to tell that they love each other, of
course I'll have taped it, they can kill the-
kawaiisayurichan: TOMOYO!!!!!!!
tomoyo: huh? did you say something
kawaiisayurichan: we have to start the story now
tomoyo: oh. . . . . . . . .
kawaiisayurichan: well, you can help me do the story and when they say "I
love you" I'll make it so you can see the moment.
tomoyo: YOU MEAN I CAN TAPE IT?!?!?! ^_^
kawaiisayurichan: ahhh, maybe, or I, I think I might just make you stay here
and see it.. . . . .
tomoyo: oh. . . . . . I guess that's ok too.
kawaiisayurichan: good
tomoyo: but, CAN I TAPE IT FROM HERE????
kawaiisayurichan: agh! fine then.
tomoyo: yayayayayayayayayayay!!!!!!!
(fades out with tomoyo looking VERY happy and kawaiisayurichan looking
freaked out.)

"RRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!" went the school bell.
"Alright, hand in your homework," said Kirei Sensei.
Everyone was busy finding and handing in their homework. Kirei Sensei
began counting the papers to make sure that she got them all. She didn't.
"Ahh, Tomoyo, where is your homework?" asked Kirei Sensei.
"I, Ah, my mom threw it away," replied Tomoyo coolly.
"Well then , Tomoyo you must turn in another copy of it tomorrow,
understand?" asked Kirei Sensei. (she is nice, ne?)
"Yes Kirei Sensei," replied Tomoyo.
Just then, Sakura and Syaoran sensed a Clow Card.
Sakura scribbled a note and passed it back to Syaoran.
( Sakura's and Syaoran's writing will be every other. Sakura starts.)
'I sense a clow card, do you?'
'yeah, I do too. but I thought we got them all.'
'we should talk to kero and yue about this.'
'you're right'
'shall we invite tomoyo?'
'she might get in the way if this is something dangerous.'
'oh, ok then'
'meet at my house after school, bring kero and try to bring yue'
'don't forget.'
Sakura nodded her head to show she understood. She also secretly crumpled
up the note and hid it in her bag.
'Because Syaoran wrote on it and he was writing to me,' she thought. ^_^
At Syaoran's apartment. . . . . . .
"Sakura said you two sensed a card," said Kero.
"We did, in school today, but I thought we got them all," said Syaoran,
"It must be one of the dark cards," said Kero gravely.
"Yes, I agree with Kerberus (is that how fo spell um'??????)," said Yue.
"H-HOEEEEE?! Dark cards?????" asked Sakura, just as confused as Syaoran.
"What are 'dark cards'?"
"Yes, you captured the light cards; THE HEAL, THE LOVE, THE WONDER, and THE
ETERNITY-" began Yue.
"Now you must capture THE DECEIT, THE HATE, THE EVIL, AND THE DOOM," Kero
"These cards were created by Clow Reed's first apprentice. He used to be
good and created the four light cards. Then he took a journey and became
evil. After that he made the four dark cards. Clow Reed had to lock him up
in the center of the earth forever to keep him from wreaking havoc on
earth," said Yue.
"Yeah, and he locked each of the dark cards away in the far corners of the
universe. the only way for Michio, that's the guy, to escape would be for
each of the dark cards to input some of their magic on the lock to his
prison. Then he will be free," Kero explained.
yelled Sakura. (Again)
"You must capture the cards in this order so listen carefully. DECEIT,
HATE, EVIL, DOOM. ok?" asked Yue.
"Ahh, o-k," said Sakura.
"Oh, and Sakura, the DECEIT and HATE cards will possess someone very close
to you, so be on guard. Since this is a different power we're dealing with,
meaning a evil power instead of good, you will both need different
incantations. Sakura, you will need a new incantation for your wand.
Syaoran will need a new incantation for his Mandela Board." warned Kero.
"Thanks Kero," said Sakura.
Syaoran had been very quiet all this time. Now he spoke.
"Sakura," Syaoran said cautiously,
"Doesn't Tomoyo _always_ finish her
(tomoyo: you're darned right I do!!!!!!!)
"Yeah, but what's that got to do wi-" Sakura began.
"I think I know where the DECEIT card is," Syaoran looked at Sakura.
Sakura nodded.
Sakura stood up and took out her wand, in the necklace form. She thought
really hard.
"Power of light. I, Sakura, the Card Mistress command you! Reveal the
hidden powers within the wand! Release!!" Sakura watched her wand begin to
glow. Suddenly, there was her wand! ^_^ "YAY! I did it!" ^_^
"Magic wrought by Clow Reed, I Syaoran, the card captor chosen to help the
card mistress, and descendant of Clow Reed, beseech you! Seek out the
darkness and send out the light!" The board shot out a green light towards
the school.
"FLY! RELEASE!" exclaimed Sakura.
Syaoran got on the FLY with Sakura. They flew towards the school.
At the school. . . . . . . . . .
"TOMOYO!!!!" called Sakura.
Tomoyo stopped. "I don't know you, do I?" she asked.
"T-tomoyo?" Sakura began.
"THE DECEIT is making her lie," whispered Syaoran.
"Oh, WINDY CARD! RELEASE!" cried Sakura. "WINDY, hold Tomoyo!"
Then they saw a shadow emerge from Tomoyo as she fell to the ground.
Sakura used the Sleep card to put all the people at the school to sleep.
Then the card went after the two card captors.
"Help *dodge* me *jump* please *duck* Syaoran!!!!!!" yelled Sakura.
"I'm *dash* kinda *jump* busy *duck* too!" he yelled back.
Then. . . . . . . . . .
"Hey, are you guys done yet? I want some ice cream!!"
"Kero!" cried Sakura, "Get away!!!"
"Whaaaaaaa- hi my best friend in the world," he said, flying over to
Syaoran. (Who looked very uncomfortable.)
"Awwwww man! Get offa me, ya stuffed animal!!!" said a very annoyed
Syaoran. "Sakura!! _do_ something!"
"Alright, alright," Sakura replied as she raised her wand. "DECEIT CARD!
Return to your true form! DE- ahh!"
"The card ran away again! You let it get away!" yelled Syaoran, immediately
repenting _seriously_ for yelling and stuff.
"Come on," she said defiantly, but a little hurt. (I mean he just yelled
at her, very mean.)
The card cornered them, just about to attack. . . .
'Sakura, get it now!" Syaoran yelled as the card went for her.
"I gotcha now! DECEIT CARD! Return to your true form! DECEIT CARD!" she
cried bringing the wand down, just as the card was about to strike.
A card very much like a Clow or Sakura card, but black all over the back,
floated between the two. The card had the smoky silhouette of a woman on
it. It hovered between the two before going to Sakura.
"That was tough!," said Sakura. "I wonder if all the other cards are like
that. . . ."
"Probably," said Syaoran. "Or even harder." They pondered the thought for
a while. "But I'll always be there to help you, Sakura. . . . . because I-"
"So how about that ice cream, huh?" asked Kero, popping up, very
Sakura and Syaoran sweatdrop and fall down.
"Ahhh, fine," said Sakura, pulling her wallet out of her purse.
"No," said Syaoran, "I'll get it." he took her hand and they walked to the
nearest ice cream parlor, followed by a fuming Kero.
"Why I oughtta. . . . ." Kero began fiercely.
"C'mon Kero! I'll buy you a triple scoop!" yelled Syaoran happily. (guess
why. *coughhesholdingSakurashandcough* ^_^)
All things forgotten Kero flew up to Syaoran and said, "Better be
chocolate, double chocolate, and chocolate chip."
"Fine," said Syaoran, smiling.
'I wonder what he was gonna tell me,' wondered Sakura.

kawaiisayurichan: bwahahahahaha, you all know wut Syaoran was gonna say rite?
tomoyo: he was gonna say I love you and it would have been sooo romantic and-
kawaiisayurichan: TOMOYO!!!!!!!!!!! (vein pops out, anime style)
tomoyo: ahhh, yes (looking scared)
kawaiisayurichan: i'm very sorry but you can just go back into the story
tomoyo: what?!
kawaiisayurichan: you were here while you were possessed, but now you have to go back into the story.
tomoyo: oh. . . . . . who will help you now? and how come (looking forward in the story)
Li-kun gets to be here while he's in the story?
kawaiisayurichan: ahhh, because he's magic.
tomoyo: oh
kawaiisayurichan: and im gonna get (runs out bringing touya in) touya to
help me! ok?
tomoyo: yah, but that's not such a good idea, because he don't like-
kawaiisayurichan: i'll handle it. he has to listen to me because I'm riting
this darned fic. o, and comments e-mail @ ja ne minna.

Chapter 2: Hate and Repentance (top)

kawaiisayurichan: hey minna-san!
touya: what am I doing here?
kawaiisayurichan: you're here so you can learn to respect Syaoran-kun
touya: WHAT?! you must be joking
kawaiisayurichan: nope
touya: *sweatdrop* noooooooo!
kawaiisayurichan: or, i could always tie you up and leave you till the "i
love you" scene. . that would be so much fun!
touya: nonononono! anything but that
kawaiisayurichan: see, there, all worked out ^_^ *smiling evilly*
touya: SAKURA!!!! get me out of this!!!
(sakura appears with a "poof")
sakura: no you must learn to respect Li-kun, just like she says
kawaiisayurichan: ha! in your eye! (pointing at touya)
touya and sakura: in you _eye_?
kawaiisayurichan: ahh, my friend highteqgirl54's saying. . . . . . hehe
hehe. now, on with the show!
(sakura disappears with another "poof")

"Morning Sakura. You're not late today I see, something on your mind?"
asked Tomoyo smiling.
"Ahh, errrr. . . . . ." Sakura stammered, she and Syaoran had promised not
to tell Tomoyo about the new enemy.
"Hehe, don't worry, I have a sixth sense about these things. So I asked
Syaoran if something was up and well, he broke," said Tomoyo giggling. "Now
I'm gonna make super kawaii little costumes for both of you!!!"
Syaoran and Sakura sweatdropped.
"Ahhhh. . . . ."
"So, we have to capture THE HATE card next, right Sakura?" asked Syaoran,
trying to change the subject.
"Ummm, Yeah!" she said, catching on.
"Ohhh! I'll make the MOST _kawaii_ outfits _ever_!" Tomoyo squealed.
Syaoran and Sakura sweatdrop and fall down, anime style.
"Quiet now! Class will start in two minutes!" said Tanaka Sensei.
Switching classes. . . . . . . . . .
Sakura sensed some evil presence. Unfortunately (for numerous reasons)
Syaoran was not in her next class.
"Tomoyo, I sense a card," she whispered.
"Shouldn't we tell Li-kun?" asked Tomoyo.
"Yeah, but he's not in our next class," replied Sakura. "Kero told me that
the HATE and DECEIT cards would strike the people I care about."
"Well, who do you care about?" asked Tomoyo. (as if she dosen't know.
touya: what does that mean?!)
"Ummm, you, Rika, Naoko, Chiharu, Eriol, Takashi, Yukito, Yue, Touya, Dad,
Kero, Nakuru, Suppi-chan, Mizuki Sensei. . . . . . ." Sakura trailed off.
"I think you forgot someone," said Tomoyo.
"Like who?" asked Sakura.
"Like Li-kun," Tomoyo then broke into a fit of laughter, some of which
brought strange looks.
Sakura blushed and shutted up.
'But since I really do care about Syaoran,' she thought, 'what if the hate
card got him? I don't think I could do this without him. . . . . . .' She
After school. . . . . . . . . .
"There's Syaoran!" said Tomoyo. "Come on, we can walk with him."
"Ummm, ok," Sakura replied. "Hey! Syaoran! Wait up!"
Sakura began to feel a dark presence around. She was beginning to think
that Syaoran could be. . . . . . . .
"Go away," Syaoran said coldly, breaking Sakura's thoughts.
"H-hoe?" asked Sakura, hurt.
"I said, leave me alone," he replied, just as icily as before.
"O-ok, if that's what you really wa-" Sakura thought for about five
seconds. "Hey! You're THE HATE card!"
Syaoran, or THE HATE card I should say, ran.
"Sleep card! Put everyone to sleep!" yelled Sakura, running after Syaoran,
closely followed by Tomoyo.
'Stop right there HATE card!"
Syaoran turned around. "Why are you calling me THE HATE card Kinomoto? My
name is Li Syaoran. . . . . . . and I am running away from you because I
don't like you. In fact, little card captor, I. hate. you." Syaoran's voice
began to warp.
'NO!' the _real_ Syaoran thought (wherever _he_ is) 'No Sakura! Don't
believe me or it or whatever! Please! I. . . . I don't hate you! You're
the best friend I ever had! I know I don't show it but, I care for you!
uh-oh. . . oh well, she can't hear me anyway. . ."
'Syaoran. just. said. he hated me? No! No, that's not true! I-it's THE
HATE card! It's not really him! I can't-I won't believe it!' she thought in
frustration. She gasped as a tear slid down her cheek.
'No Sakura, don't cry, I can't bear to see you cry,' thought Syaoran. He
wished with all his might that he could reach up and wipe it away, but at
the moment, he was a prisoner in his own body. (*sigh* poor Syaoran.
touya: whaddaya mean? you feel sorry for that GAKI?! please tell me none of
you out there feel sorry for that gaki! kawaiisayurichan: oh shut up
"Firey! Release!" Cried Sakura. "Firey! Make a barrier around me and
Syaoran. Make sure THE HATE card doesn't escape. Okay! Go!"
The Fiery formed the barrier. Meanwhile, Syaoran is getting very
uncomfortable because he is surrounded by smoldering heat. (Touya: good for
him! kawaiisayurichan: shut up! how mean!)
"Little card captor, hehe, why do you believe you are the card mistress?
You are weak, you are powerless. hehe. You should just give the cards to
me, so I can go back home and get away from you!" said THE HATE.
"Oh yeah? Just watch me!" Sakura said, boldly.
"Windy! Release! Hold Syaoran and make sure THE HATE doesn't escape! Still
so tough HATE card? Well?" she laughed as the card struggled.
"Let me go little card captor!" shrieked THE HATE.
"Ahhhh, no. HATE card! Return to your true form! HATE!" said Sakura.
A black shadow was sucked out from Syaoran, who collapsed. The card
floated to Sakura. It had a woman on it dressed form head to toe in black.
You could only see her face. It was a deathly white and had an evil
Sakura ran over to where Syaoran had collapsed. She looked really worried
and Tomoyo thought it best to congratulate her on the capture later.
"Syaoran! Oh my god! Syaoran! Are you okay?! Come on Syaoran! Wake up!"
she screamed frantically.
"Sa-Sakura?" Syaoran replied.
"Syaoran! Thank god you're okay!" she cried, hugging him.
Syaoran blushed a bright red. Tomoyo was happily taping the whole scene,
giggling uncontrollably.
"Sakura, I'm sorry for all the mean things I said to you!" said Syaoran
miserably. "I never meant to say them and I never meant to make you cry. .
. . . ."
"What stuff. . . . . oh. That stuff, well, I forgive you," Sakura replied
releasing him from her hug.
"I'm really sorry," said Syaoran sadly.
"It's okay, really," Sakura replied, smiling. "I have to go home now.
Touya might get worried. (touya: you're darned right!!! I'll kill him!
kawaiisayurichan: TOUYA! stop it!) I'll see you at school tomorrow though."
"Huh? Oh, uhh, yeah. Ja ne Sakura," said Syaoran.
"Ja ne Syaoran-kun!" Sakura ran off smiling.
'Ja ne Sakura, I love you,' Syaoran thought as he walked home.
Tomoyo finally came out of hiding. 'What a great shot!'

