One More Thing by Liam

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As you most probably saw in my last fan fiction, there was three weddings planned. He he. Li was going to wed Sakura, Leon to Madison and Troy to Mandy. If you haven't seen my last fan fiction, go on read it now.

Leon, as you will probably know, is in the cheerleader squad along with Sakura and Madison, and is about to enter his first solo tournament, plus he has a place in the squad for the group competition.
Madison is his fiancée, and fellow cheerleader. She is prone to seeing the best in people, and I suppose that is why Leon likes her.
Sakura is also a cheerleader, and is going to marry on the same day as Leon and Madison.
Li came back from Hong Kong to join up with Sakura, as she is his fiancée.
Troy, I bet you are wondering where he came from. He just happens to be a best friend in real life. He also has a fiancée, Mandy.

You are probably sitting there thinking "Nothing can go wrong." Right.
Nothing in this will go smoothly, I can guarantee that.

Chapter 1 - Cheerleader competition.

Leon was nervous.
This was the first time he had ever entered a national competition, and the winner got to represent Japan in the international tournaments.

"You can do it."
Leon turned to see Madison smiling at him.
"You aren't the only individual from the team in the competition." She reassured him. "And all the participants look nervous too, so you aren't the only one."

Leon knew he couldn't let the team down.
But he also knew that his family and friends were there to cheer him on, whether he did badly or not.

Sakura came over.
"You'll do fine." She said. "Just remember what you were taught in training."

Leon agreed, there was no turning back now.

Going out there wasn't the only thing that was bothering him, the outfit he was wearing was very skin-tight and became uncomfortable, and thinking about the wedding wasn't helping.

Finally, it was his turn.

"Good Luck." Came some shouts from behind. The whole team was behind him all the way.
The captain of the team didn't turn up, and the coach was frantically looking for a replacement, then she came up with someone, someone who was unexpecting, someone who would prove their worth to the team.......Leon!!!

Leon looked up in the stands, and there watching him was Leanne, Aiden, Li, Mei-lin and a few of the school football team, he could almost hear them laughing, laughing at him.

Then there was someone he knew, that was sitting on the front row, that would give him confidence.......Troy.

Troy watched him and Leon watched Troy, he could almost hear him spurring him on.

Leon stood on the start marker.

"Entry Number 391 - Leon McKenzie of Tomoeda High."

Leon was stuck, what should he do?

"I'll go with my audition routine." He thought to himself.
The team was watching him very carefully, and so was the coach.

His start was shaky, but he soon got into it, the music he was to dazzle the crowd with was one he had done it to before. His confidence began to grow.

He back-flipped, rolled, spun and twirled without any difficulties. He finished with him landing on one knee.

The judges were very impressed considering that he was one of two boys in the competition.

He watched nervously, as the judges were talking to each other, and finally the scores were revealed

Judge 1:  - 8.5
Judge 2: - 9.0

"It's good do far," He thought.

Judge 3: - 8.7
Judge 4: 8.0

The scoreboard totalled his score, he needed 30 to be in first place.............
Leon looked in disbelief, and so did Madison and Sakura.

There was a big cheer from the crowd, and Leon loved it. He took a massive bow before making a exit.

The team started to congratulate Leon.

Chapter 2 - The Big Test.

Leon was in his element.

The coach approached him.
Leon knew this wasn't good.

"How would you like to be lead cheer." She asked.
"What!!" he replied.
"WHAT!!" The others repeated.

"Well, if you want to prove yourself as a team member." She insisted.
"But what about one of the girls, I just am not ready."
Leon felt like he was being picked on.

"I....." Leon had to think for a moment. "What about if I don't want to do it?"
The coach started to weigh up her options. 
"How about you not coming back!!" she said firmly.
Leon knew he was not going to win.

There was a sudden announcement: -
"There has been a change to the lead cheer for Tomoeda High, Leon McKenzie will be the lead."

The girls knew very well that Leon didn't want to do it, especially Madison and Sakura, it was his face that gave it away.

"What to do?" he thought.
"What do you reckon he will do?" Madison asked Sakura.
"I just hope he has a plan."

This was very worrying.
"Why did the coach pick him?" He asked himself.

The teams name was called. They got into a single line, and went out into the hall.

Leon was waving nervously to the crowd, but he had a idea.

The team had been put in formation, In a 5-4-3.

Leon knew this was it, his chance to shine.

It began, the girls looked nervously at Leon, but it began with some basics, getting faster and then to some extreme stuff.

The girls seemed to cope under Leon's leadership, even when certain things went slightly wrong.

Finally, it was over, Leon sighed a sigh of relief and the girls did too.

"Hope that was good enough." He thought.

The team went back to the waiting area, Leon sat down exhausted, and Sakura and Madison sat either side of him.

Leon was shaking, and Madison took hold of his hand. 

"You did what you did for the team." She reassured him.

Leon was grateful that Sakura and Madison was there.

The results were put up on the board and were announced.....

"The winner of the singles competition will be announced shortly."

Leon blanked; he missed who was in 2nd and 3rd.

"Who was 2nd and 3rd?" he asked.
"Wasn't you." Said Chelsea.

"What she meant was that you still have a chance." Madison and Sakura crossed their fingers and so did Leon.

"And the winner, from Tomoeda High...............Leon McKenzie."

"You won!!" Madison had to congratulate him, the team was in disbelief.
He went out to face the crowd; he knew that his friends and family was going nuts.

Leon stood on the winner's podium, waving to the crowd.

He picked up the trophy.........
But something stopped him from enjoying this moment.

A Vision.

What he saw in it was disturbing, it was a street and someone was crossing the road, and was then struck by a car.

He was very quickly back to reality.

"What was that." He thought to himself.