The new Student by Kira

"Okay Class! Please welcome our new student YukitoTsukisiro. Yukito you may have a seat in the back next to Toya Kinomoto. Toya please show him where he can put his things. Now open your books to page 263 and let's start...." ,the teacher Miss Buntaro droaned on.
Toya and Yukito went to the back of the classroom where there was place to put the students' things. Toya found Yukito a bit strange because of the way he kept staring at him.
Soon it was time for lunch and because he was feeling a bit sorry for him, Toya asked Yukito to join him.
"Hey Toya! Over here!", his friends called out. Toya with Yukito in tow headed towards Toya's friends. Everyone introduced themselves. They all chatted about the school to Yukito until they one by one stopped talking as they watched the new kid eat and eat and eat!
"Whoa! Yuki where do you put all that stuff! Yeah like I've never seen such a skinny guy like you pack it away! Slow down no one's going to take from you!", they all cried out at once.
"Guys! So he can eat. Yuki can you play soccer? Or like what sports can you play?", asked Toya.
"Umm...I don't know about soccer, but I'm good at archery, fencing, I guess I can learn soccer."
"Well then stop eating and let's go outside and we'll show you how. Kenji you get the soccer ball from the gym and we'll meet you outside on the field. Come on Yuki you're going to learn how to play some soccer."
Toya put an arm around Yuki as he ushered him out to the soccer field along with his other friends. What no one knew at the time was Yuki was a natural athlete. It seems there was nothing he couldn't play. So of course everyone wanted him on their team. Suddenly the weird kid with the glasses and the huge appetite was very popular.
Yuki however chose to help out the teams that needed him at the time rather than joining any of them except the soccer team. Since his new best friend Toya was captain of the team he decided to join that one.

Finally Yuki got up enough nerve to ask if he could come over Toya's house and study with him.
"Sure. I was going to ask you, but since you asked me, why not. Just watch out for the Monster!"
"What monster?" Yuki was puzzled by Toya's strange warning.
"The one that does this!" Toya came up behind Yuki and pulled his mouth wide open into a silly grin. They both laughed for a few minutes before Toya said, "It's really my little sister Sakura. She's so cute but sometimes she's such a huge pain in the tush! You know? So I call her Monster and Squirt and stuff. If she get's really annoying I'll tell her there's a ghost in the room! You should she her run then!"
"Toya you shouldn't tease your sister. I wish I had a sister or a brother and if I did I wouldn't tease them. I bet she's really sweet."
"Okay, okay! I promise not to tease her."
"Wow he hasn't met Sakura and he's already defending her. Hey that's my job!", Toya thought. "Still Yuki might be a bit strange but he's okay."

They walked home to Toya's house in silence after that. When Sakura showed up Toya nicely introduced her to Yuki who told her that no matter what Toya said he didn't think she was a monster. Well Sakura was in heaven after that. Both she and Yuki became each other's defenders whenever Toya would tease one of them, which he found highly amusing.
Toya also found it funny when Sakura would make pancakes for them. She would save up her allowance for a whole two weeks just to buy the mix and then Yuki would eat it all up in minutes. But Toya had to admit she was getting better at cooking now that Yuki seemed to like it.
"Do you live with your mom and dad, Yuki?" Sakura asked.
"No I don't, I live with my grandparents because my parents are dead."
"Oh Yuki I'm so sorry! I know how hard it must be to have no parents! Toya you must NEVER tease Yuki EVER!"
"Hey Squirt! Calm down. I promise I won't tease Yuki, but can I still do this!" Toya did one of his famous mouth stretches on Yuki as Sakura gave him the dirtiest if looks.

Yuki just sat there and loved every minute of it. He had a vague memory of a similar family gathering. He remembered getting teased but he also remembered it was by a large lion with wings and a handsome Chinese man. When ever he was Toya he would get these fleeting memories of the man as if this man too had teased him like that.

Soon Toya and Yukito became fast friends. In fact Yuki became an unofficial member of the Kinomoto family. He was known to be included just about anywhere they went. It may have been because they were worried about him being alone while his grandparents traveled or maybe it was something else...