kawaiisayurichan: well, thankies for reading all you peeps!!! ^_^ e-mail
all your comments(even flames) to
touya: grrrrrrrrrrrr
kawaiisayurichan: what's wrong?
touya: that GAKI was spending time with Sakura. and she hugged him.
kawaiisayurichan: be nice or I _will_ tie you up and make you sit through a
kissing scene
touya: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!
kawaiisayurichan: then be nice
touya: fine then, I hate you
kawaiisayurichan: then I hate you too
touya: *starts a glaring contest*
kawaiisayurichan: ha! *accepts challenge*
(10 min. later. . . . . .)
touya: agh!
kawaiisayurichan: HA! I won!!! In your eye!!!!
touya: *runs out*
kawaiisayurichan: well when you come back i'll have someone else. so Ja ne.
touya: *runs back in* there's a black hole out there!
kawaiisayurichan: oh yeah. . .I forgot I put it there
touya: send me away!
kawaiisayurichan: fine, fine. ja ne everyone

Chapter 3: The Essence of Evil(top)

kawaiisayurichan: hi again!
touya: why am I still here?
kawaiisayurichan: oh! I forgot!
(*poof* touya disappears and yukito appears in his place.)
kawaiisayurichan: hi yukito!
yukito: what am I doing here???
kawaiisayurichan: you are gonna keep me company while I rite a story
yukito: ahhh, ok
kawaiisayurichan: when ppl start reading I'll explain it to you, ok?
yukito: ahhh, ok.
kawaiisayurichan: hmmm, but i dunno what to write!
yukito: sweatdrop
kawaiisayurichan: oh wait! *brainstorm* i have an idea!
yukito: great!
kawaiisayurichan: NOW we can start the story
yukito: yay!
kawaiisayurichan: well minna, hav fun!
yukito: bye everyone
(fades out with kawaiisayurichan telling yukito about her story and yukito
not getting it so kawaiisayurichan has to explain very slowly. ^_^;)

"WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted Kero.
"Wha- huh?" Sakura asked sleepily.
It had been a couple of weeks since she captured THE HATE. Now she and
Syaoran were on the lookout for THE EVIL. Tomoyo had made outfits for
Sakura but Syaoran said he wouldn't be caught dead in them. (poor Tomoyo.
"AAHH! I have to meet Tomoyo!" screamed Sakura, looking at the clock.
"Keep it down kaijuu!" yelled Touya from the other room.
"You be quiet!" Sakura yelled back, resisting the urge to go into his room
and stomp on his foot, before running out the door.
Sometime later. . . . . . .
"Gomen-nasai Tomoyo-chan!" Sakura had just shown up at the Daidouji
residence, panting for breath. She had run all the way from her house.
(forgot her skates. ^_^)
"It's okay," Tomoyo said. "Now, it's time to try on your newest
Sakura groaned and fell down, anime style. Tomoyo grabbed her and dragged
her into the house.
After a few hours. . . . . . . .
"Ding-dong!" Tomoyo opened the door.
"Oh, hi Syaoran!" she said cheerfully.
"Sakura, I sense a card nearby," he said.
"Hoe? Okay, let's go!" Sakura replied.
"Wait!" yelled Tomoyo.
"What is it?"
"Wear this," Tomoyo handed her an outfit.
Ten minutes later. . . . . . .
Sakura was dressed up in a light pink Chinese silk top, short sleeved, with
darker pink Sakura blossoms embroidered on it. She had white gloves that
reached to her elbows and white boots that reached to her knees which were
both trimmed in the pink embroidered material of Sakura's top. She wore a
straight white miniskirt and pink hair ribbons.
"_NOW_ can we go?" asked Syaoran impatiently.
"Yes, now we can go," said a smiling Tomoyo.
At King Penguin Park. . . . . . . .
"EVIL CARD! Show yourself!" shouted Sakura.
A woman with blue highlights in her black hair, a black leather tank top
and miniskirt, and black leather gloves and boots appeared.
"Sakura, be careful," Syaoran warned. "She had the power of shadow and
fight, plus who knows what else."
Sakura nodded.
"Fight card! Release!"
The fight card began to fight THE EVIL card. But THE EVIL played dirty.
When the fight card was preparing for another attack, EVIL used the shadows
around them to surround Sakura. Slowly turning her to black marble.
"Syaoran! Help me!" she cried frantically.
"Sakura! Hold on, I'm coming!" he yelled back.
He ran towards her but the card blocked his way. Syaoran cried out in
frustration. Meanwhile, Sakura was a statue up to her waist.
"Syaoran!" she cried, reaching out to him. At that moment, her arms froze.
"Sakura! I'll be right there! Hold on Sakura!!!" Syaoran yelled, trying
desperately to get past the card.
"Sy-" was all Sakura got out before her mouth froze. Tears ran down her
cheeks as she became, from head to toe, a lovely marble statue.
"Sakura! Nooooooo!" Syaoran turned to THE EVIL. "You. . . . . . you. . . .
. . . . ."
"I, I what?" Asked the card, cackling.
Syaoran snapped and attacked the card with newfound strength. Kicking,
punching, dodging, blocking, until he knocked down the card.
"Freeze card! Freeze THE EVIL!"
Syaoran ran to Sakura, or what was left of her.
"Sakura, I'm sorry, I-I couldn't- save you. . . . . . . . ." he trailed
off. "I'm sorry."
He leaned toward her, kissing her softly as a tear slid down his cheek.
Somewhere. . . . . . . .
"Syaoran? Syaoran where are you?" Sakura ran through the darkness. "Where
an I? Syaoran! Please rescue me!"
'It's so cold,' she thought. 'Like I'm freezing. Oh Syaoran, where are
you when I need you?'
That was her last thought before collapsing.
Back at the park. . . . . . . . .
As Syaoran pulled away, he felt Sakura change from hard marble to a living
breathing person. She was falling, he quickly caught her.
"Sakura, you okay?" Syaoran asked, worriedly.
"Hmmm? Oh, yeah, I guess so," she replied.
Just then EVIL broke through the Freeze's barrier of ice. (What bad
timing, oh well, that's the way it goes.)
"You! You took my energy source!" THE EVIL screeched at Sakura and
"What?! You were draining Sakura's energy?! Is that why you turned her to
stone?!?!" Syaoran yelled furiously.
"I-I will c-capture you, EVIL card," stuttered Sakura, trying to get up.
She collapsed again.
"Sakura, let me help you," Syaoran said tenderly.
He held Sakura by the waist as she rose her sealing wand into the air.
(You can tell he was feelin' good.)
"EVIL card! Return to you true form! EVIL!!"
A screech was heard as THE EVIL was transformed into it's card form. In
this card, THE EVIL was looking over her shoulder at some unknown enemy, and
giving them the death glare.
"I-I'll help you home S-Sakura," said Syaoran.
"Oh, ahhhh, okay, Syaoran, if you want, ahh, if you really want to," Sakura
"Oh, ah, it's no trouble, really," Syaoran stammered.
"O-kay, ahhh, thank you Syaoran," said Sakura.
Both of them blushed a bright red as they walked out of the park. Syaoran
steadying Sakura by slinging one arm around her waist and Sakura blushing furiously.

kawaiisayurichan: Well?????
yukito: I think it's great you're trying to get Sakura and Syaoran together
kawaiisayurichan: I'm not trying, I am
yukito: ???
kawaiisayurichan: in the story I will (starts to whisper to yukito)
yukito: ohhhhhhh.
kawaiisayurichan: yeah
yukito: can I help??
kawaiisayurichan: ahhh, why not
yukito: yay
kawaiisayurichan: don't forget to e-mail comments to
yukito: and IM her at kawaiisayurichan or yumenotenchichan
kawaiisayurichan: you didn't have to say that
yukito: so, I wanted to, it makes me important
kawaiisayurichan: ahh. ok
eriol: what's going on?
kawaiisayurichan: you're here to help me with (whispers to eriol)
eriol: oh. how fun
kawaiisayurichan:k, ja ne everyone
eriol: ja ne

Chapter 4: The Trip (top)

eriol: hey! what's up minna???
kawaiisayurichan: hey! I say that
eriol: but I wanted to say something
kawaiisayurichan: too bad
eriol: why?
kawaiisayurichan: because this is mah fic
eriol: too bad. *blah blah blah blah*
kawaiisayurichan: alright! now i'm mad!
kawaiisayurichan: I don't feel like talking to eriol. I locked him in a box
till later. now Suppi-chan will keep me company.
Suppi-chan: i'm not gonna talk
kawaiisayurichan: fine then.
Suppi-chan: . . . . . . .
kawaiisayurichan: enjoy minna

Kero, Syaoran, Tomoyo, and Sakura are meeting at Tomoyo's house. . . . . .
"THE DOOM is the only card that will not find you, you must go and find
it," Kero was explaining. "You must use THE WONDER card to locate THE DOOM.
Simply say 'WONDER! Show us where to find the card called DOOM!'"
"Yeah, okay Kero. If you say so," said Sakura, summoning her wand.
After repeating the phrase Kero had said, She and Syaoran (who she just
_Happened_ to be sitting next to. ^_^) were surrounded by a veil of golden
sparkles. A little model of the globe appeared between the two. It began
to glow. Brighter and brighter, to an almost blinding glare.
"Syaoran?!. . . . . ."started Sakura.
"Ahh, don't worry Sakura, it's supposed to work this was," he said. 'At
least I hope it is, or we're in trouble.'
Suddenly, all the light on the globe began to move. Slowly at first, then
all the light moved at the speed of light (^_^) to one spot on the globe.
HOOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" yelled Sakura. "HOW will
we get there! WHERE will we stay! WHOSE idea was this?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"
"Sakura, _CALM_ DOWN_," said Syaoran. "We can use THE WONDER with THE
CREATE to make lasting money. We'll just have to get permission from your
dad and Tomoyo's mom. Okay?"
"But. . . . . . . ."
"_TRUST_ _ME_."
"Okay. . . . . . . . ."
"Well?" said Tomoyo, popping in.
"When the school year is over (1 week) we're going to Readington, Oregon!"
yelled Syaoran.
One week later at the airport. . . . . . . . . .
"It's too bad Tomoyo couldn't come and Kero wouldn't be separated from his
video gamed," sighed Sakura.
"Yeah," said Syaoran. 'But since they didn't, to save money, I'm sharing a
room with you.'
"Hmmmmm," Sakura sighed again, leaning against him.
"What's wrong Sakura?" Syaoran asked.
"Hmmm, you smell nice. . . . . . . ." she said.
"Ahhh, ahhhhh, ahhhhh," stammered Syaoran, blushing like mad.
During the flight. . . . . . . . . . . .
"Ummm, Syaoran," said Sakura.
"Y-yes Sakura," he replied.
"Well. . . . ."
"For what?"
"For, being there for me I guess, I just felt like thanking you for all the
times you've helped me during the card capturing days, and now. . . . . . ."
"Oh, ahhh, your welcome, Sakura. I'm always happy to be of any help."
This time, it was Sakura's turn to blush. It made her cheeks a soft pink.
To Syaoran, it looked like she was glowing with radiance.
"You're so nice Syaoran. . . . . ."
"Well, thanks, but I'm really not _so_ nice Sakura, I'm just, ahh, errrr.
. . . . ."
"No, I said you're nice so you're nice, okay?"
"Ahhh, okay." 'Man, I just can't say no to her.'
Sakura then snuggled up to Syaoran and fell fast asleep, or so he thought.
Syaoran grinned and blushed like crazy as he saw what she was doing.
"Man, you're so sweet, Sakura," he said.
She opened her eyes and said, "Really?"
"Ahhhh. I, ah, weren't you, ahh, sleeping?"
"No, not really, but I was gonna fall asleep. You're a good pillow,"
Sakura said, totally forgetting about the whole point of her opening her
"Oh, ahh, thanks. I guess," said Syaoran.
"Mmmmmm, wake me up at the end of the flight," Sakura mumbled, really
falling asleep this time.
'Sakura, you're like-like an angel. So caring and understanding. So
gentle and sweet. Why can't I tell you that I love you? *sigh* Because
you're a coward Syaoran. Because you'll die if she rejects you. Just tell
her already!!!! damnit!' he thought to himself.
"Oh, Sakura, I love you" he whispered, barely audible.
He gently stroked her hair. Eyes shining with all the love that he could
not tell her he had. Inwardly cursing himself for not telling her.
'This is gonna be a long flight Syaoran,' he thought. 'Yup, a loooooong
flight. For you anyway.'
Sakura smiled in her sleep. She was having a good dream. She was dreaming
she was with Syaoran.
'I hope this is real,' she thought. 'and if it's not, don't let me wake up
for a long time.'
"Sleep well, Sakura," Syaoran sighed as he went back to stroking her hair
and cursing himself for being a coward.
At the hotel. . . . . . .
"Well, when the card gets near here, we'll sense it sooooooo. What do you
want to do tomorrow Sakura?" asked Syaoran.
(Every girl knows that if a guy asked you this the first thing that comes
to mind is shopping. poor Syaoran. He was just trying to be nice. . . . .
"Wellllllll. . . . . . . why don't we go. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Yelled Sakura.
Syaoran sweatdroped and fell down, anime style.
"Shopping. I said we should go shopping. ^_^" Sakura replied. "Is that
">_< Oh fine, whatever. Good night okay?" said Syaoran.
"Okay!" said Sakura. Very excited.
Syaoran turned off the light.
Next morning, precisely 7:00 in the morning. . . . . . . .
"Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!!!" yelled a very energized Sakura
while jumping up and down on Syaoran's bed.
"AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Syaoran groaned.
"Time. To. Go. SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sakura squealed.
Syaoran lazily rolled over to look at the clock on his bedside table, he
groaned again.
"No way!" he said.
Sakura began to make puppy dog eyes. Syaoran sweatdroped.
'No, not that! Anything but that!' he thought vainly.
Then, Sakura's lower lip began to quiver uncontrollably, adding to the
puppy dog eyes and making Syaoran totally helpless.
'Ahhhhhh! I can't resist!' he thought.
"FINE, FINE, FINE, FINE, FINE!!!!!!!!!" he yelled. "Just _PLEASE_ stop
"YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Syaoran!!!" Sakura exclaimed, hugging Syaoran,
who turned an odd shade of red.

kawaiisayurichan: hey minna!!!!!!
suppi-chan: hello everyone.
kawaiisayurichan: if you liked it, e-mail me at
suppi-chan: whatever
kawaiisayurichan: or im me at kawaiisayurichan or yumenotenchichan
suppi-chan:. . . . . . . . . . .
kawaiisayurichan: I decided suppi was too boring. and i still don't feel
like talking to eriol
(camera goes to a box. eriol: help me! help me!)
kawaiisayurichan: sooooo, here's syaoran!
syaoran: what am I doing here
kawaiisayurichan: *smiles evilly* you'll find out later
syaoran: *gulp*
kawaiisayurichan: well, bye till next time minna
syaoran: help!
kawaiisayurichan: ja ne minna
syaoran: save meeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 5: Shopping (top)

kawaiisayurichan: hey minna
syaoran: anybody! help meeee!
kawaiisayurichan: if you tell sakura right now that you love her, I'll let
you go
syaoran: ahhhhh, ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhh
kawaiisayurichan: well?????
syaoran: I'm thinking!
kawaiisayurichan: wow, touchy!
syaoran: shut up
kawaiisayurichan: someone is trying to hide their true feelings. . .
syaoran: fine
kawaiisayurichan: you'll tell her?!
syaoran: no. I'll stay here and be tortured
kawaiisayurichan: oh
syaoran: I can't tell her
kawaiisayurichan: okay strangeoid
syaoran: what?
kawaiisayurichan: nothing
syaoran: awww, man!
kawaiisayurichan: well, enjoy minna!

