Sakura and Syaoran's first date

by Cathy {}

An auburn haired girl stared at herself in front of the mirror as one amethyst girl was videotaping and another ruby-eyed young lady sat on at the foot of her bed with a magazine in her hand, annoyed. The auburn haired girl twirled around in her sparkling emerald dress that complimented her dazzling eyes. The dress was embroidered with silk cutouts of peony flowers that were carefully sewed on; there were heavy amounts of glitter trailing at the bottom of her dress where they slowly disappeared towards the top. She twirled around once more before being coaxed by the ruby-eyed girl who glanced up from her teen magazine.
“ Sakura,” she started off saying, “ if you keep on twirling that dress, Tomoyo will get dizzy videotaping from different angles.” She laid down her magazine on the dresser as she strolled over to the mirror. “ This dress is the one. After trying on ten--”
“ Twelve, Meiling.” Tomoyo quickly corrected before bringing her camera into a side angle to get a vivid shot of Sakura’s beautiful reflection.
“ Twelve outfits that you’ve tried on, that were hand made by Tomoyo. And if you don’t like this one, well then I think you’re crazy!” Meiling shook her head as she looked at Sakura.
Sakura sighed as she looked into her closet mirror once more. “ It’s not that I don’t like it, Meiling. I’m worried that, Syaoran won’t like it.” Sakura’s eyes softened after mentioning Syaoran, the guy of her dreams; her prince charming that swept her off her feet. She wanted this day to be one that she remembered, but so far, it’s been trying on dress after dress for three hours.
Meiling carefully put her hand on Sakura’s shoulder. She softly spoke, “ Syaoran loves you, Sakura. He thinks you look good in anything.” Then after a moment, she brought back her forceful tone of voice. “ Now, is this the dress or isn’t it?”
Sakura smiled her bright and cheerful smile, as she answered, “ This is it.”

“ This is it.” A dark-amber eyed boy spoke to himself in front of the pale yellow house. He tightly held the bouquet of peonies that were covered in cherry blossom petals in his hands as his eyes drifted to the flowers; he smiled. There were not only flowers that were in his hands, but all of his love that he would give to the girl who changed his life around. Who would have known that he would have been standing in front of Sakura Kinomoto’s house to go on their first date? Sakura, he thought in his head; his first-time rival and now, his true love. His hand reached for the doorbell, and before he knew it, the doorknob turned, and every second that he waited felt like an eternity. The door creaked open and…
“ You,” Touya clenched his fists as Syaoran’s face fell, knowing that it wasn’t Sakura who was answering the door. “ You’re early,” the words from his mouth came through his grinding teeth. “ Sakura!” He yelled into the living room. “ Your…” He twitched before saying the word he dreaded to speak, “ date is here.”
“ Syaoran!” Sakura she screamed in pure joy as she grabbed her green silk jacket from Tomoyo, who was holding it in her hand while videotaping. “ Bye, Touya! Bye, Tomoyo! Bye, Meiling!”
Before Syaoran could say anything, his eyes were Sakura. The dress fit her perfectly while the setting sun hit her in such beauty and light he had ever seen. “R-ready to go?” he stuttered out, not taking his eyes off of her for a minute.
“ Of course, Syaoran.” She smiled sweetly at him, before she placed her hand in his as they walked out the door.
“ That brat better not do anything stupid!” Touya spoke before re-entering the house in a huff. “ That stupid brat; who does he think he is?” Touya ranted on and on into the kitchen.
Meiling and Tomoyo were still at the front steps, watching the couple until they were gone. Tomoyo gave out a long and dismal sigh. “ Why wouldn’t they tell me where they were going?” she asked out loud.
Meiling glanced over to Tomoyo from the side. “ Because they know that you would be videotaping behind the bushes and they would never get any privacy.” Meiling answered in an omniscient tone.
“ Not necessarily, “ Tomoyo spoke softly. Her amethyst eyes went star-eyed. “ It could have been behind some trees or a car. Who knows?”
Meiling face faulted. “ Well, Tomoyo,” she said in a monotone voice. “ At least you’ll get some time to edit the film, right?” Tomoyo’s face lightened up.

