Tears of Remembrance

One Shot fanfiction by: Drifter1 [Rated PG for some violence]
Rain poured on the crowded city of Tokyo, in one of the many apartment buildings was a man around 18 or 19 with chestnut colored hair and shades that was looking out the window. Li Showron looked down at the busy streets as people ran for shelter to get out of the sudden rainstorm. ‘I’ve lost everything,’ thought Li, ‘first my family, then the entire clan, the cards, and now Sakura. If only I wasn’t so weak, I could have saved her.’


Li and Sakura were running through the streets of Tokyo following the black and yellow aura. Li wore his ceremonial robes with a black shirt and black pants underneath. Sakura wore a white loose T-shirt that went halfway down her stomach, tan colored pants and Chinese style slippers.

A man with black ceremonial robes with yellow trimming that was similar to Li’s stood in front of them. “Who are you?” demanded Sakura while calling her wand.

The man sneered as Li pulled out his sword, “Last chance.”

In a flash the man pulled out something and threw it at Li. The ball and chain wrapped around his sword, and Sakura saw blood stain Li’s left arm, which was right under the chain. Sakura called the Sword Card and tried to cut the chain but the blade stopped right on it, “What!”
Li created a barrier around his sword and the chain bounced off. Li charged him with a series of slashes and thrusts, but to no avail. Right before Li was about to strike again the guy created a Tai Chi sword out of thin air with the chain attached to the hilt. With one slash Li was thrown backwards, to the ground. Sakura ran over and helped him up and took a look at him, besides the gash on his arm he had a cut from his left side to his right shoulder and two cuts on his neck. Pain kept shooting through Li’s body as he struggled to get up, even with Sakura helping him it was hard to get to his feet. “Who are you?” demanded Sakura again.
“My name is Damien, I’ve come here to kill you,” he scoffed.
Li tried taking out his Lasin Board but Damien through the ball and chain at him. “Li look out!” shouted Sakura while getting in front of him.
Sakura was jostled toward the ground but Li managed to catch her. Li threw an incantation paper at Damien, which stopped right in front of him and created a protective wall. “Sakura, Sakura, are you alright?”
Sakura whimpered in pain as she clutched her left shoulder. Li picked her up and set her against a wall and turned to Damien, “you son of a bitch, don’t you dare touch her again.”
Damien just smirked and with one punch, shattered Li’s wall. Li quickly picked up his sword and blocked the attack, but was hit in the ribs by the ball and chain. Li winced in pain but kept on fighting, knocking the chain away he charged Damien. In one swift motion Li and Damien were in a deadlock as the ball and chain came back. Li grabbed the ball, and the chain wrapped around his arm, ‘perfect.’

