Love Wish by Mitzuko-chan (Esthela)

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Keys: ''Talking'' 'Thinking'' (Comments or explanations)

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Kinda Flashback: At the Clocktower, in Tomoeda Yuunen (After the capture of the Sealed Card and the creation of the Hope Card ^^)
She jumped, landing right into his arms, hugging him (So kawaii!)
But, right then, in the middle of the lovely scene, a little voice said:
-''You're gonna be late, Sakura!''
Kinomoto Sakura opened her eyes just to find Kero-chan's face 3 inches far from her's.
-''hoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, kero-chan!!!!!!!!!!!!''
When her heart rhythm got back to normal:
-''Why did you do that, Kero-chan?! We're still on vacations!''
-''I know! But, didn't you tellTomoyo that you'll to her house?''
-Hoe, that's true! im gonna be laaaateeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
She dressed up like a tornado. But still she was thinking about her dream. 'Cause that really happened (I took the liberty of adding a little to the end of the 2nd movie ^-~ ) 'Syaoran...' She almost could see his amber, kawaii eyes... (^.^) 2 weeks ago, Syaoran and Mei Ling-chan went back to Hong Kong. When they were about to leave, Syaoran promised Sakura that he will talk to his mother, and see if he can study 6° grade and Junior High at Tomoeda Chou. She nodded, and when a voice called: ''passengers of flight 9371, repeat, flight 9371 with destiny Hong Kong, please board now'' Sakura (with her face tomato red) pressed a quick kiss on Syaoran's cheek, making he blush madly, too. But they smiled to eachother while they waved their hands, saying bye.... Sakura sighed...
-''Sakura? Earth to Sakura!!! You're gonna be late!''
-''Eh....? HOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!''

Chapter 1: A Birthday Present (top)

-''I'm sorry, Tomoyo-chan!!! I got up late, and...''
-'' Don't worry, Sakura-chan!''Tomoyo smiled
-''Well, when you called me, you said that you have something to tell me. What is it?''
-''Well, Sakura-chan, your birthday will be soon, next week, and Eriol-kun and I have a little present for you, but we'll have to give it to you this Saturday...Can you be here at, lemme see, 11:00 a.m.?''( I forgot to tell you that Eriol-kun came back to Tomoeda Chou)
-''Sure!!! You guys are so nice with me! You don't have to give me anything!''
Tomoyo just smiled. 'OK, the plan it's going just perfect! I hope Eriol-kun have already done the second part of it...)
-''Rika-chan and Naoko chan's piano festival will be in half hour. I think we have to leave now, Sakura-chan.''
-''Yes, I think, so. Let's go!''

When each one went back to their respective homes (after the festival and a little party to celebrate the great performance of Rika and Naoko), Tomoyo took the phone and called:
-''Konbanwa, Eriol-kun''
-''Ah, Tomoyo-san! How did it go?''
-''Perfect! Have you already called him...?''
-''Sure. Everything it's settled. It'll be fine. Trust me.''
-''Of course i do... erm...''
(Maybe it was lucky that it was a phone call, because both of them couldn't see the other blushing delicately... ^^)
-''Eh... so, the Saturday it's alright?''-asked Tomoyo, breaking the awkward silence.
-''Yes, yes, it's fine.erm...''
-''So I think I'll see you soon, ne?''
-''Sure.Take care. Good night.''
-''You too. Bye''
When they hung off the auricular, both sighed...and both thought:
'I guess I'll see you in my dreams....'

Chapter 2: Hello, Love! (top)

The Saturday finally came. Sakura arrived punctually at Daidouji's residence.
-''Ohayo, Sakura-chan! Are you ready?''
-All right, but before we go, I'll have to ask you to cover your eyes with this''-she gave Sakura a piece of fabric-''And, of course, I have a costume for U!!!! You're gonna look great, Sakura-chan!!!
Sakura just laughed nervously and sweatdropped.
After 15 minutes:
-''You loo SO KAWAII!!!!'' ^.^
-''Hoe... thanks'' n_nU
She was wearing a white dress, chinese stile, long and with flowery trimming, with peonies and cherry blossoms, very cute, actually n_n . In her hair, she had pink and white ribbons ^^
-''OK, let's go!''-said Tomoyo, when Sakura covered her eyes with the fabric. One of Tomoyo's bodyguards took them to the car.
-''Isn't Eriol-kun comming?''
-''No. He's preparing your surprise'' at this point, Tomoyo started to chuckle.
After a while:
-Ok, Sakura-chan, you can open your eyes!''
When she took off the fabric, they were at...:
-''The airport? Wha...?''
-''Look! Here they come!''
Coming toward the girls, there was Eriol.. And a very handsome boy with messy brown hair and amber eyes... (^.^)