Sakura and Syaoran continued to walk down the endless sidewalk. “ You still haven’t told me where we were going, Syaoran.” Sakura reminded before Syaoran put his hand around her waist.
“ Well,” Syaoran started. “ It’s supposed to be a surprise.” Just as they were about to turn a corner, Syaoran whispered something into her ear. “ Close your eyes.” Sakura did as she was told and Syaoran guided her.
She could smell something sweet and it filled her senses with thoughts of dreams and sugary thoughts. Sakura felt wrapped up in warmth as Syaoran held her hand throughout the whole day. A cool breeze brushed against her leg as they walked; then, they stopped. “ Open your eyes.” Syaoran calmly spoke.
Her eyes slowly opened to an amazing sight; something beyond her wildest imagination. There above her was an entrance way filled with cherry blossom that wrapped around the wooden gates. Then, her eyes met the pink and green neon lights that flashed in front of her eyes. These neon lights surrounded the area with a calm feeling that surged through her body. To the left and right of her were two ponds with a small waterfall that poured in sparkling water of happiness into her mind and thoughts. She felt like she was walking on the stairway to heaven; a place of pure warmth and love. While her eyes traveled around, Syaoran guided her across a small bridge that divided the two ponds. Looking in front of her, she saw a blanket and candles set for two. There was a choice of three different entrees and five different deserts on the side. She gawked at the sight; at the love she felt that moment. “ Syaoran…” she whispered. “ This is… this is…”
“ Is it too much?” he asked softly before leading her to the warm and cozy area where the blanket and food were set. “ Do you like it?”
Sakura couldn’t speak for a moment. Her mind was filled with thoughts of how lucky she was at that moment. “ Syaoran, this is amazing! How did you do this?”
Syaoran gave Sakura a warm and heartfelt smile. “ It all came from love, Sakura. Every time I felt that pulling this off would be impossible, I thought of you, and I kept on going until I got everything perfect.”
“ This is beyond perfect! It’s a dream come true and I can even see the Tokyo Tower from here. It’s so beautiful and wonderful… and you’re wonderful Syaoran.” Sakura spoke. This compliment made Syaoran blush madly.
“ Ready to eat?” Syaoran asked sheepishly. Sakura nodded and they settled down to eat a wonderful dinner on a night where everything was perfect and nothing could go wrong.

As they were walking home, Sakura couldn’t feel happier than she was at that moment. She felt as if God gave her a day where nothing could go wrong, and nothing would be standing in her way. The way she felt for Syaoran was something she never wanted to let go, ever. She wanted to make this day last for all eternity. However, they stopped. There they were in front of Sakura’s house. They gazed into each other’s eyes, lost within the moment.
“ I love you, Syaoran and I could never feel any happier with anyone, than I will with you. I’ll love you for all eternity…” Sakura spoke softly.
“ Sakura, no matter what, I’ll love you, always and forever…” Syaoran whispered. He carefully raised his hand to her chin as he drew her closer. They felt as if their feet were lifted off from the ground; almost as if they were floating on cloud nine. They slowly closed their eyes as they drew closer and closer until…
“ You brat! Get your hands off my sister!” Touya yelled from the front steps of the doorway.
Sakura and Syaoran quickly pulled away from each other as if their lives depended on it; but Syaoran’s life did depend on it. “ I guess your brother isn’t fully accepting the fact that we’re dating yet, huh?” Syaoran tensely asked.
Sakura nodded as an answer and nonchalantly walked towards her fuming brother, but before she got into the house, she turned around and looked into the eyes of her amber-eyed prince and mouthed, “ Good night…”
Syaoran watched until his one true love entered her house. He wasn’t sad because he would see her tomorrow, and the next day and forever after that; and tonight, he would dream pleasant dreams about him being with her. He gave an amiable smile and softly spoke in a whisper, “ Sweet dreams, my cherry blossom…