StarLight Series

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StarLight Series: "Starlight" (top)

"Hey Madison why don't try to get some sleep now?", yawned Sakura. "I feel so sleepy all of a sudden. Some sleepover this is turning out to be!"

"It's ok, I'm getting tired too."

"Hey Look!" Sakura pointed to her window where the dust motes were dancing in the moonlight.

"They look so pretty like tiny ballerinas! Look Sakura! Is it me or are they coming together?"

"No, they are coming together!", Sakura said, all tiredness gone from her voice. Madison too forgot her tiredness as the two of them watched as the dust and starlight collected together in swirling patterns. Soon the dust began to take on a more solid shape, that of a small young woman. As the dust motes got more and more solid they woman danced round and round. Sakura thought she reminded her of Flower the way she loved to dance. Kero poked his head up out the drawer.

"I don't believe it!", he cried. "Do know what you're doing?!"

Both girls shook their heads.

"Sakura you're creating your first guardian!"

"WHAT?!" she yelled as Madison shhh-ed her.

"It a chibi-guardian all right! Wait 'til Yue sees this!" Kero flew up to the slowly collacing form. Soon the chibi had formed. It looked like a sixteen year old girl. She was dressed in dark midnight blue outfit that made her look like a ninja. Her hair was a dark blue black and she had two massive braids, one coiled around each ear as well as a long thick braid down her back. Her amber colored eyes looked like Yue's yet they seemed to sparkle rather than stare. She too had a set of wings, but they were dark like a raven's rather than white. They chibi looked around the room at everything, before dancing up to Sakura.

She smiled as she said, "Mistress, I am yours to command." The chibi bowed and as she came up she smiled at Sakura.

"I've seen that smile before", thought Sakura, but she could place it. "I'm Sakura and this is Madison and Kero. You're going to have to be a little quieter or we're going to everyone up and there'll be trouble."

"Anything you say Mistress. I would like to be called Hoshi-no-Hikari as I was born of starlight."

"OOOH! That's so pretty!", Madison and Sakura said together.

"Hey wait a minute! How come you get to pick your own name! Clow Reed named both Yue and me! You should name her too!"

"Well I kinda like that name kero, but... how about we call you Hoshi for short. I can't beleive how much you look like Yue. Kero how come she's like a girl and you're a lion, and why is Yue a guy?"

"Clow Reed created me to help guard his family. Lions are pretty special in China. I have no idea why Yue looks the way he does except I Clow Reed had no need for another Guardian like me. He did travel a lot and he sed to bring Yue with him. Maybe he needed Yue to look more Human so it would be easier for him to guard Clow Reed. As for why she's here, Guardians are created for special purposses, therefore there must be a reason for her being here."

Everyone turned as the chibi spoke."I was created to watch over someone who has need of it, Mistress. There must be someone special to you who needs guarding. That would be my purposs. Is there someone who you know who may be in need? I will guard them with every fibre of my being, yet I would be wholely loyal to you."

"No I can't think of anyone."

"Then Mistress the need has not yet made itself known."

"Kero should I consult the cards?"

"Well...I'm not sure."

"Hey Sakura maybe you can call Eli tomorrow, or maybe Li might know what to do."

"What?! No one must know of the chibi! Least of all that brat! And don't give me they're not brats as they're both brats and you know it! I think Yue might be able to help... yet maybe not."

Sakura and Madison looked at Kero then at each othwer and shrugged.

"Okay, I'll call Julian tomorrow. let's get some sleep. Hoshi do you want to sleep in my bed? I'll get another futon and sleep on the floor."

"Sakura you're lucky your room is bigger than Tori's! Otherwise you'd have to use Small and give her a drawer next to Kero's!"

"Please my desk is full enough!"

"Mistress I will sleep here in the moonlight" Hoshi pointed to the window seat.

Sakura tossed her a blanket and they all drifted off to sleep.

