Hatred to Love by AnimeLuvin

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From the moment they set eyes on each other, they hated each other. They pulled pranks on each other and did everything that was necessary. Soon it became clear that their hatred will never change. Until one day the teachers decided to put together a plan to bring them together. They assign Li, Eriol and Sakura, Tomoyo to be partners in a projects. What will happen? Will their feeling towards each other change? Will the hatred towards each other become love? SS and ET

Facts You Should Know:
Li, Tomoyo, Eriol, and Sakura all have the same class except for PE.
There is magic.
Sakura is the card mistress.

Chapter 1 (top)

“Hoe!” yelled Sakura. She glared at Li. Her locker was covered with gum of all kinds. Not to mention the stinky spits used to chew it!
“God!” said Tomoyo. Her locker, too, was covered with gum and nasty spit. She glared at Eriol.

Li and Eriol were snickering on the other side of the hall.
It was always like this. The moment they met each other, they pissed each other off to no end. Soon, they were pulling pranks on each other every moment they had. Sometimes they even got into trouble for what they had done. Unknown to what kinds of pranks would be presented to them; they would always bring extra clothes, second or maybe even a third copy of their homework.
All over the school, they were known to play pranks on each other. Soon everyone got use to this routine every morning. Teachers get sick of it but couldn’t do anything about it. All they could do was watch. Sometimes they catch them. But it was no use. They just couldn’t learn. Soon everyone gave up hope.
Some people just don’t get why they had to do this. Sakura and Tomoyo were the most popular girls. Syaoran and Eriol were instantly popular when they entered the school. It was like the minute their foot stepped in, everyone knew that the place was theirs, especially since the last popular guy just moved.

It was just the usually Monday morning. Most unfortunately, they have all of their classes together. It was like it was all set out like this. Destined that they were to hate each other.

These three months would be different. The teachers were sick and tried of this. They had a plan. They were sure it would work. It would bring the foursome together. For good.

The bell rang and everyone hurried to homeroom.
Syaoran walked to the desk behind Sakura.
“What do we got next Tomoyo?” asked Sakura
“Double periods of math.”
Sakura groaned. “What a great way to start the day!”
Syaoran snickered. He knew Sakura’s least favorite subject was math. He always teased her about it every chance he get! Hearing Syaoran snicker, Sakura spun around and glared at him and was about to say something when the teacher came in. The teacher was Mr. Ki the science teacher.
“Alright settle down now.” He said to the class. “Is everyone present today?”
“Yes Mr. Ki.” muttered the class.
The bell rang and everyone went to first period.
“Tomoyo wait up.” said Sakura as she ran up to her friend.

“Alright class. Today we would be doing equations.” Said Mr. Jing, their math teacher.

Everyone groan especially Sakura. Within minutes, Sakura was in another world, of daydreaming.

“Kinomoto! Sakura Kinomoto!” yelled their teacher.

“Hoe?” said a clueless Sakura. She stood up and bowed.

“Sorry Mr. Jing.” “Alright you may sit down now.”
Sakura sigh. It was pretty hard on Mr. Jing, for she was the hardest one to get through.
Syaoran who was sitting behind Sakura said, “Way a go Kinomoto.”
“Shut up Li.” Hissed Sakura.

Syaoran just smirked.

“Now class, let’s continue from where we left off. As you can see, to do this …” Whatever he said was lost to Sakura as she once more was in a different world.
"Okay for homework I want you to do page 144 numbers 10-42." said Mr. Jing
Again the class groaned. It was just the beginning of the day and they already have so much homework.
The bell rang.
"Class dismissed."
Everyone got up and left.

"Tomoyo, I can't want to see the look on their faces." said Sakura.
"That is what they get for putting gum in our lockers.” said Tomoyo.
"Did you see the look on Sakura's clueless face? It was priceless!” said Li with a laugh.
Eriol laugh.

Li and Eriol opened their lockers only to find lipstick, eyeshades, Barbie poster, pink hearts, roses, and makeup.
Li and Eriol gasped. Their lockers been turned into a nightmare horror.

Sakura and Tomoyo walked up to them.

