Spread your wings, Meilin! by April

“Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday… Happy birthday, Happy birthday Meilin.” The whole crowd clapped their hands as Meilin blew the candle. Meilin had a simple yet enjoyable birthday party. The party was held in their residence in Japan. Tomoyo baked the cake served in the party. Meilin and Sakura cooked the dishes. The rest helped in the decorating the place.

Everyone enjoyed the birthday party. They had lots of parlor games, singing and dancing. The final part of the party was the giving of gifts. Tomoyo was the first one to give her gift. “Meilin since you’re a good friend of mine, I will give this dress I personally made just for you.” “Thank you Tomoyo, I will wear this immediately after the party.” The next gift was a Chinese inspired doll and dollhouse given to her by her classmates. One of the gifts was not wrapped properly. It was not opened easily for the yellow and blue ribbons created a big knot. When Meilin opened it she saw a framed drawing of herself together with Kero and Suppi. It wasn’t beautifully drawn but she was still very happy with that gift and thanked Kero and Suppi for their time and effort in making her gift. Next up was Li Syaoran. Syaoran gave her a long red ribbon. “I don’t really know what girls like so I just gave you this ribbon.” “Thank you Syaoran, I like any gift you give me.” Sakura didn’t have any parcel with her so everyonewondered. “Meilin I hope you like my gift.” It was wrapped in a colorful sheet of paper. Meilin opened it and she was very glad Sakura gave her the fly card. “Oh Sakura I never thought you would give such a wonderful gift to me, Thank you very very much!”

Everybody helped in cleaning up the venue when Meilin approached Sakura. “Sakura may I ask you a question? How do you use the fly card? Do you have any special training?” “Meilin do not worry as long you believe you can do it, it is possible.” “Alright but…” Sakura stopped her from saying a word and said “Everything will be fine Meilin just trust yourself.”

Meilin can barely sleep that night, she was very anxious to see the sun rise so that she can practice her flying skills. It was already dawn. Meilin took a bath, ate breakfast and went towards their backyard. “This would be easy, I guess” But it became very hard for Meilin to fly. She would flap her wings and about a minute she would fall again. Meilin was very patient. Hours passed but she had a little improvement.

She became very tired when Kero appeared. “Are you here to make fun of me Kero Chan?” “Sakura asked me to help you in flying. I would rather play video games if I was to help a little brat like you but Sakura promised me a cake.” So they started their flying lesson.

“Meilin you must flap your wings like his. Lean forward then put the weight off your body”.  “I can’t Kero it’s too hard for me” When they were practicing an ice cream truck passed over them. “Meilin, I have to go, good luck little brat.” Kero flew over and chased the ice cream truck.

Meilin was sitting for a while when she saw something above her. Was it a bird or a plane, no its Superman. She called Superman. Superman landed on the ground. “What is it child?” Superman asked. “You can fly right? Can you teach me how?” Superman answered “I would be glad to help you.” Superman taught Meilin the typical “Superhero flying pose.” “One arm up or two arms up the other knee bent that’s it then fly.” Meilin followed the teachings of Superman but Superman said he couldn’t stay longer for his sexy leading lady is in distress.

She still doesn’t know how to fly. She sat by the garden alone and depressed. A dragon fly flew past her. “Little creatures like dragonflies are better than me because they know how to fly. I hope I can fly like a dragon fly someday.” She closed her eyes and when she opened it she saw an angel surrounded by a bright light. “Are you here to help me fly?” Meilin asked. “No Meilin it is you who can help yourself. I am here to tell you that it all comes from your heart. Can you feel it? I will always be here for you. Your guardian angel.” Then the angel and bright light quickly disappeared.

“Can that be true, my very own guardian angel appeared to me?” She also noticed that she was standing on their rooftop. Seconds later she saw a puppy with very long and flabby ears on the other end of the roof. It stepped on the edge and another step means death for the puppy. Meilin shouted “Puppy don’t make another step, I will get you there.” But the puppy jumped off the rooftop. Meilin with out second thoughts also jumped off the rooftop carrying the fly card. Her wings showed up and she caught the puppy with her hands. For the first time she flew with ease using her wings. “I did it” Meilin said with a smile on her face. The puppy she was carrying flew her hands using its ears. Meilin gasped. “A flying puppy!?” The puppy started to talk. “Have you ever wondered why is a puppy on top of your rooftop.” “You’re not just a flying puppy but also a talking puppy?” The puppy glowed and started to talk again “No I am not a flying and talking puppy, I am the fly card.” “That was only a test to see if you can relly be my new master. You are indeed qualified to become my new master.” The puppy became the fly card and from a Sakura card it became a Meilin card. She was very glad but she didn’t expect the next thing to happen. Her wings appeared and transformed into another shape and color. It became the wings of a dragonfly. It was silky, color green wings that shine whenever the sun’s rays strike pass through it. Meilin shed tears of joy.

From then on Meilin built her self confidence. Everyday she fly together with the dragonflies and it was easy for her to help people who are in a difficult situation.

The End