The Power Transfer by Kira


"Thank goodness you were able to catch Yuki, Sakura!", Toya thought. "I was sure he'd be dead if you didn't do what you did to catch him! I can't believe I dropped him! Anyways he seems alright for now!"

"Sakura! Get Eriol and ask him if we can bring Yuki inside and let him rest somewhere! Go!", Toya shouted at his sister.

Soon Yuki was carried upstairs by Toya and put to rest in a spare bedroom. Toya watched his friend lying there, resting. He was trying to get up the courage to ask him what's wrong, to tell him he knew he was something more than just Yuki. Finally he did, and he totally unprepared for what happened.

Yuki got up out of bed and stood there for a minute before he was wrapped in a soft blue green glow. As he stood there he changed into a slightly taller being with wings. As the glow faded Toya found himself looking at Yueh, although he didn't know at the time who he was looking at. They stared at each other before Yueh broke the silence. After explaining to Toya what was wrong with them, Toya did an extraordinary thing.

"I'will give you my magic, my power, in wexchange for helping my friend Yuki and also most importantly watching over my sister Sakura. Please..."

"I will Toya. After this is over Yuki will now know about me..."

"Don't worry about Yuki. Now what do I...umm..we have to do?"

"Come", was all Yueh said as he started towards Toya, who met him half way. Taking Toya in his arms, Yueh held him close. Anyone looking at them would have thought it was two lovers happy to see each other again. Soon they were both engulfed in blue tendrils of magic as Toya's power left him and went to Yueh. Both could feel each other's pain as the magic left Toya and entered Yueh. While to them it was an eternity, the power transfer took only minutes to complete. Yueh felt Toya sag against him as it was over. For a breif minute he held him close and whispered his thanks. Then he gently laid him down on the bed that he as Yuki had occupied only minutes before.

"It feels good to be this strong again!", He thought as he stood there watching over Toya. "I do not believe I was even this strong before. Thank you again Toya." the last part was whispered aloud by Yueh. Then he heard the sound of crying from beyond the closed door. Then Sakura entered. Yueh was saddened by her saddness, and he tried to comfort her. After relising her brother would be alright, she stopped crying. Once Toya and Yuki were better they finished the film, which turned out to be a hit at the student film festival. It was during the screening that Toya reasured his friend he would still be there for him and that nothing really changed between them.


Thank you Toya! I cannot believe you would give me such a gift! I will happily agree to your terms! Did you know that I would look after Sakura anyways, if it ment there was a chance I could see you? It's a pity you are not the Master of the cards, for it would be perfect. Master was right! I do feel love for you! Toya did you know that Master said I would love the one who came after him? It should have been Sakura, and deep down inside I know that if I loved her, that would have pleased him very much! But it is you that I love now, for it you who giving me the power, not her. But have no fears on her account, Toya! There is one close by who will treasure her more than I could. I know you do not like him very much, but Toya, I feel it is better that she love him.

Toya, if we are to do this, I feel it must be soon. I do not wish to be disturbed while it is happening as I am afraid. I am not sure what will happen, nor am I sure how long it will take. Well Toya, Let us begin. What? Do not worry about Yuki! I will be there to help him, and I am sure he will seek you as well if he needs to. Now come Toya, come to me. *Both walk towards each other. After looking at one another they come clser in what looks like a lovers' embrace, and the power transfer begins.*

Ahhhh! It hurts! I hope it does not hurt you too! I am so sorry if it does! The last thing I would to do is cause you pain! Please believe me Toya! Just as suddenly as it came the pain is gone and I feel so much stronger than I had felt in a long time! Toya are you alright? I catch you as you fall, weaken from the transfer. It feels good to gently pick you up, like did for me... for Yuki...and place you in the bed, where minutes befoer Yuki lay. I cannot believe it was only minutes ago I was in danger of fading away and you saved me! Toya it was the kindest thing anyone including Master, had ever done for me. I wish I could stay here forever and watch you rest. What is that?

Oh Mistress! Do not worry, your brother will be alright. This I promise you. Mistress please do not cry! It was not your fault this had to happen! I believe Master had made a mistake... if that is truely possible? But perhaps Mistress it was your brother who should have controlled the Cards. He had more than enough power. Mistress listen to me. I will watch over you both, protect you both. Please, promise me you will stop crying now. It will all work out fine. Listen Mistress, sometimes things happen that seem to have no clear reason for the happening. This is something I know to be true from my time with Master... with Clow Reed. Somethings we have control over others we only think we do. Remember this Mistress... what is is and what is done is done. It cannot be changed. Go now and talk with him. I will leave you alone if you wish. Know this Mistress, I will watch over and care for you always...(and Toya too!)