Chapter 3: Welcome Home (top)

Sakura was shocked. 'I, I can't believe it.... It, it's really him...' But, after like 3 seconds, her face of 'Can't be' changed to a Super Happy Japanese face (at least I call it like that.Pending patent n_n)
-''Syaoran!!!!!!!''- she jelled in joy, and started to run toward him. Tomoyo and Eriol just smiled to eachother with knowing grins.
But (again) in the middle of the kawaii scene (again) a little voice said (Should I say ''again''?):
-''Hey, you're crushing me! HELP!!!!!!!!''
Sakura opened her purse (Yep, the costume included purse ^^) to find Kero-chan like that: @o@
-''KE, KERO-CHAN!!!!!????''
Many people stared at them, so (laughing nervously) they moved quickly.
At a nearby cafe:
-''Are you insane, Kero? Why ...?''
-''Did I do that? Well, I wanted to see your birthday present. But i thought it will be something better than the brat''-said Kero, gulping down a huge Okonomiyaki.
-''Calm down'' sweat dropped Sakura
-''But still, the lunch it's very good!!!!'' said Kero again
Syaoran just scowled at him, but didn't said anything.
-''So, Li-kun, any news  from Hong Kong?'' asked Tomoyo, with the knowing grin again.
-''Well, yes. I think.... I'm gonna stay a while in Tomoeda'' he said, smiling, specially to Sakura, who wanted... what did she wanted? (maybe jump, shout or all that stuff n_~) But she contented to smile back at him...
Syaoran will stay in Tomoeda!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 4: Haneko (top)

After a couple of weeks, the vacations ended.
The 6th grade 2 classroom was full of students again.
Everyone were very surprised and happy:
-''Li-kun! So nice to see you again!''
-''You're gonna stay in Tomoeda Chou? That's so cool!''
After all that kind of stuff, the professor entered and everybody sat down.
Later, in the Japanese class:
-''OK, we are going to read ''the Jade Bird''. Toki-san, please start...''

The reading progressed slowly. But, right then, Sakura, Syaoran and Eriol sensed a magic aura. It wasn't a Clow Card, or anything like that. In fact, it didn't feel like anything they had known before.
-''Syaoran, do you fell it?''- asked Sakura.
-''Yes-Syaoran said- but it's a very strange power...'' Both looked at Eriol, who nodded.
-''Kinomoto-san, please continue''-said the teacher
-''Line 32, Sakura-chan''-whispered Tomoyo
-''Thank you!'' whispered Sakura back.
After school:
-''That power feels stronger in the direction of the Penguin Park''-commented Syaoran.-''Let's go''

When they arrived, they felt that presence so much stronger. They were trying to feel the magic.... But, then something distracted them.
A voice.
It was a woman's voice. Her voice confunded with the whisper of the wind.... She was singing. It was a sad song, and it talked about the cry of the ocean, in the forgotten east, and that she''l wait 'till the end of the world....
-''What's that?'' asked Tomoyo. In the school, she noticed that something weird was happening, because of her friends faces, so she refused to be left  behind, and she went with them to the park (with her video camara ready, of course ^-~)
-''We'll have to follow that voice'' said Eriol.
It was a long walk, but at every step the felt the aura stronger and stronger. After a while, between a couple of trees, the saw a human's shape.
The walked closer.
Yes, it was a girl. Her long, black hair  got to her ankles, and she was wearina white long dress, kinda greek stile.
She turned to look at them and stopped singing. Her cold, gray  eyes, were full of sadness. Her look sent shivers to the other's spine.
-''He, hello''- said Sakura slowly, trying to smile-''Wha, what's your name?''
-''Haneko'' she answered, with a voice full of tragedy.
Suddenly, Haneko started to glow. For Eriol's, Sakura's and Syaoran's surprise, Tomoyo started to glow, too. She looked hipnotized, because she wasn't even blinking.(At this point, it was clear to everyone that she *Haneko*was a magic creature)
When Haneko dissapeard, Tomoyo fell to the ground.