At the nearest mall. . . . . . . . . .
"We have to go there and there and over there too!" squealed a very excited
Syaoran groaned. "Sakura?"
"Come on! We're wasting time!!"
Ten minutes later. . . . . . . . . . .
(Sakura is trying on clothes)
"What do you think of this one Syaoran?" Sakura asked.
"It's fine," he replied.
One hour later. . . . . . . . .
"How is-"
Sakura pouted before going back into the dressing room rater sulkily.
Syaoran smiled.
Two hours later. . . . . . . .
"What about-"
"Okay then!"
A question mark appeared on Syaoran's forehead.
"Huh?" he asked, confused.
"We're gonna eat lunch," said sakura, picking up her purchases. (five or
six bags full. ^_^)
"Ooohhh . . . . . . ." said Syaoran.
"Let's go then!" Sakura cried suddenly, dragging Syaoran with her.
At the nearest restaurant. . . . . . . . .
"Sakura!!!" Syaoran falls down. "This is _the_ single most expensive
restaurant in the mall!!!!!!!"
"Hmmmmm . . . . . . . . . . . . I've got good taste!!" she replied, smiling
at Syaoran, who, of course, couldn't stay mad at her.
Time passes. . . . . . . . . . . .
"More shopping!!!!!" yelled Sakura, after they finished eating.
Syaoran groaned, sweatdroped and fell down.
In the next store. . . . . . . . .
"Come on Syaoran!" Sakura pleaded.
"NO way!" Syaoran said.
"Just try it on!"
"But it's-"
"Trust me," she said, pushing him into a dressing room.
Five min. later. . . . . . . .
"Lemme see," said Sakura.
Syaoran emerged from the dressing room wearing a green long sleeved turtle
neck shirt, a pair of black slacks, and a black leather bomber jacket.
'He is sooooo hot,' Sakura thought, staring intently at him.
"Well?" Syaoran asked, trying to avert Sakura's steady gaze, before his
legs turned to jelly.
"Oh, I, um, errr. . . . . . ." she trailed off lamely. 'How can I say 'Oh
my gosh, you look so hot!!!'??' "You look great. I have more stuff to try
Syaoran sweatdroped.
'This is gonna be a long day. . .'
Some time later. . . . . . . . . . .
PLEASE Syaoran!" Sakura pleaded, making her puppy dog eyes.
'Ahhh! no!' Syaoran thought. "NO!"
Sakura's lower lip began to quiver.
Syaoran closed his eyes.
Sakura ( A.N.: sakura can cry on cue. ^_^ hehe. Syaoran: what??? no fair!
kawaiisayuichan: shuddap!) began to cry and sniffle.
Syaoran opened one eye.
'Ahhhhh! No that! Stop it! You're gonna make me give in! HELP!!!!' "FINE,
FINE, FINE, FINE, FINE!!! Just stop that!!!"
"YAY!" said Sakura, who was smiley and happy again.
"I am _NOT_ coming out!" Syaoran yelled.
"Oh yes. You. Are!" cried Sakura, dragging him out.
He was wearing a pink gown, kinda like the one Belle wore in "Beauty and
the Beast." (Disney movie. If you never saw it think puffy, frilly, and
pink. Like a Tomoyo thing.)
"Ahhh! So kawaii!" said Sakura. She snapped a picture of him. ( She had
been doing that all day.)
"We're leaving as soon as I get this thing offa me!" said Syaoran, stomping
back into the dressing room.
After Syaoran left to change. . . . . . . . .
Sakura pulled out a laptop and the pictures.
'Tomoyo will love these!' she thought as she pushed the send button.
At the hotel that night. . . . . .
"Kinomoto Sakura, You shop way too much!" said Syaoran, looking at all the
thing she bought.
"So?" she asked.
"Well . . . . . . . . now we'll have to buy like three more suitcases,"
Syaoran replied.
"So?" Sakura asked again. "I had fun! ^_^"
"Never mind, good night," Syaoran replied, muttering something under his
breath about "girls."
"Night," Sakura yawned and turned out the light.
Somewhere. . . . . . . .
"Sleep well card captors, bwahahahahahahahaha, sleep well!!!!"

kawaiisayurichan: hey minna.
syaoran: help meee!
kawaiisayurichan: you know the drill, if you have comments, e-mail to or im at kawaiisayurichan or
syaoran: anyone??? help meee!
sakura: hey syaoran
syaoran: *blushes* h-hey s-sak-kura
kawaiisayurichan: hehe
syaoran: *glares at kawaiisayurichan* I hate you
sakura: that's not nice syaoran!
syaoran: but-I- fine sorry
sakura: there. that's better
kawaiisayurichan: till next time minna! ja ne!

Chapter 6: Carnival (top)

kawaiisayurichan: hey minna!
syaoran: *blushes*
sakura: hey everyone! ^_^
kawaiisayurichan: well, let's get on with the story now!
sakura: story??
kawaiisayurichan: ahhhh. *sweatdrop*
syaoran: thank you!
kawaiisayurichan: for what?
syaoran: for making her go away so I don't get nervous
kawaiisayurichan: whatever
syaoran: hehe
kawaiisayurichan: next time im not gonna be so nice
syaoran: *gulp*
kawaiisayurichan: Ja ne!

Sakura's dream. . . . . . . . . .
'where am I? What is that?'
"I am coming to get you card captor! I will kill you!"
"Who's there?"
"I will kill you. . . . . . . .'
Sakura saw a fireball coming towards her.
Sakura woke up suddenly.
'It was just a dream,' she thought. 'But I'm so scared.'
Sakura began to cry.
'Well, Syaoran will protect me, maybe. . . .'
Sakura crawled into Syaoran's bed. (AN: aww how cute syaoran: ?? me: sakura
is going to syaoran because she's scared Syaroan: sweatdrop)
'Course he will, I mean, that's the only reason why he's here. To make sure
the cards are safe. If I have the cards then I guess I need protecting
With that thought in mind, Sakura fell asleep.
Next morning. . . . . . .
'Yawn, hmmm. Oh, it's morning,' thought a very sleepy Syaroan. 'Huh?'
Syaoran opened his eyes to find . . . Sakura. She had her arms around his
waist and it looked like she had cried herself to sleep.
'I wonder what's wrong.'
Just then, Sakura sighed, "Hmmmm, Syaoran. . . . . ."
'Acck! She dreaming about me!' he blushed an odd shade of red. Sakura
chose that exact moment to wake up.
"Syaoran? Oh, morning."
She removed her arms from Syaoran's waist to rub her eyes.
"Oh, Sakura, you're up, ah, morning," said Syaoran. 'Man I sound lame.'
"Syaoran. . . ."
"What is it Sakura?"
"Well since I chose what to do yesterday, whaddaya wanna do today?"
'She's so sweet,' Syaoran thought. 'Not to mention pretty, kind, smart,
gentle, athletic. . . .'
"Syaoran? Are you okay?" asked Sakura worridly.
"Huh?" he said, snapping out of his "Sakura is so amazing" stage of mind.
"Well? Where do you wanna go?"
"Oh, ah, I don't care, just not shopping."
Sakura pouted.
"There's an amusement park near here."
"Oh, ok, let's go!"
At the park. . . . . . . .
"I wanna ride that and that and that and that too!" cried Sakura.
'Here we go again,' Syaoran thought. 'No matter where we go she always
gets overexcited.'
Syaoran smiled.
"Let's go ride the roller coaster!!!" Sakura shouted.
Syaoran sweatdroped.
"We're next Syaoran!" Sakura said happily.
The monotonous tone of the tour guide kinda person came on. "Please keep
your hands and arms inside the ride at all times. This ride goes from 0 to
60 in 5 seconds. this is your last chance to get off. (10 sec. later) Once
again, keep all body parts inside the ride at all times. Thank you. *click*"
Sakura was holding on to Syaoran as best she could with the harness on.
Syaoran was blushing like mad.
Next they rode the tilt-a-whirl (Sakura: wheee! Syaoran: ack!), the sizzler
(Sakrua: you're squishing me! Syaoran: I can't help it!), the plunge (Sakura
and Syaoran: KYAAAAHH!), the inverter (Sakura: WAI! Syaroan: Wait I wanna
get off!), the swings (Sakura: whee! Syaoran: *snore*), the haunted house
(Sakura: I wanna leave! Syaoran!!!! Syaoran: this is fun!), the
merry-go-round (Sakura: I'm riding the horsie Syaoran: whatever). Then they
rode everything again.
later on. . . . . . . .
"Let's ride that!" Sakura yelled.
"Wuzzat?" asked Syaoran.
"I dunno, but let's check it out!"
(It's kinda like "It's a small world" and the tunnel of love. A boat thing
with a song and two to a boat.)
In the ride. . . . . . . .
"This is. . . .nice," Syaoran commented.
"Yeah," said Sakura. She put her head on Syaoran's shoulder. Syaoran
"Mmmm," Sakura nuzzled Syaoran's ear. Syoaran blushed even more.
'She's so sweet,' Syaoran thought, again.
Syoaran was looking lovingly at Sakura when she lifted her head to look at
_him_. As if under a trance, their heads slowly moved closer and closer and
(I could end it righ here. or I could just keep talking and talking and) the
ride jerked suddenly to a stop.
"Ahhh!" Syaoran bumped into Sakura, knocking her down.
"Oh, sorry," Syaoran apologized, blushing.
"I-It's okay," Sakura replied, blushing too.
They both sweatdroped.
"Ummm, Sakura/Syaoran. . . ."
"Oh, you first," Sakura said.
"Ummm, about that (Tilts his head back reffering to the almost kiss), ahh,
well. ."
"It's okay,forget about it," Sakura said.
"Yeah, umm, okay."
They both left the park, blushing and not saying a word to each other.

kawaiisayurichan: Hye, how'd you like it
syaoran: it was soooooo embarrassing!!!
kawaiisayurichan: welll, excuuuuse me mister conceited
syaoran: shut up
kawaiisayurichan: no
syaoran: grrrrrrrr
kawaiisayurichan: well, I'm gonna be nice and let syaoran go now
syaoran: thank you!
eriol: I'm back??
kawaiisayurichan: yes
eriol: don't put me in the box again!!!!!
kawaiisayurichan; I won't okay?
eriol: okay
kawaiisayurichan: I'll put you in a room
kawaiisayurichan: Tomoyo is in that room, it has no door
eriol: ahhhh, h-hi T-Tomoyo
Tomoyo: ahh, hi, eriol
kawaiisayurichan: *smiled wickedly* ja ne till next time. comments go to

Chapter 7: Looking for DOOM(top)

kawaiisayurichan: hello, I don't have anyone to help me right now. hmmm,
who should I torture next? maybe, nadeshiko?
nadeshiko: HOE?
kawaiisayurichan: Like mother, like daughter
nadeshiko: where am I?
kawaiisayurichan: you are here to help me compose a story or how sakura and
Syaoran defeat some bad guys and maybe tell each other that they love them
nadeshiko: ooooohhhhhhh
kawaiisayurichan: you interested?
nadeshiko: sure!
kawaiisayurichan: great!
nadeshiko: I get to play matchmaker with my daughter!!!
kawaiisayurichan: I guess so
nadeshiko: cool!!! *WAI*
kawaiisayurichan: you're such a clutz
nadeshiko: i fell down, it's okay, I'm alright
kawaiisayurichan: yah, whatever, enjoy all!