"Oh I didn't know you like makeup and Barbie" said Sakura out loud.
“Hey everyone Li and Hiiragizawa are a sissies. They like makeup and Barbie. If I known I would have invited them to my makeup part! Would you like that?” Tomoyo said innocently.
Everyone crowded around Li’s and Eriol’s locker. Laughter soon filled the hall.
The bell rang. Saved By The Bell. Everyone hurried off to class and the laughter died.

“They are so gonna pay for this!” flamed Syaoran.
Luckily the next subject was PE. So there was no Li or Eriol. Boys and Girls have separated gyms, perfect for them to escape what was in store for them.

“What do you think that they would do?” asked Tomoyo.
“I don’t care. Bring it on.” Sakura said as she slammed her fist into her hand. After all these years, what can they possibly do? She was sure that the harder they took it on them, the more they will get in return. It was just the way life goes!

Chapter 2 (top)

Li and Eriol were first to arrive in Science class. With Sakura and Tomoyo right behind them. Li sat down first and stick out his feet hoping to trip Sakura. Sakura did trip, but caught her balance. But Tomoyo wasn’t that luckily. She fell on top of Eriol.

“Ow! How much do you weigh?” said Eriol.
“Sorry.” Muffled Tomoyo as she hurried to her seat. Both of them were blushing.
Li laughed.

“Shut up.”

Sakura and Li sit next to each other, as did Eriol and Tomoyo.

“Settle down. Today we are going to dissect a frog. You are going to be working in pairs.” said Mr. Ki.

“I choose the pairs.” added Mr. Ki
Everyone groaned. They sigh, wondering where all the fun, nice, great teachers went.
Sakura hoped that she would be paired up with Tomoyo. No way would she survive with the other two.
The groups ended up with Tomoyo with Eriol and Sakura with Li.
Li cut up the frog while Sakura was saying how gross. Just the sight of the grossed her out. How disgusting and cruel of them.

“Could you stop? It’s annoying!” growled Li.

Sakura stick out her tongue.

“You were such help! I got so cheered on with your voice!” said Li at the end of class with a smirk on his face.
“Say that again Li.” said Sakura with her fist in front of her, daring him.
“Alright then. No problem. I would be honor to! You …”

“You’re not fighting again. I hope.” Said Mr. Ki who spotted trouble rising.
“No.” they answered without taking their eyes off of each other.
“Good. Everyone is going. Hurry off now, while I got to prepare for my next class.”

They left without saying a word.

“God I hate him. He was always teasing me. I Hate HIM.” said Sakura after she caught up with Tomoyo. “Someday, he will die in my hands!”
“That is nothing compared to Hiragisawa! He was smirking throughout the whole entire freaking thing!” said Tomoyo.
“Wouldn’t it be great if we could turn them into frogs and then dissect them?” Sakura asked hopefully.
They went outside to eat their lunch. Their spot was always under the cherry blossom tree.

“Hello girls.” said Ms. Young.
“Would you mind helping me? I got two boys already. But I need more students for the upcoming festival.”

“Of course! We don’t mind at all.” answered Sakura and Tomoyo.
They followed Ms. Young into the auditorium. When they got in, the two boys were none other than Li and Eriol.
Li and Eriol were standing on a ladder hanging up a banner. That said Sleeping Beauty. This play was two weeks away and it wasn’t announced yet which class was doing it.
Li and Eriol didn’t see them so Sakura and Tomoyo sneaked up from behind.

“Hello Boys!” They yelled as loud as they can. And believe me, it was loud! It was a wonder how the whole building wasn’t in ruins yet.

This startled Li and Eriol. They almost fell from the ladder.

“Please tell me that it isn’t who I think it is.” said Li.

“What are you doing here.” Eriol asked.

“Ms. Young asked us to help.”

“Oh great! This is going to be great with you two.” Li said sarcastically.
Sakura stick out her tongue.
“Oh. I would like you four to decorate the stage.” Ms. Young said suddenly.
“Together.” she added, before she left.

On the stage were four boxes of decorations.
“What’s up with today?” Sakura asked, not believing herself.
Tomoyo just shrugged.
“What’s up with today?” Li asked on the other side.
Eriol shrugged.
“I don’t see you working together.” Said Ms. Young, her head stuck out of the door.
Grumbling, Eriol and Li walked over.
Finally the bell rang.