Chapter 5: Uncontrollable spirit. (top)

-''TOMOYO-CHAN! What's happening?!''
-''That girl's gone!''-said Syaoran angrily, trying to see something else than plants
The panic was starting to overwhelm Sakura. Tomoyo wasn't reacting at all. What could they do...?
-''We should take haer to somewhere else... to see the things with calm. And also because if someone else sees her like that, it's gonna make a scene...'' commented Eriol, with his face palier than the usual.
-''He's right. Let's go''- said Syaoran, surroundig Sakura's shoulders with and arm, 'cuz he saw she was about to cry.
With a little help from magic, they took Tomoyo to Sakura's house
-''Oniichan and my dad are at work, so it won't be a problem...''
They also called Yue. When they were all all around the bed, Eriol, Yue and Kero-chan tryed to identify Haneko's magic. After a while:

-''Do you feel it, Yue?''
-''Yes. Her body... it's empty''
-''Wha, what you mean?'' asked Sakura, about to cry again.
-''Sakura-satarted Kero-chan nervously-well, Tomoyo's body... has no soul right now''
-''That girl you saw... was a spirit''
-''You mean like a ghost?'' asked Syaoran
-''Yes and no. She only has an energy. But she's not ethereal...''
-''That kind of spirits only can survive here by energy. They can generaly keep it for a long time, but...'' said Yue.
-''After that time, they need a new source of energy, or they would dissapear. If they don't have energy, they can pass away... but they don't want to. Those spirits are here for some special reason. And they used magic to stay here. So, the more accesible source are...'' explained Eriol
-''Humans'' completed Syaoran.
-''So, Tomoyo-chan will stay like this... forever?'' whispered Sakura
-''Well, there's a solution-said Kero-chan- Tomoyo will be OK if the spirit returns her soul... voluntarily''
Sakura looked at her friend's face. Tomoy seemed to be sleeping. 'What can I do...?'
-''And, Sakura...''
-''We'll have to hurry up to find that Haneko, or soon she'll need more energy...'' said Yue slowly.
Sakura nodded sadly. She felt that someone was grabbing smothly her hand. She turned and found Syaoran's eyes. His lovely amber eyes were saying: 'Don't worry. We can do it.' She smiled and nodded slowly.

Near the bed, Eriol was grabbing tightly Tomoyo's hand. 'I promise you... I will do anything to see your smile again, and I... will tell you my true feelings...''

Chapter 6:Danger at the Park. (top)

-''First, we have to go to the Park''-said Yue.
-''We will go tomorrow''-said Kero-chan
-''What about Daidouji's mother?''
-''Sonomi-san went to a bussiness trip, but steel I'm gonna call to her house...''
After quite a while of pretty good excuses, everything was ready, none of the maids suspected anything.
-''After school-said Eriol- we'll call Yue and Kerberus''
-''You can't do anything...''
-''To make the spirit return the energy? It doesn't mater our level of magic, if the spirit doesn't return it voluntarily, Tomoyo...'' he couldn't finish the sentence.

The next day:

It was hard to all to concentrate (Who can think on maths when a crazy spirit it's out there???!!!)
The hours went by slowly. Sakura looked to the clock insistently....
-''Well, that's all for today, class. See you tomorrow''

When they got to the Penguin Park, it was almost impossible to find a special aura, surrounded by them. But they remembered that Haneko's presence was stronger than the others. A suden whisper of feathers made them look above. Yue and Kero were landing, with Tomoyo in Yue's arms.
-''It'll be quiker if she's here'' explained Kero-chan-so, all we have to do now it's looking for that Haneko''
They walked trough the trees and all the flora. It was starting to become boring, but, right then, as they felt a very strong power, a voice, a full of sadness voice, said:
-''Ain't it tender? They came for their little friend's energy''
It was Haneko. Her voice was steel a tragedy one, but this time it had a new shade: a jeer one (>_<)
-''So, you're here again...'' Haneko smiled evily.
-''RETURN THE SOUL!!!!!!!''- yelled Syaoran, scowling at the spirit.
Haneko made a  kinda''wow-boo'' face (pending patent also) but kept smiling evily.
-''You're brave bishoun, (''bishoun means something like ''cute young boy'' *and I personaly agree with that n_~*) but... Don't you understand? I.... promised him I will wait.... AND I WILL!!!!!!!!!!!'' the last words came out like forious sobs from her mouth.
-''Please, take care of her''-said Yue, putting Tomoyo in Eriol's arms
The guardians started to atack Haneko with anger, but the only thing they surely got was pissing her off even more . She atacked them back with a furious rain of sharp leaves, and, when they fell to the ground, not very harmed, but really angry, Haneko surrounded them with black fire.
-''I''ll take care of them later''-whispered Haneko, with that smile.
-''KERO-CHAN!!! YUE-SAN!!!!''- Sakura tryed to approach, but he fire started to roar and got even higher.
-''So, it looks that it's just you and me, kids''- said Haneko, putting in each sylable a cold, empty happiness.....

