Leon's final farewell by Liam

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This is the last fan fiction in my series, we see Leon go, but I am not giving away too much otherwise what is the point of me writing this if I give it away. Whether he takes Madison with him is yet to be decided. Anyway, this one has a few crossovers from different films and you will probably see that throughout the fan fiction, there are a couple of horror film references and references from Cardcaptors: The Movie in this too.
Li and Leon are going to Hong Kong, for a soccer tournament, but as it is Hong Kong, there are a few shocks for Leon, as his father (the one that supposedly had died.) comes back......bet you didn't see this coming. Oh, and Li introduces his mother to Leon......ummmmmm.....where have I seen this before, I hear you say. I need not tell you that.

Chapter 1 - The Beginning. (top)

Li and Leon were due to set off for Hong Kong.
There was a mini bus to take all 16 players going to the tournament, and as Li and Leon had had a good season, they had been picked especially.

Leon looked terrible; he had been worrying about this for a long time.
"You nervous?" Li asked him.
He slowly nodded.
"Me too." He admitted.

"Where are the cheerleaders?" Leon couldn't see them anywhere.

The coach came off the minibus.
"They went ahead off us. But they will be waiting at the airport."
"Oh OK."

The team got on the minibus, Li and Leon went to the back, and sat down. They began to discuss what could happen when they got there.

"What are you planning to do there?" Li was curious.
"Well, first of all I want to go to a Chinese restaurant, and have some sushi, then deal with the games as they come, and then explore."

"Nice plan."

The minibus stopped outside the airport to let the players out. Madison and Sakura were waiting outside.

"You looking forward to your trip." Madison asked.
"Yeah, it's going to be great." Leon replied.

Leon, Sakura, Li and Madison went to the terminal where the others were waiting. They boarded the plane.
Madison sat next to Leon and Li sat next to Sakura (How obvious is that!!)
Madison placed her head on Leon's shoulder, He began to shudder and shake.

"What's wrong?" She asks.
"I.......I........I" He just couldn't get it out, he was too embarrassed.

Leon hung his head.
"You have a fear of flying, don't you?"

Leon slowly nodded, Madison cuddled him.

"It's OK." She reassured him.
It was now Leon's turn to put his head on her shoulder.

"Why didn't you tell me?"
"I thought that you would have been put off by someone who is afraid to fly." He answered.

"Oh Leon" She said sweetly. "I'd never be put off. At least you were honest with me, and that is all I need from you."

Leon put his head up, and Madison put her head on his arm. She fell asleep.

"Not a bad idea that." Leon thought to himself

He laid back upright, and fell asleep.

Chapter 2 - Hong Kong (top)

The plane landed in Hong Kong.
"Leon, Leon!! Wake up!!"
Leon could feel himself being shaked.

Leon opened his eyes, it was Madison.

"Where...Where are we?" He asked.
"In Hong Kong, we just landed. You slept though the whole flight." She answered.

Leon got up slowly, and rubbed his eyes.

Madison linked arms with Leon, as they disembarked the plane.

The team had gathered outside the terminal and out of the building they went.

"Hope they put us up in a hotel." Li heard one of the cheerleaders say.
The coach had heard this too.

"Not much luck on that front, girls."

They all stopped, it was a hostel.

"Here is where you lot will be staying."

"What!!" The cheerleaders said together, this included some of the boys as well.
Leon and Li could see why they were complaining, the place was a dump, and very run down.

"This is going to be hell." Leon thought.
They all lined up at the reception desk, each pair was allocated a key for their room. Li and Leon were paired together. They had a key for Room 13.

"Room 13? Isn't that bad luck?" Li asked.
"Don't believe everything people tell you." Leon replied.

"Maybe you're right."

When they got to their room, Li opened the door. The smell was over powering.
"Oh God, What is that smell?" Leon said holding his nose.
"Smells like something died in here." Li added

Li and Leon began to unpack; there was a tapping at the door. It was Sakura and Madison.

"Hey Guys." They both said.
"Which room number are you in?" Li asked
"We are just next door."
They exited shutting the door behind them, and then there was a faster knocking at the door.

"Come in, everyone else does."

It was the coach.
"Hurry up boys, we have a game to get to."
"When?" They both exclaimed.
"In an hour." He answered.
"Whoa!!!" But we just got here!!!"
Leon was still feeling jet lagged.
The coach exited, slamming the door behind him.

"At least he could have left the doors on their hinges!!" Leon was very annoyed and so was Li.