“Finally!” said Sakura out loud.
“Yeah finally. How can I stand working with you?” said Li.
“What you say?”
“You heard me.”
The bell rang again. Sakura had no time to reply. They rushed to class.

Their next class was Social Studies with Ms. Young.

“Alright class. I am putting on a play called Sleeping Beauty. I will choose the characters. Sakura Kinomoto will be playing Sleeping Beauty and Syaoran Li will be playing the prince.”

Everyone started whispering. It’s not like that she didn’t know how those two were. Every teacher knew. And yet, she put them together. Was she out of her mind or what? Yicks!
“What!” yelled Sakura and Li standing up, as their chairs fell back.

“Please Ms. Young. Can we not be together? Please pick someone else. Please!” begged Sakura.
“No and that’s final. This will be considered a grade. If you mess it up your average will go down, to …let’s say 55.”
Grumbling Sakura and Li sat down.
“Alright. As I was saying before those two were so kindly to interpret, there is also another pairing for the prince and princesses. I divided the play into two parts. I won’t tell you which part. So you’ll have to rehearse the whole thing. Got that. Now, the other pair is … Tomoyo Daiddouji and Eriol Hiragisawa.”
“What? But, but, but!” said Tomoyo and Eriol together at the same time.

“And no, I am not going to change my mind. Chiharu Mihara as the queen, and Takashi Yamazaki as the king. Now on with class.”

Chapter 3 (top)

**After School**

“Alright, let’s get it over with.” Said Syaoran.

“Fine then. But who’s home can we go to?” asked Sakura.
“How about Daiddouji’s?” suggested Eriol
“What? No!” exclaimed Tomoyo.
“Why not?”

“Because I said so!”

They kept arguing for what seemed likes years, before Sakura volunteered.
“Alright! Stop it. We’ll just go to my house.” Volunteered Sakura.
“Finally.” Muttered Li.
“And gave them a taste of my brother.” Sakura whispered to Tomoyo as they headed for her house.
As they entered Sakura’s home, they immediately spotted Touyo by the kitchen counter with a soda at hand.

“You’re home early monster.” Said Touyo and it was then that he noticed that she had company.

“I am not a monster!” replied Sakura as she stomps on her brother’s feet. “And by the way aren’t you going to say anything to my guests?”

“As a matter of a fact, I am. You there. That brat. The Chinese one.” Pointed Touyo. “Who are you?”

“None of your business. And by the way, I’m not the brat here, you are.”

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that, but stay clear from my sister. Touch even a single lock of her hair…”
“Sure, like I’ll want to. I don’t want to get Kinomoto’s cooties.” Said Syaoran in a kiddy voice.
“How nice of you to meet. I’m sure you’ll get along just fine!” Sakura said as she started to walk towards her room. “I’ll be in my bedroom if you need me!”
“What? With him in your room. As in him, in. In as in, in in?”
“Did you realize that your brother only fought with Li.” Asked Tomoyo.
“Yea weird. Wouldn’t you have liked him to fight with Eriol as well.” Answered Sakura in a whisper.
“Monster.” Snickered Li.
“What’s your problem?” hissed Sakura. “Shut up already.”
“Oh, I’m so scared!” said Li, flapping his hands.
“I’m warning you, one more word and I’ll be…”
“You’ll be what? Showing me Barbie dolls?” challenged Syaoran.
Sakura was boiling with anger. She was ready to kick him or something when Yukito appeared.
“Hey Sakura. I just got here and stopped to ask if you need anything.”
Sakura was now blushing red.
“No thank you.” Sakura said sweetly.

“Alright, tell me if you need anything. I’ll be downstairs with your brother.” Said Yukito as he closes the door.

“What was the sweet and innocent about?” teased Syaoran.
“Let’s start our rehearsal!” Tomoyo said before Sakura could respond.
Tomoyo was now measuring the boys so she can make their costumes. Finally she was done. It took longer than usually as she was teasing them.
“Who goes first?” asked Eriol.
“You guys, of course. You deserve the honor.” Said Li.