Chapter 7:Battle starts (top)

Sakura, Syaoran and Eriol were freezed. 'Think in something, please, THINK!!!!!!!' Sakura was trying to concentrate, but it was a weird fright in her brain...
-''Well, if you're not gonna do the first move, I'll have to put some action in here, don't you think?'' said evily Haneko A light came out from her hand. It was fire, black fire, like the one that was  surrounding the sleeping guardians. After a smile, Haneko threw it.
It was going right to Sakura!!!!!!!! She closed her eyes tightly, just waiting for the punch of Haneko's magic.... but it never came. She only heard a scream.... Syaoran's voice. (he blocked the atack!!! He's so brave and cute and....!!! oh, sorry! n_nU)
-''Syaoran! Syaoran!'' she yelled, running towards him. In the way, she released her magic key with all the power she was capable of.
-''Are you all right?!'' Sakura asked pretty scared, hugging him.
-''Yes... it was nothing.. don't worry about me'' answered Syaoran, blushing delicately, but returning the hug. (='') So kawaii!)
For just a second, that scene seemed to affect a little bit to Haneko, as if on one side was the anger and in the other the tenderness. The anger won.
A new rain of black firewas about to hit them, but an energy shield blocked it. It was Eriol's magic.
-''Hurry up! The shield won't last too many time!!!'' urged them Eriol, trying to keep the shield with a hand and maintain Tomoyo with the other.
They were there, standing in front of the danger. A suden idea broke the fear of Sakura...
-''Haneko-she said slowly- why are you doing this? Why you don't want to leave?''
Syaoran, Eriol and Haneko herself seemed to be pretty surprised about the question. Haneko just say, sadly:
-''Do you really want to know...?''

Chapter 8: The secret (top)

-''Tell us, please''
Haneko remembered for a second... the pail glow of her eyes seemed to reflect many centuries...
-''I-I don't wanna go becuase of a promise I made... too long ago...''
-''Wich promise?''
Haneko sighed.
-''The one I made to Toishi.... he was my true love... but the Civil Wars came, so he went to fight. And I.... I promised him I would wait 4 ever, no matter how long... I said goodbye to him at the shores of the sea.... and... to keep my promise, I used the ancient magic of my family.... but now the spell is getting weaker, so I need more energy... - she sobbed- Do you understand now? Now that you know the ''story'', you must go! Go, before I change my mind!!!!- the sadness on her face was replaced by the anger. But the Card Captors didn't moved at all.
-''We won't go until you return Tomoyo's soul''- said resolutely Eriol.
That was the drop that filled the glass. If Haneko was pissed of before, that was nothing compared to that moment.
-''THIS IS NOT A NEGOCIATION!!!!!!!! GO AWAY!!!!!!!'' In a desesperate try to make them move, she started with the fire again.
-''Shield!'' comanded Sakura. Eriol and Syaoran also putted some magic into the shield, but Haneko's attacks were pretty strong and persistent, so it was becoming very hard to keep it.
-''It's just me, or this is not completly working?''- said sarcasticly Syaoran.
-''*¬_¬* We've already noticed that. What now?''- said Eriol.
-''Just lemme think for a sec...''
Sakura thought, trying to concentrate in a plan, or something.... But the only thing that came persistently to her head was Haneko's story... 'I can understand her. When the Sealed Card attacked Syaoran, I felt that I would lose him forever... But it's just awesome that she still has hope... Hope?'
-''HOPE!'' The last idea came so strong that she said it loud.
-''YES, THE HOPE CARD!!! Syaoran, Eriol, try to keep the shield, I'm gonna realese it!!!''
Even thinking that it would be stupid and unuseful, something stronger than the comun sense was telling Sakura to use that Card. She pulled it out from her backpack, and released it.  (Hope was pretty changed. It even looked happy O_O)
Hope smiled to Haneko, and realeased the beautiful heart in her hands. The heart started to glow smoothly, but it didn't attacked Haneko. She even stoped her fire rain to look at it. Love flew slowly to the clouds, and glowed more, with a gold, strong, and beautiful  light. Then it came back to hope, who hugged it again and came back to her Card form.
-''Nice show- said sarcasticly Haneko- but I don't have time for this...''
A word, a single word, made Haneko stop. It was her own name, but whispered by a soft male voice...