Authors Notes: - Notice that Li and Leon are the best of friends now, and that was because of one purpose, Madison and Sakura. The other reason would be for their love of soccer.

Most of the team were jet-lagged. Everyone was tired.
Leon and Li were no exception.

They just had a training session that morning.

"Thank God, that's over." Leon complained, his legs were beginning to hurt.
"You aren't wrong." Li agreed.

Madison came though the door.

"Are you guys OK?" She asked.

Both boys looked at each other and then and Madison.
"Yeah, we're fine." They both replied.

Madison went over to Leon, and cuddled him.
The coach then burst though the door, it startled Li.

"Well guys, we have a game in half an hour."

"Oh what! But coach, we are all tired."
Leon thought the coach was a bit pushy of his team mates.

"Something to say, Mr McKenzie?" He said sharply.
"Err......No sir." Leon squeaked.
"Good......See you in 25." The coach shut the door behind him.

Madison could see the boys were angry at the way that they were being treated, so she tried to cheer them up.

"Don't think the cheerleaders have got it easy." She told them.
"Why?" Leon asked.

"Well, let's just say we have practiced every cheer in less than 2 hours."

Leon felt a little better.

"Oh, come on guys. We are going to be late."

Li, Leon and Madison arrived at the pitch.

"Where have you two been?" The coach said angrily.

"We......I.......But." Leon just couldn't find the words.
"We were getting prepared." Li finished.

"Oh well go and join the others for a team talk."
Both Li and Leon scampered off.

After the team talk, the team was announced, Li was playing as a striker, but Leon name wasn't called.
There came a shockwave throughout.

"Why wasn't I announced?" Leon was as shocked as the rest of the team.
"Because I put you on the bench. You'll be on in the second half."

Leon walked slowly back to the bench, while the playing 11 were warming up, Leon felt down, and Madison had noticed this also.

"Why is Leon on the bench?" She asked Sakura.
"Don't know." She replied.

The other team had just arrived, and where at the opposite end warming up too.

Before they knew it, the game kicked off.
Leon just sat and watched as the other team had most of the possession.

Things got off to the worst possible start, the other team scored from a set play and to make things worse, the goalkeeper got injured trying to catch the ball in mid air and colliding with an opposition striker.

The coach was tearing his hair out in frustration.

He had no goalkeeper on the bench, and then he had an idea.

"Leon, change of plan." He told him.
"Are you are going to send me on as a striker?" Leon didn't like the sound of this.
"You are going on, but........"
"But what......." Leon was anxious to know.

"You are going to my replacement goalkeeper!!" He announced.

"Goalkeeper? But you know I don't play in that position!!"
"Well, you do now."

Leon reluctantly put on the keeper's gloves, and out onto the field.

Madison watched as Leon went out.
"Leon's in goal!!" This didn't make much sense. "But he doesn't play in that position."

Leon kept his cool throughout, and commanded the defence. It came to the 90th minute and it was a corner, Leon decided to come up.

"Leon's going up." Madison was like a commentator, telling Sakura what was going on even though she was watching it.

The corner was swung in; Li struck it on the volley. It looked wide but hit Leon on the backside on the way through, and into the bottom corner.

The coaching staff looked amazed, so did the cheerleaders and finally the players.

"Leon scored the equalizer." Madison said in amazement

Chapter 3 - Raided. (top)

Both Li and Leon went to their room, escorted by Sakura and Madison.
But Leon noticed something strange, their door was open.

Both Madison and Sakura went into their room, and waved goodbye to the boys, shutting the door behind them.

Leon took a peek inside, and he was horrified that the room had been turned upside down, with clothes and other personal items scattered everywhere.

"Something or someone has been in here." Leon called.
Li rushed over.

They began to clear up.
Soon, everything was sorted to the way it was, but nothing was stolen.

"What kind of a thief comes in and not takes anything?" Li asked.

"Maybe the security system will give us a few clues." Leon was optimistic.
Leon brought out his laptop which he placed under the bed; he then connected some wires to the security camera.

"But how?" Li was a bit curious.

"Nothing so far...........wait!" Leon had spotted the intruder. It was wearing a long black overcoat with a black hat with a brim and dark sunglasses.
Then Leon remembered something.

There was a person like that at the soccer game; it felt like they were watching him and him alone.
Then it hit him.
"They were after my necklace. It had to be."

Madison and Sakura came rushing into the room; it made Li and Leon jump.

"We have had them as well." Madison said slowly.
"So they weren't just after mine then, they were after yours as well Sakura."

