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Summary: Because of frequent attacks on them, the gang’s magic secret is discovered!  Now they must run, to keep their friends and family safe, but will they fight or hide?

Prologue: Secret Discovered

It was a beautiful day in the city of Tokyo as the trees bloomed and the sky, clear; not expecting the chaos to come.  Two boys were walking through a local park.  “And why are we doing this again?” asked a boy with messy chestnut brown hair and amber eyes.
“You ARE hopeless, aren’t you,” muttered the other boy who had navy blue hair and midnight blue eyes.
“What?” retorted the other boy.
“We all know you and Sakura’s lives have been a living hell lately; so Madison and I are giving you two a day off to have some fun at the festival,” replied the boy.
Li Showron just sighed in defeat, Eli was right; their lives had been a living hell because of the frequent attacks on them.  “Alright, alright,” mumbled Li while continuing to walk.
They walked past Li’s apartment to get to the festival; as Li looked at a flag with the symbol of his clan, the wind got stronger.  Soon the flag was ripped off its pole, ‘a bad omen,’ thought Li
The Spring Festival was held near the Tokyo Tower, so at night people could go up and watch the fireworks.  At the park entrance Li and Eli met Sakura and Madison, both with cheery faces on.  They went inside just as the festival began.  After about an hour, the four stopped by the food court for dinner.  In the food court there was a television that was set on the news as the gang sat down.  Li caught a glimpse at the screen just as an important breakthrough came on.  “Today, the question, ‘is magic real?’ was solved today,” said the reporter.
The screen suddenly changed to one of their fights against a being.  “Oh no,” whispered Li.
“As you’ve seen these ‘sorcerers’ possess destructive powers, what’s to stop them from killing innocent people?  The question remains as the subject will be discussed in the U.N. tonight,” continued the reporter.
Li and Eli glimpsed at each other, serious expressions on their faces; while Sakura and Madison exchanged nervous and worried glances.  “Come on, we’re still okay, they didn’t see our faces because of our costumes,” said Li while standing.
“Right, come on let’s have some fun,” chimed Eli.
The four of them took an elevator up to first circle room to watch the fireworks.  The first ball of light flew into the shy, followed soon by an explosion of brilliant lights.  “Wow,” whispered Sakura as more fireworks shot into the shy.
Li just smiled and wrapped his arm around her waist, and watched the show with everybody else.  ‘But how long will this peace last?’ thought Li to himself. ***United Nations***
 “We have word that sorcerers exist all over the world, making up one-third of the earth’s population,” said the president of the United States.
 “I say we give them a chance,” spoke the representative of China.
 A man walked up to the president and handed him a folder.  “I have here, a folder full of names and descriptions of some of these sorcerers,” continued the president.
“There’s three teenagers in Japan that can control time, summon the elements, and they each have enough power to destroy continents,” he spoke.
 “And what’s to stop them from actually doing it too?” shouted Germany’s representative.
 “If just three teenagers could do that, think of what one-third of Earth’s population could do,” added Russia’s delegate.
 “We shall take a vote,” interrupted the president.
 ***Five Minutes Later***
 “Time to decide, with or against the sorcerers,” said the president.
 Most of the desk lights turned red, while a few turned green.  “It is decided,” spoke France’s delegate, “Against.”
 A few cheers and shouts echoed through the room.
It was after the festival, and the gang didn’t hear the decision because of it.  Li was at Eli’s house to discuss the matters at hand, while Sakura and Madison went to their homes.  “You know the decision they’re going to make, so we need to act now,” spoke Li into the silence.
“I know but we must still wait,” responded Eli.
(This next part was inspired by X-2: X-men United)
Unknown to them, several clad soldiers snuck inside the new mansion.  The captain spoke into his com-headset, “We’re in.”