Chapter 9: The heart (top)

-''Who's there?!''- shouted angrily Haneko, trying to hide a weird fear that was overwhelming her.....
-''Don't you recognize me anymore..... Haneko?''
Her expression changed quickly.
-''But... it cannot be!!! You.... you....''
Syaoran, Sakura and Eriol suddenly got concentrated in a point that had energy, a little bit far from Haneko... a point with a soft glow.... a beautiful white glow... even the whole wood seemed to be waiting... just waiting for something extraordinary to happen....
A shadow (Well, we can't call it like that, 'cause it was a shadow..... made of light.... ? God, it's complicated.... @_@) emerged from that point. It was a handsome young man (Of course, not as handsome as Syaoran n_~) with green eyes and black hair.... he was very tall, and he was dressed in the traditional way.... a warrior's kimono..... Haneko was totally freezed. And also the Card Captors (Well, it's a bit of a shock, ne? n_n) Everyone (And I mean EVERYONE) realized who was he.... but it was just... unbelievable....
He smiled with a simple ''yup'' face ( ¬_¬Men!  n_~)
- " Thanks to the spell that this miss-Toishi did a short reverence to Sakura, which was continuing with an enormous face of " Hoe " (Well, but who wouldn't? ^ _ ^) - I could return ... but only for a moment, since I already do not belong to this world ... " and he smiled with sweetness at his fiancée (Did I forgot to mention that those two were engaged? =D) Haneko simply was smiling. she was crying and smiling. But then her smile weakened, and asked Toishi: - " Why you did not say to me ... that you were not going to return ...? I was waiting for a long time ...-her voice acquired a light touch of reproach - I Was in that cherry-tree that exists in the Temple Tsukimine, way slept ... helping to that they were coming, because in their consolation I founded a bit for me... There I saw as a girl with chestnut-colored hair and eyes green emerald - looked significantly at Sakura - she was asking me for help to return in the time, and to see a famous magician ... - Sakura remained the opened mouth - and later I saw her fight against a very powerful young man - Eriol gave a wince - After the battle, a boy with amber eyes confessed  to the girl the most powerful magic of all ... - Syaoran blushed very much - and as my magic was starting  to become weaker ... I thought about them: they were possessing this beautiful magic that I also know... And that might renew my energies... And though the energy belonged to another person-Haneko indicated vaguely to Tomoyo - there was no problem, because her soul also was nourished with this beautiful feeling ...-Haneko also gave a  very ... Erm ... eloquent? - _ - look to Eriol, who felt his heart giving an overturn - and my fortress recovered ... but ... if you had said to me ... somehow .... we might have been together all this time .... - Haneko emitted a suppressed sob.
That seemed to soften Toishi, which had started being bothered by everything (Well, a similar mess is not seen every day ... ne? ^ _ ^U) He tried to encourage her .... but when he tried to hug her, Haneko only felt the warmth of his soft presence ... since Toishi was completely ethereal, and she wasn't... Haneko still had half essence ...
- " But why ...? "
- " My sweet Haneko - Toishi said with a sad tenderness (Gosh! And he still thinks that she's sweet!!! ¬¬) - why you did not listen to your heart ...? I was calling you ... but it doesn't matter now ... it fact, fact is, right? Even this way, for me ... 900 years are nothing at all (0_0 wow) ... 'cuz we are together again...''
Haneko smiled again. A tear went down for her cheeks ... a tear made  of light...But instead of falling down to the ground, the brilliant tear flew directly to Tomoyo's heart ... that began to open the eyes lazily, as she was finishing of having a specially nice dream ... but Haneko started emitting a sheen as soft as that of Toishi ...  there were no chains that were tying her to this world anymore... already she will go with him, and to be together forever....
- " Thank you ''-she said to Syaoran, to Sakura and to Eriol, with a different voice: happy and with an after-taste of prank - I will never forget what they have done for us ... " - then she smiled: an authentic smile , full of happiness.
- " Ah, and, Sakura-sama .... - Toishi said, smiling also - your mother says that she loves very much, to you, to your brother and to your father ... and that have always hope " Sakura smiled also ... now a warm feeling was wrapping the wood... Toishi and Haneko closed the eyes .... and they began to lift, getting confused with the sky full of stars (I think it took  very much, woops ^ . ^) In this moment, an unknown force ... (maybe Haneko's little gift? Maybe the chance? Or maybe only the naughty authoress? ^ _ ~) it brought Sakura and Syaoran over a bit more ... when they turned, they only found the eyes of the other  .... and on having be looked this way, many things were said, without to give attention to anything more... (oh, KAWAII!!!!!)
Meanwhile, Tomoyo already had reacted completely. She was confused, but she was all right.
- " What happened...? '' - she asked to Eriol, confused. He was so happy to see her conciente that he alone limited to smile at her .... (and he didn't realize that he was still holding her  in his arms ... ^. ^ this is getting good!!!) she also  smiled, but as asking for an explanation .... then she realized  where they were - she remembered Haneko - why they were there- at this point she realized it- and ... how they were (well, he(she) had to find out .... ^^)
Tomoyo blushed madly.