Li threw the ball at Damien but he blocked it then Li kicked him away. “You have some fight in you boy, but that won’t cut it,” mocked Damien while splitting the rest of the broken chain off his sword.
Li’s breaths were now coming out ragged, “boy, you can barely lift your sword,” sneered Damien.
“What hope do you have of defeating me?” he said.
“This hope,” whispered Li while charging him.
Damien smirked and stepped to the side, “Die!”
With one rapid motion Damien had pierced Li’s side and blood spurted out. Li tumbled to the ground grasping his side as blood seeped between his fingers. Blood trickled freely from Li’s wounds as his breathing was getting heavier and his skin was paling. “No, Li!” shouted Sakura.
Damien smirked and grabbed Sakura by her left arm and she screamed out in pain. “No, Sakura!” hissed Li while trying to get to her.
Damien sent a beam of light to Li’s eyes. ‘No, I can’t see anything, but darkness,’ thought Li as his amber eyes changed to a clear lifeless color. Li could only reluctantly hear Sakura’s screams of pain as her blood stained the ground. “SAKURA!!!!!!” shouted Li as her body dropped to the ground.
Li’s body emitted a blinding light as Damien turned around. Li fired the light at Damien and he disappeared in it. Li managed to crawl over to the barely alive Sakura. Sakura was starting to close her eyes and Li could feel her aura fade. “No, Sakura please stay awake, please,” whispered Li.
“I’m sorry Li,” murmured Sakura as her life started to slip away.
“Aishiteru, Li,” whispered Sakura as her life was taken.
***End Flashback***
“Life was never fair to me in the first place,” spoke Li.
He could feel Eli’s aura coming toward his apartment, when suddenly a yellow and black aura caught his attention. Li opened his window and jumped out, landing safely on the ground below. He ran to the park, only to find Damien in the place where he killed Sakura. Li, being blind for several months learned to expand his senses greatly and knew exactly where he was. “A wolf is not so dangerous if it is blind as a bat,” scoffed Damien while taking out his sword.
Li summoned his sword and they both charged each other. Metal clanged against metal as both warriors fought with slashes and forced one another back. “I’ll kill you like I killed your little cherry blossom,” mocked Damien while hitting Li in the face, breaking his shades.
Li growled in anger and charged Damien. Damien smirked and hit Li’s sword away so hard, it broke Li’s sword in two. Damien then pierced Li’s shoulder as Li stabbed Damien’s back; both grimaced in pain and backed up. ‘Damn, how is this nobody able to push me back?’
Li charged Damien again and threw his blade at him at the last second. Damien had little time to block, which caused his blade to fly out of his hands. Before Damien could act, Li’s fist glow white as he brought it to Damien’s face. He flew back a few feet before getting right back up, spitting some blood out of his mouth. “You know, I raped her while you were blind,” snickered Damien,
“Damn lie, you bastard,” hissed Li.
“How do you know, you heard her screams, and you couldn’t see,” countered Damien.
“Intertwining auras,” Li simply replied.
Damien smirked and lunged toward Li with amazing speed. “You tried to rape her, and for that, you shall not be forgiven!” shouted Li in rage as Damien closed in.
In a burst of anger, Li created a fire twister around Damien, and attacked with full force. Blow after blow, Li continued to attack Damien mercilessly until Damien was on his knees, bloodied and battered. Li could barely stand after the last blow was made. Damien took out a needle and threw it at Li; the needle embedded itself into Li’s neck. Li pulled out the needle and tossed it aside. He was about to finish him when suddenly searing pain shot through his body, spreading through him. Li fell to one knee from the pain, and Damien stood on quavering legs. Li then realized that the needle was poisoned.
“A direct descendent of Clow, was so stupid to let down his guard,” derided Damien.
Damien walked over a kicked Li sharply in the ribs, again, and again, till Li was coughing up blood. He then nailed Li in the face, and kept on beating him until he couldn’t stand up.
***Somewhere Unknown***
He was surrounded by darkness, floating in a void of darkness. He felt cold, so cold, where was he? “Damien won,” mumbled Li bluntly.
As Li hung his head, someone walked up in front of him, unnoticed. “Come on my little wolf, he hasn’t won yet,” said an angelic voice.
Li looked up in amazement; it was Sakura, his cherry blossom. Sakura just smiled down at him as he floated toward her. “Don’t give up, my little wolf, aishiteru,” said Sakura gently as she disappeared.
“Aishiteru, Sakura,” said Li with a sad smile on his face.
A sudden surge of energy ran through Li’s veins as he stood to face Damien. “You can’t win!” shouted Damien while charging him.
Angel wings sprouted from Li’s back, and he was enveloped in them. When the wings opened, Li was in white ceremonial robes with gold trims, and no cap. A sword materialized in Li’s hand; on the bottom of the blade there were cherry blossoms and peonies spinning around each other. The hilt was silver with a heart shape missing on it to reveal part on the blade. And a pair of wings was on both sides of the hilt. Li flew toward Damien with god-like speed. With one thrust, Li pierced Damien’s heart, and his new power disappeared.
Damien was on his knees, slowly disappearing, “I may die, but so will you!”
And with that, Damien was defeated; Li had gotten revenge for Sakura’s death. Li fell soundly to the ground as his life started to slip away. “Aishiteru, Sakura,” whispered Li as his life was taken.
***One Month Later***
Eli and Madison, dressed in black, were at Li’s and Sakura’s graves; once more visiting their lost friends. Madison started to sob again, “Come on Madison, don’t cry, Li and Sakura are together now; it’s best for them. I know I can’t bring them back, but they’d want us to be strong.”
Eli put his arm around her and they both walked out of the cemetery.

Aishiteru means I love you
I’m so so so sorry for killing Li and Sakura.