Next morning. . . . . . . . .
"Hey," Syaoran was kneeling over Sakura on her bed, trying to wake his
sleeping beauty up.
"Morning sleepy head," Syaoran said.
"Hmmm? Oh, good morning," Sakura said rather drowsily.
Meanwhile, in Tomoeda. . . . . .
Tomoyo: These pictures of Li-kun are great!!!
Yukito: I hope Sakura's having a good time
Kero-chan: I hope that KID is takin' good care of Sakura.
Fujitaka: Sakura must be having fun. . . . . . . .
Touya (Oh lord. . .): _HOW_ could she go off with that. . . that. . . .
_GAKI_!!! I hope he treats my little Kaijuu good. gaki. GRRRR. HOW COULD
SHE DO THIS TO MEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!! grrrrrrrr.
All Sakura's other friends: I wish I could go somewhere. -_-
Back to Sakura and Syaroan. . . . . . . .
"What time is it Syaoran?" Sakura asked.
"Ummmmm. . . . . . wow, you slept really late," said Syaoran.
"_WHAT_ time is it???" Sakura yelled at him.
"Fine, fine, fine, it's ten a.m." Syaoran replied.
"_Thank _ you."
"Well since you got up so late, shall we eat breakfast or lunch or a snack
and wait till lunch or brunch or what???" asked Syaoran.
"Umm. . . . . . let's eat Brunch. ^_^"
At a kinda fancy restaurant. . . . . . .
"This is soo cool Syaoran!" Sakura squealed.
"Ahhh, Yah," said Syaoran.
"What are you getting Syaoran?" asked Sakura.
"Ummm, I think I'll get the special," said Syaoran.
"Oooh, Wuzzat?" Sakura asked.
Syaoran sweatdroped.
"It's the soup of the day with a salad thingie, an almond crusted salmon
fillet, and a choice of dessert," said Syaoran, matter-of-factly.
"OOOhhhh! I'll have that too," exclaimed Sakura suddenly. This surprised
Syaoran and he fell out of his chair.
"Syaoran, are you okay?" Sakura asked.
'She's worried about me," Syaoran thought.
"Syaoran?" Sakura asked again.
"Oh, ah, yeah, I'm fine," Syaoran answered, getting back in his chair.
"That's good," Sakura said, smiling happily.
'Her smile is so pretty, she's so pretty. . . . . . ." Syaoran thought.
"Syaoran. . . .Syaoran. . . . earth to Syaoran!!! Your food is here!!!"
Sakura yelled, bringing him back to earth.
"Huh? Oh. Yeah, thanks," Syaoran said.
After ahh, brunch. . . . . . . .
"Whaddaya wanna do now?" asked Sakura.
"Ahhh, I dunno," Syaoran answered, 'maybe kiss you but I dunno if you would
like that.'
"Let's go to ummm, swimming at the hotel!" Sakura exclaimed.
"Ahh. . . . sure," Syaoran said, a little uncertainly.
At the hotel pool . . . . . . . . .
'WOW,' thought Syaoran.
Sakura was wearing a bright green string bikini with bright pink Sakura
flowers all over it.
Meanwhile, Sakura was checking Syaoran out. He was wearing forest green
swim trunks, they had pockets like the big cargo pockets, and it was trimmed
in black.
'Wow, he looks soooo handsome,' Sakura thought dreamily.
'Damn she's hot!' thought Syaoran, then he realized what he was doing and
'He's even cuter when he blushes,' Sakura thought giggling, 'Oh my gosh!
What am I doing? He must be thinking I'm so rude.' She blushed.
"Well, we _were_ going swimming," Syaoran began, "but I don't know what
we're doing now. . ."
"Oh, ah, yeah, we were going swimming, weren't we. . . . . ." Sakura
trailed off.
Sakura dove gracefully into the water.
"catch me if you can Syaoran!" Sakura yelled playfully, sticking her toung
out at him.
"I'm coming to get you!" he shouted back as he cannon balled into the pool,
creating a humongous splash,
"Aah! Can't catch me! Can't catch me!" Sakura teased.
"Wanna bet?" asked Sayoran, swimming towards her.
"Yeah!" she yelled back, dodging him.
"What are the stakes?" he asked.
"If you can catch me then you decide what to do tomorrow, if you can't then
I decide what to do tomorrow!" she gloated.
"Fair enough! Gotch- HEY!" Syaoran yelled.
"You gotta be faster that that!" Sakura laughed.
Suddenly, Sakura stopped swimming. She became stiff with fear.
Syoarna swam over to her.
"Ha! I caught you!" he said triumphantly. "Hey, what's wrong?"
"Do you feel . . . . . . . . it?" Sakura asked, trembling a little.
Syaoran concentrated hard.
"Yeah, is it DOOM?" Syaoran asked uncertainly.
"I-I think so," Sakura whispered, clinging to Syaoran. "Oh, Syaoran, I'm
"We'd better go look for it," said Syaoran.
Sakura nodded, numbly.
Syaoran helped her out of the pool.
"Shall we go up to change?" asked Syaoran.
"No, I'll put on a wrap and you put on a shirt," Sakura replied, stiffly.
Syaoran question marked.
"We HAVE to get this card ASAP."
"Oh, ok, let's go!" Syaoran said.
At a park nearby. . . . . . .
"It's close," Sakura whispered.
"Yeah, I can feel it too," Syaoran said.
"DARK MIST!" a voice cried out.
"Syaoran! Get out of the way!" Sakura yelled, pushing Syaoran out of the
way. Syaoran made it out of the attack, but it hit Sakura, head on.
Sakura in the mist stuffies. . . . . . .
'Where is the end to this? Oh no! Is it like DARK? No, then I would get
sucked in. Hmmmm, What is i- ahhh, It's colder. Am I gonna freeze? Aah!
I'm gonna freeze!'
"Syaoran come save me!!"
Sakura then fell to the ground unconscious.
Where Syaoran is. . . . . . .
Sakura was falling. . . . . .
"I gotcha," Syaoran said. 'Hmmm, she's unconscious.'
He absentmindedly touched her forehead.
"Whoah! She's burning up!"

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Chapter 8: Flu Season (top)

kawaiisayurichan: hey all!
nadeshiko: hi again
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nadeshiko: and we'll eat all the sweets and candies that have just appeared
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nadeshiko: try one of these
kawaiisayurichan: mmm they're good
*gives one to audience*
audience: yummmm
kawaiisayurichan: bye then
nadeshiko: bye

At the hotel. . . . . . . . .
'I'd better get her some medicine,' Syaoran thought. 'But what if she gets
up while I'm gone? I know! I'll leave a note! I'm a genius!'
With that Syaoran scribbled a note:
Gone to pick up some medicine for you. Stay in bed. I'll be back soon.
THE DOOM did something to you and made you sick. So don't worry
about me. Get some rest.
Then Syaoran went to the nearest drug store.
At the store. . . . . . . . .
"Ah- I'd like something for someone with a cold," Syaoran said.
"Family, best friend or girlfriend?" asked the clerk.
"Ah-ah none," Syaoran replied.
"A young man like you wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't like that. It
must be a girl you like and haven't told yet."
"Ah. . . .ah. . . ." Syaoran stammered.
"Here," the clerk said. "That'll be $7.58."
"Ah, thanks," said Syaoran, handing over the money.
Syaoran was just about to leave.
"Oh, and young man," the clerk began, " better tell her before it's too
"Oh-ah sure," Syaoran smiled at the man and went back to the hotel.
Back in the room. . . . . . .
Syaoran eased open the door, silently, padded in and closed it just as
silently. He then proceeded to pour out the medicine for Sakura when. . . .
"Hi Syaoran!"
"Ack!" said a very startled Syaoran.
Sakura was sitting up in bed reading a book.
"I thought I told you to get some rest," Syaoran said irritably.
"I am resting, I'm in bed and everything," Sakura said.
"Resting is sleeping," said Syaoran.
"Not, this is resting!" Sakura retorted.
"NOT!" yelled Syaoran.
"This is resting baka!"
"It is n- who are you calling baka?!"
"You! Duh!"
"I am not baka!"
"Well-" 'wait, he's trying to take care of me. Sakura=baka.' she thought.
"I-I'm sorry Syaoran," she began, "this cold is making me cranky. ^_^;"
"I, uh, um, I'm, ah, sorry too then," Syaoran apologized, blushing.
"Thank you Syaoran- blech!" Sakura made a face, "This stuff is terrible." *
^^^^ *
"Hehe, then get some _sleep_," said Syaoran playfully.
"rrrrrr. Fine, good night," said Sakura pulling the covers over her head,
just as playfully.
Then the medicine began to work (fast ne?) and Sakura began to dream. . . .
Sakura's dream. . . . . . . .
"Where. . . . .am. . . . . .I?" Sakura ran through the darkness.
"Sakura. . . . . .sakura. . . . . .sakura. . . . . . ."
"Who's there?" she asked.
"Sakura," a voice called.
She whirled around.
It _was_ Eriol, he had Spinel Sun on his right and Ruby Moon on his left.
"A great evil is in this world, Sakura. You must seal it away. . . . . . .
. ." said Eriol, before fading away.
"Wait! Eriol!" Sakura began.
Just then another figure appeared.
It was Kinomoto Fujitaka alright.
"I love you Sakura, you are my precious little girl, and be careful,
Hiragizawa-kun is right. . . . . . . ."
"Come back!" she cried, but he had already fadedaway, only to be replaced
by Touya.
"Careful kaijuu," was all he said.
"Hey!," but before she could say anything else. . . . . . .
"Yukito? H-Hoe?"
He smiled and turned into Yue and Kero appeared beside him.
"Be careful Sakura, Card Mistress," they said together.
"What are you warning me about?!"
Then her mother appeared.
"Sakura, my darling daughter, I have faith in you. . . ."
"Wait! MOM!"
"Be strong. . . . . . ."
Then all Sakura's friends, including Tomoyo and Meilin, appeared and
smiled, saying comforting words, then they just disappeared.
"_WHAT_ IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!" Sakura yelled.
"Good Question. . . . . . ." a voice hissed.
"Wh-Who are you?" Sakura asked cautiously.
"I am your destroyer," the voice replied.
As the voice faded, Syaoran appeared.
"I _believe_ in you, Sakura. We can do this," Syaoran took her hand,
smiling one of his rare smiles at her.
In the hotel room. . . . . . . .
Syaoran was sitting by Sakura's bed. Suddenly, she took his hand and
mumbled, "You're right, Syaoran."
This succeeded in turning Syaoran very, like _really_ red. Sakura slowly
opened ehr eyes, and realized what she was doing.
"Oh!:" she exclaimed, " Gomen-nasai Syaoran!" (Red faced)
"Ahhh. . . . . . It's okay Sakura," Syaoran replied, "Were you having anice
"Ah. . . .Well, I think it was a prophetic dream. . . . . . . . . ."
". . . . and that's what happened," Sakura finished.
"Whoah! We'd better fin and capture that card soon," Syaoran said.
"Yeah. . . . . . . ." Sakura trailed off.
"So, still feeling sick?" Syaoran asked.
"Nope," Sakura replied.
"I _told_ you sleep was the cure," Syaoran said haughtily.
"Syaoran," Sakura began.
"Shut up," she replied, throwing a pillow at him.

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Chapter 9: The Last Dark Card (top)

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As a result of Sakura's feeling better, Sakura and Syaoran went out to look

Sakura, respecting Tomoyo's wishes, wore a backless tinkerbell dress. It
was pink on the top and faded to green on the bottom. She wore clear glass,
or plastic, slippers that she claimed were very comfortable. She had pink
and green hair ribbons entwined in her hair. The outfit was completed by
shimmery gauzy fairy wings that worked when Sakura used the FLY card.

Syaoran had also agreed to let Tomoyo make one outfit for him, as long as
it was _VERY_ plain. In her depression, Tomoyo had made a pair of forest
green pants, richly embroidered in see-through shimmery silver and green.
He also wore a white Chinese style silk shirt that was embroidered and kind
of shimmery, like Sakura's wings. His outfit was completed with a pair of
black shoes.

They decided to return to the place that Sakura had been attacked at to
maybe find some clues.

It was a hot night so Syaoran wore his shirt untucked and unbuttoned.

'God he looks so handsome,' Sakura thought. 'I have to tell him how I
feel, even if he rejects me.'

Syaoran looked over at Sakura.

Sakura smiled.

'She is so beautiful, she looks like a-an angel. I'm gonna tell her
tonight. She _has_ to know.'



"Ano. . . . yes?"

"Hai, Sakura?"

(Both) "I have to tell you something. . . ."

(Still both) 'Here it comes, the 'I like you as a friend but I can tell
your feelings and I just don't feel the same way', or even worse the 'I know
you like me but I'm only in this to save the world form destruction.' Awww
man.' (that last part in Syaoran's case)

"Wait," said Syaoran. "I thin kit's close by."

They walked around to a forestish part of the park.

"It's really close by," said Sakura.

"Yeah," relied Syaoran.

He scanned the dark areas of the wood, trying to locate THE DOOM. He had no

They entered a small clearing in the wooded area.

Then, out of the shadows, a figure emerged.

"I-is that . . . . . . ." Sakura began shakily.

"Yeah," said Syaoran, grasping her hand. "But we can do it."

Sakura then thought of the dream that she had had. She thought of all the
people that believed in her, all the people that thought she could do it,
that she was powerful enough, of all the people who thought she was strong
enough. She couldn't, she just couldn't let them down. They were all
depending on her, they all needed her to win this one.

And Syaoran, Syaoran was there to help her. To make sure nothing would
happen to her, to make sure that they would win. Because only heaven knows
that after they had died how much he would be yelling about how the card
made an unfair move to make them lose. Suddenly, Sakura felt very secure
and calm. She tightened her hold on Syaoran's hand and looked him straight
in the eye.

"Yeah, we can do it," she said, smiling.

The figure stepped closer. It just stood there, eyes closed, as if it was
taking in the feeling of the air.

The figure was that of a woman, she had long, dark flowing hair, a
beautiful complexion, ruby red lips. She wore a dark blue strapless evening
gown that hugged her body, slowly fanning out at the bottom. She also had
elbow-length white satin gloves. A light blue scarf hung loosely around her

Then she opened her eyes, cold, icy blue eyes. Filled with hatred,
vengeance, loathing, envy, but also filled with love, compassion,
understanding, and sadness.

She gazed longingly at the two, and they stared back, puzzled. THE DOOM
card then let a single solitary tear fall.

She whispered something softly.

Sakura and Syaoran strained their ears to hear what it was.

She whispered, this time a little louder, "I'm sorry. . . . . . . . ."

They looked at her, confused.

"I'm sorry. . . . . . . . ."

The two card captors fell to the ground, deep in sleep, to face THE DOOM's
greatest attack.

THE DOOM fell to her knees and wept. Her shiny, silvery tears falling
gently on the pavement.

"I'm sooo sorry . . . . . . . . . ." THE DOOM whispered to the moon and the
stars, her only companions in the prison she called life. "Please set me
and mine free . . . . . . . Please . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ."

The moon looked down on her and was silent and the stars twinkled with
their soft light.

THE DOOM let many more tears fall.

They all waited silently for the battle to end. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Chapter 10: Capture DOOM (top)

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kawaiisayurichan: no you don't
duo: why?
kawaiisayurichan: because I froze time for you to make a special guest
duo: o
kawaiisayurichan: well, this is what's going on. . . . . . . *whispers*
duo: ok, and then so?
kawaiisayurichan: you will help me!
duo: oooooook
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you go and diss me.
duo: fine then sorry
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duo: hmph

Syaoran's dream thingie. . . . . . . .

"Syaoran. . . . . . ."

"Who's there?" Syaorna asked.

Sakura appeared beside him.