Chapter 10: Listening to your heart. (top)

-’’Oh, so that happened!’’- Said Tomoyo, amazed.
They were in her room, in the Daidouji's residence. Everything seemed to be normal, except      that Tomoyo didn’t remember the episode.
-‘’Yes, at least I think that’s all, right?’’ - Said Syaoran, smiling and looking significantly at Eriol, making him blush. The same as Tomoyo.
-‘’Ejem, I think everything was all right. Well, we’re still here, ne?’’ - Eriol answered quickly, trying to maintain the smile.
-‘’Sure it did!’’ – Said Sakura, smiling too, changing an accomplice look with Syaoran. More blushing from Tomoyo and Eriol, but even redder n_n
-‘’Well, talk for yourself!!! We missed all the action!’’- Said angrily Kero-chan, back to normal (as Tomoyo, Yue and him had a huge mental hole)
-‘’Well, yeah, but at least Yue and you are all right!!! In fact, he didn’t say a thing!
-‘’Of course he didn’t! He was too tired and sick of that crazy spirit to say something!!!!!’’
-‘’Well, maybe’’- said Sakura, smiling.
-‘’So, Hiiragizawa, - Said Syaoran, decided to pull all the information out- after all, your fears hadn’t a reason to be...’’- He smiled cleverly (and also veeeryyy kawaiily n.n)
-‘’It’s almost the sunset- said Eriol quickly, looking by de window- I think we should go now; we must let Tomoyo-san rest....’’
-‘’Yeah, I think you’re right.’’
-‘’We’ll see you tomorrow, Tomoyo-chan!’’
She went with them to the door.
-‘’Take care!’’
-‘’Sure, see ya!’’
When they turned in the corner, Tomoyo sighed. She was extremely confused...
Meanwhile, Syaoran, Sakura and Eriol walked along a few blocks. Then Eriol turned to left and Sakura and Syaoran went straight ahead.
-‘’I think we almost get them’’- whispered Syaoran, smiling to Sakura (he went with her to her house... God, he’s just so kawaii!  ˆ . ˆ)
-‘’Yep! It’s just getting a little complicated... they’re pretty stubborn, hah?’’
-‘’Yeah... but you’ll see, - he adopted an elegance touch in his voice- my beloved and always dear Sakura, we’ll make them confess...’’
For Tomoeda Chou's streets, the laughs of two teenagers were listened.
- " I have a plan ''- Sakura whispered - " but we have to be very careful … "
(So, now, the parts are inverted ¡ohohohohoho! >=) I’m evil)
- " Today you woke up early, Sakura-chan! "
- " Yup! I had a few matters to arrange ''-and laughed.
- "Ohayou"
- " Ohayou Gozaimazu, Syaoran-kun! " But it didn’t seem like Syaoran was just arriving. In fact, he looked too calmed and happy. Tomoyo looked at her friends.
- " Hey… are you planning something? " she asked
- " No, of course –they put emphasis on that n_n- not …. " But neither Syaoran nor Sakura could avoid a couple of accomplices’ looks. Tomoyo looked at them with mistrust. In this moment Eriol came. He had a pretty... weird look, between nervous and excited (tough more nervous than excited, hah? ˆˆ )
- " Eriol-kun, something happens to you? "
- " Ejem, no, anything. Nothing important. "
- "That’s great. Because I was thinking that we could go all together to the summer festival. " Sakura said with an enormous smile.
- ' What …!!!!???? '
- " Tomoyo-chan? Eriol-kun? "
- " Eh … sure! "
- " Yeah, it'll be great! " Sakura and Syaoran looked at each other. Those little accomplices’ looks were saying, "Perfect". This didn’t happened unnoticed neither to Eriol nor to Tomoyo, but they couldn’t extract them more information.
A few days later ….
- " This is wonderful!!!"
- " Yeah, the Temple Tsukimine indeed it’s beautiful this year! "