Sakura didn't understand.
"Well..... If nothing was taken then they must have been after something that wasn't there. And the only thing that is precious to us is our necklaces."

Leon had to think. Madison sat on his lap.

"Was anything taken?" asked Li.
"No." They both replied. "Everything is there."

The team had been given the rest of the day off.

"Let's go out, I fancy some lunch. What about you guys? I don't know about you guys but I need to get away from here for a bit."
"As well as go shopping." Madison suggested.

They all went out of the door, and Leon locked the door behind.

Who was this mysterious person? And what did they want?

Chapter 4 - A Familiar Face. (top)

Leon and the others went to a Chinese restaurant
They sat outside, Li and Leon sat down to talk tactics for the match in the morning, while Sakura and Madison took the orders.

Leon was still wondering about the CCTV images.

But then he noticed something.
On one of the other tables was a person, with black overcoat, black sunglasses, and a hat with a brim.

The person saw Leon looking in his direction, he quickly got up and ran for it, and Leon also got up and gave chase.

"Leon, where are you going?" Madison shouted.
But Leon didn't hear her, he was determined to catch this guy, and find out what he wants.

The figure was blocked off as he run into an alleyway; Leon wrestled him to the ground.

The figure lay on his front, Leon took off the hat. He let the figure up slowly.

"Son." The figure said.
"Son? I am not your son!!" Leon shouted angrily.

The figure took out a photo. It was a picture of Leon's mother and him.

"What the........." Leon looked in horror.
"Taken in 1988, August 25th."

"But that's my birthday!! How did you get this?" Leon asked curiously.

"Took this photograph when you were born. It was one of the happiest days of my life."

Leon just couldn't take it all in.
"I'm your biological father. My name is Richard."

Li, Sakura and Madison came round the corner, to see Leon confronting the intruder. Leon just felt his body freeze.

Madison approached Leon slowly; she knew automatically that there was something wrong.

"What did you do to him?" She asked.
"It's OK, Madison." Leon reassured her.
Sakura and Li approached also.
"Madison, Sakura, Li. Meet my biological dad." Leon admitted to them.

All of their jaws dropped.

"It can't be your dad." Sakura told Leon. "He died in a car crash when you were young."
"Apparently not." Leon replied. "He is standing right there."

"Hello." Richard wanted to try to explain. "You must be Madison."

"How did you know my name?" She asked.
"Did you break into a hostel room?" Leon demanded an explanation.

"Yes I did." He admitted.

"I knew there was a tournament going on, and I knew that your team was entering. So I knew I had to find you and tell you the truth. How about I owe you that lunch and I will explain all."

Li and Sakura were starving and so was Madison. Leon could tell that by looking at their faces.

"OK." He was not up for bargaining with a man, who abandoned him for 12 years and expect to get a warm welcome whenever he feels like it.

Chapter 5 - Leon's Dad reveals all. (top)

Leon, Sakura, Li, Madison and Richard went back to the restaurant
As before, Madison and Sakura went to do the orders, while Leon had a hearty chat with his biological dad.

"Why did you leave me?" He asked
"I had no choice." He replied. "But you wouldn't understand."
"Try me." Leon was eager to know.

"Well, me and your mum had a bit of a rough time."
Leon knew there was more involved than he was telling him.
"Why didn't you sort it out, then you wouldn't have split."

Richard knew the game was up.
"OK, OK I confess. I was having an affair."

Leon tried to act surprised.
Richard changed the subject.

"You played well today." He said, referring to the soccer match.
"Yeah, whatever."

"Look, I am finding this hard to explain. Your mother did what was best for you."
"Yeah suppose so."

Leon looked up.
"Are you coming to the game tomorrow?" He asked.
"I'll be there."

The team won the group, and in the quarter and semi finals won those too.

Leon came off the pitch after the semi final.
"Only one game to go." He told Li.
"Yeah. And we were the underdogs going into this." He replied.

Leon looked into the crowd.
His whole family was watching him.

He waved to them, they waved back.

Madison came over to give Leon a kiss and a cuddle, Leon went red.
"Not in front of the guys." He whispered.
"If it had been anyone else, they wouldn't have cared, and that if I hadn't have asked you, the other girls would have."
"True." She did have a point.

Leon went up into the crowd.
"Mum." Leon cuddled her.
"Hey sweetie."
"Mum, did dad really die?" He asked.
"We have been over this." She told him.
"He didn't, did he?" Leon was trying to get the truth out of her.
"You got divorced, didn't you?"