The next day Sakura did call Julian, who hurried over. He became Yue and he and Kero discussed the chibi with Sakura. Everyone panicked when Tori pulled up in the driveway. He had been up earlier and went out to the library to do some studying. Yue quickly became Julian. No ojne knew what to do with Hoshi. Madison was treying to get her to come back upstairs when Hoshi pulled away.

"Hoshi you have to go hide!"

"No Mistress! Look!" With that Hoshi immitated Yue and in seconds a pretty girl with big brown eyes and long black hair stood next to Julian.

"Wow! You can do it!"

"Do what Squirt? Who's this?"

"Umm.. it's Julain's cousin!"

"Julian's cousin?" Tori smirked, "I didn't know you had a cousin Julian."

"oh yeah this is my cousin.."

"Loreli ...Star", the chibi said as she walked up to Tori. "I'm staying with him for a while as my mom has to travel. Who are you?"

"That's where I saw that smile before!" , thought Sakura. "It's Tori's smile she has, and that must be Mom's hair too come to think of it." Sakura was amazed as she thought," She could be my sister never mind Julian's!"

"I'm Tori, I was going to see if you wanted to play soccer later, after breakfast? That should take how long Julian, twenty minutes, half hour? Did you make breakfast yet?"

"No Tori! I was just going to start. Do you want pancakes too?"

Sakura got the stuff out to make pancakes and soon she found herself making stack after stack as Madison handed them out. Everyone watched Loreli and Julain eat plate after plate.

"I guess she really is your cousin, uhm?"

Julian nodded, clearly in breakfast-mode!

After breakfast Madison and Sakura washed up and talked about Hoshi.

"Do you want to come too? But you need to change into shorts, as nice as you look in that skirt, it's not good for playing soccer in. Julian I can lend you a pair of mine and a sweatshirt."

No I don't this is all I have."

"She lost her luggage, Tori."

"Okay. umm... let's see. You're bigger than Squirt so that won't work. Think Tori!"

Loreli frown and seemed about to ask Julian something but then Tori answered himself, "I got it! I have a box of old stuff I put in the attic, there's got to be something you can borrow."

He walked off in search of the box, then he turned back and had a last look at Loreli.

"She just like you isn't she Julian?"

"Yup", Julain said as he shook his head yes.

"Sokay! I beat she's good at soccer and stuff too?"

Julian shrugged and Loreli smiled. Tori blushed and headed off again. He soon returned with an old faded set of gym clothes.

"Here go change into this... You can use Sakura's room."

Loreli went to change and the girls went with her. They both felt they had toi tell her what to do. Meanwhile Tori and Julian talked about Loreli too.

"WOW! You look good! Doesn't she?"

"Yeah! Hey Tori stop staring and let's go!"

"Wait!",said Loreli as she ran off in search of Sakura.

"Bye Mistress, Mistress' friend."

Then she left with her "cousin" and Sakura's brother.

Kero watched them leave from Sakura's window.

"You know, Sakura, she may be here for Tori. I know Yue prefers his company but then he loved being around Clow Reed, so probably feels more comfortable. After he found his way to you through Tori anyways. But I have the feeling Tori's going to need both their help."

"What do you mean Kero?, Do you think Tori's in danger?"

"No, not right now at least, but I'm not sure. If you were more like Clow Reed you'd know Sakura."

'Well as long as he's safe now, I won't worry about it until we can all talk about it together. Do you want go shopping Madison?"

"Sounds good to me, Sakura! Let's go!"

"Okay. But Kero if you feel anything..."

"Sure thing, Sakura! Bye!"

"Bye Kero!", they said together.

Sakura thought long and hard about what could happen. She remembered when Mirror had hurt Tori before and how upste she felt that she wasn't there in time to stop her. Now that Tori had no magic also worried her. Soon she was caught up in clothes shopping with Madison and she forgot her troubles.