And it was. The beautiful color paper screens were shining throughout as if there were a small "Glow" Card in each one of them, and had put a beautiful traditional background music (and a veeeeeeeeryyyyy romantic one ^. ^ chance or destiny? ;D). It really seemed as if they had returned in time. The yukatas of all were looking magnificent, almost as if they were in a tale of the feudal epoch (I think I’ve seen too much Inu Yasha, hah? n____nU). The entire environment looked so breathtaking … Ideal for the Sakura and Syaoran's little plan  -^ . ^-.
" Well, let’s go!!!!!!! " - Sakura said, running to the traditional sweets place (power of sugar n_nU) they all followed her. Eriol and Tomoyo smiled for seeing that scandalously happy Sakura. On the other hand, Syaoran was smiling not only because of that, also because that was the sign for the phase 1. (I should leave it here and make another chapter? Eh... no I’m not that evil. XD)
-‘’So, you want a peach candy, or something else?’’
-‘’Um... I think a peach candy it’s all right.’’
-‘’But it makes you really thirsty...’’
-‘’Syaoran-kun and I will go for something to drink. Please wait us here, ¿Ok?
-‘’But if we stay here, we’re gonna hinder the entrance...’’
-‘’Well, then go to that tree, and we’ll reach you there.’’
-‘’Yeah... Sure’’
Of course the situation was suspicious, but Sakura and Syaoran had already moved (and quite quickly n_n) and there was no other choice that sitting down under the tree and wait. The silence was awkward.... and neither Sakura nor Syaoran were coming.
-‘’Maybe there’s a long line to buy.... ’’
-‘’Yeah, maybe…’’
Silence. The both of them were keeping they’re heads down, because they didn’t want the other to see their blush...
-‘’Eh… Tomoyo-san…. ‘’
-‘’Eh… and how’re you doing? * ˆ ___ˆU*’’ (X_x)
-‘’ah… well, fine, yep, fine* ˆ___ˆU* (X_X)
More silence. The small dialogue, done without looking at each other, got lost in the air. Even the opportunity was perfect, but they seemed to find their shoes more interesting.
-‘’This is ridiculous. Is the perfect chance, you moron! ‘’
-‘’Calm down, Syaoran-kun! Even if the Shield Card is protecting us, they can hear you, you know? *¬¬U*’’-said Sakura, putting her finger on his mouth. (They were using the Shield Card so Eriol wouldn’t feel their presences)
-‘’Ok, but I thought they were going to take the opportunity. *-_-U*’’-whispered Syaoran.
-‘’Well, so do I, but let them be. They’re shyer than they appear *n_n*’’
And certainly they were. They kept looking at their shoes.
-‘’Should we give them a little help?’’-Smiled Syaoran evilly.
-  ‘’Maybe’’- answered Sakura, smiling too.
-‘’So, they’re taking very long...’’
-‘’Yeah, the line can’t be that long...’’
-‘’Should we go?’’
-‘’Don’t worry -smiled Eriol- we’ll find them’’ and offered his hand to Tomoyo. She took it pleased. (-ˆ_ˆ-)
-‘’Ok-said Sakura- phase 2 starts ˆˆ ’’ (ehehehe)
-‘’Um, they’re not over here’’-said worried Tomoyo.
-‘’Maybe we should split up: I’ll try by this side and you go to the other, ¿alright?’’
-‘’Yes, sure. We’ll meet in the peach tree in 20 minutes’’
Tomoyo walked slowly, checking each stand so she wouldn’t miss Sakura or Syaoran, if they were there. But, suddenly, a familiar voice called her:
-‘’Eh, Daidouji! Matte!’’
-‘’Li-kun! We were looking for you... Where’s Sakura-chan?’’
-‘’Well, we went to the tree, but you were already off, so Sakura and I split up to look for you’’
-‘’Oh, I see!’’
-‘’So, Daidouji, do you already know about the London girl?’’
-‘’Huh? London girl?’’
