Madison Gets Married by Kira

"You were great as usual, Madison! I've seen your play what is 20 times already and each time it gets better and better! You were fabulous!"
"Thank you Julian! Too bad you're not a critic! We could really use some good reviews."
There was a knock on her dressing room door.
"Yes what is it?'
"More Flowers Miss."
"Thanks, Maggie. You can put over there if you can find room!" Maggie did what she was told and as she left she gave Madison a knowing look.
"Really Julian, there's no need for you to keep buying me flowers all the time." At his hurt look she quickly countered with, "It's not that I don't like them, in fact I love them, but I feel like such a flower hog!"
"But you were so good in you play, and I know how much you enjoy them... so I just thought I would..." Julain said as Madison placed a finger on his lips. They smiled at each other, each one happy that they found the other.
"Madison... I'm not very good at this...but...I was wondering if you know wanted to be with me forever? Um... this is for you." He fumbled in his pocket and produced a small box which he handed to her. She opened it and gasped. Inside was a ring that was small and dainty like her hand, yet the diamond in the center shone like a star. Madison placed on her finger and nodded yes, because she was afraid she would start crying.
"What's wrong, Madison?"
"I'm just so happy, Julian", she said as he gathered her into his arms. Madison had to admit to herself that she liked the it felt when they were together like this. She would sometimes wonder if Sakura ever felt like this when she was with Li. "Oh my gosh how am I ever going to tell Mother?", she thought. "You know Julian, I think it's time you met my mother. And I think I'd better tell you a bit about her and don't worry if she gets all crazy about this." With that Madison filled Julian in on her mother as she went behind the screne and got into her street clothes. When she was ready they left and Madison called for her car. On the ride over to Madison's home, they sat and talked about their future together. Madison felt she'd died and gone to heaven as she settled into Julian's arms.All too soon the ride was over and they got out and went into her house.
"Boy you weren't kidding when you said you lived in a palace!"
"Julian! you're impossible! Alice is Mother in?"
"Yes Miss. She's in the library."
"Thanks Alice." Madison grabbed Julain's hand and headed off for the library. Sitting at her desk writing was Samantha. She looked up at the sound of their footsteps.
"Well who do we have here? Madison! Where's your manners, who is this adorable guy you have here?"
"His name's Julian, Mother. He just asked me to marry him and I said yes! I'm getting married mother! Julain's a wonderful guy and I've known just about all my life, Mother incase you're wondering. He's an old friend of Tori's! I'm getting married! "
"Ok dear. Hello Julian. So are you in the theater too? You know Madison it's a good thing I'm able to indulge you in your silly whims, but can you Julian do the same?"
"Mrs.Taylor. I do the books for the theater company. My grandparents left me an inheritance, so I'm not left wanting. And if Madison wants to continue after we're married I don't see why not."
"Oh that's great Madison! You found another dreamer like yourself! Do you two think you can live on fresh air and sunshine?!"
"Mother! I'm a grown woman and I'm not Natasha! Julain is not some poor teacher who's going to have me support him! And then spend my money when I'm gone! Julain I'm sorry you have to see this! I told you this was exactly how my mother was going to react!" She turned to him with tears in her eyes. Julain wanted nothing more than to become Yue and protect her from her own mother's hurtful words. But he just stood ther as if nothing was wrong and tried to steer the conversation away from where it was going. He did the one thing that Madison never would have guessed would endear him to her mother." So Mrs. Taylor, can you tell me about Natasha, while Madison sees aboiut dinner?"
Delighted, Samantha lauched into it. By the time dinner was over she was just as happy about Madiosn getting married as Madison was herself.
"what dso you mean you want a small wedding with just a few family and close friends?! You can have the biggest wedding you want, with champaign flown in from France and all your favorites for dinner and fresh flowers from Holland and..."
"Hold it right there! Mother! You are not giving the wedding you felt Natashe deserved or the lavish three day affair you had! I just want a simple wedding. We can have it here in the backyard, with dinner under the stars and champaign from the liquor store in town! I don't care if it's vintage from last year or last week! I want to wear your wedding kimono or one I find in the bridal shop downtown! I ..I..I want to do things my way." Madison sat down and blushed as she realised she was shouting. Samantha just stared at her daughter like she gre3w two extra heads.
"Ok, by me. What do you think, Julian", Samantha asked her future son-in-law.
"Sounds fine to me. All I ask is that there's plenty to eat and could you please pass the dumplings? Thanks!"
Samantha looked on in amazement as she watched Julain eat. And eat. And eat! "I wonder where he puts it?" she thought.
In the end Madison got her way and the day they chose was beautiful. Samantha snuck in a few of the things she wanted, but no one minded. "How Beautiful my daughter looks today!", she thought.
Madison really did look beautiful in her antique wedding kimono. It was white silk that had aged to a soft ivory. Embroidered on it in gold were pine trees a symbol of good luck for her future life as a bride. All in all she looked simply beautiful as all brides do. Julian also chose to were traditional dress and his kimono had cranes on it. Sakura as her Matron of honor, had a beautiful pink kimono with cherry blossom sprays decorating it. Her friends Meilin, Chelsea, Nikki and Rita also looked stunning in their kimonos. In fact the wedding photo she had to remind her of this day was Madison's most prized possesion next to an old crumbly eraser.