Spinner heard something and went to check it out.  He flew into the hall right before a claw closed around him.  Electricity shot through the wire and shocked Spinner into unconsciousness.  A soldier caught Spinner before he hit the ground silently.  The unit split up and started searching the mansion.  Ruby was reading in the study, when she sensed Spinner in trouble.  She ran into a hall and saw three men in army uniforms.  “Who the hell are you?” questioned Ruby while raising her arms in a defensive position.  One quickly pulled out a pistol and fired it at Ruby.  It was silent as three needles embedded themselves in her neck, right before she fell to the ground, asleep.
Li’s eyes snapped open, and both he and Eli looked at the door to the den.  Li poked his head out the door to take a look; soon after, Li quickly pulled his head back in.  Three needles entrenched themselves a second later where Li’s neck was.  He slammed the door shut and locked it, “Time to go.”
Both ran through the other door where four other soldiers were waiting.  Each fired the needles at them; Li just held out his hand and the needles stopped then dropped to the ground.  “Go!” shouted Li to Eli as he disarmed one, “Find Sakura and warn her!”
Eli ran through the many hallways until he came to a window.  He looked out, and saw three army helicopters heading toward his mansion.  Eli started running again, until he came across a wall with the Clow Circle on it.  He closed his eyes, and walked through the wall, revealing a corridor to the outside.  “It’s begun,” whispered Eli while exiting the passageway.
Li disarmed the last one and threw him against the wall, “Who sent you here?”
“Why should I talk to filth like you?” retorted the soldier.
Li turned him around and, hit him in the back of the neck, knocking him out.  Li ran to another wall with the Clow Circle on it, and walked through it, revealing another passage to the outside.  “All hell’s going to break loose now,” he muttered while running away.
Eli had finally reached Sakura’s house; he climbed up the tree next to her window.  Eli tapped her window, “Sakura, Sakura where are you?”
Li jumped through his bedroom window, grabbing a bag.  He filled it with his ceremonial robes, clothes, and incantations.  Li found his pendent and put it around his neck; he was about to leave when he spotted something green.  Li picked it up; it was a jade wolf head necklace.  It had been a gift from Sakura a year ago; he put it too around his neck and left.
Sakura woke up from tapping on her window, “Who is it?”
“It’s me, Eli,” he answered.
“Eli, why are you here?” asked Sakura sleepily.
“No time, open your window,” said Eli impatiently.
Sakura did as she was told, and Eli jumped in.  “Pack your stuff, it’s time to leave,” spoke Eli.
“Why?” demanded Sakura.
“Because, they’ve discovered our secret,” answered Li, jumping into her room.
“Oh no,” whispered Sakura in fear.
“They’ve already got Ruby and Spinner,” muttered Li while setting his bag down.
“Tori and Julian here?” asked Eli.
Sakura just nodded her head yes, “Wake the stuffed animal while I get them,” said Li as he left.
It was dark and quiet as Li entered the family room.  He found both of them sleeping next to each other.  Li was about to wake them when he suddenly heard a noise inside, and it was not upstairs either.  Quickly, Li put his hands on their mouths to wake them up, and sure enough it did.  “Shhh,” he whispered while waving his hand as a signal them to follow.
Tori and Julian did as shown, and followed.  They heard a floorboard creak behind them and turned around.  There stood a clad soldier with a pistol in hand; Li ran up to the guy and disarmed him, “Get to Sakura’s room, now!”
Li threw the man hard against a wall, and walked toward him.  At the door there was another soldier; the man fired the needles at Li, who wasn’t lucky.  The needles bit into Li’s neck, and he swayed a bit.  The swaying stopped and Li charged again, disarming him.  Li headed up the stairs when three more men popped in the doorway.  He just moved his left hand to the right, and the door slammed right in front of their faces.  Li just smirked, “Fools.”
Li ran into Sakura’s room, only to find Julian on the floor with three needles in his neck.  “Damn, now they’re up here too,” said Li under his breath.
He pulled the needles out of his neck, “Li are you all right?” asked Sakura in a tiny voice.
“I’ll be fine, but we need to leave now,” said Li while picking up his bag.
“You guys go, I’ll stay here and watch Julian,” stopped Tori.
“But Tori, they’ll get you too,” argued Sakura.
“You forget, I don’t have magic anymore,” said Tori, ending the argument.
“I’ll miss you Tori,” whispered Sakura while jumping out the window, followed by Eli.
“Hey brat,” said Tori to Li.
“Yeah?” asked Li.
“Watch over Sakura for me,” spoke Tori.
“Sure,” answered Li before jumping out the window.
“Good luck, all of you,” murmured Tori as the soldiers burst into the room.