“No. Why not you? You deserve it more.”
“I don’t want to go with tomboy here.” Pointed out Li.
“What you say?” Threatened Sakura.
“Ops, sorry, Scratch that. You aren’t a tomboy. You’re a monster.”
“Come on. Hiiragizawa and I will go first. Just stop this nonsense. This is part of our grade and if you don’t care, I do. So now be quiet and rehears.” yelled Tomoyo.
Sakura got scared she never seen her best friend like this. Even Eriol and Li were scared because Li stopped and Eriol obeyed. Boy, did Tomoyo care about her grades or what.

“So it is true! There is a castle. I shall find the princess and wake her from her hundred year sleep.”
Eriol walked over to Tomoyo who was lying on the floor with her eyes closed.

“Oh no. I am not doing this.” said Eriol as he looked own the script.

“What?” asked Sakura and Syaoran at the same time.

They snatch the script from Eriol’s hand.

“Go on, now. Go on. Go and kiss her. You know you want to.” Said a smirking Li.
“Shut up!” growled Eriol
He went down on his knees, very awkwardly as well. He bent down slowly, as if drinking nasty medicine and need to drag as long as he could. Slowly his lips touched Diadouji’s. She wasn’t a bad kisser either. When that thought either Eriol’s mind, it too entered Tomoyo’s. They were both shocked at what they were thinking. They can’t like each other. They’ll be betraying their friends.
As soon as they broke the kiss, they were blushing badly.
“Nice Diadouji.” said Li.
“Way a go Hiiragizawa.” said Sakura.
“Now, it’s your turn.” Said Tomoyo and Eriol at the same time with a similar evil smile.
“Since when did you two start agreeing on something?” asked Li and Sakura.
“Oh, I was about to ask the same question.” Said Eriol.
“Oh come on just get on with this rehearsal.” said Tomoyo.

“Oh alright.” said Sakura while she took her place on the floor.

“So it is true! There is a castle. I shall find the princess and wake her from her hundred year sleep.” said Li.
He walked over to Sakura.
He turned and asked, “Do I have to?”

“What he said. Does he have to?” asked Sakura.

“YES!” yelled Tomoyo and Eriol.”

Chapter 4 (top)

Syaoran took a deep breath and acted as though he was kissing a witch that would ruin his entire life.

A second later, Sakura’s knee connected with Syaoran’s stomach. Syaoran fell back.

“Yo, what did you do that for?”

“For kissing me” Sakura answered simply.

“It was a rehearsal for goodness sakes! Are you going to do that every time? And, excuse me, but kissing you, like I want to!” said Li who was pretending to barf.

“As a matter of fact, I am. Live with it.” Sakura said with a wink.

“Yay. We’re done. Now you guys can leave. Bye-bye!” said Tomoyo, waving them away.

Eriol and Li left without a word of objection. Li was just happy to get out, while Eriol was pretty confused about something.

“Finally!” said Sakura. “I thought they would never leave.”

“Hey Sakura.” Called out Tomoyo.


“Nice kissing.” Smirked Tomoyo.

Sakura threw a pillow at her best friend. The room soon filled with giggles and laughter.

“So, how was it?” teased Sakura.

“How was what?”

“Oh you know the kiss on the lips.” Sakura smiled innocently.

“Sakura, why was it that made us hating each other?” Tomoyo asked seriously.

“Don’t tell me that you like Li!” gasped Sakura.

“No. Not Li. But…”

“You like Hiiragizawa.” Stated Sakura.

Tomoyo nodded.

“While if you really like him, I could try to be nice to him. Well, at least he is not as bad as Li. He didn’t really have anything to do with the war that we started.” said Sakura.

“Oh thank you.” said Tomoyo while hugging her best friend.

“Sure what are best friends for? If he hurts you, tell me. I will be sure to make him regret ever hurting you.”

“How was the kissing?”

“What? Oh, well…” Eriol started.

“You are saying that you enjoyed it and you like Diadouji? Oh don’t tell me that. Anything but that!” said Li playfully, as he put his hands over his heart and gasped for air.

Eriol nodded.

“What? You actually do? All right. Since you are my best friend, I guess I could be nice to her. But thank god it wasn’t Kinomoto you like. I won’t be able to be nice to her. She is so annoying. I hate her. Well, Diadouji isn’t as bad as Kinomoto…She’s just in here because…why was she part of this anyways?”

Eriol shrugged.

The next day, they were in Sakura’s room again. That is, after Touyo gave the same boring speech.