Meanwhile Tori had a great time teaching Loreli how to play soccer. The only thing that spoiled it was a feeling he had of being watched....

StarLight Series: "StarBright" (top)

The remaining six sisters of Magic and Order watched their littlest sister from far away in their celestial palace. The youngest was chosen to set right an unbalance in magic that was created when Sakura became the cardcaptor. She was there under the guise of Loreli the alter ego of the new Guardian Hoshi no Hikaru. Her mission was to find the one who made Sakura the Cardcaptor instead of her brother Tori, who had more magic and was better suited for the job. She was also there to give back the magic that was tkaen from him in order to keep the Guardian Yue alive.

Loreli being used to the feel of her sisters' watching and Tori who could no longer sense it, went on with their lives. Loreli had to admit she was enjoying being Julian's cousin. She loved the feel of the Avalon family, they way they welcomed her into it as if she had always been there. But most of all she enjoyed being with Tori. He was more fun than the other boys she had meet at high school and Julain was fun too. Even better were the nights she would spend with Yue learning how to be a guardian.

"If only he knew that I could easily do any of this stuff and then some...", she would think. "But it is rather nice to be here in Yue's arm's while 'learning' some archery skills. Too bad he doesn't know about my energy sling."

Days spent shopping with Sakura and Madison were fun too, as they reminded her of her sisters. But even with the fun and games, Loreli continued her mission, for soon it would be time to meet out the punishments and all would be restored.

"You think you may have won with your silly bell Clow, but your time is coming fast!", Loreli smiled to herself. "What was that Sakura?"

"Loreli, all I said was 'what did you say?' You were talking to yourself, silly!"

"Oh! Sorry! I was just thinking about your brother. We're supposed to go to the movies tonight. Sakura?..What's a movie?"

"No way! Way? Well a movie is a ...." the two chatted happily about movies and what Loreli was going to wear.

Later on as they were walking home from the movie, was when "The Incident" happened. The time had come for Loreli to make her move and sure enough Sakura called Eli who said he would arrive as soon as he could. He would also be bringing his Guardians. Loreli couldn't have been happier when she heard that.

"So Clow is hiding as this young boy Eli?...Interesting as he was supposed to have been father to both Sakura and Tori. Now everything is starting to get clearer!", she thought. "It's a good thing I'm ready!"

StarLight Series: "First Star" (top)

It didn't take long for Eli to come back to Redington along with Layla. As soon as he could arrange it, they met with Sakura. After discussing what happened, Eli was eager to meet Hoshi. It soon turned outy that she was more than he realised.

"I am here Mistress," Hoshi said with a slight bow.

"This is an old friend from school, Hoshi. His name is Eli Moon and that's my old teacher Ms. Mackenzie. "

Hoshi nodded a greeting to them both. Everyone chatted about nothing in particular until Eli brought the reason why he was here. It seems he had wanted mearly to meet Sakura's new Guardian.

"So Sakura what can she do?" asked Eli.

"Most of the same things Yue can, as he's been teaching her."

"Oh. Can I see? "

"Okay. Hoshi can you and Yue show Eli what you've learned so far?"

"Yes Mistress." Hoshi looked around and whispered, "Yue", as she held out her hand. Yue appeared as if he had been there all along in the shadows. She smiled as she noticed Eli's eyes getting wider in shock, which he quickly covered up. Everyone then went out in the night onto the roof.

Hoshi and Yue did some archery as well as shooting some energy crystals at each other. Hoshi who was rapidly tiring of the nonsense lobbed a crystal over at Eli's feet. Eli who wasn't paying attention as Hoshi suspected, jumped and nearly slipped off the roof before he recovered himself.

"Had enough now, Little Man?', she thought. And as if he had read her mind Eli called a halt to the proceedings.

"Well Sakura, I'm impressed! She's very good and Yue is an excellent teacher. Let's go back inside and plan out how we will deal with this Trouble."

So everyone went back in and talked about about the Incident, before Layla and Eli left.