Chapter 1: Hunter and the Hunted

A man in a military uniform strode through many dimly lit corridors; taking out a pocket watch occasionally.“Sir, I have the information you wanted,” called a soldier running up to him with a folder.
The man looked through the folder, “How many have we captured?”
“Many were captured easily, while some were resistant, but sir, um,” stopped the soldier.
“Spit it out!” shouted the man impatiently.
“W-well, we-we’ve only captured a few in China and Japan,” stuttered the soldier.
“Did you capture the main targets?” demanded the man.
“N-No sir,” whimpered the soldier in a tiny voice.
“Very well,” responded the man while grabbing the soldier’s neck.
He lifted him up, “You know I don’t tolerate failure.”
The soldier could only choke out a gasp, “Find them; bring them to me now!”
“Yes sir,” choked the soldier as the man released him.
The soldier fell, and got up holding his neck while running.
“General Hirisho, the targets have been spotted in Nagaoka,” reported another soldier from a door.
“How could you let them get that far!” roared Hirisho.
“These are skilled sorcerers sir, they’re using their magic to escape,” answered the soldier.
“Don’t let them leave the coast,” spat Hirisho in an icy tone.
“Yes sir!” dismissed the soldier.
“We won’t make it,” shouted Sakura over the gunfire.
“Just keep running,” answered Li.
Li summoned his blade, “Element Wind!Come to my aid!”
Giant bursts of wind pressed against the oncoming soldiers, who were now going nowhere.More soldiers came from the left, firing the needles like madmen.Li used his sword to deflect them into the ground as more came behind him.He released one hand and pointed it toward the ground, and a rock wall from in front of the men.Li started running again, dodging and blocking occasionally.They were beginning to reach the city part of Nagaoka where most of the soldiers would be probably.Approaching a building, Eli spotted helicopters flying toward them.“Up the ladder, now,” ordered Li before Sakura could argue.
***Hidden Base***
“Sir, they’ve now entered the city,” reported an officer.
“Excellent, get my copter ready,” said Hirisho, a wicked smirk imprinted on his face.
“Yes sir!” shouted the officer, dismissing himself.
Sakura pulled herself up on the roof as the copters landed.Moments later, Eli appeared on the roof too.Li dodged and blocked the oncoming needles; he couldn’t afford to let his guard down when climbing the ladder.He made a decision, he would run up the wall; more needles and bullets hauled toward him.Taking a quick step on the wall, Li lifted himself slightly.Taking another and another with amazing speed, he began running up the wall until he reached the roof.“Hurry!” ordered Li while running toward the edge.
He jumped over to the next roof, and was soon followed by Eli.Sakura called Jump to make it across.Just as she made it across, three soldiers behind her fired their pistols.Sakura didn’t have time to block, and squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for the pain.But it never came; instead she heard the loud clang of metal.Opening an eye halfway, Sakura saw Li’s blade in front of her; he had saved her again.“You alright?” asked Li gruffly.
Sakura answered with a tiny nod; Li turned to the soldiers, “Touch one hair on her, you’ll go straight to hell.”
Now the soldiers hesitant, they new what this sorcerer could do to them, and backed away.“Go, meet up with Eli,” he ordered, raising his guard on the soldiers.
Sakura barely heard his commend, but was amazed at what he said before that.He was willing to save her, even if it meant his own capture; she felt tears well up in her eyes.But she complied and ran, taking one last glance at Li’s fading figure; hoping he would be okay.Li spotted one last helicopter heading toward the coastal city, “He’s here.”
“Eli, where are you,” whispered Sakura while walking through the quieter part of town.
Before she knew it, someone grabbed her wrist and pulled her down into a hole.Eli covered her mouth with his hand before she could scream.“Stay quiet, we’re almost out of here,” he whispered.
Four soldiers gripped Li’s arms as his body stood limp; the venomous sleeping liquid was beginning to take effect.His sword, now in its pendent form lay a few inches away.The black copter landed not too long ago, and the man in front of him was the one in it.“Now tell me, where are the other two are hiding?” asked the man while striding up to him.
“Go to hell,” said Li icily.
“Oh well, I’m in no rush; I’ll find them eventually,” replied Hirisho calmly.
“Won’t happen,” retorted Li.
“And what’s to stop me?” questioned Hirisho.
“This,” Li replied while closing his eyes.
Moments later, the soldiers jerked their hands away from Li’s arms, screaming in pain.For on their hands were several burns and scorch marks.Li thrust his hand toward the pendent; it flew into his hand, leaving Hirisho shocked.Li jumped from the building, landing on the ground near the hidden hole.Just as he took a step away, Eli and Sakura jumped out the hole, following.
***Hidden Base***
“Talk!” roared an officer right before striking Tori in the face.
“Is that all you can say?” mocked Tori.
The officer struck him again, “You hit like a girl,” said Tori, once again insulting him.
Three other soldiers had to restrain him from killing their closest lead.The officer snorted, “Send him to Ghoul, then we’ll see if he’s ready to talk."
“Yes sir,” replied the other soldiers.


The three grabbed their bags, which were slightly buried in the sand, and ran toward a boat.“Hurry up,” hissed a man on the boat.
Once on it, the boat shipped off toward the main part of Asia.“Thanks Ceris couldn’t have done this without you,” thanked Li while setting his stuff down.
“Hey, no problem Xiao, I owe your family anyway,” responded the man named Ceris.
And with that, the boat sailed into the foggy night.


Next Chapter- Chapter 2: Running
Chapter Summary: The gang races to a ‘safe house’ before the military can get to it.But what will they encounter on their way there?