"Yeah, but how did you find out?"
Leon pointed to a guy sitting on the front row.
"Because that guy is my REAL dad. Why didn't you tell me?"
Leanne couldn't answer, she felt so guilty.
"I'm sorry."
"I know why you did it." Leon began to cheer up. "To protect me."
Leon came down from the stand and joined in the team talk.

Chapter 6 - The Final. (top)

Leon was excited; it was the final of the tournament.
There were plenty of post match nerves.
Li and Leon went down to the ground for a quick training session.

The cheerleaders were all there, except for one.

"Sakura?" Leon asked. "Where's Madison?"
"She....." Sakura began. "She was serious ill last night."

"Ill?" Leon didn't notice anything wrong with her yesterday afternoon. "How?"

"They don't know what caused it." She replied.
"Where is she now?"

"She is in the General Hospital, but don't worry, she'll get looked after. You have to focus for the match."

Leon sat on a bench. This was difficult to take in.
"How can she see how I do, in hospital?"

Sakura took out something Leon recognised.
"That's her camcorder." Li pointed out.
"So, you are going to record the game for her."

Sakura then remembered something else also

"When I visited her earlier on, she had a strange mark on her arm."
"A mark?" Leon was a little baffled.
"It wasn't a mark as such, more like 6 puncture wounds. But to wish you good luck she gave me this."

It was a piece of paper, which was folded into a small square.

Leon opened it up, and began to read.

To Leon,
Sorry I can't be there for you. Good Luck for today. Just keep focused and you will be fine. Don't worry about me missing the game, Sakura has my camcorder so when I come out of hospital, I can watch it. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

See you soon,

Leon thought about it for a moment.
"I'll do it for her." He thought

The coach stood behind Li and Leon, in which made them both jump.
"Morning." he said.
"Morning." They both replied

"Listen Guys." He began. "Leon, I need you to play in goal......"

"Oh, but why?" He complained.
"Our first choice has injured himself badly, and is unfit to play."

"And Li, you will be playing as lone striker."

"Why are you splitting us up?" Li asked. Li and Leon had netted 12 goals in the tournament between them.

The coach pointed at the crowd.

"You see those guys?" he asked.
"Well, those guys are talent scouts for major football clubs around the world, and I hear they are looking for players to join those clubs, and as you two are my prized assets, I reckon they should pick you two."

"You really think so?"
"No doubt there...."

The teams were coming onto the field.
Leon put on his goalkeeper gloves and boots on and ran out onto the field with Li close behind.

"Well so much for that training session." They both joked.

"Go get them, boys." The coach encouraged them.
"Go on boys." Sakura shouted.

Leon commanded the defence like the military, and it worked. The other team kept getting frustrated every time they attacked and gave the ball away. It remained goalless at half time.
The second half was unlike the first, it was more open. Leon saved the day with a block with the legs and and ball which he tipped over the bar.
Extra time came and went; it was now to be decided on penalties.

Everyone was nervous, including the opposition.

The goalkeepers had failed their opponents' first two penalties.

It was Leon's turn in the goal. He watched the defender take the spot kick; he dived to his left and saved with his legs.

"Yes" He thought. "Come On!!"

Li had to score, to put them 3-2 up.

"Come on Li!!" He heard Sakura shout.
"Watch the goalkeeper!!" Leon added.

Li took note and struck it to the goalkeepers' left, sending the keeper the wrong way.
It was Leon's turn.

"Go on keeper!!" he heard his team mates shout.

Leon stood in the centre of the goal.

He watched as the opposition's midfielder place the ball and strikes it to Leon's right. Leon pushed the shot round the post and behind.

Leon couldn't believe it, he stayed down on both knees.
He felt like he was going to cry.

He wiped away his tears and joined the team in the centre circle.

There were nerves throughout, the coaching staff, players and fans were nervous

He turned round to see the defender run up to strike the ball, and it went straight into the top right hand corner of the net.

The team went into celebration mode, and they poised for a team photograph.
Leon lifted the trophy.
"This is the second best day of my life." He thought. His best day was marrying Madison.

Leon was given an award; it was the Man of the Match.
He just couldn't accept it. He gave it to the entire team instead.

The coach walked over, he was grinning from ear to ear, with one of the talent scouts in tow.

"Leon." He called.
Leon walked over to him slowly.
"Leon, I want you to meet someone who is interested in taking you on as a youth player playing in England."

