Spread My Wings by Lindie

The sound of laughter enriched the air as the group of people seated around the table chorused along to the tune of 'Happy Birthday'. Placed in the middle, Meilin blushed profusely at the attention that situated around her. Sakura gave her a cheesy grin and handed over a pink card.

Looking at the card questionably, Meilin gave a nod of gratitude. Opening it with care, Meilin waited for the words of luck and wishes that greeted her. But what lay in front of her, took the breath from her mouth and left her speechless.

The Fly Card.


Meilin sighed contently as she reminisced the sound of laughter, the cheering, the twinkle in her voice. Caught still in her hazy state, her eyes travelled down to the piece of cardboard that lay in her hands. A choke managed it's way up her throat. Sakura loved the cards. And to think that she had given one away...made her feel strange.

"Meilin? Shall we continue?" a voice broke her reverie.

Shocked by the sudden disturbance, Meilin's head whipped around only to greet the Yue, one of Sakura's guardian. For the past week, Yue had attempted with no avail to teach her to master the ability of the Fly Card. Her efforts had been wasted for she had not left the ground, with the exception of her jumping up and down in frustration.

"There's no point! The Fly Card has obviously decided my life remained on land." Meilin retorted as anger set her eyes ablaze.

Yue sighed, "You have to trust and believe in the cards. If you do not, the cards will not respond to your needs."

Meilin gave a tired nod and got in a starting position. Yue's arms wrapped around her waist in order to support. Meilin tried not to think of the blush that was sure to have flushed her face. She looked around to drift her mind away from thoughts that shouldn't have entered her mind.

Only then did she realize her surroundings. She was in a garden full of Sakura trees. The ethereal scene took her breath away. Petals littered the ground graciously. It was a field of pink. And her she was, alone with a...man? A guardian? A friend? His arms were wrapped around her waist as if they were lovers. It almost seemed ironic. Banishing these thoughts, she took a deep breath.

"Fly Card!" she exclaimed as she threw the card into the air, hoping the card would obey.

Her pleas went unheard. The card dropped lifelessly to the ground. She stifled back a cry of agony.

"Do not worry. We'll try again." a comforting voice soothed her thoughts.

"I can't take it anymore! It's...it's hopeless. The Fly Card was not made to oblige me. It was Sakura!" Meilin shouted and started pounding his chests with her angry fists.

Meilin kept pounding but her eyes inwardly travelled upwards. She had finally taken notice of the detailed beauty that was in front of her. A waterfall of silken, silver hair that wrapped around his shoulders. Blue...no, it wasn't blue. His eyes were indescribable. It was a rainbow of the spectrum of blue. All wrapped into his eyes. His eyes were locked, barring people away from finding the truth behind steel walls.

A nose that was neither too flat or too pointy. A jawline and cheekbones that were chiseled to perfection, making his side profile an accentuated one. And pale wine lips that seemed to call her towards him. Forbidden thoughts entered her mind as she imagined him wrapping his broad arms around her, embracing her in an earth-shattering kiss that made her knees jello.

"Is there anything...interesting on my face?" an uncertain voice filled her ears.

The blush that had already occupied her face heated to the extent that convinced Yue that Meilin was ill. He took her in his arms immediately and brought a hand to her forehead. Her blush deepened as she took in the bliss that surged through her body.

"Are you fine?" Yue asked with worry in his eyes.

Not trusting her own voice, she shook her head. He nodded and took her in his arms and set his wings free. He jumped off the ground in a speedy motion. Airborne filled her veins as she experienced the feeling of flying through the air - with Yue.

She felt free. She felt freedom. She felt as if her mind was at peace. Being with Yue set her mind at peace. He made her feel...calm. If only she could experience this everyday. Flying in the air, with Yue.

The Fly Card.

It was her opportunity to encompass this feeling. It was her opportunity to be with Yue. But why? Why all these feelings for him? A guardian who's age was beyond human time. But he wasn't just a guardian. He was her friend. He was also a man.

A man she was possibly in love with.


Yue looked at the small form that was in his arms. She was alluring. She made him feel all these emotions he thought he was incapable of feeling. Feelings that he had never experienced,
or knew what they were. He was very entranced and mesmerized. She was beautiful, inside and out.
When Sakura had decided for him to teach Meilin to use the Fly Card, his voice had automatically responded.

He liked the feeling of her in his arms. It was like a perfect fit...as if she belonged there.
But he had to rid of these thoughts. He was a guardian with a duty. To protect his mistress. He couldn't risk having feelings for a human. It was out of his league.
But she was special. When she had flushed an unhealthy shade of red, he had been immediately worried and aided her straightaway. And then there was when she had been studying his face intently. A small blush made it's way to his cheeks.
He looked down once more at the goddess that was in his arms before he looked forward and headed towards Yukito's home.
Maybe she was the one that would take him from this isolated cage.


Within moments, Yukito's home had come into view. He swooped down and lay her on a patch of soft grass. Running to a nearby tap, he tore off material from his robe and soaked it in cold liquid. He went back to her quickly and dabbed gently at her face.

"Is anything wrong?" He asked quietly.

Meilin shook her head. Despite her dizzy conditions, she stood up determinedly. Yue immediately tried to stop her but she resisted. She was going to see if the feelings she had for this man was what she wanted it to be. She took out The Fly Card in her hand.

"Fly Card! Oblige to my commands!"

There was a flash of white. Momentarily blinded, Yue squinted his eyes. Meilin was standing still, white wings wrapped around her. She stood, shocked at her accomplishment. She gave a squeal of glee and embraced Yue in a hug.

As quickly as it came, the hug ended. She flapped her wings repeatedly and flew into the air.

Yue immediately went after her. When she had stopped to catch her breath, she was high up with white clouds surrounding her. She looked around for the man that had captured her in a daze when a pair of arms wrapped around her waist.

"You did it." he breathed into her ear.

She nodded and rotated her body so she was face to face with him. As if a magnetic force pulled them together, their lips met and bliss filled her body. Pure chaste. Yue pulled back and Meilin bit back a sigh of disappointment.

"I'm sorry...that was improper of me." Yue apologized as he bowed his head in shame.

As the words flowed from his mouth, Meilin tried to bite back the tears. Why was he sorry? He hadn't wanted it to happen? She was sure that what she felt for him was beyond friendship. But were the feelings mutual?

"Don't be sorry. It should be me...I kissed someone who doesn't have the same feelings-" she stopped before she finished her sentence.

"I'm falling for a human girl. That's why I'm sorry. I let my improper feelings take over me.
But I can't help but feel no regret. I'm just sorry that she doesn't feel the same way." Yue said calmly, but his pupils were shaking.

Meilin looked at him in shock. He was in love with her? He was falling for her...like she was falling for him. She automatically wrapped her arms around him and mumbled against his broad chest.

"Your feelings aren't unrequited." she said against the thin fabric of his robe.

Yue took a sharp intake of breath. He looked down at her and took her breath away with a kiss.
One with no regrets or apologies. One filled with love, innocence and dreams.

They are in love.

Written by Lindie { Copyrighted 2005 }