"I love you Syaoran," she said. She then pulled him into a deep kiss.

When she pulled away, Syaoran was staring at her, open mouthed.

"You- I- huh?" said Syaoran.

"I love you silly," Sakura replied.

"Oh, I, ah," Syaoran stuttered.

"Do you love me?" Sakura asked.

Syaoran looked deep into Sakura's eyes.

"Sakura, I-" but he stopped. Something in her eyes was missing. He didn't
know what. I guess you could say that it was missing the Sakuraness that it
had always had.

"You, you're not-not real, you're not the real Sakura," he said. At that
moment the fake Sakura dissolved into thin air.

Syaoran woke up to see THE DOOM. He saw Sakura lying on the ground. He
rushed to her.

"Sakura, wake up. . . . . ."

Sakura's dream thingie. . . . . . . . . .

Sakura saw a boy leaning against a tree in a park. She walked over to him
and he turned around.

"Syaoran?" she said.

"Yeah, Sakura."

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

"I wanted to tell you that I love you Sakura," said Syaoran.

"I-" Sakura began. Then she stepped away. "I-"

"What's wrong Sakura?" Syaoran asked, putting his arm around her.

"Syaoran, I-"

Syaoran pulled her close to him. Sakura was getting very uncomfortable.

"Syaoran, stop," she said.

"I can't, just let me kiss you, just one kiss," Syaoran said.

"Syaoran, I-" Sakura's sentence was cut off. Syaoran had pressed his lips
firmly to hers. Sakura melted into the kiss, but somehow, it wasn't how she
had pictured Syaoran kissing her. If she had told him to stop, he would
have stopped.

Sakura pushed Syaoran away.

"You're not Syaoran," she said, " the real Syaoran would have respected my
wishes, you're just a Syaoran wannabe. Well you know what? I don't love
you, I love the real Syaoran."

As she said that, the "Syaoran wannabe" disappeared.


Sakura awoke to Syaoran, the real Syaoran, holding her and trying to wake
her up. THE DOOM was smiling.

"You have passed the first test," she said. "Had you given into the
illusion, you would have been trapped there forever."

The cardcaptors looked at her strangely.

"Why are you helping us?" Sakura asked.

"For you to help me. . . . . . ." she whispered.

Sakura got a confused look on her face.

Then THE DOOM fired a ball of black fire at them.

"HOEEEEEEEEE????????" Sakura yelled before dodging the blast.

"You say you're trying to help us and you fire at us?!" yelled Syaoran.

THE DOOM nodded.

"Shield!" Sakura cried, Syaoran ran over to her.

"What should we do?" she asked.

"Capture her."


"Like this!" Syaoran yelled, running out of the shield.

"Syaoran!" Sakura cried.

Syaoran was busily dodging all the blasts.

"Syaoran! Are you nuts?! you'll get yourself killed!" Sakura yelled.

"Get the card!" Syaoran yelled back.

"I can't!" Sakura yelled. "Come back!"

Syaoran was hit by a fireball.

"SYAORAN!!!!!" Sakura cried.

Syaoran struggled to his feet and began to dodge once again.

"Syaoran you're crazy! Get back here right now! I'll run out there and
get hit on purpose if you don't!!!" Sakura yelled.

Syaoran ignored her.

"Alright then!" Sakura called back the shield and ran towards Syaoran.

Syaoran gasped, he didn't think she would really do it.

Sakura stood motionless as a fireball came towards her.

"SAKURA!" Syaoran called, but he was too slow.

"KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Sakura screamed as a searing pain
engulfed her body.

Syaoran caught Sakura as she flew backwards.

"SAKURA! Are you okay??!!!" Syaoran asked.

"Y-yeah," Sakura said.

"Why did you do that?"

"Because," she replied.

They had to break off the conversation as a black whip of energy came
straight towards them.

Sakura and Syaoran dodged it.

"Sakura, use the mirror and the twin!" Syaoran said.


"Because we can make more targets and get the card easier!"

"OK! Mirror! Twin! Release!"

The mirror and twin cards released, the twin card took Syaoran's shape and
the mirror took Sakura's shape.

They had confused THE DOOM. It spun around trying to decide which was real
and which was a card. Unfortunately for our cardcaptors, it got lucky.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Syaoran crashed to the ground.

"SYAORAN!!!" Sakura ran towards him. "This isn't working, we've got to
fight fire with fire!"

"What do you mean?" Syaoran asked.

"Eternity! Love! Heal! Wonder!" Sakura cried. "Release!"

"I get it!" Syaoran exclaimed. "We'll use the cards created by the same
magic to defeat her!"

The four cards released and something strange happened. They began to


As the cards glowed, they began to merge, a swirl of magic surrounded them.
When the magic died down, a new card stood before them. She had silky
golden hair, deep blue sapphire eyes, a warm smile, and soft feathery white
wings. She was dressed in a long sleeveless gown of flowing white.

"Who-who are you?" Sakura asked.

"I am, I am THE ANGEL, mistress," the card replied.


"ANGEL! Go and defeat DOOM!" Sakura cried.

THE ANGEL flew swiftly toward DOOM, knocking it down. Then she began to
sing, her melody wrapped around DOOM and it started to change.

THE DOOM's eyes grew soft and happy, changing from pale blue, to a deep
navy blue, she blinked, and then she smiled.

"Thank you," she said.


"What is going on?"

"I am no longer THE DOOM," said the new card.

"That is right," said THE ANGEL.

"Then what are you?" asked Syaoran.

"I, was Michio's loving and caring wife, before he became evil, my daughter
and I were suffering from an illness. Being the caring husband that he was,
and seeing that he couldn't save us, he turned us into cards, so that out
souls could live on and continue to make the world a better place," said THE

"Yes, my mother was turned into THE ANGEL card that you see before you, and
I was turned into THE GOOD, because doing good deeds was what I loved most.
When my father became evil, he tried to turn us into evil cards. I was not
strong enough to resist and was turned into THE DOOM. My three sisters, who
had become evil with my father, were turned into DECEIT, HATE, and EVIL. My
mother who was not turned into an evil card, was split up into the LOVE,

"I see," said Syaoran. "So now you're good again."

"Yes, that's right," said THE ANGEL.

"Now card mistress, help us to where we belong," THE GOOD pleaded.

"Okay, ANGEL, GOOD, return to your true form! Michio Cards!" Sakura yelled.

"Thank you. . . . . . . . . ." they whispered before becoming cards, they
floated gently into Sakura's hand.

Sakura smiled at Syaoran, Syaoran smiled back.

Together, they walked back to the hotel.

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kawaiisayurichan: huh?
*the rest of the gundam pilots come bursting through the door*
kawaiisayurichan: don't hurt meeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
heero: huh? we're just here to watch duo burn.
trowa: yeah, what he said
wufei: it's very interesting
quatre: but we'll put him out later, i think
kawaiisayurichan: whew! oh! and im comments to kawaiisayurichan minna.
*duo runs around burning while the others laugh*
duo: guys! a little help! I'm burning here!!!!
all except duo: ahhhhh, no!
(fades out on a charred duo screaming at everyone)

Chapter 11: True Feelings (top)

duo: im still on fire here!!!
kawaiisayurichan: *gets the hose*
duo: ahhhhh! *gets blown away by killer hose*
kawaiisayurichan: hehe
all other pilots: so what is this?
kawaiisayurichan: come here *whispers*
heero: so?
kawaiisayurichan: *gets fire in her eyes*
heero: *sweatdrops*
kawaiisayurichan: hya! *blasts heero with killer hose, he lands somewhere
near the unfortunate duo*
trowa: ima leave b4 i get killed
wufei: me too
kawaiisayurichan: DIE! *blasts with killer hose*
quatre: ahhh, i'll stay
kawaiisayurichan: quatre is so nice!
quatre: hehe
kawaiisayurichan: *gives quatre a hug* now read on!

They were walking back to the hotel. . . . .

"It's so cool that we finally sealed all the dark cards Syaoran!" Sakura

"Huh? Oh, yeah Sakura," Syaoran was lost in thought. 'To tell or not to
tell. . . . .'

"Is something wrong Syaoran?" Sakura asked.

"Oh, ah nooooo, hehehehehehe, everything is fine," Syaoran sweatdroped.

Sakura is packing her things. . . . . . . . . . .

"Syaoran," Sakura said.

"Hmmm? Yeah?"

"We're going back tomorrow."

"Yeah. . . . . ."

"Well, I wanted to tell you something last night," she said softly.

"Well, I wanted to tell you something too."

"Syaoran," Sakura stared deep into his eyes.

"Yes, Sakura?" Syaoran stared back.

"I. . . . . . . ."


"Thanks, just thanks for everything," Sakura said. 'Why couldn't I say


That night while Sakura is sleeping. . . . . . . . . . .

'Sakura I love you but I can't seem to tell you. I'm such a coward.
Please, feel the same way I do,' thought Syaoran, kneeling beside her bed.

He then crawled into his own bed and tried to fall asleep. Visions of
Sakura and him together, happy, floated through his mind.

Next Morning at the Airport in Oregon. . . . . . . . . . .

"Sakura, there's something that I have to tell you," Syaoran said uneasily.

"Y-yes Syaoran?"

"Erm, I- nothing," he finished quickly.

"Oh, okay Syaoran," Sakura replied.

'Stupid stupid me!' thought Syaoran.

"Flight 1463 to Tokyo, Japan, boarding now. Flight 1463 to Tokyo, Japan
boarding now."

"Well, that's us," said Syaoran, "we're going home."

"Home," Sakura whispered. Touya, Dad, Yukito, Tomoyo, Kero, her friends
were all elements of home. Sakura smiled. "Yes, let's go home."

With that they picked up their carryons and proceeded to board the plane.
Syaoran was feeling very nervous because he had vowed to tell her before the
got to their respective homes. He sighed.

On the plane. . . . . . . . . . . .

Sakura had fallen asleep beside Syaoran, leaning on him for a pillow. She
looked so angelic. Syaoran sighed. He had been doing too much of that
lately. He cupped her face in his hands, smiling at her. He nuzzled her
nose affectionately.

'Something warm. . . . . . on my face. . . . . . so comforting. . . . . . .
. . could it be? . . . . . . . Syaoran. . . . .' Sakura was dreaming.

Syaoran slowly took his hand away. He sighed again. He would tell her
before he dropped her off at her house with her baggage.

With that thought in mind, Syaoran fell asleep. (we all know who he's
dreaming about. . . . . Quatre: who?? kawaiisayurichan: Sakura of course!!!
Quatre: oh. . . .)

Sakura awoke to find Syaoran sleeping, he looked so handsome. She bent her
face to his, slowly going closer and closer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . (Shall I end it here? Quatre: no! I wanna find out
what happened. kawaiisayurichan: well, ok then) Her lips slowly brushed
against his cheek. Sakura pulled back and gasped at what she had done.

'Someone. . . . . . . warm against my cheek. . . . . . . . an angel. . . .
. . . . . . . who are you?' Syaoran asked in his dream.

Just then the stewardess came to take orders for dinner, breaking the
tender moment. Sakura gently shook Syaoran awake.

"Hmmm? I'll have the pasta," he said drowsily before leaning back onto
Sakura and falling asleep.

"Syaoran-kun! You have to eat!" Sakura exclaimed, shaking him awake.

"Huh? Oh, yeah," Syaoran said, as he began to eat.

"You're so silly," Sakura said lovingly.

"Huh?" Syaoran asked, puzzled and somewhat hurt. He didn't show it

Sakura took his hand, "But that's one of the reasons I- you're my friend."

Syaoran smiled at the kind remark. The love he felt for her welled up in
his heart, but he couldn't say them.

'Damnit! Why?' he thought, mentally kicking himself.

Sakura smiled at him and continued eating.

Syaoran sighed and did the same, cursing himself all the while.

As he continued eating, he gave long side wards glances at Sakura, who
didn't notice, and sighed a lot.

Sakura was getting kind of worried about him.

"Are you okay Syaoran?" she asked.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm okay. Hehe," he sweatdropped.

"Well, okay then," Sakura gave her tray to the stewardess as did Syaoran.

She lay her head against Syaoran's shoulder as the in-flight movie came on.
It was about a girl who was afraid to tell her true love how she really
felt and how she ended up losing him.

'I don't want it to be like that,' Sakura thought. 'But I can't find the
courage to tell him.'

'I don't wanna end up like that girl, but I just can't tell her!' Syaoran
thought in frustration.

They both sighed, then noticing what they had done, blushed tomato red and
turned away from each other.

'Awwww mannnn,' Syaoran thought to himself, mentally kicking his head.

Sakura looked out the window, 'Syaoran . . . . . . . .'

They were nearing their destination.

"We will arrive at Tokyo, Japan in exactly 15 minutes, please fasten seat
belts and put your chairs in an upright position. Thank you."

"Well, we're gonna be home soon," said Syaoran.

"Yeah," said Sakura.

"You excited?"


"Me too."

"I can't wait to se everyone again."


They both turned to look out the window. Before they knew it they were on
the ground and at the baggage claim area.

"Come on Sakura, give me your things and I'll load them in my car," said

"Thanks Syaoran, for giving me a ride home," said Sakura.

"No problem," Syaroan replied.

In Syaoran's car. . . . . . . . . . .

"So, did you have fun?" asked Syaoran.

"Yes," answered Sakura.

As they reached the front door of the Kinomoto residence, Syaoran helped
carry in Sakura's things.

Syaoran asked Sakura if he could talk to her outside.

They went out to the back.

Syaoran took Sakura's hand. "Sakura, I need to tell you something," he


"Sakura, I really like you, a lot, I-I love you, Sakura," he said,

"Really Syaoran?" Sakura asked, eyes shining.

"Really," his eyes were downcast.

"I, I love you too Syaoran," Sakura replied, smiling gently.

Syaoran looked up at her, his eyes were still uncertain and scared. Sakura
took his hand in hers.

"I always have and I always will, you are my true love, Li Syaoran,"
Sakura's eyes shone with admiration. Syaoran was captured by their beauty.

Syaoran was just about to pull Sakura in for a kiss when all hell broke
loose. AKA: Touya came.

"What the **** are you doing to my little sister you ******* *******!! I'll
kill you!!!! Stay away from her you GAKI!!!!!!!!!!! I'll turn you into the
police for harassment!!!! You hear?!?!?!?! You ******!!!!" Touya grabbed
Sakura and stormed into the house. Leaving a gaping Syaoran. (Quatre: poor
syaoran. kawaiisayurichan: yeah, but it's part of the storyline.)

Next month. . . . . . . . . .

Syaoran walked into his room singing, Sakura and him had just gone out on
their first date. He was very happy. He noticed he had two messages on his
answering machine. He pressed the play button.

