The Lotus & The Wolf by Kira

A Sakura FairyLand story - This story is for Saffy who asked if Mei-Mei will ever get her man & Tara who's own story was alluded to!

"Hey Girls! Are you ready for the next Sakura FairyLand Tale?", said Nikki as she sat down next to her friends.

"What's this one about?", asked Madison.

"Well it's called the Lotus and the Wolf, and I wrote it for you Meilin."

"Really?! That's so nice of you! I promise to be quiet this time and listen!"

"Yeah Right! Can I read it Nikki?", asked Madison.

"Okay. Here it is.", said Nikki as she handed Madison her notebook.

"Once upon a time....", she began.

There lived in Sakura FairyLand, a beautiful Princess named Sakura who lived in a elegant palace inside a large cherry tree along with her Father the King, and her older Brother the prince. She also had several Ladies who were her best friends. There was Lady Tomoyo, Lady Chiharu, Lady Rika, and Lady Meilin who everyone called Lady Mei-Mei.

Lady Mei-Mei came from a far distant land, where she lived with her family in a lotus garden. Lady Mei-mei would delight everyone with tales of the large koi who lived in the pond. As much as Lady Mei-Mei loved it here with Princess Sakura and the other Ladies, she was still very lonely and homesick. So she would rush to see every visitor to the palace in case someonebrought news of her home.

"Hey I don't run up to anyone! And I'm not lonely!"

"SSSSSHHHH! Meilin we thought you were going to be quiet!", they all said at once.

"Sorry. I forgot.", Meilin replied rather meekly for her. "Please go on Madison."

So she would rush to see every visitor to the palace in case someonebrought news of her home. One day she was rewarded for her troubles by the handsome visitor who came to visit. He happened to be from her land and she was very much taken with him! Even if he was rather tall! Not only did he tell everyone stories of her homeland that night at the feast, but he entertained them with fantastic magical feats! Lady Mei-Mei was in love for sure! But how could she spend a minute alone with him to see if he felt the same way?

"What can I do?", she thought. "Who can I turn to for help?" And then it hit her! She would ask the princess for help! She figured since she helped Princess Sakura before find out what Prince Syaoran looked like, that time he visited when she was sick, Lady Mei-Mei felt the Princess owed her one! But how could she ask the Princess to do that for her, since she only a mere Lady Nad the Princess was ...well the Princess? After moping around for a few days it was brought to the Princess's attention that one of her Ladies was upset.

"Lady Mei-Mei, it concerns me that you seem unhappy about something. I would have thought that ahving a visitor from your homeland would cheer you up! That's why I asked my father, the King to have him stay! If this bothers you I can ask the king to make him go away."

"Oh no Princess! Please don't make him leave! If you do I would be most unhappy! What I would really like is to meet him...alone if I could?", she asked, holding her breathe and praying the Princess would say yes.

"Of course I'll help you!", said the Princess.

"YAY! I knew you were a good friend Avalon!"


"Read on Madison! I want hear all the juicy parts!"

So Madison shaking her head at Meilin continued.

"Of course I'll help you!", said the Princess.

"Oh Princess you are the best!", she cried as they hugged each other. Heads together the two of them planned out how Mei-Mei would meet him. Soon as they had a plan they explained it to the other Ladies who were happy to help.

Later that night the Hansome stranger was invited to the Princess's royal chamber. Prince Toya wanted to come too , but was turned away as Princess Sakura said this was a girls only slumber Party and besides he wasn't invited! And before Prince Toya could open his mouth to arue that the Stranger wasn't a girl, Princess Sakura Shut the door in his face!

("I knew she'd sneak him in there one way or another." whispered Chelsea to Rita.

"SSSH! I want to hear what she's saying!", Rita whispered back.)

"I am honored to be here Princess, My Ladies.", the handsome stranger said with a bow.

"What is your name sir?", asked Princess Sakura.

"I am known by many names, Princess, but you may call me the Reed, for that is how I am most known. It is because I am so tall and thin." As he spoke to her her reached around her head and brought forth a handful of horsetail reeds. All the ladies and the Princess squealed with delight! The Reed then did many more feats of magic like conjuring up a dragon from the smoke of an insense pot, to making the Lady Mei-Mei float in the air literally as well as figuratively! Soon it was toime for the Ladies to sleep and the Reed to leave.

"Lady Mei-Mei, please do me a huge favor and see to it the Reed is shown to his rooms."

"Of Course my Princess! Come this way.", she said as she offered her hand to him. The Reed took her hand as was the custom of their people and the headed for his rooms.

"OOOH Meilin! Here comes the juicy parts you wanted!"

"Shut up Chelsea!", said poor Meilin who blushing a bright red.

"Chelsea leave her alone, and besides what do know about 'Juicy parts", mmm?", said Madison.

Chelsea was now as red as Meilin as all her friends stared at her.

"Well if she won't tell then let's ask Zack!", said Rita.

"Nothing! I swear! If you ask Zack he'll probably tell you the same stuff he tells Li ands Eli!", cried Chelsea.

"Come on girls we all know what an exaggerater Zack is! If he kissed Chelsea, you all know he would being going on about how the two of them are married and have three kids by now! I know what Zack says because Li tells me!", said Sakura as she comforted her friend. "Let's just get on with the story!"

The Reed took her hand as was the custom of their people and the headed for his rooms. Mei-Mei was in heaven as she walked down the empty halls leading to his room, the hansom stranger by her side.

"If only I could leave here with him and go home. But how could I ask the Princess after she was so kind to arrange this.", Mei-Mei thought.

"She is so beautiful and sad",the Reed thought."I know I will teel her my real name so she will have a special memory of me!"

"Lady Mei-Mei, I wish to tell you a secret. I want you to tell no one what I am about to tell you, for I feel I can trust you with this."

Mei-Mei felt her heart beat faster as she wondered what he would say. She could only nod her head at him, for fear of asaying something stupid.

"Lady Mei-Mei I wish to tell you my real name, as I am known to my family. It is a special secret and is the key to my power. I am Xio Lang the wolf. But now that I have given you my name and the secret of my Power, how can I trust you to keep the secret?"

Lady Mei-Mei, eyes wide open, just stood there and shrugged, for she was now afraid of the Stranger.

"I know!", he cried making Mei-Mei nearly jump out of her skin." I will ask the Princess if you can be my bride!'

With that Lady Mei-Mei recovered her senses enough to throw her arms around him. Holding each other tight they kissed until Mei-Mei realised she had to get back before the Princess became worried. She threw one more kiss at him and hurried off. The next day the palace wa a buzz with the news. As sorrry as she was to go, the Lady Mei-Mei promised she would be back, when the Princess herself became a bride...The End.

"WoW Nikki! That was a great story, and I'm glad Mei-Mei got her man!", said Sakura.

"Me too!", Meilin chimed in. "It's about time I got a wolf of my own!", she said as she winked at Sakura who winked back.

"Now Chelsea what's all these stories Zack has been telling the guys and how do we fix him?", asked Madison.

"Well, oh! Just leave him to me! If anyone's going to fix him, it's got to be me! Don't worry I'll let you all help."

The girls sat there planning how to get even with Zack until the bell rang, when they promised to meet Sakura and Li after school to all the "Juicy parts"!