Leon looked uncertain.
"You played well, son." The talent scout said. "And that is the sort of talent that we want in our team."
The talent scout handed him a term contract.
"There is no rush." He reassured Leon. "All I ask is that you think about it."
The talent scout turned and walked back to the stands.
"There are plenty more where that came from." His coach said delightedly
He went back to the bench.
Leon was left standing, looking at the contract.
"What was that about?" Li asked.
"I got a contract." He began. "With a top English club."
"Congratulations." Li was pleased, but it was obvious Leon wasn't.

"What's wrong?"
Leon had to sit down; he just couldn't take it all in.
"I just don't want to leave Sakura, My family and especially Madison behind. Not now anyway."
Li just didn't know what to say, just comfort him.

"Well Done guys." She said positively. "Madison will be pleased too."
"You're thinking about Madison aren't you, and what Sakura said earlier on."
"Yeah, and I think those puncture wounds weren't accidental."

"You mean......." Sakura interrupted
"Foul play." Leon confirmed.

"Maybe my mother has some of the answers." Li suggested.
They went back to the hostel.

Chapter 7 - Leon meets Li's Mother. (top)

They packed their suitcases and set off.
Li had gone ahead of Leon and Sakura, but had drawn a map on the back of a piece of paper.

They were in Cat Street, when they had to stop and rest.
"Where are we?" asked Sakura.
"I don't know do I? I am not a psychic." Leon answered sarcastically.
Leon had trouble understanding the map that was drawn.
It had been raining that morning.

As he stood there studying the map, a Heavy Goods Vehicle drove though a puddle near the kerb where Sakura and Leon were standing.
It soaked them both from head to toe.

"I hope we find it soon." Leon started. "Before we catch a cold."
Sakura agreed.

Another 15 minutes went past, but finally they had arrived.
Leon and Sakura went up the driveway, and she rung the doorbell.

The door slowly opened....... It was Mei-lin.

"Hey Mei-lin." Said Leon happily, even though he was about to sneeze.
"Hey Leon." She replied back.
She seemed a little surprised to see him, but then she saw Sakura, her voice dropped.

Li came to the door.
"Oh dear, you two are soaking. Let's get you into some dry clothes."
Leon and Sakura both nodded
"Aitchoo!" Leon sneezed.

Leon rushed upstairs to change out of his wet clothes, followed by Sakura.
Leon came down 20 minutes later.

Mei-lin was at the bottom of the stairs.
"You look great in that." She was impressed.

Sakura came down and went out into the kitchen to help Li with the tea, leaving Leon and Mei-lin alone.

"So how have you been?" He asked her.
"Yeah, not too bad." She replied.
"It's been 6 years since we have seen each other." He recalled.
"Yeah I know." Mei-lin was fond of Leon.
"Leon......" She started. She just couldn't hold it back any longer. "I kind of like you, and......"
Leon was flattered.

"You need not say anything."
Leon just had to tell her straight.

"Mei-lin, I already have someone." He confessed.
"Oh, who is it?" She sounded disheartened.
"It's Madison."

Sakura and Li entered the room, with the tea tray.
"What were you guys talking about?" Sakura asked.
"Oh nothing."

All of a sudden there was a powerful presence, Leon and Sakura could feel it.
The door opposite to where Leon was sitting began to open.

A figure came though the door, she stood in front of Leon.

"Hi, I am Leon McKenzie. Thanks for the wonderful clothes and.........."

He stopped; she had placed her hand on his face.
"You have great power." She said. "You are one of the four guardians."
"How could she tell that just by looking at me?" He thought.

"With power like yours....." She continued. "attracts danger. But you know that already."
Leon certainly did, everything that he did went wrong one way or another.

"I insist you must stay."
Leon looked up.
"Thank you." He said softly.

He had one question.
"Why do all these strange things keep happening to us?" He asked.
She gave him a piece of advice, which made them all think.
"The answers you seek are closer than you think."
This got everyone; all of a sudden Leon just clicked. Leon turned to Sakura.

"It's the keys!!" Leon had taken off his necklace, he stood there clutching it.

"You really think it has something to do with the clow cards, don't you?" Sakura asked Leon.
"Nothing's for certain, but I have a sneaky suspicion that we will find out." He replied.

Chapter 8 - Dream. (top)

Leon couldn't sleep.
What does this person want from me? He kept thinking.

There was a creaking in the corridor.
He got out and decided to investigate, there was no way he could sleep.
He opened the door slowly..........
There was someone crouched behind the dresser by his room, and it sounded like they were upset.

"Are you OK?" He asked.
Leon moved closer, It was Mei-lin.

"What's wrong?" He asked slowly.

