Snowbunny by Kira

While it's been puzzling to me that Master would want me to be a human like him, I'm finding that I'm beginning to like it somewhat. I love the feelings of specialness that it was me he asked to do this, not Keroberous!

I remember how hard it was at first to hold this shape. Yukito is a young boy who is almost a man and this was who Master wanted me to be. I wished he had asked me try and be a girl like Kaho, but when Master saw the face she made I became Yukito instead.

It really was fun learning all the things I needed to know to be able to live as a human amongst them. I had so much to learn. Like bathing, I had no idea humans would ever need to do this. I loved they way the bubble card worked it magic, and good it felt to sit in the tub afterwards and just soak. What I hated about it was how they all laughed at my fright when I came out all wrinkled! But then Master promised to teach me to swim the next day. I wonder if it was my tears of shame that prompted that? I remember going to sleep that night all fresh and clean, with the soft feel of the silk of my pyjammas next to my skin; it was a most wonderous feeling!

So was the next day when I learned to swim. Kaho made us a box lunch that morning which we took with us. We went down to the stream that branched off and feed Master's koi pond. The sun was warm on my face and it felt good. Master and quickly stripped down and went to the waters edge. I remember telling him it was too cold and his laughter as he said there was only one way to fix that!
He grabbed my hand and dagged me over to the low bridge that spanned it. Helping me climb onto the railing he took my hand, and next thing I knew for one brief instant I was flying without my wings. Then came the cold hard reality of the icy water as we hit it. I thought I would die! But master was there laughing I knew I would be fine. He looked so funny without his glasses, as he would scunch up his face in an effort to see. But always smiling his wonderful smile!
I remember my fright as he dove under only to come up beside me! He came and took my arms and show me how to move them. He hend me while I learned to move them and kick my feet to. I remember asking him if he could make a Card that would let someone swim, but all he said was he'd think about it!
Soon it was time to come out and dry off. After first it was cold, but soon it felt good to warmed by the sun. I always liked the night the best, but I tolerated the day because that's when Master was at his best as he explained that humans lived in the day and slept at night.
I wondered why then I was created at night and not Keroberous. Master said because he liked the night too because of the magic it contained.
Being Yukito has taught me a love of the day now. Soon I fell asleep and master said later I looked so innnocent sleeping there, he could not bring himself to wake me! But I got sick being in the sun so long and woke hurting. Master gently helped me dress and we went slowly home. All I remember is being in tremendous pain for the sun's rays were not kind to me. Keroberous said for days I lay feverous in bed in constant pain and Master worried I would die! He also said Kaho helped nurse me by placing cool honey and cotton bandages over the worst of my burns and helping Master later bathe it all off before repeating it.

Soon I recovered and gradually lost my fear of the sun, since I was fair like Kaho I learned to follow her example. But the best I learned as a human was eating. As Yueh I had no need for food, but Yukito was always hungry! No matter what I was given I ate it and enjoyed it! At Least until I realised what she meant when Kaho said I ate like a sumo! I was happy when Master told her at least I'll never look like one. But she still laughed!
I wish Master would send her away! Especially when she said I was falling in love with him and that I was behaving like a lovesick girl! But somehow I don't think he ever will, eventhough he grew very angry at her for saying that!
I still can not believe I begged him not to be angry with her. Perhaps it was true, I told him I didn't think Kaho would lie. Master looked Long and hard at me. Then he said I should be Yueh for a while as my lessons were over for now. Even as Yueh I know I still feel that way about Master, I can not help it!
I have also learned something new that day, I can cry Like Yukito now when I am Yueh!