Eriol’s first day at Hogwarts

by April Rose Sales {}

As the morning sun rose, our young and incoming Hogwarts student is busy preparing his luggage for his travel. “I am already prepared for my travel,” he said. “Master the car is already set for your convenience, “ one of his servant said. “Thank you for your concern, so lets enter the car shall we “ Eriol said.

As they drove off to the train station, he saw a young girl waving her hand and biding him goodbye. He then realized that it was Tomoyo, his friend. He also waved his hand and bid goodbye. After few hours of travel they finally reached the train station. He patiently searched for the platform nine and three quarters as stated in the guidelines for new students and he entered the passage and took a seat in the train. Hours are like seconds for him because of his excitement.

After the long and tiring travel, the train finally stopped as they reach the entrance door of Hogwarts. A big and bearded man sprang from nowhere. “Hello guys, welcome to Hogwarts, the finest school for young wizards. I am Hagrid, Today’s facilitator.” The bearded man said. Eriol imagined carefully what was behind the big door in front of him. When all the students got out of the train, It was time for Hagrid to open the door. All the students were amazed to see the floating blue luminous candles and scented white dazzling lilies in front of them. Eriol was fascinated but not quite impresses. He thought something is missing. “Aha” he said. With a sway of his hand glittering sunrays filled the hall. Everyone felt so delighted watching the sunrays emitting different kinds of colors. While looking around, Eriol accidentally bumped a female student. “Are you alright” he asked. “I am really sorry.” “I’m just fine don’t worry” the female student said as Eriol help her stand. Eriol was really amased when he saw the girl’s face. “Tomoyo is that you?” he asked with amusement. “You’re not a very good guesser but you almost got my name. I am Tomomi, nice to meet you…” “Eriol is my name,” he abruptly answered as he held Tomomi’s hand and kissed it. Tomomi blushed. Their conversation was distracted when Albus Dumbledore caught everyone’s attention. “I am glad that many of you are here.” Before the banquet, let us find our destiny and be sorted by the sorting hat.” The sorting hat started humming. “Hum-Hum, Dash-Dash, a new breed has come tonight, together we will seek our destiny’s flight. We shall wait for new leaders that can be gentle or furious, cunning or courageous.” As they waited for the chant to finish, the students waited the sorting hat to reveal the name of the first student to be sorted. Eriol’s name was the first one to be called. All the students were fascinated not because Eriol was the first one to be called but because he resembles the face of a young Harry Potter. Eriol bravely stepped the way and sat on the chair. The Sorting hat started its chant again. “Mighty, Powerful Wizard of all, King of Clows, Magical and Mystical. All the houses are fit for a king like you. Mean and Vicious, loving and kind, cunning and intelligent, courageous are the characters of you, but only one will do. I say GRYFFINDOR to you because of your hidden talent of fighting the bad. Everyone cheered for the first student that was sorted. As the line flow by and names are called one by one, it was time for Tomomi to be sorted. Eriol was glad to know that Tomomi also became a part of Gryfinndor. When all the students were sorted everyone is now ready for the banquet. Albus Dumbledore signaled the start of the feast when he said, “May the feast begin.” Empty tables with empty plates were transformed into long tables with sumptuous foods. From the usual roasted beef with gravy up to the unusual caramel crickets. Eriol was delighted but he did not eat too much. He remembered Yukito, the other persona of Yue, “I bet he can eat all of this” he said with a smile.

After the banquet, the facilitator gave them pamphlets with guidelines and maps. He also gave them their books because the magical bookstore had some problems lately. Eriol scanned his first book “Potions and you, book one”. Eriol finished scanning all his books aand thought it was very easy for him to understand all the topics since he already knew Wizardry and complicated spells. He then decided to make a good luck potion. “Ok, I need one crystallized sea dust particle from Atlantis, a lock from a fairy’s hair, a golden flea and one magical mind” He started making the potion when suddenly a cat jumped into his lap and poured all of his potion over the cats body. Since it is an air potion everyone who smells the potion will have a strange effect to the person’s mind or senses. The cat quickly struggled when Eriol touched it. The cat roamed the entire campus without the knowledge of Eriol so the air potion spread quickly across the campus. Eriol found out that the good luck potion became a blurring potion because of an added material, a cat’s fur.

Eriol roamed the campus trying to find a solution to his problem but he have not realized that he crossing a Quiddicth field with dizzy Quidditch players. The dizzy Quidditch players are chasing a loose Snitch heading in front of him. Without a hassle Eriol caught it with his own bare hand. “Good Job kid” they said then they all left him and went to the clinic. Afterwards, he saw Tomomi with her magical digital camera. “That’s weird I am starting to get blurred visions” she said. “Is that you Eriol?” she asked. “How did you recognize me?” Eriol asked. “My magical digital camera can resolve the problem of me having blurred visions because it can read the aura of a person and it can also recognize the identity of the person in front of it. Eriol then narrated everything that happened so Tomomi suggested that they go to the library for some information.

They hurriedly went to the library but the librarian blocked the entrance. “Harry Potter, You are not allowed to enter the library until you return the books you borrowed.” The librarian said. “But madam, I am not Harry Potter, pls. Believe me.” Eriol said. “Don’t fool me, I know you mister. I only have some minor eye defects so far. I just have to find my healing potion.” She said. Eriol and Tomomi waited for the woman to find the potion but she did not find it. Eriol did not loose hope. He thought that only one person can help him. Eriol and Tomomi headed Professor Dumbledore’s office. He knocked the door but it did not open because it needed a password that only Harry Potter and the faculty know. He guessed and guessed but he could not get it right. Tomomi offered Eriol some “Fawkes sparkling crackers”. He took a bite and said “These Fawkes sparkling crakers are great!” then the door opened. “We did it!” he said. The door opened gently and a voice called Eriol’s name. “Eriol, I suppose you are here for something.” Professor Dumbledore said. “Most powerful wizard of the centuries, I need your help. I created a blurring potion that made everyone think that I am Harry Potter. I will accept all the blame just please help me.” Eriol said. “Harry Potter is celebrating his birthday out of Hogwarts. Well Kid here is the cure for your blurring potion. This is a clearing potion.” Professor Dumbledore said as he give the potion to Eriol. “Thank you Professor Dumbledore.” Eriol said as he nod his head.

Eriol showered the potion into the air. Everyone forgot what happened so everything in Hogwarts was back to normal including their visions. As for our mighty courageous wizard, the bed is the next place for him because he was so tired for the day’s adventure.