Love is where you find it! by Kira

It was two weeks after Sakura's and Li's wedding and the two where off touring China after spending some time with Li's Family in Hong Kong. Madison was missing her friends very much and she nothing much to do now that her Mother was away on business. Madison however was between jobs, because her theater group had just closed their play two weeks before the wedding. So since she found her large mansion too big and lonely for one person plus staff, she decided to head into town.
She walked slowly around window shopping, hoping to kill some time before heading off for dinner. Soon the window shopping turned into shopping for real and she found herself loaded down with packages. As she stood there trying to find her phone in her bag without dropping anything, Julian came around the corner and nearly knocked her over as he too was lost in his own world. Fortunatelly he found the donuts he was looking for and looked up in time to avoid bumping in to her.
"Oh! Hi Madison!", he said.
"Oh! Hi Julian!', she said with a smile brightening her face. "Where's Tori?"
Julian gave her a puzzled lokk and replied, "He's gone back to med school. Don't you remember we just saw him off a few days ago?" Stuffing the donut back in the bag, he asked if she needed help with her bags. Smiling at him and nodding yes, she handed some to him and asked if she should call for the car to come and get them. Julian shrugged ok and Madison called. When the limo arrived Madison asked Julian if he wanted a ride.
"If you're sure it's ok?"
"Don't be silly Julian, of course it's ok! You know I was going to go for dinner and..."
"Oh! Yes! There's this little French place that just opened up and I always wanted to try French food and if you don't mind can we go there?"
Madison at first was amazed, then delighted by the turn of events.
"Of course we can go there, Julian. It's supposed to look like a Paris bistro, but some how it still looks like that old sushi place. What was it called?"
She thought for a minute before they both said "Sushi Palace!" The two of them laughed like they never laughed before. Both just sat there trying not to look at each other and lost in their thoughts.
"So this is what Sakura must have felt every time she saw Julian. No wonder she always wanted to be near him. I've been around Yue and I think Sakura had it all wrong this funny warm feeling is all Julian!" she thought.
Meanwhile Julian had a Yue thought. "This is what Clow must have felt for the Lady Kaho... it like what I felt for him, and what Julian felt for Tori... yet different. And the same!" He looked over at her at the same time she looked over at him. They smiled as the blocks flew by.
"How Beautiful she is when she smiles. I wonder why I never noticed before? I wish Tori was here so I could ask him. As Julian I never had therse feelings before, and as for Yue he never felt this way. Protective of Clow and later Sakura, was what Yue felt, and I"m finding I don't know what to think. Thankfully Keroberous is not here to know about this!" He sighed. Madison looked over, concern on her face.
"Everything ok?"
"I'm just ...hungry!"
"When aren't you?", she laughed.
"We're here Miss"
"Thank you, I'll call if I need you. Let's eat Julian!"
They both entered the place and a wonderful time although neither one could later remember anytrhing about the dinner. All they could remember was the warm pleasant glow they felt in each other's presense.
They decided to walk home together and Madison said she would call for her ride at his house. So hand in hand they strolled down the streets together, laughing and talking about the way it was when they were younger. Before they knew it they were at Julian's house.
"Do you ever feel lonely since your grandparents passed away? I mean it is a rather big house for just one person. Oh! Forgive me Julian! I didn't mean to pry!"
Taking her hands in his he replied, "No any lonelier than your mansion must be. Do you want to come for some coffee and donuts?"
Madison just shook her head in wonder as her eyes sparkled in the moonlight. "What's with you and donuts anyways!", she teased as she let him lead her inside. They giggled like little kids as they made coffee and set out the donuts. Madison found herself not wanting to leave, yet afraid to stay. Julian sensing her mood asked if she'd mind staying in the guest room as in t5he morning he wanted her opinion of his new pancake recipe.
"Ok" she said in a small voice.
"Madison, please don't worry, I would never do anything to hurt you. You know that!"
So Madison found herself an unlikely houseguest at Julain's. The more he treated her with respect the more she fell in love with him. All too soon she had to leave. "Julian, you know if my Mother found out I was here, she'd kill me! Then she'd plan the wedding of the century! You think she gave Sakura a big wedding! Ours would Oh my gosh! What am I saying? I'm babbling like Sakura used to do! I'm sorry Julain I didn't mean to suggest anything!" Poor Madison looked like she wanted to cry! Poor Julian did the only thing he could think of! He kissed her! "I guess if it worked for Tori..." , he thought. As they kissed both realised that they were meant for each other. Madison longed for Julain to hold her the way Li would hold Sakura. She also wanted to be with Julian the way her friends were now that they are married. "But", she thought, "I love him even more for being a gentleman and NOT pressuring me into anything that wouldn't be right. It was fun laying in bed at night and wondering if he would come in! Now I sound like one of those silly Romance story heroines! Sakura would die if she knew what I was thinking about her Julian! But you know what Madison? What Madison?", she thought to herself. "He's my Julian now! That's what!" She reached up and kissed him goodbye and hurried off to the waiting car.
Before they knew it, they found themselves planning a wedding. Sakura and Madison decided they were going to have a girls night out before the wedding. All the old friends were there! Even Meilin flew in from America. Poor Samatha found herself in charge of a huge baby sitting project! Luckily she was able to talk Li's sisters into helping. That night back at Sakura's house a sleepover was in full party mode! The years rolled back as they took turns teasing Rita about being love with her teacher! Chelsea told the lastest Zack story and Meilin nearly peed in her pants laughing as Sakura teased her about Li! Then theyall laughed themselves silly as Nikki told a story about about a ghostly bride, which she added was going to be in her next collection of short stories if she could remember it in the morning! Madison and Sakura headed downstairs for a cup of tea as everyone else turned in for the night. The Guys on the other hand had a fun night out with everyone wishing they could be free like Tori who said, "don't worry he was dating a sucessful author and he'd probably be doing the same thing as soon as he finished med school or his author decided she wanted to be a bride!"
Julian just smiled at them all, happy he happened to go for donuts that Valetine's day a year ago!