-‘’Yeah. Hiiragizawa told me a few days ago. I think that girl is his girlfriend, or something... but whatever, I really don’t know, the only sure thing is that she’s coming...-said Syaoran, trying to seem worried- But, well, I think we should go now... I’m gonna look for Sakura, she’s taking to long... You find Hiiragizawa, and we’ll meet at the tree, ¿OK? Don’t take long, please’’
-‘’Su, sure, yeah...’’ said vaguely Tomoyo, consternate.
At the same time:
-‘’Eriol-kun!!! Over here!!’’
-‘’Sakura-san! Where were you? And where’s...?’’
-‘’Syaoran? Well, we went to the tree, but you weren’t there, so we went to look for you and we split up so it’ll be quicker’’ said Sakura, smiling. And Tomoyo-chan?’’
-‘’We almost did the same, you know...*n_nU*’’
They started walking, and talking about trivialities (school, festival, weather, and stuff) till Sakura said:
 -‘’Yeah, I know... Ah! Eriol-kun, did you know about the Kyoto guy?’’
-‘’Hum? Kyoto guy?’’ said Eriol confused.
-‘’Yeah! It seems that Tomoyo’s mom engaged her with the son of a very rich and traditional family of Kyoto since they were babies... and he’s coming the next week for her, you know...’’-said Sakura, with the better tragedy voice she was capable of. -‘’I’m gonna miss her so, so much! And you?’’
-‘’Yeah, yeah... me too...’’ said Eriol, at the border of a shock.
-‘’Hum... I should probably go to look for Syaoran-kun... To tell him I already found you, ¿OK? We’ll meet in the peach tree, ¿OK? Meanwhile, would you please go to look after Tomoyo-chan?’’
-‘’Yes. Sure...’’
-‘’Arigatou, Eriol-kun! We’ll see you there!!!’’
Eriol started walking, slowly. He headed right to the peach tree.
Yes, Eriol will look after Tomoyo... but to tell her something very important. ‘This is probably the last time I see her... So I need to tell her now...’
With the same stuff in her head, Tomoyo walked quickly to the peach tree. She wouldn’t miss this chance, oh, no. She’ll be brave and confess.
At the same time, they saw each other. They ran towards each other aaaand...
-‘’I have something important to tell you!’’
-‘’I have something important to tell you!’’
-‘’What is it?’’
-‘’What is it?’’
-‘’You first, please’’
-‘’You first, please’’
They started talking at the same time, things like ‘’you don’t even know that guy’’ ‘’that girl’s probably crazy’’ and stuff. But in the only thing they coincided was in the end:
-‘’You can’t do it because I love you!!!!!’’
-‘’You can’t do it because I love you!!!!!’’
-‘’Hoe...-said Tomoyo, amazed- are... are you serious? You... you...?’’
Eriol, who was about to ask the same question (but enough of that -_-U), took her hands and held them tightly.
-‘’Yes, it’s true. I love you.’’
-‘’I, I love you too... But...’’
-‘’What about that girl?’’
-‘’Huh? What girl?’’
-‘’The English one! The one who’s coming from London!’’
-‘’Huh? Which one?’’
-‘’So you don’t know any...?’’
-‘’No! What about the Kyoto guy?’’
-‘’Kyoto guy? Which one???’’
-‘’The one’s coming to marry you!’’
-‘’What???!!! I don’t know anybody from Kyoto and I’m not marrying anybody!!!’’
-‘’So...- Eriol understood everything, as Tomoyo...
Suddenly, he felt the presences of Syaoran and Sakura. He raised his head to find them sitting in a next bench, smiling veeeeeryyy happy and calmed, and saying ‘’hello’’ with their hands, waving them. Just imagine Eriol and Tomoyo’s faces:
-‘’I think we’ll better go, Sakura’’ said Syaoran, laughing out loud.
-‘’Yep, before they kill us’’ Sakura was LOL too.
They started running, but still laughing loud.
-‘’COME HERE!!!!!!! WE’RE GONNA KILL YOU!!!!!!!!’’
And the chasing began, hehehe n_n.
Meanwhile they were running, two pairs of hands got linked, filling their owners with happiness.
¡¡¡¡¡Their Love Wish had been granted!!!!!!!

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