Mei-lin looked up slowly, her eyes were welling with tears, Leon positioned himself next to her.
"Why can't I find someone who loves me for who I am? She asked.
Leon was stumped, he just couldn't answer her.

"I mean..." She continued. "Li found Sakura and you found Madison or she found you. Either way......."
She stopped; Leon's pendant was glowing and glowing brightly.
It began to show him a vision.......

It was a shop.
"Why is it doing that?" She asked curiously.
"It's trying to tell me something but what?" He answered back.

"Maybe that shop holds the answers I seek." Leon thought to himself.
He snapped back to reality.

"Mei-lin?" He asked.
"Yeah?" She replied.
"Why don't you come downtown with me, Li and Sakura tomorrow shopping."
Mei-lin was stunned, but she was grateful to Leon for the offer.

"Yeah, I'd love to." She said with a smile.
"That's a date then." Leon was pleased with himself, he got up and tried to walk away, but an arm stopped him.

"Could you walk me back to my room?" Mei-lin pleaded.
Leon knew this was the wrong thing to do, but he wanted her to continue trusting him, as a friend.
Mei-lin jumped into bed, and Leon stayed with her till she fell asleep, when she finally was, he got up quietly, walked out and shut the bedroom door behind him and went back to his room.

He felt really tired, and fell asleep automatically.
He had a dream.... It was very strange.
He was standing in a bookshop, there was a portal in the store.......he touched it with his fingertips........It was as cold as ice. He felt the chill go down his spine, he entered. Darkness.

He woke up, sweating.
He felt another chill go down his spine, there was something in the room. There was a shadow on the wall and it was coming towards him.
He quickly switched on the bedside lamp.....
"ARGHHHHHHHH!!" He screamed.
"It's only me." Came a voice.
"The one and only." Kero joked.
"You was supposed to look after things at home."

Leon was surprised that Kero had found him.

"I got bored." Kero admitted
"So you came all this way just to find me and Sakura?"
Kero nodded.
There was a low rumbling noise.
"What was that?" Leon asked, looking around.
Kero went red.

"I am starving." He slowly replied
Leon had to laugh.
"Something's never change,eh?"

There was a loud tapping at the door.
"Come in." Leon said quietly.
Li's mother peered round the door.

"You Ok?" she asked.
Leon said nothing, something was obviously wrong.
"This will help you find the answers you seek." She told him.
It was a gemstone. A Ruby.
"A Ruby?" Leon was puzzled. "How?"

All of a sudden there was a loud scream.
"What the.......?" Leon jumped out of bed to follow where the scream had come from, with Kero in tow. Leon burst though the door.
"Sakura!! You alright?"
"Yeah." She started "But......."
"You had the dream too, didn't you?"

She nodded, she began to shake.
"What did you see?" Leon was determined to know what happened.
"I saw....." She paused for a moment.
"Take your time." Leon reassured her.
"I saw a shop, then a portal, then darkness, then......"
"Then what?"
Leon got up and lay next to her.
"Then there was this creature."
Leon hadn't seen this coming.
"It wasn't human."

Leon turned to Kero.
"Clow Card?" He asked.
"No." He replied. "this seems more evil."
Sakura begins to shake again, Leon cuddles her.

"We'll figure this one out." He promised her.
"I sure hope so." She replied.
There was a defined bond between Sakura and Leon.
He got up and went to the door.
"Night." Leon turned to Sakura and smiled.
"Night." she said back.

Chapter 9 - Morning with a Twist. (top)

Leon woke up next morning; he begins to rub his eyes.
Kero lay next to him, snoring.
Suddenly the door bursts open......

"MORNING!!" Came a voice.
The shock made Leon jump, and he pushed Kero under the quilt cover. His heart rate began to go up.

It was one of Li's sisters. She then exited.

"Wow that was energetic." He admitted.
"Don't you mean really weird? Kero added.

"Yeah exactly what I meant. I mean who needs a alarm clock with that waking you up every morning?"
They both laughed.
Leon got dressed ready to go downstairs for breakfast. He put on a pair of jeans and a light blue shirt. He took his mini rucksack down with Kero inside.
He sat at the breakfast table, trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle that was troubling him so badly. He decided not to eat anything and any food that he was offered, he gave to Kero under the table.

The sister that woke Leon up that morning came in and went straight over to him.

"Wow!! You're so cute!!" She shouted, without a care of who hears her.
Leon went bright red.

Sakura entered the room
"Morning." Leon said with a smile, even though he was embarrassed
Sakura looked tired.
"Morning." She managed to reply.

