Before I lay me down to sleep.... by Kira

Soon I will go into the deep sleep that Master says I must go. I'm lucky he will fix it so that I might dream of my life here and of the Cards I must help Keroberous guard.
At least when I awaken again I will not have to remember any of this until the time is right.
Thankfully I will not have to put up with the training of a new "Master", for that will be Keroberous' job.
Thank you Master for giving me the final word on who will ...replace you. No! That is not right NO ONE will ever replace you! Master you have lived for so long amongst us, I do not understand why you feel it necessary to move on... and why the thought of you doing so...hurts!
You say my new Master will be as sweet as our favorite Cherry Tree in the garden out back. But I find I'm only happy there when you are by my side! And I certainly don't care how sweet the new Master will be!
I shall see to it that when the next Master fails and fail he or she shall! They will lose their memory of what has happened to them during that time! It will be at once a curse I think as well as a kindness... I think that when I awaken I will do so away from Keroberous... yes that is what I will do. I will use a little bit of Master's remaining magic to slip away... without being seen by anyone.
Too bad I won't know who I really am for a while. *sigh* But I know I must be strong so that I can judge whether our new Master is truely worth my loyalty! Whether he or she is truely up to the task! Keroberous will most likely be soft on the candidate! Hopefully he won't remember enough, so that he won't be able to fully prepare that candidate!
Master you surely know I will accept no other than you! Master, I can hear your footsteps coming for me now. That must mean the sun has set and Keroberous is asleep. I look around and try to take one last look at things so that I might remember them... so that they might live in my dreams...
Master...please give the strength and courage to do what is required of me, fairly in your name. At least the last thing I will see is your smiling face before I lay me down to sleep.....