"Hey Syaoran, just calling to tell you that I had a great time tonight. I
hope we can go out again soon. Oh, and by the way, this is Sakura. Bye."

Syaoran smiled, but his smile wouldn't last long. Not even for the next
thirty seconds.

"Syaoran, you must come home. We know how attached you are to the card
mistress but you must forget her and come back to Hong Kong to lead the
clan. We will be expecting you back in five days. If you try to resist, we
will have to be forced to take desperate measures. We will kill the card
mistress and take the cards from her. *click*"

Syaoran gasped, he collapsed on the side of his bed. they were going to
kill Sakura if he didn't come back and forget about her. How could he do
that?! He loved her. He had to break up with her right after their first

'No this isn't happening. Damnit! Why?' he thought, tears welling up in
his eyes.

He would have to break her heart and tell her tomorrow. He hated himself.
Hated the clan. Hated his mother for letting them do this.

Tomorrow would be a long day.

kawaiisayurichan: well??
quatre: it was good
kawaiisayurichan: just for that, I'll let you go
quatre: thanks, see you later.
kawaiisayurichan: bye quatre!
quatre: bye!
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kawaiisayurichan: it's a ctarlctarl! It's asha from outlaw star! Yo
asha: well, nothing much, jus dropping in ta say howzit.
taryn: hey, you talkin mah language!
*asha and taryn go off to talk their "Language"*
kawaiisayurichan: gasp! it's tai from digimon!
tai: huh? how did I get here?
kawaiisayurichan: you're no fun
kawaiisayurichan: it's mamoru!
mamoru: huh? hey. where's everyone?
sasami: hi.
kawaiisayurichan: hi. *whispers*
sasami: cool
kawaiisayurichan: ja ne!
sasami: ja ne!

Chapter 12: Goodbye My Love (top)

kawaiisayurichan: heyo all!
sasami: he-yo?
kawaiisayurichan: nevermind
sasami: ahh, okay
kawaiisayurichan: so now here's the deal, you read my story and THEN you
give me feedback
sasami: ?
kawaiisayurichan: got it?
sasami: ????
kawaiisayurichan: good
sasami: so where is sakura and Syaorna?
kawaiisayurichan: well they'll come as soon as the story starts again
sasami: ok
kawaiisayurichan: now without further ado. . . . . . .
tenchi: *comes bursting in* hide meeeeee!!!!!!!!!
kawaiisayurichan; huh?
tenchi: from aeka and ryo-ko
kawaiisayurichan: k
tenchi: I'm in a box
kawaiisayurichan: and now without anymore interruptions, on with the
sasami: yay!

Syaoran had called Sakura and asked to talk to her at King Penguin Park. . .
. . . . . . .

"Hey Syaoran, what did you want to tell me?" asked Sakura, seeing Syaoran
sitting on the slide.

"I, I wanted to tell you that I, do you want to go out today?" he asked.
'Damnit! Why am I so bad at telling people stuff???'

"Umm, right now you mean?"

"Ahhh, yeah, now, is that okay?"

"Sure, where do you wanna go?"

"Shall we catch a movie?"

"Ahhh, okay. Can we see 'O'?"

"Huh? O."

"You know the one with that american guy, it just came out."

"Okay then."

Sakura grabbed Syaoran's arm and dragged him to the movie theater nearby.

They had gone around town all day, stopping at the mall, a nearby cafe,
Tomoyo's house, and now they were going to Syaoran's apartment.

When they got inside Syaoran told himself that he had to tell her right
then and there.

"Sakura, I have to go back to Hong Kong."

"Okay, when are you coming back?" she asked, not getting it.

"No, I can't come back. I have to go there and lead the clan," he said.

"What?" Sakura was shocked.

"I'm sorry Sakura," he couldn't look her in the eye.

"I- why can't you stay?" she pleaded.

"I can't stay, because I love you."

"What? If you love me then stay with me!" tears were coming to Sakura's

"I- I just can't, you'll die if I stay here," tears were threatening to
break loose.

"NO! You don't love me! If you did then you would stay!"

"No, I love you with all my heart!" Syaoran's voice was filled with sorrow.

"NO! I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!" Sakura shrieked.

"I can't stay!"

"No! Stop it!," she cried, covering her ears. "I don't want to hear it! I
hate you! I never want to see you again!"


Sakura had run out the door in tears. Syaoran slammed his fist into the
door. Tears were spilling from his eyes. 'Damnit! Why did this have to
happen?!' he thought.

Meanwhile. . . . . . . . . . . .

Sakura had run home, flinging open her bedroom door and crying into her
pillow. Touya saw the whole thing, and being him, immediately thought
Syaoran had done something to hurt her. Touya tried to find out what was
wrong but his only answer was a pillow in his face and a "LEAVE ME ALONE!"
from Sakura.

Touya grabbed his keys and headed out the door. He would have to go the
gaki's house himself to figure out what had happened.
At Syaoran's apartment. . . . . . . . . . .

Thunder boomed outside, 'A perfect setting for the end of my life,' thought
Syaoran. Then the booming was louder.

"HEY! OPEN UP!!!!!!" yelled a voice.

"Coming," said Syaoran.

He opened the door.

"What did you do to my sister GAKIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Touya yelled.

"I had to break up with her," Syaoran replied sadly.


"Because I have to go back to Hong Kong."



"Oh. . . . ."

"Listen." Syaoran pushed the play button on the answering machine.

"I see. The card mistress. . . . . ."

"Ahhhhh, it's ah, nothing, ahhhh, hehehehehehehehehe," Syaoran wished he
had not pushed the button.

"It's okay, I know," Touya replied.



"Since when?"

"Since she captured the card that looked like her."


"Yeah," said Touya. "That one."

"She hates me now. She said so."

"No she doesn't. She just doesn't want you to leave. She loves you too
much," Touya was surprised at how much compassion he was showing the gaki.

"What?" Syaoran was surprised as well.

"She loves you brat, even though I don't want to admit it. You better find
a way to come back to her, or I'll find you and break your neck." With that
Touya left, slamming the door.

Syaoran sighed. He continued staring out the window.


Meanwhile. . . . . . . . . . .

Sakura wandered about in the rain, her quest led her to Yukito's house.
She sighed and knocked on the door.

"Can I speak to Yue?" she asked quietly.

"What is it mistress?" Yue asked, his cold eyes showed that he was
irritated about transforming.

"Oh, I need to talk to someone who won't say anything about it," Sakura

"Huh?" Yue somehow sensed something was wrong and felt a strange feeling,
he didn't know what.

"Syaoran is-is-he's going back to Honk Kong!" Sakura began to cry.

"What?" Yue was confused at why Sakura was so sad.

"I'll never see him again," she sobbed.

Yue had never been in a situation like this before. He felt his heart

"I just wanted to tell someone who wouldn't understand love, no offense,
but Tomoyo would just cry and be like me and be of no help at all, Touya and
Kero would just say good riddance, no one understands," Sakura sank to the
floor in a heap of tears.

"I-" Yue was at a loss for words. He could feel her pain. It hurt so bad,
how could she stand it?

"Oh, Yue, I'll never see him again! I love him and I'll never see him
again! I told him I hated him! I'm so stupid, I love him. . . . . . . . .
." Sakura began to tremble.

Yue wrapped his strong arms around her, "It's alright mistress, it's okay
to cry, don't worry," Yue sighed, seeing his mistress so sad made his heart
ache. He wished he could make it better, but he knew why Syaoran had to go
back. He just let Sakura cry.

". . . . . . . . . . . never see him again. . . . . . . ." she whispered
into Yue's shoulder. Her tears soaked his snow-white garments, but he
didn't care, he just wanted to help her.

"I love him, never see him again. . . . . . . . . . . . . said I hated
him," she sobbed uncontrollably.
At Sakura's house. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Kero stared out the window, he wondered what was wrong. Sakura had run into
the room crying, then she had stormed out and when he tried to help she just
pushed him away.

"What's wrong Sakura?" he asked.

kawaiisayurichan: well?
sasami: it was soooooooooooo sad *teary eyes*
kawaiisayurichan: *sniff sniff* I know but it is part of the plot
sasami: oh
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sasami: it was so sad *tear*
kawaiisayurichan: and im me too.
sasami: *sigh*
kawaiisayurichan: my sn is kawaiisayurichan
sasami: soooooooooooooo sad!
kawaiisayurichan: ahhhhh. . . . . . . . . . . .
aeka: what is the meaning of this
rhy-oko: yeah, and where's tenchi
*box shivers*
kawaiisayurichan: go away!
kawaiisayurichan: well. . . . . . . . .
usagi: I will punish you on behalf of the . . . . . . . . . where am I?
kawaiisayurichan: ugh. . . . . . . .
sailorkellimoon: hi kawaiisayurichan!
kawaiisayurichan: hey sailorkellimoon!
sailorkellimoon: i g2g
kawaiisayurichan: bye
minako: hey
kawaiisayurichan: bye
minako: bye?

Chapter 13: A Love Lost (top)

kawaiisayurichan: i hav finished explaining to minako!
minako: yup
kawaiisayurichan: is it good?
minako: yup
kawaiisayurichan: really good
minako: yup
kawaiisayurichan: which is better Pepsi or coke?
minako: yup
kawaiisayurichan: ???
minako: yup
kawaiisayurichan: can you say anything but yup?
minako: yup
kawaiisayurichan: what?
minako: yup
kawaiisayurichan: *sweatdrop*
usagi: I will punish you!
kawaiisayurichan: huh?
usagi: huh?
kawaiisayurichan: hold up! *whispers*
usagi: oooooohhhhhhhhh
kawaiisayurichan: yeah
usagi: i geffum now!
kawaiisayurichan: jups!
usagi: wanker!
kawaiisayurichan: skizz!
usagi and kawaiisayurichan: fuzzy!!!!!!!!!
all others: ?????????
kawaiisayurichan: bye then

Sakura ended up walking home from Yukito's house, dejectedly.

"Sakura, what's wrong?" asked Kero as she walked in the door.

"Syaoran is leaving."

She went to bed without another word.

Kero sighed.

Back at Syaoran's apartment. . . . . . . . . . .

"I will find a way back to you Sakura! I promise you!" Syaoran yelled to no

Next month. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Sakura had gone to Tomoyo's house for costume fittings. Tomoyo was putting
the finishing touches on her Halloween costume. Sakura was gonna be Sailor
Moon in a costume that Tomoyo had thought up.

Sakura sighed.

"You're thinking about him aren't you?" Tomoyo asked.

"Yeah. . . . . . ."

"You should have gone to see him off," Tomoyo said.

"Yeah. . . . . . . . ."

Tomoyo was worried about her friend. She was always sad. Ever since
Syaoran left things had not been the same.

Tomoyo sighed. She had planned on making Syaoran into Tuxedo Kamen. Now
that he was gone she couldn't.

Sakura kept a scanned picture from their yearbook and a picture Tomoyo had
taken of them on they're first date with her always, she kept them in a
locket that he had bought her. It was a heart shaped locket. Syaoran had
bought it for her on their first date, although it wasn't really a date because
they had Tomoyo tagging along three feet behind them. Sakura sighed, they
had never really had an honest-to-god date because Tomoyo had always been there.
Two steps behind.

In the yearbook picture of Syaoran he was scowling, you couldn't change
that about him, his chestnut brown hair fell neatly in front of his face.
His eyes were cold but understanding at the same time. Sakura loved his

The second picture had Sakura and Syaoran sitting by a lake. They were
holding hands and looking at the water. Syaoran was staring lovingly at
Sakura, smiling one of his rare smiles. Sakura was holding his and against
her face as she gazed out upon the lake. A smile of contentment etched on
her face.

Tears began to course down Sakura's face. Tomoyo frowned.

"I miss him so much," Sakura began, " and now he's gone. . . . . . . ."

"Sakura," Tomoyo didn't know what to say.

"I want him to come back, god it hurts so much."

"Yeah. . . . . . . . I bet it does," Tomoyo sighed.

In Hong Kong. . . . . . . . . . . .

Syaoran stared out the window. His daily training would start soon and he
would be late, but he didn't care. Sakura was out of his reach and it was
painful. He held the copy of the picture Tomoyo had taken of the two of
them. The picture by the lake. He sighed.

"Sakura. . . . . . . I miss you," he said. "I'll find a way. . . . . . .
to come back to you."

"Syaoran?" his mother walked in.

Syaoran quickly hid the picture.

"Syaoran, your training will start in 5 minutes, please hurry up."

"Yes mom," Syaoran just wanted her to go away.

He sighed and got up. He hated his family. They just wanted power. They
didn't understand love.

"Sakura," he whispered.

Outside the door Syaoran's mother frowned. She knew how much he loved her.
She wished she could have persuaded the elders to let him be. She cursed
whatever powers made him the only boy in the family. She wished someone
else could do it so she didn't have to see him in such pain. She sighed and
walked away.

Syaoran soon emerged from his room and walked dejectedly to the training
room. 'She hates me. Why do I still love her?' he thought as he walked

Five years later. . . . . . . . . . .

Sakura walked to her house, she was the major model for Tomoyo's fashion
line. She looked the same as when she last saw Syaoran because she hoped
that he would come back and he would recognize her. She sighed.

'I said I hated him, why would he still love me. He's probably married to
Meilin by now,' she sighed.


Sakura sighed, she was getting ready for their next shoot. She applied her
makeup and gathered the new clothes Tomoyo had sewn. She grabbed her keys
and walked out the door.

Tomoyo was waiting for her. Sakura quickly got dressed. They were in for
a long day. She wanted to cry all day, but she held it in and smiled for
abut 5 hours straight. Tomoyo knew this was a off day for her.

At the end of the day Tomoyo asked Sakura if she was thinking about


"You should either get over him or go find him," Tomoyo urged.

"Yeah," Sakura wasn't listening.

"Sakura?" Tomoyo asked. She could tell her friend had spaced out.

The two walked to the parking lot, neither talking. They both got into
their cars and drove away. Tomoyo wished she could do something for her
friend. But she couldn't bring Syaoran back, she didn't even know where he

Sakura went home. Despite Kero's nagging at how the shoot went, she
collapsed into bed and fell asleep. Kero frowned, she was still sad, even
after all this time.



"Huh?" Syaoran saw a girl with emerald green eyes running towards him.

"Syaoran, why did you have to leave me?" she asked.


"It's alright, we're together again, I've found you. After all those years
I've found you again," she nuzzled his shoulder.


"I still love you Syaoran," she said.

"I, I still love you too," he replied.

Then an all-too-familiar flash appeared in the sky.