After breakfast, Li, Mei-lin, Sakura and Leon left the house.

"Thanks for Everything." Leon said turning to Li's mother.
"Look after yourself, and Sakura." She advised.

"Are we going or what?" Li said impatiently.
"Coming." Leon called back.

It was all going well, and the fact that the weather was perfect made it better. But something was going to change all that.
Leon stopped.

"What's wrong?" Sakura asked.
Leon pointed to a book shop across the street; it was similar to the one in his dreams
"It can't be." He thought. "The shop in both mine and Sakura's dreams."
Sakura was thinking the exact same thing.
They both decided to check it out and Li and Mei-lin decided to follow.
Kero popped out of Leon's rucksack.
Sakura had opened the door, there was a very powerful presence nearby.

"Sakura? Can you feel that?" He asked.
"Yeah." She was clutching her chest.
"What about you, Kero?"

Kero had just finished eating a chocolate bar which was in Leon's bag, and he still had a mouthful.

"Yep, me too." He scoffed.
Leon turned round and noticed that Li and Mei-lin had disappeared.

"Did they come in with us?" He asked Sakura.
"Yes, they did. Why?" She replied.
"They've disappeared."

There was no one in the shop and Sakura was getting increasingly more worried. Then Leon remembered something, he pulled out the ruby, Sakura opened out her hand and Leon placed it in her palm.

"A Ruby?"
"Li's mother gave it to me. She said that it may help us sort this mess once and for all."
The ruby began to glow, and so did Leon's necklace and Sakura's
Each of the items sent a ray of light which connected at one pointon the wall just metres away from Leon.
"Well, there's the portal."
Sakura and Leon approached with caution.
"Shall we go together?" Sakura asked.
They entered. Darkness.

Chapter 10 - The Thing. (top)

Leon opened his eyes, he was in a city.
Sakura had landed next to him.
Sakura woke up, and got up slowly. She helped Leon to his feet.

"Leon, your clothes!!" Sakura pointed out.

Leon looked at himself, with a old mirror by some dustbins just a few feet away. She was right. His shirt and jeans had been changed. He now was wearing black trousers with a beige shirt with sleeves rolled up with a green sleeveless jacket. A holster was strapped round his waist, with 9mm handguns in the holders.

"Yours has changed too!!"

Sakura was wearing a yellow crop top and jean skirt.

"Do you reckon Li and Mei-lin are here?" She asked
"Don't know." Leon replied. "But keep your ears open."

With that there came a ear splitting scream.

"That was Mei-lin!!"

Leon pulled out his handgun and gave it to Sakura. He darted off in the direction of the scream.

"How could you miss that big mouth?" Kero joked.
"Now is NOT the time for jokes."

"Wait for me!!" Sakura called.
Leon found both Mei-lin and Li with Sakura close behind.

"What is it?" He asked Mei-lin.
Mei-lin was pale with fright.

Leon slowly turned round, she was pointing at a walking corpse, with only one arm.
"Ahhhhhh.....it only has one arm." Li sounded like a little schoolgirl.

"Jesus!!! Run!!!" Leon told Li, Sakura and Mei-lin.

"What about you?" Sakura asked
"I'll be fine, just go!!" Leon replied.
"Don't worry." He reassured her.
Sakura just couldn't leave him.

Sakura wanted to help, she took the gun that Leon had gave her and took aim, She was wobbly, she fired..............

"Argh!!!!" Leon screamed. Blood began to leak from his arm. "You shot me in the arm."


Leon whipped out his pistol with his free hand; he pointed it at the creatures head.

"See you in hell!!!" He shouted.

The creatures head exploded into four pieces.
Mei-lin had come back to see pieces of the head scatter in all directions, She was now more pale than ever.

"Oh God!!" She ran behind a dustbin which was lining the alley and was sick. Leon took out of his rucksack a bandage and a safety pin.

Sakura watched as Leon tried to patch himself up. She wanted to make it up to him.

"I am so sorry." She apologised

She held the bandage while wrapped it round his arm and placed a pin into it.

"You OK?" He asked Mei-lin, after he had bandaged himself up.
"Yeah, fine thanks."

Sakura tried to hand his pistol back.

"No keep it. You may need it later. I just have to remember not to be in your way next time!!" He joked.
Sakura had to laugh, even though she had just shot him, he was still able to make a joke out of it.

"Let's go find somewhere safe to stop and rest." Li suggested.

Everyone agreed, and they set off.