During the whole thing, Eriol seemed distracted and unable to concentrate. He kept looking at the time and the wall. However, the made it through the whole rehearsal without a problem or complaint.

It was when they were about to leave, did Eriol start to speak. “Tomoyo, can we talk outside?” Eriol said, not noticing that he called her Tomoyo.

“Sure. No problem.”

Sakura gives her a good luck look. The door closed.

“What do you think is going to happen between those two?” asked Sakura to no one in particular. Syaoran shrugged, not interested in those two. He started to go through Sakura’s stuff. It seemed like another fight was on the way, but Eriol and Tomoyo returned before Sakura could say anything at all.

Both of them had a smile on each other’s face and before Eriol left with Syaoran, there eyes were only to each other.

“What happened?”

Chapter 5 (top)

“What happened?” Sakura asked.
“Well, Eriol asked me out.” said Tomoyo who couldn’t stop the excitement from coming out.
“HOE! That fast. You go girl.” congratulated Sakura.

**Li and Eriol******************************************************************
“Well happen back there?” asked Li.
“Well, I asked Tomoyo out tomorrow.” answered Eriol with a smile on his face.
“ And?” asked Li.
“She said yes.”
“Whoa nice move. That was fast. It been one day since you told me that you like her and now you are going out with her.” congratulated Li.

**At school**************Wednesday*********************************************
“HOE!!!!!!!” yelled Sakura. Her locker was filled with spiders. But when she looked closer, she saw that they were rubber.
Tomoyo checked her locker and found only a flower from Eriol. (AN So sweet)
Sakura glared at Li.
“You’re going to pay.” she mouthed to Li.
“Do you have the guts?” he mouthed back.

**Fourth period*****************************************************************
“Class dismiss.” said Ms. Young.
“How are you going to get me?” smirked Li.
“Oh, I already did.” said Sakura innocently.
Li looked at her and tried to stand up. But it he couldn’t.
“Oh I forgot to put the sign Krazy Glue.” said Sakura innocently.
“What? Krazy Glue? Are you crazy?” yelled Li nervously.
“No, I’m not. I’m not the one stuck on the seat.” answered Sakura.
Eriol walked up to him and said
"Come on man let’s go.”
“Can’t you see that I’m stuck?” growled Li.
“Oh Eriol. Tomoyo is waiting for you under the cherry blossom tree.”
“Thanks.” as he walked away.
“Bye-bye.” Sakura said innocently.
“You can’t leave me here.”
“Watch me.”
Sakura walked away.

**Under the Cherry Tree*********************************************************
“Don’t you think that you were too hard on him Sakura?” asked Tomoyo who was sitting by Eriol.
“Hmm Let me think. No.” said Sakura who said the no part really first.
Li walked up to them and sat down. He was wearing different clothes.
“Hey how did you get out?” asked Eriol.
“You don’t want to know.” said Li as he glared at Sakura.
Sakura just laughed.

**At Sakura’s house*************************************************************
After they rehearsed, and after Li was kicked again, Eriol and Tomoyo left for their dates.
“Hey Li. Do you want to spy on them?” asked Sakura.
“That was just what I was thinking of.”
“Don’t start agreeing with me.”
“First of all let’s put that aside if we want to spy on them cause if we don’t, we will make too big of a commotion.” said Li.
They left the house.
They followed them into a movie theater.
Tomoyo and Eriol got a seat near the window and Sakura and Li got a seat near the other side which was near the supply closet. The supply closet was next to the bathroom. Li and Sakura watched them and payed no attention to the movie. Eriol and Tomoyo chatted. Then Eriol put his arms around Tomoyo.
“Eriol, you bad boy.” whispered Li to himself.
“Shh.” said Sakura and the other people that were watching the movie. Li sweatdropped.
“It’s like a billion of you Kinomoto. One of you is bad enough but a billion of you. How can I survive?” Li commented sarcastically.
Again he was “Shh”. But Sakura stomped on his foot.
‘Now I know how Touyo feels getting stomped on the feet. And that is Ouch!!!! With a capital O’

**Eriol and Tomoyo*************************************************************
“You know, I’m getting the feeling we are being watched.” said Tomoyo.
“Yeah I know.” Eriol turned and saw Sakura stomp on Li’s feet. He smirked and said
“It’s Li and Kinomoto.”
“Don’t you think that they make such a cute couple? Let’s bring them together.” said Tomoyo.
Eriol sweatdropped.