Black storm clouds rolled in from nowhere. It began to rain, heavy sheets
of it. Blinding both of them. They headed for a shelter of some kind but
there was none to be found.

"Syaoran, I'm scared," Sakura whimpered.

"Shhh, it's okay, I won't let anything hurt you," he reassured her. He
only wished he could reassure himself as well.

Then the lightning came. Blinding flashes. They were a sickly purple
color. Many of them seemed directed at Sakura.

Syaoran tried to run to her aid.

In the midst of the attacks, Syaoran could hear a low cackle of laughter.
It was mocking the effort Sakura was using to escape the angry flashes that
raked the sky.

Syaoran ran to her. He was blocked by a strong force field. He saw as
lightning hit her small fragile body again and again.

"SAKURA!" he cried out. Desperately trying to break the barrier. When he
finally got through the figure had disappeared, it was still raining and
Sakura lay motionless on the ground.

Syaoran picked her up and felt her pulse, nothing. Hot angry tears sprang
to his eyes.

"No," he whispered. "NO! SAKURA!!!!"

His own startled cry had woken himself up. He checked to see if anyone had
heard. No one had. He was panting. He recalled the dream he had had when
he had Sakura had first started capturing the dark cards.

'Sakura's in danger. I must help her. But how?! I can't get to her!
Damnit!' he pounded his fist on the bed.

Syaoran's mother walked into the room. "Syaoran," she began.

"Don't talk to me," he snapped.

"Syaoran, I have convinced the elders to let you go back to Japan," she

"What?" he asked, shocked.

"But if you do, you can not be part of the clan any longer," his mother's
eyes were downcast.

Syaoran made a quick, important decision. "Can I still keep in contact
with you and my sisters?"

"Yes, but you will be excluded from all the other things that we, as a
clan, do," his mother was close to tears.

"I must go," he said.

"Yes," tears had begun to fall from his mother's eyes.

"Sakura is in danger, I must go to her."

"Yes, I've known you had loved her since you came back."

The next morning Syaoran was all packed and heading for the airport.

'I'm coming Sakura,' he thought.

As the plane took off Syaoran's mother stood at the window, teary eyed,
taking a last long look at her son.

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Chapter 14: The Dark Master (top)

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Kero had been sensing a strong energy for a while and when he sensed it was
getting stronger he decided to tell Sakura.

"Sakura," Kero began.

"What?" she asked, not interested.

"I think a evil presence is nearby."


"As the card mistress you must find it and defeat it."

"Okay," Sakura had been like this for a while. The spark of happiness that
had always been there, even in the years just after Syaoran had left, was
gone. All that was left was emptiness.

Kero was worried that she would not be able to handle the situation in her
current state. "Yue and I will come with you to help," he said.


They headed off to Tomoyo's.

"You can't come Tomoyo," Sakura said. "I can't lose you if you get hurt."
'Like I lost Syaoran.'

"Okay, but wear this costume."


Sakura emerged from Tomoyo's dressing room wearing a huntress outfit. She
had a white mini skirt trimmed in gold which showed off her great legs. She
had a spaghetti strap top which was white and came together in front with a
criss-cross of gold cording. She had a covering that spanned from shoulder
to shoulder that dipped down to the middle of her chest. It was gold and
held together in the front with white cording. Sakura had white gloves that
went three-fourths of the way up her arm and were trimmed in gold. She also
had gold boots that went half way up her leg and were trimmed in white. She
wore gold and white ribbons in her hair. To complete her ensemble she had a
white quiver full of golden arrows held on her back with a gold strap and a
white bow with a golden bowstring.

"You look ravishing," Tomoyo commented.

"Thank you Tomoyo," Sakura said, smiling.

Tomoyo was the only one who could coax a smile out of her every now and

Sakura and Kero walked to Yukito's house.

At Yukito's house. . . . . . . . . .

"I need to speak to Yue," Sakura said.

Yue appeared.

"We are going to fight an evil that I have sensed for a long time, coming?"
Kero asked.

"Yes, I will do anything I can to protect Sakura," Yue said, for the same
reason Kero was going to help.

Together the three of them walked to where the dark magic was the

They walked for a while, not finding anything. Presently, Yue went home
because he thought Kero had imagined it. Even Sakura was starting to loose

They walked to a clearing in a wooded area. The sun cast evening shadows
on the trees, giving it an eerie feeling.

Then out of a shadow, a figure appeared. It was tall and clothed in a
dark, almost black, purple robe.

The figure waved it's arm and Kero fell to the ground, frozen in ice.

Sakura gasped.

Kero transformed into Cerberus and broke his icy prison. He flew to
Sakura's side.

Yue had also appeared the moment he realized what danger Sakura was in.

Suddenly, a barrier of ice surrounded both of the guardians. They were
locked in an icy cage. They tried desperately to break free. It was to no
avail. They were slowly drained of their energy and fell to the floor, in
their false forms.

Sakura could feel the evil energy emitting from the shadowy form increase.
But she didn't care. Syaoran was gone, nothing mattered. She could let
herself be killed and it would be no one's fault. She stood, awaiting her


Syaoran ran towards where he felt Sakura's energy. He hoped it was not too

'I should have stayed with her!'

"Sakura! I'm coming!" he yelled to no one.

He ran faster.

He fell, cursing he got back up and resumed his frenzied run.

He sensed that her power, her aura was weakening.


'Hold on a little longer Sakura, I'm coming, don't give up yet!'

He tried to run faster.

'I'm not gonna make it!'

He wished he could use THE FLY card.


The thought gave him strength. He found a second wind and ran with all his

'Please let her be alright.'

Sakura stood alone, her two guardians lying on the ground in a heap.
Unconscious as they were, they still sent her reassuring thoughts. They
were disregarded. Sakura planned to commit suicide, because of the loss of
Syaoran she felt she had nothing to live for.

A black energy blast came towards her. She fell.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" her scream filled the dusk shadows.

Another blast, and then another.

Each piercing scream echoed in the quickly falling night. They were a
beacon for everything evil, and they were searing pain for Syaoran who could
hear their echos in the night.

She was hit again and again. She felt she could no longer stand. Her
garments stood intact, that was because of her magic, but she was steadily

Meanwhile, Syaoran ran as fast as he could.

"What? Not going to fight back?" asked her nemesis, mocking her.

"No," she answered calmly.

"Then go ahead and DIE!!!!!!" he shrieked, gathering up all his energy for
the final blow.

Syaoran had just reached the edge of the clearing, he gasped at the sight
he saw.

'This is it,' she thought. "I'm sorry Syaoran. I just can't live without
you. . . . . . ." she said to no one in particular.

A piercing scream echoed through the night, but it was not Sakura's.

"Syaoran!" Sakura cried as she saw him run quickly in front of her,
blocking the mighty blow.

Syaoran fell to the ground, motionless.

Sakura knelt down and cradled his head in her arms.

"NO!!!" shrieked Michio, furious that his plans had been thwarted by
Syaoran (I forgot to tell you it was Michio).

'Syaoran, why," Sakura asked. "Why did you do it Syaoran?" Tears streamed
down her face, partly tears of sadness, but partly tears of joy; Syaoran had
come back!

"S-Sakura," Syaoran was breathing hard and looked like he was in pain, but
he was smiling.

"Syaoran. . . . . . . . ."

"It's nice you get all _sentimental_ but I'm trying to destroy you!!!"
yelled Michio.

"Sakura," Syaoran reached up and held her face in his hands. The both of
them totally ignoring Michio.

Michio did not attack because it's no fun if you destroy someone without
getting to gloat right before you do it.

"Syaoran," Sakura was still crying. "_Why_?"

Just then Michio decided to fire a warning shot.


Sakura grabbed (?) Syaoran and quickly dodged the blow.

She set him down on the ground.

Syaoran struggled to his feet.

"We can do this Sakura," he said, taking her hand.

Sakura flashbacked to her dream. . . . . . . . .

"Wh-Who are you?" Sakura asked cautiously.

"I am your destroyer," the voice replied.

As the voice faded, Syaoran appeared.

"I _believe_ in you, Sakura. We can do this," Syaoran took her hand,
smiling one of his rare smiles at her.

End Flashback. . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Yes," she replied.

"Well?" asked Michio.

"You have messed with the wrong people!" yelled Sakura.

"Oh yeah?"


"Die then!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Another blast of energy was fired at them.

"Hya!" Syaoran lashed out at Michio with his sword.

"Power of light.

I, Sakura, the Card Mistress command you!

Reveal the hidden powers within the wand!


Sakura's wand appeared.

The two card captors stood ready to fight the biggest battle of their lives.

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Chapter 15: Battle With Michio (top)

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tomoyo: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
kawaiisayurichan: hold up
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kero-chan: hey!!!!!!!!!
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kawaiisayurichan: now maybe I can get some quie-
duo: you blasted me!!!!!!!!
kawaiisayurichan: GET OUT NOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
duo: why meeeeeee?
kawaiisayurichan: because i said soooooo
rei: hi
sakura: ???
kawaiisayurichan: I'll try to fix this thing, ja ne!
kawaiisayurichan: argh!

Sakura and Syaoran stood ready for the next attack. They quickly dodged an
array of fireballs.

"Why did you come back?" Sakura asked.

"B-because I-" Syaoran was cut off. "Whoa!"

"If you will not surrender the girl, then I will kill you both!!!" shouted
an enraged Michio.

"Fat chance baka!!!!!" Syaoran yelled.

"Is that a challenge?" asked Michio.

"So you do have some brains after all!" Syaoran retorted.

"Syaoran!" Sakura gasped.

"It's okay Sakura, don't worry about me," Syaoran reassured her.


Syaoran had already jumped away in a fighting stance. He stood ready for
the first attack. He knew he was crazy, but he had to prove to himself that
he was good enough for Sakura.

A scattered shower of black ribbons of magic encircled Syaoran. He was
caught totally off guard.


"Oh no! Syaoran!" Sakura cried.

"S-Sak-ura!" Syaoran gasped. He pulled frantically at the ribbons, trying
to loosen them from his throat.

'Oh no! He's choking! What am I going to do!' Sakura thought.

"Sakura," Syaoran whispered, he was getting a strained look.

'Which card do I use?' Sakura thought.

Syaoran's eyes were beginning to glaze over. Michio stood laughing.

'If I use sword I might cut Syaoran, if I use erase I would erase him, what
do I do?'

Suddenly Sakura got a lightbulb.

"Move! Free Syaoran and move him over here!" she shouted.

The MOVE did it's work. It deposited Syaoran neatly into Sakura's arms.

Syaoran coughed and lay still. Sakura gasped, she checked his pulse, it
was consistent. He had just been knocked out form lack of air.

Michio used this time to gather a mass amount of energy. He transported
them to . . . . . . the inside of a fiery volcano. The cavern was vast and
had lava filled crevices everywhere. One wrong move and you were history.
Sakura gasped.

Michio separated Sakura and Syaoran and moved them each to a tiny island
surrounded by lave. They were just far apart enough so that Sakura couldn't
jump to Syaoran. If she used any of the cards (jump or fly) she would bump
her head on the stalagmites (?) or stalactites (?) on the ceiling.

"Syaoran!" she yelled frantically, hoping she could wake him up.

It was to no avail.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!!!!!" cackled Michio. "It is no use!"

Sakura had just about had it with him when he did the evilest most mean
trick in the book. He slowly let the lava dissolve Syaoran's island thingy.
As the molten rock slowly ate at the edge of the lava Sakura remembered a
card she had forgotten in her panic. FLOAT!

Sakura smiled, she could get him out of this.

"FLOAT! Float Syaoran over to me!"

The FLOAT was successful in the fact that it floated Syaoran, but it really
pissed Michio off, he made Sakura's island thingy dissolve too.


Sakura called move but it was not strong enough to move her and Syaoran.
Just then, Syaoran woke up. Good timing ne?

"Come on!" Syaoran yelled.


Syaoran chanted some mumbo jumbo and used ice magic to cool the lava. Now
the battlefield was a vast plain of caverns and crevices.

"So you think you can defeat me with your puny tricks do you?" Michio was
really pissed off, considering that all his other attempts had failed to
kill Sakura and he was running out of plans.

Michio decided to open up a valley to separate the two.

Rumble, rumble, the ground was splitting open. Syaoran tried jumping
across to Sakura, but he hit a wall of energy and . . . . . . fell crashing
down the hole.

"Syaoran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" it does not need to be said, but ima say it
anyway, Sakura used the fly to fly down and try to see what happened to

They were floating in an enormous void. It was almost pitch black.

A very eerie presence filled the air.

Sakura's eyes were getting very heavy, something was overpowering her. She
was so sleepy. Sleep. . . . . . . . . Sakura passed out.

On the other side of the wall, Syaoran was trying to keep awake as well.
He saw Sakura fly down and hit his head against the wall trying to get to
her. He was getting tired. He soon fell unconscious as well.

Sakura. . . . . . . . . . . . . .


"kura-Sakura. . . . . . . . . ." Sakura opened her eyes to see. . . . . . .


"Sakura, what's wrong?" Yukito asked.

"Nothing dear," said Sakura. Michio laughed silently in the shadows. He
was thinking at how smart he was, taking an old romance and making her
forget Syaoran.

(In this dream, Sakura is married to Yukito and she doesn't know about
Syaoran. T_T)

"I have to go shopping for my brother's birthday present today honey,"
said Sakura.

"Yes, can you do that while I'm at work?" Yukito replied.

"Sure," Sakura walked out the door.

@ the fake mall. . . . . . . . . . . .

A young man walked by and accidentally bumped into Sakura. He looked into
her eyes. He was familiar somehow. . . . . .

"Pardon me miss," he said softly.

"It's okay," Sakura replied.

Sakura was about to leave when the young man grabbed her arm.

Sakura whirled around.

"Do I know you?" the stranger asked quizzically.

"Ummm, you look vaguely familiar, but, I don't think I've ever seen you
before," Sakura replied.

"Oh, sorry."

"Come on Syaoran!" yelled a girl with long black hair in two neat buns.

"Coming!" Syaoran yelled.

'That girl, that boy, they look familiar,' Sakura thought.

'That girl, I wonder what her name was,' thought Syaoran. 'She seemed,
it's like I know her, from somewhere. . . . . . . .' He shrugged it off and
walked home with Meilin.

When Sakura went to bed that night she dreamed of the boy. 'It's not
right! I have a husband!'

Meanwhile, Syaoran was having exactly the same problem.

'I know that girl,' he thought, 'but from where?'

Suddenly, Syaoran's head shot up.

"Sakura!" he shouted.

Immediately the dream world dissolved around him. He was in the void,
Sakura was floating a mere 5 feet away.