Chapter 11 - Gun Shop. (top)

It felt like they were walking for ages.
Leon felt a stabbing pain in his arm, he clutched it hoping that the pain would go away, but it was getting worse.
But then he saw something, a laboratory, with doctors injecting him with something.
"What the......." He thought.

"Leon? You OK?" Mei-lin asked.

Leon collapsed onto his knees.
He was in serious pain.

"What's wrong?" Sakura was worried.

"It's my arm!!" Leon replied.
Sakura helped Leon roll up his shirt sleeve, there was something moving up his arm, but this was not the problem.

"You have the same puncture wound like Madison."

Leon looked at it.
"But I am not ill." He added.

The pain eased off.

They had stopped just opposite a gun store.

"Let's go inside." Li suggested
Mei-lin and Sakura helped Leon to his feet.
Li tried to open the door, but it was locked.

Leon reached for his pocket, and pulled out a paper clip.

"A Paper Clip?"
"Yeah, to pick the lock and go inside."

Leon noticed something out of the corner of his eye, something was moving in the darkness.

"Stay Here."

Leon broke free and went in the direction of the shadow.
He whipped out both pistols, he stopped.


What he saw, he wouldn't have handled. They saw Leon and was coming in his direction.

He ran back to the others.
Li was still trying to pick the lock.

"Err.....you may have to be quick about that." Leon sounded frightened.

"Why?" Sakura asked.
"Do you really want to know?"

"What could be worse than what we are already in?" Li was becoming impatient.

"Well, remember that creature."
"Well, there are 4 coming this way."

"Ah great." Li said frantically twisting and turning the clip in the lock.
Leon was growing impatient.

"Give me that clip."
Li passed the clip back to Leon.
The clip was still the way that Leon had given it to Li earlier on. He gave a sigh of frustration. He began to pull out all the curves to make it a straight piece of metal; he tweaked it in the lock a few times. The door opened.

"Ladies first." He said.

They enter.......

There were many guns in the store, but none had been touched.
"Barricade the doors." Ordered Leon
Li and Mei-lin did so.

There was a tapping at the door, it was slow, and the hands on the window trailed blood.

"That was close."
"Pick up any weapon, that you like, as long as it is easy to carry."
Li was eyeing up a rocket launcher in the corner.
"Don't even think about it."

Leon picked up two Tec-9's from the window display, and three grenades from behind the counter and attached them to his belt. He hands Li a sawn-off shotgun with a automatic reload system.

"That works too."
"So what is the plan?" Sakura asked
"Simple really." He explains. "We will be split into two......"

"But I don't want to be split into two."
Leon continued. "We will be split into two groups.
Mei-lin finally understood.

"And we will meet at a certain point." Sakura added.

"Why?" Li asked.
"Because then we could cover more ground."

"But how are we going to decide the groups?"

"Easy." Leon pulls out a straw.
"A straw?" This had everyone baffled.

Leon turned round and chopped the straw into two short and two long straws, he then cupped them with the tops poking out of the top.

"Pick one."

Sakura went first, then Li, then Mei-lin and finally Leon. Each of them in turn showed their straw.

Sakura and Leon had short straws and Li and Mei-lin had long ones.
"Sakura, you are with me. Mei-lin, you are with Li."

"So where is the meeting point?"

Leon looked at a map, which was pinned to the wall on the far side of the room, and put the co-ordinates into two GPS, which was hand held, her hands one to Li.

"These should help. Make sure you have plenty of ammo."

All of them looked around for spare ammo, except for Sakura.

"You Ok?" Leon asked.
"Fine." She replied.

He hands her 6 magazines of ammo plus a crate.

"What is the crate for?" Li wanted to know.

"Something to help us out of here."
There was a silence.

"It's a flare gun."

Li took a peek inside.
"Flare guns!!" He corrected.
"Eh!!" Leon approached where Li was sitting.
"Enough for one per pair."

Li took one and Leon took the other.

"Look after yourself, and Mei-lin." Leon said turning to Li.
"Yeah, you too."

"Left or Right?" Leon asked as they came out of the door.
"Uh?" Li answered.
"Which way you going?" Leon rephrased the question.
"Oh I'll take the left."

"So what is the name of the destination?" Mei-lin needed to know.

"The West Ridge."

"How long will it take to get there?" Sakura asked.

"Well, If we go now, we would be at the Ridge in 2 hours."

Leon got his stuff together, so did Li, Mei-lin and Sakura.
"Well, see you in 2."

Li and Leon shook hands

"Take Care." Leon said turning away.
"OK. Look after Sakura for me."
"Yeah, will do."

Both groups set off in different directions.