Love Letters by Kira

My Dearest Toya,

Peachikins, this is so hard, but what I want to say is I'm hoping you'll read this and not throw it away! Toya, Peachikins, I'm sorry I had to up and leave you like that. Please believe me when I say that was not my intention at all. I wish there was more time to let our relationship wind down and all. I know I knew I was lewaving a year ago, but I couldn't find it in my heart to tell you. I keep telling myself if I only had more time, I could make you understand without hurting you. Toya darling it is true there will be someone for you to love for all time after I'm gone. Think of me as someone who opened up your heart to Love, so that you would be ready for that Love. But know this my sweet little Peach, I do love you and I'll understand if you come to hate me. News Flash! Toya right now I sort of hate myself for what happened. I think maybe if you were older it would have been easier on you and all. Toya darling, remember I'm ten years older than you. But then you are so mature it was easy to forget that fact. I promise you Peachikins everything I told you will come to be, and I also promise you I will return one day. Maybe I'll be back sooner than you think! But please promise me this, Toya, you will keep you heart open and wait for that special Love to find you! Darling I know that Love will find you when you least expect it and also that Love will come to you before I can return. That is the best way Peachikins because it is important you come to love that special Love in return! Oh Toya my Love, know this: I'll miss you everyday we are away from each other, and while we can never be the way we were before, I hope you can find in your heart to be my friend.

Love Always,

your Kaho


My Darling Kaho,

I got your letter a few days ago and I'm sorry I couldn't answer you sooner. Sweetheart, this too is a hard thing to do. I know you don't want to hear it, but I still love you very much! I still walk by the shrine and visit the cherry tree and sometimes I can still hear your voice and see you standing there looking the way you did when we first met. Kaho I miss you so much it hurts! I want you to know I don't care about any Special Love to come! It's you I love! You're my special Love! Please come back! I'm sure you can complete your courses at the university where my Dad works! Please come back to me Kaho! Can't you at least tell me why you had to go so far away? Somehow since I met you Kaho, I find the other girls I know nothing special to look at. I don't even what to get to know any of them either. Kaho, Sweetheart, since you promised to come back one day, I promise to wait for you Darling! I don't care how long you are away! I will wait for you! I will never stop loving you no matter what you say!

I love you with all my heart!

Your Peachikins, Toya