GoodBye by Gabrielle Desmarais

What is it about you
That makes me want to smile?
That makes me feel that for you
I would gladly walk a mile?

What is it about your eyes
That are so warm and deep?
Those are the eyes I dream about
When each night I go to sleep.

What is it about your smile
That brightens up my day?
That whenever I have to leave the room
It makes me want to stay?

What is it about your touch
That sends shivers down my spine?
What always limits our conversations
To only “Hi’s” and “Bye’s”?

What is it about your laugh
That helps me when I’m blue?
That makes my heart and lonely soul
Only think of you?

It’s really very sad that
Around you I am shy.
‘Cause if I wasn’t, I could tell you
I love you and goodbye.