The Hairdresser & the Prince by Kira

A Sakura FairyLand story

"Hey Girls! I've got another Sakura FairyLand story for you! Who wants to read it? It's called The Hairdresser and the Prince.", said Nikki.

"The Hairdresser and the Prince? OOOh Can I read it Nikki?", asked Rita.

"Sure, But first a bit of back ground. Eli was being a royal pain in my behind today in science so ythis is my way of getting even with him, even if he doesn't know it!"

"You know Nikki, Eli probably would get mad anyways at whatever you wrote. He mostly likely tell you how much he enjoyed reading it.", said Madison.

"You're probably right Madison, but I feel better about him now than I did before! Here Rita start reading!"

Rita picked up Nikki's notebook and began reading. "Once upon a time....

There lived a hairdresser that was also a powerful magician, although no one knew it at the time. His name was Eriol and he could do wonders even on your worst 'bad hair day'! He was known throught Prince Syaoran's kingdom as the one to see when you needed a special 'do' for that special day! He soon came to the attention of the Prince who felt he needed a new look after the princess he thought he would marry, broke his heart.

"Hey Avalon! I knew you'd break his heart one day!"

"What did I do?"

"Meilin! This takes place before he meets Princess Sakura! Now ssshh! And let Rita finish!" ,said Nikki.

He soon came to the attention of the Prince who felt he needed a new look after the princess he thought he would marry broke his heart. The prince arranged for him to come to the palace the next day. Eriol was feeling rather pleased with himself as this was avery high honor. "And with a bit of luck," he thought, "I can be the court magician, instead of the court hairdresser!"

So Eriol spent the rest of the day hard at work trying to come up weith a look that would not only make Prince Syaoran, look better, but most importantly feel better about himself. After a while he came up with a few good ideas, that he was eager to show off the next day. The last thing Eriol did before going to sleep was asssemble all the things he needed to work his 'magic'.

The next day dawn and Eriol waited anxiously for the royal guard to come and escort him to the palace. Finally they arrived to take him there. Eriol though nervous, thoroughly enjoyed the trip there. Once there he was shown to the Prince's royal suite. After being shown inside he waited for the prince to arrive.

"Ahh! Your highness.", he said as he bowed low to the Prince who just walked in. "I am here at your service."

"Get up and who are you?", the Prince said grumpily. "What are doing here?, Don't just stand there like an idiot come help your Prince get his riding boots off!" Prince Syaoran sat down and held out a foot. Eriol at first confused by the Prince's lack of recognition, hurried over to do his bidding.

"Hey! It seems like Eli was getting on Li's nerves today too!", said Madison.

"You better believe it! I thought Li was going to hit him over the head with the beaker he was holding when Eli told him he was doing the experiment wrong!", laughed Nikki. "Beware of writers nearby when you're going to be a pest!"

"Hey! I want to hear the rest of the story!", said Sakura.

"Me too!", the rest of them chimed in.

Eriol at first confused by the Prince's lack of recognition, hurried over to do his bidding.

After getting his boots off, Eriol was instructed to draw the Prince's bath.

"OOH! I fhe doesn't stop treating me like a servant, he's going to regret it!", thought Eriol. What he was unaware of was that Prince Syaoran knew exactly who he was and why he was there. Since he was feeling somewhat grumpy over this Princess, it felt good to be a pain in the butt towards others and not have them say anything about it. Just like he was with that Princess, who was impossible, but unfortunately very beautiful. Thankfully his mother the Queen realised what kind of person her future daughter-in-law would be, so she sent her packing!

The prince got into the hot bath and felt all his troubles fade away like the dirt on his body. "I could stay and soak here all afternoon!", he thought.

"Whoa Nikki! The prince is bathing! Sakura why are you all red!", Madiso teased.

"I'm not red!", cried Sakura.

"Oh, yes you are!", said Chelsea." Rita go on and finish before Sakura feints from the heat!"

They all collasped into giggles as Rita tried to find her place again.

"Here it is...", she said.

"I could stay and soak here all afternoon!", he thought. "Now why are you here again?", he asked.

Eriol called out from the other room, "I heard about your troubles with that unfortunate princess and I felt you needed a change , a new look to help you get over know... I have tons of Lady clients and always swear that whenever I give them a new look a new boyfriend always follows."

Prince Syaoran sighed and then laughed to himself as he realised what Eriol was saying.

"Eriol, did it ever occur to you that I do not want a new ...boyfriend..?"

Eriol turned bright red and then pale as he realised what he said. He hoped the prince was not too insulted. "Eriol",he said to himself. "Don't be such a donkey! This is the prince you're talking to not the butcher down the street!"

Prince Syaoran returned to the other room dressed in his bathrobe and toweling his hair.

"Hey look Sakura 's blushing again!"

"Quiet Meilin!", they all said.

"Well she is! Funny thing is I bet Li would too if he heard this!"

"If you tell him I'll die!", cried Sakura.

"Make room for me because, I'm dying right beside you!", Nikki said.

"How come you didn't have Toya wearing a towel, in Sakura's b-day story?", asked Chelsea.

"Cuz he's her brother silly!", laughed Madison.

"Can we finish before the bell rings?", asked Sakura.

Prince Syaoran returned to the other room dressed in his bathrobe and toweling his hair. "Now what can you for me?.

"Well I was thinking , you'd look better in a shorter style. You know less like you wanted a new boyfriend, if you know what I mean." Eriol held up a mirror for the Prince to look at himself in. "I mean your hair is a bit long. I can take a lot off, but still make it look like you have longish hair?"

The prince looked at himself and thought about it for a minute. "That stupid Princess did whine I had better hair than she did. So soft and silky and it's not fair!", he thought. "I guess cutting it off would help me forget her nonsense even if it was what she wanted."

"Okay work your magic!"

Eriol couldn't beleive it. His wish had come true! He was now the personal stylist to the prince as well as court magician! In fact it was the style he created then, that captured the heart of Princess Sakura. So the prince was happy and Eriol was happy and sometime in the future Princess Sakura would be very happy! As for Prince Toya, he wasn't happy yet because he hadn't met his princess yet. In fact at that very moment he was dodging the advances of the new Queen Naruku!

"Hey! I knew you'd manage to stick Toya in ther some where!", Laughed Rita.

"Yeah! I just couldn't resist!", laughed Nikki.

"Well I like it as much as your other story Nikki! Can I have it too?", asked Sakura.

"I guess so."

"Hey are you going to write anymore of these stories? Cuz I was wondering if you'd write about..."

"Meilin!", they cried.

"Okay!", she said.