"OWWWWWWWWWWW!" he yelled. He had hit his head against the wall again.

'That boy, who is he. I heard that girl, she called him Syaoran. . . . . .
. . . Syaoran. . . . . . . . . . . . the name is so familiar, but, where
have I heard it? Syaoran, Wait! SYAORAN!'


Sakura's mind broke the powerful spell.

She awoke to Syaoran banging the wall that separated them.

Sakura began trying to break the wall as well.

She used the SWORD to break the wall.




(Whoah! Major PMS!!!!!!)

Michio gathered all his energy and aimed it at the two.

Sakura jumped in front of Syaoran.


The blast made contact. Sakura winced in pain.


"Syaoran!" Sakura gasped with pain.

Syaoran reached out to Sakura.

The moment their hands made contact, they began to shimmer and glow.


"What magic is this?" Michio was outraged.

All the pain disappeared from Sakura. She smiled at Syaoran.

From where they touched, a great warmth began to spread. Their hands shone
with light and radiance. Silver and golden beams of light were shining

When their hands parted, a gem floated between them. It was a beautiful
pink heart surrounded by a green vine of jeweled leaves. It emitted a
massive amount of energy.

Sakura touched the marvelous gem.

It attached itself to her wand. Then, Sakura and Syaoran were engulfed in
a shining white light.

Michio stood apart, in awe.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he screamed, his bestest plan had been
thwarted again.

(No this is not the end of michio. This is just getting started.)

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Chapter 16: Battle with Michio Part II(top)

kawaiisayurichan: I found out that at least one person must in here with my
"Poof" thingie, soooooooo I decided to have . . . . . . . . . . Sakura-chan!
sakura: hoe?
kawaiisayurichan: *Sweatdrop*
sakura: hi minna
kawaiisayurichan: I have told sakura everything that has happened in the
story so far
sakura: when do I find out how Syaoran feels about me?
kawaiisayurichan: . . . . . . . . .
sakura: and why can't I just tell the me in the story?
kawaiisayurichan: erm. . . . . . . . .
sakura: and can you bring Syaoran here?
kawaiisayurichan: o-kayyyyyyyyyy
syaoran: not again!
sakura: hi Syaoran!
syaoran: s-sakura *blushes*
sakura: ???
syaoran: I, Uh, a little help?
kawaiisayurichan: *between giggles* well, time to start writing my story
syaoran: what?!
sakura: what's wrong syaoran? why is your face so. . . . . . . . pink?
syaoran:. . . . . . . . . . .
kawaiisayurichan: ja ne
sakura: ja ne
syaoran: help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kawaiisayurichan: YAKAMASHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
syaoran: *gulp* ja ne!

Sakura's outfit began to change, as did Syaoran's. The two gazed in awe at
the power of the gem. It was incredible.

Sakura's huntress outfit became a shining white strapless gown. It hugged
her body down till her waist, then it gradually pooled out at her feet. At
the top of her dress was a golden star with white wings, surrounding the top
of the dress, beginning and ending at the star, was an intricate pattern of
golden stars and vines. Sakura's gloves' golden trim grew white wings and
the same pattern of stars and vines went from the back of her hand, all the
way up the glove. Her boots were changed into pearl white high heels. She
grew white wings with hints of golden shine in them, her hair ribbons turned
from ribbon to chiffon.

Syaoran had been wearing a green Chinese-style shirt and brown pants. His
pants changed from brown to white and had the pattern of stars and vines
embroidered in white all over. His shoes turned white as well. His shirt
changed from green to like the shirt he was wearing in the second movie but
white and had gold trim. He bore a flashing sword of silver carved with the
stars and vines pattern, it's hilt and scabbard was the same design as the
carvings in his sword. He also grew wings that were identical to Sakura's
except a little bigger.

Sakura's wand also changed. The star became pure white and the band
surrounding it was gold. The wings on the outside stayed white. The rod
part of the wand changed to white and the knobby thing at the end was gold.
Carved into the rod of the wand, and enforced with gold plate, was the
pattern of stars and vines.

Sakura and Syaoran gasped.

"What is going on?" Sakura asked in amazement.

Michio began to fire stuff at them, but a shield had been formed around

All the Sakura cards floated around Sakura and turned from pink to gold and
white. Then all the cards released themselves and went into the star on
Sakura's wand. After that the gem on the top changed from a pink heart and
green vines to a white heart with gold vines.

Michio broke the shield that was protecting Sakura and Syaoran. They
hurridly dodged the attacks. A few attacks hit home though.

Sakura and Syaoran were hurled backwards.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Syaoran was slammed
right into Sakura.

They were both hurt pretty bad.

"I never thought it would end like this," Sakura whispered to Syaoran.

He hugged her lose. "I know."

Michio was trying to call up enough power to finish them off when Sakura's
wand began to glow. THE ANGEL released itself and flew over to Michio.

"Do you remember me?" she asked.

"What?!" Michio didn't understand.

"Do you remember me?" she asked again, tears in her eyes.

"No, I don't know you."

"I can free your spirit if you only remember me. . . . . . ."

"Who are you?"

"I-I was you loving wife, before you became evil. . . . . . . . . . ."

"I have no family! Only my three card children! DECEIT! HATE! EVIL!
Come to me!!!!"

The three cards flew out of Sakura's grasp and into Michio's hand.

"I have them!" he shouted madly.

"Father. . . . . . ."


"Father. . . . . ."

One by one the cards released themselves, they were ghostlike and

"Father," said THE DECEIT, "she had taken our power, we are only ghosts
now. Destroy her father!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Yes, Destroy her father!" echoed the other dark cards.

"I will kill you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Michio yelled.

"NO!" THE ANGEL stepped in the way of the attack.

She was hit repeatedly but did not defend herself because in her heart she
still loved him, even after all the things he did because she remembered
what he was like when he was good.

She was finally vanquished and she floated into the star on Sakura's wand.

"I'm sorry," she whispered, " I tried. . . . ."

When she came in contact with the wand, the star shone brightly. A tiny
red heart appeared in the middle of the star and disappeared a few seconds
later. Sakura felt power coursing through her body.

Michio was still really pissed off.

"I'll kill you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

He fired repeatedly at them.

Sakura realized that she could not beat him in this place. It was somehow
magnifying his dark powers. Syaoran sensed this as well.

Sakura grabbed Syaoran's hand and began to fly upwards.

They could hear Michio's enraged shrieks calling after them.

They flew faster. Upwards, always upwards into the sky.

On the ground, Michio had sprouted bat-like wings and had taken off after
the two. He was catching up to them.

Sakura and Syaoran tried to fly faster.

Michio was gaining on them.

Sakura felt that if they somehow reached the clouds they could defeat him.
But the clouds were so far away.

Sakura called on DASH's strength and they flew on.

They flew for what seemed like forever. Michio gaining on them, inch after
painstakingly slow inch.

The clouds were just out of reach, they were almost there.

Syaoran was beginning to falter. Sakura was as well. But they couldn't
stop now, they just couldn't. They were so close, so close! It was just a
bit further, but their strength was giving out and Michio was gaining,
always gaining.

"We can do it," Sakura hoped.

"Yes," Syaoran believed in her. She could do it.

They had just a few yards to go.

Syaoran was ahead of Sakura, pulling her on.

Just then, Michio grabbed Sakura's foot.




Syaoran was enraged, he let go of Sakura's hand.

"Fire god!" He shot flames at Michio.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Michio was flying
around trying to put out the fire.

Sakura and Syaoran sweatdrop.

Then Syaoran took Sakura's hand and they flew into the clouds. But when
they surfaced, they were not floating on white puffy stuff. They were in a
beautiful garden, well, a beautiful erm, place with fountains and waterfalls
and stuff but erm, no flowers, just erm, pretty gems embedded into the erm,
pretty ground (?) everywhere.

Michio broke through the barrier and gasped. This wasn't supposed to

(A.N: there is a fine line that divides the good and evil in this
dimension, they were on the evil side so naturally evil is more powerful.
However, it is vice versa on the other side. On that side good is always
more powerful than evil. That is why Sakura and Syaoran couldn't win. The
divider between the two is the cloud barrier.)

"What is going on? Where are we?!?!?!" Michio shouted. He was feeling

'I feel my powers growing, hoe? what is this????' Sakura thought.

'What is wrong with this place???' Syaoran was thinking.

Sakura began to glow and Syaoran, who was naturally worried, flew to her
side. He began to glow too. Sakura's wand began emitting serious power.


"Syaoran, what's going on?!"

Michio started powering up, he still had some power left over from being
supercharged on the dark side of the dimension.

Michio fired numerous blasts of fire in their direction.

"AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!" Sakura screamed. She had been hit. She had hurt her

"Sakura!" Syaoran ran to her aid. "That's it! You're askin for it man!
No one, and I mean _NO_ _ONE_, hurts _MY_ Sakura!"

Syaoran had flames in his eyes.

"Syaoran. . . . . ." Sakura whispered in awe.

"Come on Sakura, let's finish him!"

Sakura nodded, she tried to stand, but her ankle was too weak. Syaoran
gently lifted her up as they floated in the air.

"You'll never beat me! Never!!!!"

Sakura fired all the energy she had at Michio. He was very strong and
seemed to be resisting her attack. Syaoran saw this and immediately
channeled his energy to Sakura. He also sent her reassuring thoughts and
held her tightly.

Sakura and Syaoran's energies were dropping enormously, but Michio was
doing worse that them. He was loosing power very fast.

Soon Sakura and Syaoran saw him start to disappear. (Like erase card.)
First his feet, then his legs, then his torso, his arms, his neck, fimally
they could only see his head.

"You haven't won!!!!!!!!! I'll get you!!!!!!!! I'll get
you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" were his last words before disappearing into

Sakura and Syaoran hugged each other.

"Syaoran," Sakura began.

"Yes, Sakura?"

"What did you mean when you called me 'your Sakura'?" she asked sweetly.

"I meant that, well, Sakura, Ai Shiteru Sakura."

Sakura gasped.



But Michio had left the two a parting gift. He had planted a bomb of dark
energy where he had disappeared. It began reaching crucial level.

"Syaoran what's going on?"

"Michio has planted a bomb! It's gonna blow soon!!"



"Syaoran, Ai Shiteru!!!"

Sakura took out the shield card, she knew it would only be strong enough
for one of them. She knew what she had to do.

"SHIELD CARD! Protect Syaoran!!!"


"I'm sorry Syaoran!" Sakura whispered as the bomb exploded.



A cliffhanger?
kawaiisayurichan: bwahahahahahahaha
sakura: I wanna find out it I live!
kawaiisayurichan: hold your horses!
syaoran: if you maker her die on me then i'll!
kawaiisayurichan: you'll what?
syaoran: erm
kawaiisayurichan: i'm waiting
syaoran: erm
kawaiisayurichan: well
syaoran: well, i would chop you to pieces
kawaiisayurichan: i can fry you right now if I wanted
syaoran: gulp
kawaiisayurichan: but as I was saying before I was so _rudely_ interrupted,
i'm not mean enough to let in end here.
syaoran: whew
sakura: yay!
kawaiisayurichan: enjoy the end of chapter, erm, 16!


When the dust from the bomb settled, THE SHIELD went back into it's card
form and headed for Sakura's wand.

Syaoran knew that where Sakura's wand was, he would find Sakura. He
followed the card through rocks and debris. Finally, he saw a figure, it
was Sakura!

Syaroan ran to her form. She was still breathing. She was alive!!!

"Sakura! Wake up! Sakura!"


"Sakura! You're alright!" Syaoran was jumping up and down and laughing
for joy.

(Because of my magnificent author powers no one's clothes have been
tattered, in fact, they're all looking like new. ^_^ I don't know why this
applies but I might make then the wedding clothes for their wedding, if I
make a sequel and get that far. . . . . . . ^_^)

Syaoran hugged Sakura close and he was kinda misty eyed.

"You scared me," he whispered.


"Because if anything had happened to you I'd have died," he replied.

"Syaoran, did you really mean it when you said you loved me?" Sakura asked.

"Yes, I did, did you?"

Sakura smiled. "Yes."

Syaoran looked deep into Sakura's eyes, her shining eyes, they had laughter
once more.

Syaoran held Sakura close. He tilted her chin up, ever so slightly. Their
lips met. It was like sweet ecstasy for the both of them. Their dreams had
come true.

Syaoran's arms encircled Sakura possessively. Sakura's arms were thrown
casually around Syaoran's neck. It sent shivers up Syaoran's spine.

'I never thought this day would come, and now it has,' Sakura thought.

Sakura parted her lips, Syaoran's following them. Sakura giggled silently.
Life was good. ^_^

'This just feels so right,' Syaoran thought contentedly.

Their heartbeats raced and matched with the rhythm of the kiss. Sakura
smiled through the kiss. When she smiled, Syaoran smiled too. He pressed
his lips even more firmly to hers.

When they finally broke the kiss, they found a way to get back to their
world (it was thru a portal that had been opened as a result of kero and
yue's joined powers) where Tomoyo was waiting and had somehow found out that
they had told each other and was babbling on about how she would personally
plan their wedding.

"-and I'll have five florists and design your clothes and-"


Kero and Yue, who were okay because Michio's power only lasted till he
died, stood on the side out of the chaos. They were happy to see Sakura and
Syaoran together, though Yue more so that Kero.

Syaoran picked Sakura up and twirled her in his arms.

"We did it!" he shouted.

"Yes, we did. . . . . ." Sakura looked away.


"Yes Syaoran?"

"What's wrong?"




"I love you."

Sakura smiled. "I love you too."

Syaoran pulled Sakura into a nice long kiss while Tomoyo taped it.

kawaiisayurichan: blahdeblahdeblahdeblah.
sakura: i liked it
syaoran: i hated it
sakura: does that mean you don't like me????
syaoran: erm, ah, no, it's i, erm, help!
kawaiisayurichan: e-mail comments to
syaoran: erm.
sakura: well????
syaoran: erm, yes, no, mebe
sakura: you don't like me!!!!!
syaoran: only because, erm, I erm, I . . . . .
kawaiisayurichan: just say it and put you both out of your misery
syaoran: shut up.
sakrua: ???
syaoran: sakura, i love you
kawaiisayurichan: *Poof* and here's Tomoyo
sakrua: really?!
syaoran: uh yeah
sakrua: oh! I love you too!!
tomoyo: what luck! two i love you's in one day!!!!
kawaiisayurichan: erm, yes
tomoyo: happiness!!!!!!!!
kawaiisayurichan: well that was the end. tell me if you liked it
tomoyo: ja ne
sakura: bye!
Syaoran: i hate you
kawaiisayurichan: bye