Toya's Power returns! by Kira

Sakura stood looking out her window at the night sky. Hugging one of her plushies she stood there lost in thought, while Kero slept in his drawer.

"How nice it is to have Toya home again! And Yuki too! I can't believe he's finished his premed courses and now after a few weeks he returns to start the hard stuff! I'm glad Yuki came over to spend sometime with him again...." Lost in her thoughts she didn't hear the soft knocking at her door at first and when she did, she went to see who it was.

"Yuki?", she said somewhat embarassed by the fact she was standing there in her nightie. "Is Toya alright?"

Yuki nodded "yes", then looked quickly around before becoming Yue. "Mistress... I need to ask you something."

Sakura grabbed his arm and pulled him in her room before shutting the door. "What is it Yue?", she asked puzzled by his appearense and his willingness to discuss something with her.

"Mistress", he began. "Since you are now older and stronger... I was wondering...", Yue started before softly trailing off.

"Yue,", she said with a smile." You must know after all this time you can ask me anything!"

"Yes Mistress. What I was wondering was...", Yue paused and took a deep breath to center himself. "What I was wondering is ... is can I return to Toya that which he gave to me so long ago?"

"Huh? I'm not sure what you are talking about Yue? What did you borrow from Toya?...Oh!", she cried as it hit her just what he was talking about. "Can you do that? I mean after all this time I would have thought that was impossible. I mean Toya gave you his power and that was what gave you life at a time when I wasn't strong enough to be there for you. Are you sure you can do that? I think it would upset Toya not to mention me if anything happens to you and you"

"Mistress, I believe this is possible without any harm coming to me...or Yuki.", Yue said with a small smile on his lips. "You are now a more powerful magician than you were when we first met for the Final Judgement. You know it was Clow Reed's intention that you support both guardians with your magic. He never realised that you wouldn't have the strength to do it. I believe he was very much enchanted with the idea of you suceeding him that he never realised you would not have the ability to do so. Had he figured on you finding the Clow Book and setting the cards free now, at this stage in your life, I believe you would be able to do what he had planned for you to do. Unfortunately you could not, but thankfully your brother was able to help you." Yue looked long and hard at Sakura before deciding to go on. She waited patiently amazed that he was finally opening up to her and she was fascinated by what he had to say. She motioned for him to come and sit next to her. Yue hesitated before coming to sit at her feet. He then did something amazing to Sakura! He sat close enogh that he was able to place his arm on her lap which he did. It was how he used to sit near Clow and it warmed hert heart to think she had now finally after all this time earned his trust.

Yue went on with what he had to say. "Mistress, as I said before I am grateful that Toya was able to give me his power so that I could complete the mission Clow had entrusted me with. Eventhough Clow knew how it would end with you becoming my Mistress." Yue looked up at her and continued. "Mistress, please grant me this wish, that I might return the power I borrowed from Toya. I know at the time he believed he was giving it up permanetly, and I confess I believed it was so at the time too. But now I know this was only a loan, and I feel I must return it to him."

Sakura resisted the impulse to lean over and hug him as she told him, "Yes! I think that would be a great idea! But how are you going to do it?"

Yue smiled as he told her to leave the details to him. He got up and took her face in his hands before whispering a heartfelt "thank you" in her ear. As she smiled at him, he let go and left. Sakura went to sleep that night dreaming of how Yue would return her brother's power.

Days passed before Yue was able to return the power and they were spent happily as they were when everyone was younger and Yuki was treated like one of the family. When the time was right, for Yue was waiting for the moon to reach it complete fullness, he made himself known once agin to Toya.

Toya at first was puzzled by what had happened to his friend for he got used to having no power and his memories of Yuki being another person as well as himself had become like a distant dream. Then slowly it came to him what was happening as if he had awaken from that dream.

"It's you again, isn't it?! Why are you here? Is Sakura alright?" Toya's mind was filled with dread at being unable to help his sister, and fear that his friend was unable to do as well.

"No Toya. She is well. I am here to return something you gave me so long ago. I find I no longer require it. My Mistress, your sister, has given me permission to return it to you. Which I will if you will have it."

Toya stood there amazed at what he was hearing. "I can't believe I will have my magic back again! I hope this means Yuki and Yue will be all right!", he thought. "Yue...", he said. "If you return my power, will you still be ok and Yuki too? I mean if you guys aren't then I don't care what Sakura says, I don't want it back!"

"Toya it will be fine. My Mistress is now strong enough to sustain two guardians on her own. I have a feeling, which I have not shared with my Mistress, that you will have a need again for your power. What this need is, I cannot tell, as I never had that ability before. Also my firster Master Clow Reed is no longer around for me to ask him and my Mistress would most likely ask Keroberous about it. Then I am afraid the answer you will get may not be the correct one, but know this, while asleep as Yuki, I had a dream about you. In this dream you had great power. I also remember seeing us together as we were when you first gave me your power. Unfortunately cannot remmeber why you had need of this power, nor when nor how you came to weild it again. I only know I must return it to you."

Toya looked at Yue and smiled, "Thank you. I appreciate you looking after Sakura and I'm glad you still will. I'm also glad now I'll be able to help you should you need it." Toya patted Yue's arm. Then the two once again embrased each other as they transfered the power. This time when it ended it was Toya who helped Yue to lie down and recover. As for what it was that Toya needed his power for that was revealed at a later time.....