**Sakura and Li****************************************************************
Sakura saw Tomoyo walking towards them. Sakura tapped Li and pointed at Tomoyo. They both looked for a place to hide and spotted the supply closet. Quickly Li pulled Sakura in. When they thought it was safe, they turned the knob. But it didn’t work. THEY WERE STUCK IN THE SUPPLY CLOSET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 6 (top)

**Eriol and Tomoyo*************************
"So how did it go?" asked Eriol.
Tomoyo giggled.
"They are officially locked in the supply closet."
"You locked them in the supply closet?" said a bewilder Eriol.
"Come on." said Tomoyo as she pulled the stunned Eriol near the supply closet to listen in onSakura and Li.

**Supply Closet*****************************
"This is all your fault." said Sakura thought her teeth.
"My fault looks who's talking."
"If you hadn't pulled me in the supply closet...."
"Well, you are the one who suggested on spying on them."
"You were the one who was making so much noise."
"You shouldn't be talking."
They turn their backs against each other and once in a while they stole glances at each other but quickly looked away.

**Outside the supply closet************************
"Is that all they are going to say?" asked Tomoyo
Eriol shrugged.
"How are they to get together if they don't talk to each other?" said Tomoyo who was practically shouting.
"Let's just listen and if they still are like that, we will open the supply closet or get someone to open it for us." suggested Eriol.

**In the supply closet**************
Sakura suddenly stood up and was looking for something. She moved boxes left and right.
"What are you looking for?" asked Li.
"None of your business." Sakura shot back.
Finally she found what she was looking for. Yellow tape. Sakura pulled some tape and divided the closet in half.
"Alright. This is my half and this is your half. As long as we are in here, you stay on your side
and I will stay on my side. Got that."
"Why should I listen to you?"
"Listen here Li. If we get out of here, I will be sure to get you."
"How? Pull my hair?" snickered Li.
Sakura showed a fist in front of her.
Li smirked.
"Will you stop it with the smirking?" yelled Sakura.
"Where are the whips when you need one?" asked Sakura.
"This isn't a torture chamber." responded Li.
"It is with you here."

**Li's POV**********************
‘She actually look cute with she is mad. What? You do not like this girl, Syaoran. You hate her remember? Remember what she did to you with the Krazy glue?"
‘Dammit Sakura. What was she thinking of? Putting Krazy glue on my chair? Well there is just one way of getting out.'
I unzipped my pants and got out. I went to my school bag and got out another pair of pants. When I turned, I saw a girl standing in front of me. When she look down, she screamed.
"Ahhh a pervert. There's a pervert. Someone save me."
I sweatdropped.
Quickly I got into my pants and ran out of the room. Hopefully she didn't recognize me.
That Kinomoto grr...
~*End of flashback*~

**Normal POV*******************
"Um... am I interrupting something? But go easy on the supplies." said a worker.
"What?" this got Sakura's and Syaoran attention.
"Who in the right mind would think that I will go ..." started Sakura who was pointing at
"...with her"
"...with him"
Sakura and Syaoran was furiously glaring at each other and didn't noticed the door slammed shut.
"Uh... did you hear something?" asked Sakura.
Slowly they turned their heads and glance at the door. There heads turn back to each other.
"HELP! Get me out of here." they yelled.
(AN sweatdrops)

**Outside**********Eriol's POV*********************
"Um... am I interrupting something? But go easy on the supplies." said a worker.
"Who in the right mind would think that I will go ..."
"...with her"
"...with him"
That was what Tomoyo and I heard.
They didn't even realized that the worker closed the door.
Tomoyo and I sweatdrops.
"Uh... that was unpredicted." I said
"Yeah." she answered.
"You want to let them out?" I asked.
"No let them stay in there a bit longer."
"They're going to kill each other."
"Oh alright."
Tomoyo walk over to the doors.
"Stop." I stopped her before she could open the doors.
"If you open the doors, they will see you." I continued.
"Oh yeah."
"You want on the other side and pretend nothing happened. I will get a worker to open the doors and we will act as though nothing happened."