StarLight Series: "I see Tonight" (top)

Things were now coming to a head. Sakura had Hoshi remain by Tori's side as much as she could, as she feared for Tori's life.Which didn't bother Hoshi one bit as her alter-ego Loreli was falling in love with Tori. What neither of them realised was that Tori was feeling the same way about Loreli. Only Julian or rather Yue noticed, but for some reason known only to him, he said nothing.

"Lor don't you wish sometimes that Julian had someone special?"

"Tori, he does. It's just that both of them don't know it yet, and won't know it for a while. So I wouldn't worry about him." At the strange yet happy look in his eyes she quickly added," No it won't be Sakura. But it will be someone just as special. Someone who knows him and what he is and will be happy with him and she'll make him very happy. It will turn out alright."

Tori made a face. "You sound like Layla!"

"Layla! Who's this Layla?"

"An old girlfriend...", he said wistfully.

"Old girlfriend! Hunh! I'll give you old girlfriend!"

Loreli reached up and pinched his cheeks. Tori let out a yelp as she released them and dashed off. He chased her and caught her by the front door to his house. He spun her around and kissed her. She kissed him right back. Neither one noticed that Adien had opened the door as they were leaning on the bell.

"Uhmm.. the door's open and you can come in now? Tori? Loreli? Hello!"

The two of them broke apart and tried very unsuccessfully to pretend they were doing nothing more than standing there waiting to get in. Aiden shook his head and laughed to himself. "At least he's now hanging out with her instead of always going everywhere with Julian.", he thought to himself as he watched them enter and run off to their rooms.

"Goodnight kids!"

StarLight Series: "I wish I may, I wish I might" (top)

Time had now come for Eli to be punished for what he did as Clow Reed. Everyone was there at the Tsukimi Shrine where all the battles over the cards had been held. What no knew was that eventhough he was prepared to fight with Sakura this time, Eli was going to be the main focus of the battle. Also this time Sakura would be powerless to help him.

"Mistress, the time has come for this one to pay for his crime of disturbing the balance of power and magic. He as Clow Reed chose you to rule the cards. Forget what Keroberous and Yue have told you. Hear my qwords, Mistress and know them to be true!" Hoshi pointed at Eli. "This one was told he could not return to walk among the living again, for he already had a long life before. So to get around it and to further his own gains, he split himself in two. Very clever Little Man, but not clever enough! He wanted one of his own to have the cards, but the sons he had had were not good enough for him! It was ordained when he was allowed to create the cards that one of his SONS would have them and rule them after he was gone. But for some reason known only to him, Mistress, he decided they must go to a daughter. You as you know are that daughter. But that action upset the balance. He was told that a daughter would NOT have the power necessary to rule them. Furthermore the son who should have ruled them was forced to relinquish his power! That was Not to have happened!" Hoshi turned at the sound of Sakura crying. She went to her and put her arms around Sakura. "I am sorry Mistress, but this is as it should be. I am not really a Guardian you created, but one of the Seven Sisters who watch over things of Magic. I am here to put right what is wrong and to restore the Balance. I know the cards have come to love you and you are growing stronger. You will be allowed to keep them until you pass on. They will remain for all time in your family, so do not worry about them. But Eli must be punished for what he did as Clow. Eli Moon!", she cried out as she walked towards him. "Eli Moon, for you crimes of tampering with the balance after you were warned, I punish You!"

Hoshi called forth a staff made of starlight that she pointed at him. "For this crime, you punishment will be that since you enjoy being a child so much, a child you shall remain! That is until such time as a child grows into a man! No more shall you be able to switch between the two as it suits you! As for Layla, her punishment is less harsh for she helped you out of love for you. She shall remain timeless in that she will not age until such time as you catch up to her. Time will move more slowly for her, your Guardian Spineal sun will reamin as company for her. Ruby Moon your other guadian shall in fact become that as you say she is. She really will be your older sister and she shall have no knowledge of ever have been otherwise! Off with you!" Hoshi waved her hand and they were gone.

