Meeting You by Angelheaven272003

As we went on with our lives
Never intersecting until one day
One fateful day our life change
For the worst or for the best?
We met, we glance, we left
Didn’t notice until then
Until we met again
We hardly notice,
but it got our attention
The attention that change our life
We became close
So close we didn’t realize
We though it was friendship
Until someone point it out
It wasn’t or was it?
Is it caring?
We always care for each other.
What change?
It is well-being?
We always did care make each other feel safe and trusted
We started to enjoy every moment together
Spending every minute with each other
Still believing in friendship between us
And that was all
Until we were striken
Striken with disaster
You were dating someone else
We both were
Wonder what happened with each other
Hoping that we are not going to see that person
Until the perfect match
The match between us
That light the heart
With a passionate soul
To be together forever more
As we went on with our lives
Not two but one
You are my life
My life is you
We stepped on the road
The road to my future
The road to your future
The road to our future
We will always be there for each other
Your not my friend but my love
Our future began with a tiny step of realization
Our road has no ending like our love
Our love will never end for each other
Until the end of time
Until then, we would cherish our time with each other
We will be together for eternal and more