"What is going to happen to my Guardians and family?"

"Mistress have no fears on their accounts. Both Keroberous and Yue shall guard you well. Tori will be given back his powers too." Hoshi placed her hand on Sakura's lips to silence her. "Have no fear for Yue. Tori's power will NOT come from him. What he has now is his to keep. Yue will guard both you, Mitress and Tori. Tori will be given this..."

Hoshi held out her hand and Sakura could see a small glowing orb of light. "It is the power he got from Clow, which I took from Eli. It will be given back to him and all will be restored in Balance. I must leave Mistress to return it to him. Then I will have to go back to my sisters. I will miss you Mistress. "

Hoshi gave Sakura a hug before she drifted away like starlight.

StarLight Series: "Have My wish Come True Tonight" (top)

Hoshi drifted like starlight until she found Tori in Penguin Park, looking for his sister. She came to him as Loreli and asked him what's wrong.

"Hey Loreli! Have you seen Sakura? She's been out aweful late and I can't find her!"

"She will be fine, Tori. In fact she should be home by now. Tori we have to talk. I'm not what you think I am. I really am like Julian, I know you know what he is and all... I too am a being of Magic. However I'm stronger than Yue will ever be.... In fact I am a Guardian of all things Magic. I'm one of the Seven Sisters who watch over those things...",she trailed off as she became Hoshi.

Tori stared at her amazed. He had no idea what to make of her, but most of all he was touched by her sadness. Hoshi held up her hand for Tori to see. She slowly opened it to reveil the orb.

"That is the essense of the Power that was yours, that should have remained yours. The time has come for me to return it to you. Please let me finish. Tori are you aware of the magic cards Sakura posesses? They were created By a powerful Magician long ago named Clow Reed. I will not waste your time with details concerning his life other than he created these cards, two Guardians to watch over them as well as him. You know the one Guardian Yue as well as his Earthly form Julian Star. The other one you've long suspected is the Great Keroberous. That's Sakura's favorite Plushie." Hoshi smiled as Tori cut in with a "I knew it!"

"Tori, Sakura was NOT to have been the Mistress of the cards. You were to have been their Master. But Clow came back as your father and with the small amount of magic he posessed as Aiden Avalon fixed it so Sakura who be their new Mistress. Do not be angry with him, as he had no idea he was even doing what he did. Clow saw to it it would be that way. What he hadn't counted on was Sakura not being as strong in the Magic as you are. I know you have no powers now. That is why I am here, I am to give this to you," Hoshi held up the glowing orb for emphasis. "Once this is a part of you again, you will be able to give Sakura any asistance she may need. I am sorry the cards are not yours for I believe you would have been a good Master to them. She will keep what is hers and Yue won't be harm either. They are lucky they have you Tori...", she ended softly. Hoshi was by now crying softly.

Tori looked at her and wanted to hold her and wipe her tears away, but he was afraid she would drop the orb, so he just stood there helpless. Then he took her hand with the Orb and helped her guide towards his heart. Hoshi placed it there and then embraced him as it went back inside where it belonged. Tori was astonished to find all the old feelings of magic coming back . It was like opening your eyes after sleeping thew night away.

"Now is the timew I have to go, for my work here is complete."

"No! Hoshi, Loreli? Can't you stay?"

"No Tori. I can not stay. But I can promise you this. Any time you wish to see me, all you have to do is stand under the peach tree in your yard at night and look up into the night sky. Simply say,'Come to me Hoshi' and I will be there for you. Only no one will be able to see me except you. I love you Tori and now I really must go."

"I love you too, Hoshi."

They held each other and kissed until she faded away like stardust in the night. Tori was to find that she would be true to her word, for did come back whenever he wanted her. However Loreli was never to come back and she was sadly missed by all that knew her.